Chapter 11: Final Clash

Red X and Sonic in his Super Sonic form were ready to duke it out together.

"It has all come down to this" said Red X as he charged up his chaos suit.

"Same here" said Sonic.

Both charged at each other, and the two began to clash with each other being well evenly matched.

"Oh my, looks like that blue hedgehog is indeed quite tough in his Super Sonic form" said Eggman.

"Should we help out Red X?" asked Gizmo to Eggman.

"You four will have to deal with us first if you want a crack at Sonic" said Shadow as he along with Rogue stepped into the scene.

"Let's hit them with everything we have" laughed Jynx.

As Mammoth charged at Shadow, Shadow was able to leap right over Mammoth and knock Gizmo right out, while Jynx concentrated her attention on Rogue.

"Time to make this bat flightless" laughed Jynx as she then was using her powers to try to stop Rogue.

Rogue, however, was able to dodge Jynx's attacks, and instead managed to give Jynx quite a smack right in the face sending her collapsing to the ground. Mammoth then focused his attention on the two and charged at them, they however, delivered a punch right at poor Mammoth sending him falling to the ground.

"Now that leaves just between the three of us" laughed Shadow as Rogue was helping him gang up on poor Eggman who was about to flee the area.

As for the fight between Red X and Sonic, Sonic dashed around Red X and gave him quite a hard punch sending him crashing against some boulders. Red X managed to recover from the attack and charged right up to the blue hedgehog in his Super Sonic form and gave him quite a pummeling, it was just then that Sonic then fought back at Red X, and made him regret it. Sonic was quite fast in even managing to grab the chaos emerald that was charging his chaos suit right out of its center piece.

"The emerald!" cried Red X.

Red X then used his original suit to try to escape Sonic, but Sonic was there at every turn, always one step ahead of him.

"You know, for someone who has still a fancy suit without the emerald charging it, you're pretty weak when you're facing me in my Super Sonic form" laughed Sonic.

"I am going to make you regret it hedgehog" said Red X.

Red X then began to fire his red gel to try to trap Sonic, but Sonic was too fast, even in his Super Sonic form and managed to outrun Red X to be out of ammo.

"Blast, I'm out of ammo!" cried Red X.

"And you're out of time" said Sonic as he snuck up right behind Red X.

It came down to mere fist fight between the two, as Red X was getting a bit exhausted from the fighting, Sonic gave Red X quite a punch sending him flying right toward Mammoth who was just getting up and recovering from the attack by Rogue and Shadow.

"Looks like this is all over for you" laughed Sonic to Red X who couldn't get up.

About a few hours later, members of GUN were to take in Red X, along with Eggman, Jynx, Mammoth and Gizmo, while the Titans were being healed by GUN's medics.

"Thanks for the help" said Robin to Sonic.

"Anytime" replied Sonic.

"You haven't heard the last of me!" cried Eggman as he was being placed onto a helicopter, "I will break out again, and I will have my revenge!"

"Just shut it" said Red X.

As the five were being taken away by GUN, Shadow and Rogue thanked the Titans for helping them capture Eggman along with Sonic and Tails. Then the four then headed off the island to go off for their next adventure where the scene ends from there.