Prices to Pay

Chapter one: Life to Death, from Death to Life

"You died."

He glared up at Truth, hand clenched as his golden eyes flared in rage. "And you lost."

The boy did not answer, but his form shook in anger, wanting to really deck the little bastard right then and there. Especially when Truth said, "Again. A shame, this time you weren't even able to see your little brother with his body back...Did it hurt?"

"Did it hurt? It was a fucking bullet!" Ed snarled. "And with the fact that I never got the chance to see him healthy again instead of just skin and bones makes the pain even worse! Yes it hurt!" For a moment, Ed thought he actually stumped the Truth, seeing the being's feral grin slacken to a frown. But then, he remembered: no one knew more than Truth. As Truth regained his sick little twisted grin, Ed's face slowly drew into a look of horror.

"Will it hurt even more when you learn of what your brother tried to do?"

Ed's heart grew cold, eyes widening. "What did he.." he didn't finish the sentence, for he already knew the answer. "He didn't.."

"Oh, but he did," Truth said excitedly, an air of amusement around the powerful being. "He committed the greatest sin, the sin that made you become my favorite toy. He tried to raise you from the dead. But, as you can see...I'm still trying to decide..."

"Decide on what? Let the bullet do me in or let me jump back into life?" Ed growled. The Truth shook his head.

"This time, you'll decide."

Edward was shocked. He, Edward Elric, a fifteen-year-old boy got to decide his fate for Truth? Hell, he would of thought it was a dream if that same feeling wasn't there. His mind tingled around the knowledge that lingered in his brain, most likely soon to be emptied of all of his worries and regrets if chose the path to death. But then, he realized. Equivalent Exchange was always to be committed in god's domain.

"What's the price?"

Truth laughed. "You're a smart plaything, . If only the very few others that I had offered such a decision were that intelligent.."

Ed made no movement or sign of response, so Truth continued. "If you live, your brother has to take your place. If you die, your brother will be left alone. But for'll be the reason for the price he does not know about."

"Which is?"

"The fact that your brother knows you are not entirely dead, but yet not even being able to see you ever again."

Ed stared at him. Then he snarled, "How could you do that to Al? Al has to go through more pain than I do! That's not fair!"

"Unfortunately, life isn't fair either, Mr. Al-che-mist," Truth sang. "I thought we went over that almost seven years ago. Now, which path will it be? Life or death? Pain or rest?"

Ed didn't have trouble making the final decision for himself. It was Alphonse he was worried about. His little brother had to pay a price that Ed will never have to pay, it made Edward feel sickened and furious at Truth. But he knew, he always knew that if it weren't for him, Ed, they wouldn't have been in the state they were in in the first place. Al was better off without his elder brother screwing his life over so many times.

"I want to die."

"First Lieutenant Mark Forrester, age 26, single with only a mother who's over in Maryland. Was last seen yesterday by his mother when he came to visit. Single, no kids, was planned to be shipped out in a week."

Gibbs stood over the body lying in the tall grass in front of him, Ducky bent down to examine the deceased with Palmer at his side. McGee was interrogating the people who found the body, a group of hikers, Tony giving him the information on the late First Lieutenant and Ziva was looking around the area for any possible clues to what could of happened there. Gibbs told Tony to go look around with Ziva before bending down next to the two autopsy specialists and asked, "Got anything, Duck?"

"Well, as you can see here, Jethro, this young man seemed to have quite a bump on his head," Duck told him, carefully holding up the dead man's head up to show the bump on his head, as well as some deep purple bruises splotched all over his forehead. "Something hit him hard enough to knock him out and...well, what is that?"

Gibbs looked up to where Ducky was pointing and saw that there was small streaks of blood on the tree where the body was found lying on it's roots. "It seems like the impact with the tree had been the fatal blow. I'll have a better look at him once I get him onto the Autopsy table, now Mr. Palmer, if you will help me...", Jimmy nodded and helped the elder man wrap up the body in the body bag. Gibbs was taking a couple of steps back to give them some space when McGee trotted up to him.

"The hikers say they had seen no one here, but they heard some yells from up here and they went to investigate, only to find Forrester."

"That must mean they just missed the killer," Gibbs assumed, his gaze scanning the surrounding area. "Which means, if we're fast enough we'll be able to catch up with him."

"But Boss, Forrester died over six hours ago. The killer is probably far off by now-"

"Or he's still here."

They turned to see Ziva standing there near the bushes, hand pointing at something on the grould. They hurried over to where she was standing to look at what she was pointing.

A trail of blood. "Is DiNozzo following this trail?" Gibbs questioned Ziva. The Israeli nodded, starting to follow the trail with her partners following closely, careful to not step on the blood drops. McGee was taking pictures, each picture taken with a loud followed the trail for what seemed forever, sometimes even thinking they've lost a trail until Ziva spots another drop and leading them to their killer.


The three broke into a run, reaching their weapons as they went in the directions where they assumed Tony was. When they found him, they skidded to a halt. Tony was standing there, not showing any wounds of any sort, standing over a crumpled heap of red fabric and a hint of golden hair. Is it even possible to have hair that bright? Gibbs thought, as they edged closer to them. "How did you bring him down, Tony? Did you annoy him to death?" McGee called, still holding his gun tightly. Tony didn't answer or laugh.

"Tony...?" Ziva questioned. But then they stopped, staring at what was really lying there on the ground.

It was a boy, with golden blonde hair tied in a braid, some strands of hair already falling out from the apparent rough day he was having. But that wasn't what caught them off-guard. His right arm was gone. Gone, blood pooling out from wounds, staining his clothes. And the thing that shocked them the most, was that the kid's clothes weren't dyed red, they were stained red from his blood. Plus he was still alive.

"Get Duck. Now."

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