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It was a normal afternoon practice at the Rikkaidai Middle School Tennis Club. The members and regulars were running their laps and playing matches while the stern vice-captain over-looked the practice, yelling and slapping anyone who slacked off.

At least, it had been normal until the captain, Yukimura Seiichi, walked on the practice fields.

Immediately, all eyes turned to Yukimura's graceful figure. Usually everyone gave a respectable nod towards the legendary Child of God. Today, all heads turned and did a double-take.

Marui's mouth opened in surprise, his gum falling out of his mouth. Jackal excused himself as he started nosebleeding. Niou wolf-whistled. Yagyuu coughed politely and adjusted his glasses. Yanagi gave a small knowledgeable smile. Akaya bumped into someone and continued staring at his captain with huge eyes the size of dinner plates.

Sanada froze mid-shout and stood there staring at Yukimura, immediately forgetting about his vice-captain duties.

Yukimura gave a frown. "Everyone, resume practice now!" yelled the captain, completely unaffected by the stares. Slowly, life began to breathe itself back into the members and they all resumed practice, but no one could stop themselves from sneaking glances in Yukimura's direction.

Yanagi walked close to Yukimura. "Ah, is this your new method, Seiichi? I must say the odds that it will be effective are in your favour."

Yukimura beamed. "Of course. Sanada will absolutely have to say something about this."

The reason for all the stares was very simple. Yukimura had on the regular tennis uniform, but it had received major alterations. Yukimura already attracted enough attention with his gentle beauty, but this all seemed to have been amplified. They didn't know if Yukimura had cut or torn his shorts and sowed them in to look presentable, but his current attire was definitely not doing justice to everyone's concentration.

Yukimura's short were really really short. They left absolutely nothing to the imagination, unlike the usual shorts that reached almost to their knees. Everyone was able to get a clear view of Yukimura's long slim legs in all their glory. Anyone who wasn't looking at the milky-skinned legs was looking at the captain's mesmerizing behind; his firm ass just became so much more appealing in those shorts. The top however was from the girl's tennis team. It was slim and showed off his perfect figure in its entirety.

"According to my calculations, your shorts are at least ten inches too short for the proper dress code. Genichirou will have noticed for certain, since he is part of the disciplinary committee." said Yanagi.

And when he does, it will not be the only thing he notices, thought Yukimura. The captain really liked his vice-captain, but he needed to know if Sanada felt the same way. And of course, Yukimura was not going to take a chance and embarrass himself. The solution was to get Sanada to show interest or confess first.

"Sanada is definitely attracted to me." smiled Yukimura innocently. "He just hasn't noticed yet. He will definitely come crawling to me soon."

Yanagi was just glad that this plan didn't involve fish tanks and a giant hourglass like last time. Besides, who the heck wasn't attracted to Yukimura? A look around the practice fields said that yes, you had to be crazy not to feel attraction towards the slightly sadistic captain.

Sanada himself seemed to be having an internal debate. Yanagi didn't miss all the stares Sanada gave Yukimura every thirty seconds. In fact, the stares were rather heated and lingering over Yukimura's legs. When Yukimura turned and smiled at Sanada, the vice-captain blushed and pulled his cap down to hide it.

That entire practice had to have been the most unproductive afternoon they had ever had. Yukimura kept on making deliberate passes and rather provocative poses even while playing tennis. Sanada was extremely distracted and was beet red within the first ten minutes of Yukimura's match against Akaya. The other members slacked off, taking the rare opportunity to talk and stare as much as they wanted.

When the game finished, (Yukimura won 6-0 of course) the bluenette went to sit next to Sanada, perhaps even closer than necessary. Yanagi suppressed a laugh at Sanada's face when Yukimura gave the capped teen small touches on the arm and leg, even running his hand deliberately on a muscular thigh. This caused Sanada to stand up immediately and comically, walking closer to the tennis court and leaving Yukimura on the bench behind him.

As Sanada tried paying extra attention to Niou and Marui's match in front of him and not think of Yukimura. But then, the vice-captain heard a moan. Sanada turned around and was greeted by the sight of Yukimura practically making out with his water bottle as he drank from it. How could drinking water look so good and erotic? Yukimura panted and moaned after each sip of water, even stroking the bottle all over with his hands.

After half of the water was gone, Yukimura poured the remainder all over himself, making satisfied noises as his face and shirt got soaked in cold liquid.

"Mmhmm, it's so hot outside today." said Yukimura huskily. Niou and Marui, who had stopped their practice match when Sanada stopped paying attention, both agreed with low choruses of fuck yeah.

Yanagi amused himself by standing in the distance, writing everything down in a notebook. At first, the data master had worried. Sanada was mentally retarded in anything that involved technology or love. In fact, Yanagi had to give him "The Talk" the previous year (Sanada still finds the entire conversation awkward and refuses to think about it). Sanada had not known anything about sex at all; it was never discussed in his family. Yanagi had quickly remedied that after noticing Sanada's blank stares at all of Niou's dirty jokes. The vice-captain had reacted quite well to learning about sex, and only locked himself in his dojo for two days, slashing everything in sight with his sword and yelling out TARUNDORU every few minutes.

But now, Sanada was actually reacting splendidly to Yukimura's advances. In fact, the bluenette might just get what he wanted if Sanada notices his own feelings. That is, if Yukimura didn't scar them all for life first. Even Yanagi was beginning to feel hotter and turned on as he watched his captain. Already half of the tennis club had fled to the locker room to take care of their erections. And the way Yukimura bent down and displayed his ass in the air as he searched his bag was definitely not helping Yanagi's own growing interest.

Practice ended early because of too many lack of participants. Normally Sanada and Yukimura would be furious, but luckily, the tournaments were all over for the year. They only practiced to maintain their skills and get better for the next year.

In the locker room, Yukimura stretched appreciatively on the nearby couch, waiting for the others to finish changing.

"Perhaps I should change the uniform to this." said Yukimura out loud, giggling as he imagined Sanada wearing short shorts.

Yanagi chuckled. "As much fun as that would be, our performance would then decrease by 73%. And 50% of that would be caused by you, Seiichi." And 23% by the eye-gashing horror of Sanada in short shorts.

Sanada choose that moment to walk to their corner. He was still fresh from his shower, hair slightly wet, wearing the school uniform black pants but no shirt. Of course, Yukimura had more sense than to start drooling right there at the vice-captain's marvellous abs.

Sanada himself was inwardly groaning that Yukimura was not changing. The cold shower had help tremendously, but he could already feel his entire body warming up again. What was wrong with him?

But Sanada was part of the disciplinary committee and that outfit was definitely not school and tennis club appropriate. He realized that it did affect their concentration negatively. Plus, he had already scolded dozens of girls wearing the same sort of skimpy outfit at school. He shouldn't make an exception to his best friend. Although, those girls wearing short skirts had not affected him at all, Yukimura was making him lose focus and stutter as he tried to pry his eyes away from those beautiful legs.

"Yukimura. I-I need to talk to you." said Sanada, his usual firm voice faltering even as he looked directly at the floor.

"Sure. Let's just wait until the others are finished." said Yukimura with his angelic smile.


So Yukimura waited, silently observing his team. Sanada had unfortunately put his shirt back on. Yanagi had left with Yagyuu for a homework date. Marui, Akaya and Jackal were on their way to the arcade; Jackal's treat of course. Niou stopped in front of Yukimura before leaving and asked wear he could purchase an outfit similar to the one the captain was currently wearing.

"I simply cut up our regular shorts and sowed them up nicely. And I borrowed one of the girl's team's t-shirts." said Yukimura.

"Awww damn. I can't sow." said Niou, and then left muttering some more plans about seducing Yagyuu.

Yukimura approached Sanada once the others had left. He nearly laughed at the look of utter fear on Sanada's face as the capped teen realized that they were alone. Yukimura prowled forward, looking very much like an elegant feline eyeing his prey, who happened to be a much larger and rather muscular teen.

"So what did you want to tell me, Sanada?" purred Yukimura.

Sanada noticeably swallowed nervously, feeling his face burning up.

"I-It's just… well, your outfit. It's quite…" began Sanada.

"Ah, do you like it? I was hoping you might notice." said Yukimura sweetly, moving right in front of Sanada so that he could feel the vice-captain's body heat.

"It's not that I don't like it... I-I mean, it's very uh…" said Sanada, struggling to find the right words. Yukimura held back his chuckles at Sanada's pained look. "It's just that it's… distracting. And against the school policies. We should be focusing on tennis during club activities, and as a member of the disciplinary committee, I do have to tell you not to wear it again." Sanada let out a breath once he said it. He hoped Yukimura wouldn't be mad.

Yukimura's eyes narrowed. The captain suddenly began emitting a murderous aura, which he quickly masked into a sweet smile. "Yes, of course. I was only planning to wear it today, just for fun. Do not worry, Sanada."

Sanada gulped, feeling the dangerous aura seeping out of Yukimura. "T-Thank you. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to help my mother in the dojo today." said Sanada, fleeing from the room in a rush.

Yukimura was furious. Waiting until the oblivious vice-captain left, the bluenette grabbed his bag and thundered off to the train station.

He attracted a lot of looks on the train, having not changed his outfit. But anyone who tried to even talk to Yukimura got their senses taken away.

Finally, the train stopped at the proper station in Tokyo. Yukimura stormed the streets, looking like a hurricane of angry auras. At last, he finally reached his destination: Seishun Gakuen.

Yukimura didn't even bother feeling sorry that he was interrupting a rival school's tennis practice. He walked straight into the tennis courts where the players were practicing. He automatically gained attention, gasps and gawking stares from everyone within a mile radius.

Spotting Tezuka, Yukimura stalked right in front of the stoic captain and grabbed the front of his shirt menacingly.

"Tezuka, you are a solid and utterly personality-less wall, correct?" asked Yukimura.

Tezuka raised an eyebrow and shook his jersey out of Yukimura's grasp. The rest of the regular had stopped practicing upon seeing Rikkai's captain and his outfit.

"Then why does Sanada not respond to me?" demanded Yukimura. "You reacted when Fuji did it and it worked splendidly."

The other Seigaku regulars shuddered when they remembered Fuji wearing a super revealing outfit during one practice a few weeks ago.

Fuji Shuusuke sauntered over upon hearing his name and snickered at what Yukimura was wearing.

"So you tried it on Sanada? How did that go?" asked Fuji.

"Horribly. All I managed to do was make the list of dress code violators." said Yukimura, not understanding why Sanada was not begging at his feet.

"I see. Well, I assume that Sanada is, for a lack of better words, extremely dense when it comes to his own feelings. I actually find it pretty obvious that he likes you." said Fuji, smiling with closed eyes.

Tezuka nodded. "Yes, I get the vibe from him as well. He cares about you more than it is healthy." he said.

Yukimura sighed and plopped down on the nearest bench. "Lovely. Sanada is a dense rock that wouldn't recognize flirting even if it came and hit him in the face." said the captain. Why did he have to be in love with such an idiotic person?

"You can always push him up against a wall and kiss him." said Fuji, trying to cheer up the sad Rikkai captain.

"Or try pickup lines!" yelled Kikumaru.

"Hmmm… maybe flowers and a nice poem." said Oishi.

"I could make you a powerful aphrodisiac." said Inui.

"Tie him up and make him beg for your-" began Ryoma.

Tezuka coughed, making all the others be quiet. "Or, you can confess normally and wait to see if he returns your feelings." said the stoic captain.

The others all looked at him like he was crazy.

"I'll be rooting for you, Seiichi." said Fuji to his friend, hoping that it would all work out in the end.

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