Author's Note- I know I have been MIA for quite a while. After all, I had started this story last year with the intentions of making it a summer story. However, most of you know my string of excuses. But, I'm happy to say that I am comfortably settled in the military and should have more time to write. I just need to find the motivation. So, I went through this story and edited it as well as added a new chapter. I'd advise re-reading just to get the feel of the story again.

Again, I hope you all enjoy!

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Backyard Summer Lovin'

Alasyn of Crimson Amethyst


My enjoyment of Captain Crunch and OJ was abruptly interrupted by a sharp rap on the front door. Spoon halfway to my awaiting mouth; I glanced over at Dad, figuring that this was a rare occasion for him to be home so long, I felt as if he was obligated to answer the door for once. When he looked at me expectantly over the top of his morning paper, I sighed, dropped my spoon into the burgundy bowl that held my longing of sugary goodness and pushed my chair away from the table with a nasty screech across the linoleum floor.

Clad in my girly boxers and black wife beater, I trudged to the door. It was barely seven in the morning, my dad was home for at least four more hours, it was summer, my vacation; God forbid that whatever sale or package couldn't possibly wait for a better time to invade on my life? This was bound to be a waste of a good three and a half minutes of my precious time.

Muttering to myself, I turned the brass knob of the front door, swung it open and opened my mouth to release a very rude, "What," on the intruder.

However, my word screeched to a halt in my throat and my knees buckled, my chest seized and I could feel my flesh burn, no doubt turning a very attractive tomato red. My eyes definitely bugged and I was sure I squeaked as my brain registered exactly who it was at the door.

Then I did the stupidest thing imaginable. Without even thinking, I shrieked. While doing my best to hold it in my throat, the sound came out as if produced by a wild cat being strangled. Then I flung the door shut. I whipped around, throwing my back against the door as if that would keep him outside and out of my sight forever- as much as I didn't want that, but, at this point, I was acting irrationally. My breathing pitched a notch in overdrive and my heart stammered so hard I could feel the rocketing motion down in my toes. The entryway swayed and it took me a moment after shoving his very confused- very intense- eyes out of my head to realize that I was shaking, hard.

"Chloe, who's at the door," Dad called from the kitchen. His voice slammed reality into me and I mentally slapped myself for what I had just done. In front of him of all people.

"Chloe?" Dad asked, sounding concerned. His paper ruffled, as if he set it down and he was getting up from the table. I quickly called back to him, not wanting him to see me in this state.

"J-Just Derek, Dad."

That's right. I had just freaked and slammed the door on Derek Souza.


I'm trying to cut out a little more of the cussing, seeing as how that isn't really Chloe's character. However, she's pretty rough around the edges, considering how she grew up. You'll see as the story progresses.