Okay, so! Introductions: My name is Elizabeth but you can call me Beth. I am obsessed with Klaine and a recent dream prompted me to write this fiction. I am planning for it to be around 4 or 5 chapters long so, no it's not a one shot, but the events only take place over 2…ish days!

Summary: Kurt and Blaine are accidently locked in the Warblers Choir room. Feelings escalate and tension rises as the two boys try to come to terms with their feelings with each other. Full of fluffiness and general Klaine cuteness. Takes place before Kurt and Blaine have got together, so before 'Original Song'. It's in Blaine's point of view entirely! Hope you enjoy and please review if you'd like me to continue with the story! Kurtsiegirl xx

Chapter 1


So there we were, running through the corridors of Dalton frantically with our once perfectly ironed, white shirts starting to loosen and become un-tucked. Why we had agreed to play such a childish game, I don't know. But Kurt seemed to be fully into it, grinning brightly, and that smile was so worth it. No really, so worth it. I pulled on Kurt's arm quickly, stopping him from sprinting ahead of me 'cause, damn…that boy may not look particularly quick but he is one hell of a runner. Kurt turned to me his cheeks tinged pink and his eyelashes fluttering rapidly. He breathed heavily, looking for an explanation.

"Kurt…choir…room…" I rasped between long breaths, bending slightly with my hands on my knees, trying to catch by recently diminished breath. Kurt nodded quickly and turned to look behind us, presumably searching for any sign of Wes and David. Once sure it was safe, Kurt turned back to me and beamed happily. I loved this new, playful Kurt. He was so into the game of hide-and-seek. It was kind of adorable to see him like this. Oh, whom am I kidding? It was majorly, majorly adorable. I had to stop myself from rushing up to him and cupping his cheeks, knowing that this would probably freak Kurt out and send him running to his wardrobe where he would hide for the rest of his days.

I breathed in quickly and grabbed at his hand, pulling him further down the long, pristine corridor. Kurt took my hand happily and let me steer him towards the choir room, the mere hundred meters feeling like a thousand. I felt the familiar tingles of joy shoot up my spine at the touch of Kurt's soft hands and let a smile inhabit my face. Short giggles escaped from Kurt's lips as I put my hand on the small of his back and pushed him into the choir room. He collapsed on the nearest plush sofa and let his head fall back on the armrest, his hair splaying over the soft maroon leather as I closed the oak door silently.

I walked over silently, taking in the sight that was Kurt. Damn did he look good, and damn was that and understatement. It was weird. I mean, I'd always considered Kurt to be attractive and all but I'd never, ever felt like this. Kurt brought his knees up so that they were bent and close his eyes, putting his hands behind his head. He looked so relaxed, so peaceful. I almost didn't want to stir him from whatever thoughts he was having but then again, I was sure that Wes and David would burst through the doors any moment and find us. And there was no way in hell I was letting them win this. No way in hell.

I peered over Kurt's face, his eyes still closed. I've never had to rely on my self control that much before, being that it was incredibly, incredibly hard not to lean down and kiss the beautiful boy but, again, that wasn't meant to be, was it? Or at least that was what my told my mind told me every time my thought process decided to take me down the very appealing road of a non-platonic relationship with Kurt.

"Umm…Kurt? Hate to burst your bubble but…we are sort of supposed to be hiding. Unless you want Wes and David to win?" I laughed and Kurt's blue eyes snapped open as he shot up, his eyebrows rising and his blue eyes sparkling.

"Cupboard." He exclaimed quickly, pointing to the small cupboard where the warblers kept the music stands and sheet music. He stood up, noticing my obvious discomfort, and studied me closely, biting his lip slightly.

"Blaine? Come on!" He pulled at my wrist but I didn't budge. Why didn't I budge? I know exactly why. "Are you okay? You aren't claustrophobic or anything, are you? The cupboard's not that small." Kurt stared at me intently, trying to read my expression.

No, Kurt. I am most certainly not claustrophobic. It's you. Why the hell can't you see that? Do you really think that I'll be able to control myself even for five minutes when I am forced to stand so close to you in a confined area? No. Does he seriously not know what he does to me?

I felt awful. I was supposed to be helping Kurt. I was supposed to be his mentor, his friend, and his guide. I wasn't supposed to feel like this about him, was I? And yet, every time I as much as glanced into those deep, captivating eyes of his, I fell in deeper and it was getting to the pint where sometimes I was scared that I'd never be able to get out. And every time I watched him walk that distinctive walk of his, I felt it: attraction. An attraction that I was pretty sure I wasn't supposed to be feeling.

"Err…no. No of course not." I shot Kurt a reassuring smile and let him take me by the arm and lead me to the cupboard. I felt like my heart had just exploded, the remnants of it seeping slowly into every part of my being. I wanted to tell him. I wanted to tell that boy so, so badly. But how could I after what I'd done to him?

There is no way I can ever describe how ashamed and embarrassed I feel about the whole Jeremiah debacle. Dear God, I cringe every time I think about it. And then in the coffee shop… he'd told me how he felt. Why on earth had I not told him how I felt back? I guess I just didn't want to hurt him. I was the first out-gay guy he'd ever met. I was sure he'd meet much better guys than me, so sure that I pushed my almost painfully obvious obsession with him to the back of my mind and convinced myself that I was in love with another man. But now they were back…all those indescribable feelings were flowing back into my mind, through my veins, into my very being. All I wanted was Kurt. I knew that agreeing to hide in the cupboard with him was a bad idea. I knew it. So why did I agree?

Kurt opened the red, chestnut door to the small cupboard, already half full of musical related rubbish, and pulled me in after him. It was a lot smaller in there than I'd remembered, a lot, but there was just enough room so that Kurt and I could stand with our sides tightly pressed together and our thighs touching slightly. The feeling of Kurt's thigh against mine was enough to make me shiver and for a moment we just stood, the air tinged with an awkward silence.

"What a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening." I joked, regretting my decision to leave my blazer in my dorm along with Kurt's. I shivered slightly and wrapped my hands round my waist; accidently brushing along Kurt's torso through his slightly wrinkled white shirt whist doing so.

"I swear it's smaller than I remember it." Kurt said quietly, both of us straining to hear a door swing open, the clatter of heavy footsteps, muffled voices…anything that could be Wes and David. I had no idea where any of the other boys who'd agreed to play the ridiculous game were but they seemed to be occupying the two council members for the moment. A dim line of light shone through the crack in the closed doors of the cupboard, causing a ray yellow light to appear across Kurt's face, starting at his chin and rising up over that cute, triangular nose of his and then over his right eye, making it shine so much that I could swear the colours of his irises were wavering between blue and green. I had to stop myself from staring to long out of fear that Kurt might just notice my insistent stare.

"Where the hell are they?" I whispered after a few minutes of complete silence. Kurt turned his head to me and smiled warmly. In the dim light that was in the cupboard, I could only just see those adorable dimples of his appear on his porcelain skin. I smiled back at him, getting used to the fact that this form of response was practically instinctual with Kurt.

"Isn't it a good thing that they're not here?" Kurt asked jokily. "It means we're winning!"

"Yeah…I suppose you have a po-" I stopped suddenly at a dull noise that could only just be heard, and Kurt shot his hand over my mouth, silencing me. I had to mentally suppress the very strange urge I had to lick him, inwardly questioning my sanity as Kurt tightened his grip.

Suddenly, those dull noises became louder and I could hear the doors to the choir room being opened noisily. Wes and David weren't the subtlest of people, which is probably why they'd both offered to seek, not hide. Oddly, I could only hear one set of footsteps. I supposed that one of the two Warblers had gone off to search in another room close by. To Kurt and my disappointment, the unknown boy's footsteps were heading straight towards the cupboard and Kurt sighed quietly as the presence grew closer and closer.

I felt this small shot of thrill pulse through me, letting just a little bit of excited fear slip into my mind and prompt my heartbeat to quicken. In reality, I knew it was just two of the friendliest-if-not-a-little-annoying goofballs but this is coming from someone who has experienced more practical jokes from them than should be physically possible, many of which included some kind of food eventually getting stuck in my hair.

However, instead of opening the cupboard door, the presence stood for a moment and a jangle could be heard. We kept completely silent, Kurt's breathing light and slow with me breathing slowly onto Kurt's warm hand, trying not to tickle him with my breath. Kurt's breath faltered for a moment as he heard a click, and then the telltale sound of footsteps receded back towards the choir room door, soon followed by a large bang that could only have been the large oak door being closed. I felt my knees tremble a little as the light that had previously been streaming through the crack in the doors, diminished, leaving nothing but pure darkness in the cupboard.

Oh…my…freaking…god. This cannot be happening…I am not locked in a cupboard with Kurt. It's a dream. Fuck…please let this be some twisted dream or something…please.

I gasped. Realisation hit me and as I felt Kurt's hand pull away from my mouth, I heard the boy let out a small whimper that if I hadn't been in the situation I was in, I would have found ridiculously sexy.

"B-Blaine…did we…did we just get locked in?" Kurt murmured in one of the smallest voices I had ever heard escape his lips.

"Jesus…yeah. Yeah, I…I think we did."

Oh, fantastic.

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