A/N: So, my office is attached to a mall and in that mall there is a Godiva chocolate store. Every day when I go to lunch, it calls to me. Today, they didn't have my favories so I was (gasp and shock) forced to try something new. It's like a little slice of heaven. So wonderful. I wanted to write Neal/Sara fluff, and I'm busy drooling over chocolate goodness, so here it is. Neal and Sara fluff with chocolate. Life is good.

Chocolate Treats

She loved chocolate, there was really no getting around it. Cake or truffle, ice cream or a simple bar of chocolate, it really didn't matter. Very few people knew of this particular love. No, she kept it very, very private. Occationally she might hide a small bag in her desk drawer - when she was actually working out of the office - or in her purse, but no one ever saw it. When Sara Ellis wished to hide something, it tended to stay hidden without question. Even from him.

That was why she was surprised when he showed up on her doorstep early one evening with a bottle of wine in one hand and a basket full of brightly wrapped Godiva chocolates in the other. Her eyes fixated on the basket and she stood unmoving in her own doorway, hand against the door.

Neal Caffrey grinned like the Cheshire Cat. "Good plan?" he asked and she finally startled into moving so that he could slip inside her condo instead of being left to stand on the porch. He moved past her, blue eyes even brighter than usual with undaunted amusement at her silent shock. "We wrapped up a case today and Peter let me out early, so I started thinking of what to do with my time," he mused as he set the chocolates down on her table. "I thought that maybe you'd want to do something, since you're not working on a case with us and we haven't seen as much of each other, but then I had to think of what." He watched her carefully as he spoke, an easy expression on his face. Slowly she pried her eyes away from the basket and closed the door. A smile perked his lips and he continued to speak. "I thought maybe dinner, and we can still do that if you'd rather, but I thought this would be a nice change."


The smile faded and he looked the slightest bit confused. "How what?"

Sara crossed the space to shift through the treats, finding her favorites. "You know, everyone assumes I don't eat sweets."

The grin returned. "I'm not everyone."

"Each one of my favorites," Sara mused out loud. "Even the mint ones. How'd you find that out?"

"I may know a few people in the Godiva store on Maddison Avenue," the conman admitted with a shrug. "They may have remembered seeing a pretty woman come in somewhat reguarly and order the same chocolates." The grin widened. "Way to be predictable, Repo."

She slapped his arm playfully. "Shut up." Her eyes lit up as she found the chocolate strawberries. "I've never bought these."

"I know," Neal acknowledged. "Those are my favorites."