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Prologue: A Confusing Reunion

"Lu..cy?" Zeref called mesmerized by the bruised and wounded heavily panting blond who had appeared in front of the pink haired dragon slayer, his only hope, who stood exhausted behind the glaring beauty that furrowed her brow when she heard her name being called.

"Lucy-chan is that really you?" he ventured hoping for a response as her guild mates looked at each other in confusion.

Natsu and Lucy looked at each other clearly lost, the girl then replied and the black mage felt his already broken heart smashing completely, "Do, do I know you?"

"You used to or rather, your former self did," Zeref responded walking right in front of her and placing his hand on her cheek, "I missed you, I'm sorry,"

And then he bent down slowly capturing her soft and warm lips as an fiery cry resounded in his ears.

xxXXXxx xxXXXxx xxXXXxx xxXXXxx xxXXXxx xxXXXxx xxXXXxx xxXXXxx xxXXXxx xxXXXxx xxXXXxx

It had all started a little before four hundred years ago, when the dragons still inhabited the land and they mingled with the humans. Soon however there was a rift and the two species where left at war. The hybrids of these interactions were persecuted and soon they most were successfully annihilated, some however survived and hid in the human community unbeknownst to them.

Legend said that the war would end thanks to the slayers of evil and their winged companions who would unite both species to save their world from an unimaginable evil. Nonetheless it warned that it would come at a great price one which would be grieved for centuries to come.

And all begins with a young salmon haired soldier and his encounter with a blond goddess.

"Natsu, come on dude, I know you're a legendary chosen dragon slayer but that doesn't mean you can skip duty,"

Seventeen year old Natsu had been orphaned at a young age but was a capable fire mage but not just any fire mage. He had been bestowed the power of a dragon and entrusted the task to protect the kingdom from their attack. But Natsu was different, he didn't fear dragons, he had been raised by one after all, but his foster father Dragneel had to leave him due to the war and to protect him. That's why Natsu joined the royal guards, if he was sent to war, he might meet his father again.

"I know, I know," Natsu snarled at Warren, he had received the order to check if some rumors of hybrids which had been supposedly spotted in Kardia forest were true. Little did he know that this mission it would be the turning point of his life.