A/N This is going to be a short fan-fiction of Outnumbered Season 3 episode 1 (When they go to London) It is mostley going to be following the episode, just with my character inserted in. I will update 1 chapter everyday, cuz its only going to be short!

I hope you like it! I'll Only Say This Now! I dont Own Outnumbered!

Prologue: About My Character

Name: Emily

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Black

Age: 15 (A/N She is meant to be the same age as Jake, and I dont know how old he is so its guess work!)

About Her: When Emily was very young, both her parents died, but when she was born her parents made Pete, and Sue my God-Parents, since they knew each other for years, and they got on really well. She and Jake had become really good friends, and they liked playing together when they where younger. When they where 14 Jake asked Emily out, and she said yes, so they have been dating for a year now. Also, Emily is not a girly-girl, she is a tomboy, so she never wears skirts, or make-up, or anything lie that.

A/N Again! This chapter dosent count! It is just telling you about my chartacter! Please be nice in reviews of this story please, No Flames! Thank You!