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"No." said Genichirou solidly.

"Gen…" Seiichi tried again.

"I refuse. Nothing you say will make me change my mind." Genichirou crossed his arms stubbornly.

"Your grandfather was very upset. I promised him that you would use his gift at least once." insisted Seiichi.

"Then you should have asked me first because I said no."

The bluenette pouted before crawling over and giving Genichirou a tiny kiss on the lips. "Please? For me?"

"Nice try, but no."

Seiichi sighed and went back to sitting on the edge of Genichirou's bed. The corner of Genichirou's mouth raised slightly in a small smile.

"And you can take off those leather boots, Seiichi. Your pouting and level of sexiness is not going to influence my decision."

Seiichi sat there wearing nothing but exceptionally short shorts and long, tight leather boots that went up to his knees. He had already disposed of his shirt earlier. It looked a little too good on the bluenette and Genichirou had had an internal debate earlier in his mind when Seiichi had first shown up in that attire.

Seiichi lounged on the bed, running his hands suggestively around his own body and on the sheets. "Mhmm… are you sure, Gen?" Seiichi persisted. "I am really in the mood right now. And today is the only day I will ever wear these boots."

Genichirou groaned, feeling his lower regions shift in interest. "Seiichi, if you really are in the mood, than you won't mind us doing it without the use of that damn object." The vice-captain turned to glare at said object that Seiichi had placed on the bedside table.

It was the huge vibrator his grandfather had given him a while ago.

Apparently, Seiichi and Genichirou's grandfather talked frequently. And upon hearing that Genichirou had never used the vibrator, his grandfather had gotten very sad. And so, Seiichi had promised the old man that Genichirou would use it soon.

Which is what they were arguing about at this very moment. They were in an empty house for the first time in a month. And Seiichi was ruining it by insisting they use that damn sex toy.

"You are not doing it with me unless you use the vibrator." Seiichi said again, flexing on the bed in provocative poses. "And don't you try to soften me up."

"Seiichi." Genichirou tried again. "That thing is enormous. It's a monster. It's the Mountain Everest of Dildos. I won't even fit the head inside me. Putting that thing in my ass is going to put me in a wheelchair for a week."

"Wheelchairs aren't so bad. The thought of you being defenceless and unable to walk is quite…"

"Seiichi, no."

Genichirou tried lunging forward to grab the bluenette. Perhaps a little bit of kissing and a few heated touched could get Seiichi worked up and forget about the vibrator. Unfortunately for him, Seiichi dodged his arms. Seiichi sat at the head on the bed, legs now parted teasingly. His mischievous smile was present on his face.

Genichirou knew that face. Seiichi was planning on getting what he wanted. Just like he always did.

The promise of sex together hadn't been enough. Pouting and acting sad hadn't worked. Seduction was off the list as well. Seiichi was now moving on to the next item: Threats using his superior position as captain.

"Genichirou. I promise you that very bad things will happen if you do not obey me." said Seiichi in his captain voice.

"You can make me run laps if you want, Seiichi." said Genichirou. Seiichi chuckled. The bluenette had always suspected that Genichirou secretly loved running laps.

"I won't do that. What I will do is deny you of sex until you agree to it." smiled Seiichi sweetly. He ran his fingers along the zipper on his left leather boot.

Genichirou's breath caught.

"You wouldn't." said the vice-captain. "You like doing it with me as much as I do."

"Genichirou, I happened to have survived many long years by myself back when you were too dense to figure out that I liked you." said Seiichi. "My hand had satisfied me back then and I'm sure it's still up for the job while I wait for you to give in."

Genichirou sighed. Why did Seiichi always get what he wanted? Just looking at the bluenette showed that Seiichi already knew everything would go his way. Seiichi was leaning back on the pillows with his legs still spread. His hand ran along the front of his too-short shorts, stroking lazily.

And then, Seiichi's hand reached out and grabbed that awful object from the bedside table. Seiichi smiled coyly at Genichirou before a pink tongue darted out and licked the vibrator from base to tip.

Genichirou groaned loudly. This was so unfair. His own member was now straining in his pants. Seiichi should be using his mouth on him and not on that damn sex toy.

The vibrator's surface was becoming slick as Seiichi lathered it with his tongue, occasionally opening his mouth and taking some in his cavern. He focused entirely on making loud and exaggerated noises to tempt Genichirou.

"Mhmm… maybe this thing will satisfy me as well, Genichirou. It's bigger than you and much easier to negotiate with." teased Seiichi. "I wouldn't mind using it."

Genichirou growled, feral and savage. He crawled up on the bed, grabbing Seiichi's legs and preventing the bluenette from escaping. He brought himself up until he was lying completely over the smaller teen's body, trapping him in between his arms.

The vice-captain pushed the vibrator out of the way, leaning down and kissing Seiichi, taking that slick and hot tongue in his own mouth before it could tempt him anymore. As if he could be replaced by a toy of all things! Genichirou would not back down from such a challenge, nor would he lose.

Seiichi smiled against Genichirou's mouth. The bluenette's unoccupied arm wrapped itself around Genichirou's neck, pulling him down to deepen the kiss. Seiichi kissed back with as much enthusiasm, yet still teasing Genichirou with small tongue swipes.

"There is only one person allowed to penetrate you and that person is me." growled Genichirou.

"A vibrator isn't a person." Seiichi said, still smiling.

"It's still not going inside you. Nor is it going in me for that matter." said Genichirou, dipping his head back down and continuing the kiss. When the day was over, Genichirou was personally going to make sure to get rid of that damn object. He was going to burn it, explode it, hit it with a hammer, tarundoru it, throw it in the thrash, take it back out, tarundoru it again and then throw it in the ocean.

That's right. He would pollute the ocean in order to get rid of that vibrator.

Seiichi chuckled lightly. Genichirou was so cute when he thought he was in charge. In reality, the vice-captain had no say in the matter once the captain had decided upon something.

Genichirou pulled back, narrowing his gaze. "What's so funny? You don't believe me? I assure you that I am not joking, Seiichi. There is no way in hell you are going to use that thing on me." he said.

"Oh, of course I believe you Genichirou." Yukimura smiled innocently. A little too innocently…

Before Genichirou could get anymore suspicious, Seiichi went back to kissing his lover. He put as much energy and passion into it as he could, fully intending to make the bigger male forget about their little argument, even if only for a second.

Once Seiichi had trapped Genichirou's tongue in his mouth and heard the vice-captain give a low moan, the bluenette took his chance. He lifted a leg, wrapping it around Genichirou's torso. In one swift move, Seiichi had flipped them over so that he was of top of a now very dazed Genichirou.

He didn't let Genichirou recover. Immediately his hands travelled down and rid Genichirou of his loose pants. Before Genichirou even had time to talk, Seiichi's mouth was already swallowing the vice-captain's blood-engorged erection.

"Nghh! Sei… ichi… it's not going to work. I-I know what you are trying to- Ah!" Genichirou tried to remind himself that this was all a trick. Seiichi was doing it on purpose. The bluenette was going to distract him and then use that vibrator on him. Where did that vibrator even go anyways? He couldn't see it anywhere.

A harsh suck made Genichirou's mind go blank. He didn't know where the vibrator went but now Seiichi was pleasuring him and it felt like heaven. He rocked his hips, sliding in and out of that hot mouth, panting as he did so.

What was Seiichi's plan? Would Seiichi torture him and prevent him from coming like he did a few times before? Sanada really hoped not. He was so hard. He wouldn't be able to handle it if that wonderful heat left him.

"Yes… Seiichi… oh yes." he moaned, fisting the bedsheets. He should ask for blowjobs more often. They feel so amazing.

No… he had to stay focused… he had to find the vibrator. But Seiichi's mouth… his tongue was now swirling on the tip, digging in the slit. No… he had to stop. He was falling into Seiichi's trap. But Seiichi's trap felt so hot and wet and amazing…

His hips went up faster, thrusting frantically as his moans got louder in volume.

Genichirou briefly noticed that Seiichi was unbuttoning his own shorts as well as unzipping his boots, throwing them off the bed. Yet, his mouth never stopped and never paused its activity. God, how the hell did Seiichi do that? Genichirou decided to just accept the fact that Seiichi was talented in everything, including multitasking during sex.

He felt fingers plucking at his entrance. He did nothing about it, letting the fingers stroke the sensitive skin of his hole as Seiichi's mouth licked at his balls.

Suddenly, it all stopped. Genichirou wailed, hoping dearly that Seiichi wasn't going to deny him of pleasure.

Seiichi smiled, coming back up on the bed. "Patience, Gen." he said, husky tone sending shivers down Genichirou's spine. The vice-captain's member was dripping, twitching in desperate need for friction.

The bluenette turned around, straddling Genichirou's hips. Genichirou wondered why the odd position. He was facing Seiichi's back as the bluenette began lowering himself carefully on Genichirou's cock.

Genichirou sucked in a breath as a much tighter heat surrounded him. Seiichi was soon completely filled in as he sat down on Genichirou's thighs. Genichirou wished he could see Seiichi's face. Why did the bluenette want to ride him in a reverse cowgirl position? They had never done that before.

He didn't get the chance to dwell on it too much since Seiichi began moving, rubbing their hips together. Genichirou was unable to do anything except lay down, moan loudly, and watch as Seiichi moved up and down.

And that's when he felt something hard and slightly wet poking at his entrance; and that something was definitely not part of Seiichi's body.

Genichirou wondered how Seiichi had managed it. How had he managed to hide the dildo and lube it without Genichirou noticing? Seiichi turned his head just a bit and flashed that mischievous grin at Genichirou, moving his hips down again.

He couldn't get up. Seiichi was heavy on his body and he felt like he had no strength at all from the constant pleasure Seiichi gave him. Each time he tried shifting around, Seiichi would grind his ass down, making Genichirou abandon all attempts of escaping. Damn it.

The hard object pressed in ever so slightly. Genichirou bite his lip.

"S-Seiichi… don't… ahhh…" he gasped out. He felt part of it penetrate him ever so slowly. He clenched his muscles, trying to push it out but to no avail. Seiichi always got what he wanted.

Finally, Seiichi stopped pushing it in. Genichirou knew it couldn't possibly be completely inside him. Maybe Seiichi was showing mercy and only put half in.

Even so, it felt odd. This must be what it's like to have a stick up your ass, thought Genichirou. It wasn't what he was used to at all. The few times Seiichi had been the seme were completely different. Seiichi was hot, throbbing and pure flesh. This object was cold and felt like it didn't belong inside him.

There was a sudden movement as the vibrator buzzed to life. It wasn't strong. It was just enough for Genichirou to feel a rather pleasant humming along his sensitive entrance. It didn't reach too far inside him. Even if it wasn't strong movements, the sudden start caused Genichirou to thrust up.

Seiichi arched his back, groaning loudly as Genichirou struck his sweet spot.

"Ah, Genichirou." said Seiichi. He was leaning forward, towards Genichirou's legs, pushing the object in even more. Sanada felt it stretch him even if it was only half inside of him. He gasped, his insides clenching each time it moved in deeper, stimulating him.

And then the object nudged his sweet spot. The small hums made by the vibrator pulsed through him and he could only scream out for more.

"Is it good, Genichirou?" asked Seiichi, making sure he was not just moving his hips but also making his hand twist and turn the vibrator in and out. "You just can't seem to stay still. It's good, right? It's better than you thought, isn't it, Gen?"

Genichirou did nothing but let out a particularly loud moan. His legs couldn't stay still and were jerking around, going up and down the bedsheets. Yukimura didn't put the whole object in, in fear of hurting Genichirou. The vice-captain had been right when he said that it was huge. Still, he put it in just enough to make Genichirou feel like he was completely filled.

Genichirou's hips spasmed and his breath was harsh and uneven. His eyes were open but unseeing, feeling nothing but intense stimulation at his two most sensitive spots were constantly being brushed. Seiichi turned his head around, amused at seeing Genichirou looking so overwhelmed by the feelings, jerking his body as his fists dug into the sheets, unable to form words.

With absolutely no warning, Seiichi felt Genichirou come inside of him. The hot essence dripped down Seiichi's thighs as he felt Genichirou's member quiver with release.

"Mmhmm, you came so quickly, Genichirou." purred Seiichi. "That's no good. You are supposed to be satisfying me too."

Genichirou lay there with relaxed muscles, panting over the aftermath of his orgasm. The build-up had been too much. The teasing, the boots, the blowjob, leather and knee-high boots, and now being penetrated by an object while being buried deep inside of Seiichi… it had been far more than he could handle.

He slowly came to realize that Seiichi was still moving his hips and that the damn vibrator was still vibrating inside of him.

Only now, Seiichi was turned around, facing him and his hand was finally no longer gripping the vibrator. Genichirou could tell Seiichi was not satisfied. Seiichi was swaying forward and back, legs on either side of Genichirou. One of his hands was stroking his own dripping cock. The bluenette licked his lips. His pink face was lust-filled, wishing he had paid attention to his own desire and not just Genichirou's.

The sight was beautiful and so hot for the vice-captain. He felt himself take interest once again. Seiichi smiled and gasped, arching as he felt the wonderful sensation of Genichirou lengthening inside him once again. Genichirou moaned as the heat around him got much tighter.

Genichirou hissed, feeling theheat inside of him reappearing. He loved looking at Yukimura's face, observing the pleasure shudder through Seiichi as the bluenette murmured Genichirou's name in a hoarse tone. The vice-captain helped with the pace, pushing up and knowing he hit a good spot because Seiichi's mouth opened in a silent scream.

Seiichi was having trouble holding himself up as he always did when his climax was approaching. He dropped down, lying across Genichirou's chest while panting heavily; matching Genichirou's own pants. Their hips moved in a broken rhythm, focusing only on needing more friction.

The bluenette clutched at Genichirou like a lifeline as his peak approached. He chanted a chorus of oh yes and Genichirou! over and over.

One last thrust upward was all it took for Seiichi to reach his peak, crying out with his eyes closed in ecstasy. It was so beautiful and Seiichi's body was so hot against Genichirou, squeezing him dry through that tight ass. A rich stickyness appeared between them.

Seiichi moved up, placing a gentle kiss on Genichirou's lips. The bigger teen groaned, feeling Seiichi moving off of him. He wasn't satisfied yet. He still wanted- no, needed- more. He was so hard.

Seiichi gave him a wicked grin and moved down his body, purposely avoiding his leaking member and making Genichirou whine pitifully.

And that's when Genichirou was reminded of the damn object still lightly buzzing as it was buried half-way inside of him.

His eyes grew wide. "Seiichi, don't do it."

The captain didn't listen. Within the next second, Seiichi had clicked something and now the vibrator was moving so strongly inside of him. Genichirou's mouth was open and a string of gasps escaped him. He could feel that object reaching deeper than he had thought possible. The tremors were so strong. He could feel every movement and every vibration stimulating all his sensitive points, making his hole clench even tighter around it.

It was then pounding right onto his prostate, striking it with deadly accuracy and all Genichirou could think of was that it was too much and it was too good. His back came off the bed and he came again, his semen spraying white all over his stomach.

Seiichi watched, a perverted look in his eye. He giggled. "What a liar you are, Gen. You really like this vibrator, don't you?'

Genichirou gasped. "O-Off, g-get it out…!"

"Oh, right. My apologies." said Seiichi, turning off the object and slowly pulling it out. Genichirou groaned, not sure whether to be happy or not. His ass felt weird without anything in it. After being filled so deeply, it felt empty.

He sat up and winced, glaring at the damn object Seiichi held. He would definitely have trouble walking for the next three days because of it.

Genichirou really regretted not throwing out that dildo when he had the chance.

Seiichi was beaming at him. "You were magnificent today, Gen." he said. "Your grandfather will be so happy to hear that you used it and that it brought you so much pleasure!"

Genichirou groaned again. "Seiichi… please avoid giving too many details this time…" The last time Seiichi had given details to his grandfather about his sex life, Gen'emon had told the whole family, all his friends and then posted it on his blog… which was apparently just as popular as Seiichi's blog.

Thankfully, Seiichi didn't rant about how Gen'emon was simply a concerned guardian or about how they were friends and should keep secrets this time.

Instead, Seiichi lay next to Genichirou, hugging him tightly and kissing his cheek gratefully.

"Thank you for today, Gen." said Seiichi.

"…No problem." Genichirou smiled back. "You are quite demanding lately, aren't you?" he teased.

"I'll make it up to you then."

"Really?" Genichirou took his chance. "Can you throw out the vibrator now then?"

Seiichi gave a little giggle, kissing Genichirou passionately on the lips before saying, "Oh Gen, of course not. I'm keeping it for later usage."

And then Seiichi jumped off the bed, running off with the dildo in hand.

And Genichirou couldn't get up and chase him because he was too sore.

He grumbled to himself from where he lay. He must have done both some awfully good things and some terribly bad deeds to have been graced (or cursed) with a boyfriend like Seiichi.

Genichirou wouldn't change it for the world.

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