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Until Your Heart Stops Beating

She had his scent and it was mingled with that girl. That retched human who had her mate ripped from her. She'll never forget how he was burned to ashes and turned into nothing. How dare they do that to him, her mate. The one she loved; the one she would always love and no one would take his place. This new one meant nothing to her; he was but a puppet on a string to her. She needed him to hide behind; she needed him to cover her tracks.

She looked up and she knew she was being chased, she could hear the growls of her kind and the growls of another close on her heels, but she wasn't worried she knew she could outrun them. It might even be fun to play chase with them. Suddenly a russet colored wolf was snapping at her feet and she made a leap across the river that was cutting through the stone and rocks on the side of the lush mountain and then all of a sudden he was on her heels. Her kind.

He chased her hard and fast as he could, this was the one time he hated being the slowest runner. Emmett's feet pounded the ground as they propelled him across the floor of the forest He dodged trees and roots as if they didn't exist as he tried to take her down. He was able to grab her flaming red hair once. She flipped around in one swift movement kicked him and launched of his chest. He stopped for one quick second to judge were she was going to land and he took off after her.

"Emmett, NO!", he heard Rosalie cry after him but it was too late, he jumped into their territory. At once there was a large wolf growling and snarling at him instead of chasing her. The other wolves had her scent and took off after her into the woods but it was too late she dove off a cliff into the water and was gone.

"Are you trying to get yourself killed? That's their land! Those dogs could have eaten you alive!", Rosalie was more scared than anything, but she wasn't about to admit it.

"May be if Edward had been here...", Emmett started

"He's with Bella in Jacksonville, he's with her to keep her safe", Carlisle reminded him

"I know, I know, let's get back so we can tell him what happened here"

They all got back to the house and there was a feeling of defeat in the air. Carlisle pulled out his cell phone to call Edward.

"Hello, son…", he started and he heard silence on the other end, "we didn't…"

"I know", he said, Carlisle could almost hear his pained expression.

"It's safe for now to bring her back here, we'll just have to watch the house very closely", he continued.

"I just wished that she was dead, Bella is just so fragile, I want no harm coming to her", Edward almost whispered into the phone. Edward heard Bella coming into the room and he shut his phone suddenly.

"You almost ready to go?", Bella asked

"Sure", he said quietly with his half smile, he could see she was dazzled. He stood from the edge of the bed and took her in his arms. He breathed in her scent deeply, the familiar burning in his throat erupted, but he was able to ignore it. It seemed to be getting all the more tolerable. He claimed it didn't bother him anymore, but her smell was so enrapturing to him, intoxicatingly beautiful. Even though the urge to bite was gone, the fire was still there. She looked up at him and he bent down to kiss her gently, he could feel the venom in his mouth well and he hoped she couldn't taste it. He would worry about this until the day she was changed. She broke the kiss to breath and looked into his topaz eyes. She couldn't help but be completely enthralled by them.

"You know, you don't have to be so careful with me", she said with his lips on her forehead, still embraced by his arms.

"Yes, I do, you don't understand how breakable you are, love", he said and she sighed.

"C'mon, get your suitcase, I still have to tell mom bye"

They were soon on a plane on the way to Forks and Edward worried all the way back. Edward dropped Bella off at Charlie's and he headed home. He would be back there in just a few hours to be with her while she slept. He would ache until he was by her side again.

"Hey Ch..Dad!", she called pulling her suitcase in the door, "I'm back"

"Hey, how was your trip?"

"It was good…I'm just going to take my stuff upstairs", She started to lug her suitcase up the stairs.

"Let me get that", Charlie said taking her suitcase and going up the stairs ahead of her. He opened her do and stopped short…" Who the hell are you?", he demanded, "What are you doing here?",

Oh, no, Victoria

Bella heard the door downstairs bust open and Edward was behind her before she could blink

"Stay, back Bella!", Charlie said

"Dad!," Bella screamed

"I'm after that one. But I suppose you'll do", Victoria purred

Bella stepped into the room, "Please don't do this"

"And why shouldn't I?"

"Take me instead, don't hurt Charlie"

She seemed to consider this and before anyone could think she had Charlie in a headlock position. He could feel her inhuman strength surrounding him and his eyes were wide, he could not speak for fear trapped his words in his throat. Bella was crying by now.

"Please take me instead, it's me you want"

"Bella stop", Edward said. "He's going to be ok", he spoke in a tone so low only Bella could hear him.

"I'm not going to do anything right now, I'm going to wait until you least expect it", she hissed and she was gone before anyone could think. Charlie was dazed, but he soon became angry.

"Who was she? Do you know that…that…that thing?", Charlie finally spat.

"Sit down, Dad; we've got a lot to explain"

"Let me get this straight", Charlie scratched his head "Vampires are real and your family happen to be v…v…vampires?". Charlie was sitting in his chair and Bella and Edward where on the sofa. "And you don't drink human blood, but the blood of animals"

"That's correct", Edward said.

"What about this going out in the sun thing"


"Er, Garlic?'


Bella was having a serious case of sudden dejavou, and wondered if she sounded the same way when she and Edward were having the same exact conversation. Charlie started to laugh a little bit. Edward and Bella looked at each other nervously.

"I suppose werewolves are real too?", he asked and once again Bella and Edward exchanged glances

"You can't be serious?"

"We are" Bella stated simply

"This has got to be about the weirdest dream I've ever had", he said.

"Dad, you're not dreaming"

"Of course I am…I mean c'mon, vampires don't glitter in the sun or drink from animals", he said, "Vampires don't exist" He said leaning back, " You know, I think I'll just go up to bed, gotta get up early to go fishing with Billy", and with that he got up and went upstairs and shut his door.

Bella looked at Edward and shook her head, "Does he really think he's dreaming?"

"Yes, he does"

"What do we do, should we try to convince him otherwise?"

"I think it's best we leave him be and let him think what he wants, he may be a little safer that way"

"How can he be safer that way, Victoria is after him now"

"He is safe from the Volturi", Edward stated looking at her with grave eyes.

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