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It's An Art


So Devious

Chapter Four

Saturday couldn't come soon enough for Draco as he primped and prepped in front of the bathroom mirror. Fortunately for him, Narcissa Malfoy was painfully protective of her son, shelling out the extra money for a private dorm, saving him from any annoying roommates and their bitching about hogging the loo or some other rubbish.

'Light eye-shadow, easy on the mascara', Draco chided himself. The last thing he wanted was to look cheap on his first date since...well, since Tom, and he definitely didn't need to remember that right now. Draco shook the thought from his head, not wanting to ruin his mood before Harry arrived.

As though on cue, a soft knock penetrated the quite of his dorm, and his heart rate instantly shot skyward. 'Why are you so nervous? You look amazing.' Draco told himself. After all, it was hard to go wrong with dark wash skinny jeans and one of many of his cute cropped t-shirts. Harry was nothing to scoff at either, he decided as he opened the door, smiling brightly at the man on the other side.

Dressed in simple blue jeans and white tee underneath a black track jacket, Harry was the pure image of relaxed and casual, which suited Draco just fine. Ever the matchmaker, or so she thought, Lady Malfoy insisted on trying to set him up with the few gay sons of her friends and colleagues, all of whom were so absorbed and obsessed with money and being a legacy that Draco felt miniscule in comparison. Not to mention they bored him to tears.

However, with Harry, just seeing him did strange things to Draco; relaxing him while shooting a thrill through him all at once. He'd never felt anything like it.

"Hey." Harry stated softly, his eyes roaming over Draco's form. He determined that the blond could give any woman a run for her money with that body: smooth milky skin, legs that stretched for days, and hair that Harry had to struggle to keep from running his fingers through. "You look...wow." He stammered. Draco blushed and smiled sweetly as he closed the door behind him. Even seeing this shy side of the blond, Harry was nervous about tonight. He hadn't planned much, wanting to use their time together to get to know one another rather than sit awkwardly through a movie or risk seeing a show he didn't like. Hopefully the blond didn't mind.

"Thank you. What did you have planned for tonight?" the blond asked, closing the door behind him before leading Harry back down the hall.

"I was thinking we could just walk around the city tonight, get to know one another. There's this place I want to take you that's amazing this time of year, especially at night." Harry replied, taking Draco's hand into his as they exited the housing hall and stepped into the night.

"Now, tell me again why we're stalking them." Cho Chang, communications major and cashier of the school store, whined as she sat next to the stairs of the housing building, huddling against Tom to keep the chilled night breeze from seeping through her black VS Pink jumper.

"Because, pet, you have just as much to lose in this as I do. Or don't you want you're own pet Potter to play with?" Tom sneered in reply as he peeked out from the bushes he and Cho were ducked behind. He wasn't going to implement his plan for another few days, when it didn't seem at all strange to run into the pair, but that didn't mean he wouldn't keep an eye on them until then .

The older man watched as Harry opened the car door for Draco (pathetic) before jumping in himself, and they were off, tail lights fading into the distance. Before they were out of sight, Tom practically dragged Cho to his own car, parked in the spot next to the one Harry previously occupied, and they were in hot pursuit, Tom making sure to keep a fair amount of distance as to not draw suspicion.

To say Cho was panicking was an understatement, although she didn't know what to expect when Tom originally approached her to join him tonight. True, she had been madly in love with Harry since high school, when they were in the same homeroom, and she had thought she'd missed her chance when they graduated without more than a few friendly words. That was, until she ran into him in the quad of Hogwarts, sitting with Weasley and Granger under one of the massive oak trees. It was then that she decided that it was simply fate that she and Harry should be together.

So when Tom came to her with a proposition: separate Harry and Draco before a proper love could bloom, before she really missed her shot at being with him, she couldn't refuse. However, that was before knew about this little sting operation the older man set up. She didn't know much about law, but she did know that hiding out in bushes and trailing cars without consent was entirely against them.

There was a long drive between the school and where Harry was taking him, Draco noticed, as cars zoomed by as they sped down the freeway. The ride was quiet, save for small talk and the radio quietly filling in the silences. It only took a quick glance in the rear-view mirror for Draco to find a nice conversation starter. Resting in the backseat of Harry's car was a black canvas guitar bag.

"You play guitar, too?" he asked, beaming as Harry blushed brightly, even in the dark of the night.

"Um, yeah." the other man chuckled nervously. "My dad taught me when I was little, and my mum taught me piano. We're a pretty musical family."

"Nice. You'll have to play for me sometime." Draco knew he was shamelessly flirting, but he couldn't help it. Besides, he was having fun.

"Definitely" Harry smiled at him, and Draco felt his stomach flip. Damn that boy for being so attractive. They fell back into a comfortable silence, listening to the rhythm coming from the radio before Harry suddenly burst into laughter.

"What's so funny?" Draco asked, a little incredulous.

"I'm sorry, but don't tell me you don't know this song." Harry replied before turning the radio up, and Draco couldn't help but laugh.

That party last night was awfully crazy

I wish we taped it.

I danced my ass off and had this one girl

Completely naked.

Drink my beer and smoke my weed

But my good friends is all I need

Pass out at 3, wake up at 10

Go out to eat then do it again

"Man, I love college!" Harry and Draco belted out together. The rest of the ride was filled with their laughter and exaggerated singing to different popular songs, before they finally pulled into a well lit parking lot.

"This is it." Harry smiled as he held open Draco's door. The blond took in the sight around him, a beautiful public rose garden that stretched for blocks. Bright fairy lights were strung up around the garden, slowly changing to glow a rainbow of different colors, and a beautiful fountain was erected in the center. "I know it's probably not as exciting as the movies, but a beautiful man should be taken to a beautiful place." Harry said softly as he closed the back door, guitar in hand. After all, Draco did ask him to play for him.


"Shh." Harry took his hand. "Wait until you see it up close."

"Lucky! This place is amazing." Cho gazed around in wonder as she followed Tom to one of the maintenance towers along the garden's edge.

"Focus, Cho! We'll be able to see everything from up here..." he tugged on her hand as he raced to the top of the tower. Typically there was a maintenance man keeping watch at the top, but Lord Voldemort, Tom's father, wasn't one of the most powerful men in the city for nothing. Getting the watchman to take a hike was simply too easy.

Tom shut the heavy steel door behind them before moving to the mounted periscope near the large window overlooking the grounds. If that didn't give him a good view of the couple, nothing would.

"I think I see them over by the fountain." the girl pointed out into the distance, where two nondescript figures stood out against the lit statues of the fountain. Tom zeroed in on them quickly, concentrating on submitting every detail of this Potter kid into memory.

"Harry, I can't believe I've never been here before. It's so beautiful." Draco commented as they sat on the edge of the fountain: a massive structure of stone angels uplifting a bowl that water cascaded out of.

"It's not nearly as beautiful as you." Harry replied, smiling sweetly as he brushed a lock hair away from Draco's face. He had plucked a rose from the garden and tucked it into the other's hair.

Though he was positive Harry was trying to be romantic, Draco burst out laughing. "That's the corniest thing I've ever heard." He chuckled, relieved when Harry's smile didn't falter. In fact, the raven-haired man laughed right along with him. There was nothing better, Draco thought, than a man who could laugh at himself.

"Well, it's about to get even cornier." the other man replied as he pulled the acoustic guitar from it's bag, the lights surrounding them reflecting off of its smooth wood finish. "Any requests?" he joked as he tuned it and got it ready to play.

"Surprise me." Was Draco's reply, his pink lips set in a small smirk. Harry smiled at him, and he began the first few notes.

There's something in your eyes
Is everything alright?
You look up to the sky
You long for something more, Darlin'
Give me your right hand
I think I understand, follow me
And you will never have to wish again

I know that after tonight
You don't have to look up
At the stars no no no no
And I know by the end of tonight
You don't have to look up at the stars
And I know if the love is alright
You don't have to look up
At the stars no no no no
I know by the end of tonight
You don't have to look up at the stars
No no no no no no no no no

As the words sank in, Draco was reminded of those sappy romance movies, the ones about the uptight, high-strung woman who met the scruffy man of her dreams, and she would be so uptight and so spurned from past heartache that she would be terrified to just let herself fall for this man who so clearly wanted her. Draco never quite understood what those women were so afraid of, but as he listened intently, the blond got it.

Tell me how you feel
And if I'm getting near
I'll tell you where to steer
You tell me where to steer, D-D-D-Darlin'
Way above the clouds
And high above the stars
Through the unknown black holes
No one knows where we are
But we'll return to earth
And do it all over again

Cause I know that after tonight
You don't have to look up
At the stars no no no no
And I know by the end of tonight
You don't have to look up at the stars
And I know if the love is alright
You don't have to look up
At the stars no no no no
I know by the end of tonight
You don't have to look up at the stars

He never told anyone about what went on between he and Tom. No one needed to know. It was just an understanding that it had ended and Draco had no intentions of dating again for a very long time. But to have someone suddenly, not only tell you what you need to hear, but serenade you with it, was surreal. It was then that Draco realized that it wasn't being with someone that scared those fictional women; it was having someone who just got you, and to have them thrust into your life so suddenly. It was the fall that was so frightening. 'But by God is it amazing.' Draco thought.

Now come away with me
Come fly away with me
Just for one night
Noone will ever know
No no no, Darlin'
I will leave you satisfied
Forever past time
You don't have to hide
Your free to fly

I know that after tonight
You don't have to look up
At the stars no no no no
And I know by the end of tonight
You don't have to look up at the stars
And I know if the love is alright
You don't have to look up
At the stars no no no no
I know by the end of tonight
You don't have to look up at the stars
Said I know that after tonight
You don't have to look up
At the stars no no no no
And I know by the end of tonight
You don't have to look up at the stars
And I know if the love is alright
You don't have to look up
At the stars no no no no
I know by the end of tonight
You'll be looking down upon them
From heaven yeah yeah

"Draco? Are you okay?" Harry asked, setting his guitar on the ground next to him. He reached out and brushed his thumb across the blond's tear stained cheek. Draco didn't even realize he was crying, but he wasn't surprised. He was moved by Harry's song. "Well? Did I woo you?" the raven-haired man let out a goodnatured chuckle, still cradling the blond's cheek in his hand. Breathing deeply in an attempt to regain his composure, Draco nodded.

"Yeah. Consider me wooed." Draco laughed. His heart beat quickened as Harry began to lean forward, and the blond followed his lead. He was about to have his first kiss in...well, a while.

Or so he thought. It was a stroke of rotten luck that the sprinkler system would choose that moment to do its job, dousing everything with a freezing spray of water, the boys included. In fact, the two were so surprised by the sudden onslaught, the recoiled from the shock, successfully landing them both backside-first into the fountain and clutching to one another.

"Oh my God, Draco, are you alright?" Harry cried as he helped the other man up. After a second to recover from the shock, Harry was surprised to see Draco burst into laughter. "I guess that means you're okay?"

"I'm so sorry Harry, but..this has got to be the most disastrous date I've ever been on." Draco chuckled. Harry's face fell, but the blond caressed his stubbled cheek. "But it's got to be the most fun I've ever had."

The raven-haired man visibly relaxed, letting out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. Draco, his Draco, Harry decided, looked so beautiful amongst the lights and mist. His white cropped t-shirt clung to him, exposing his dusty pink nipples beneath the soft fabric. His blond hair clung to his scalp, face, and neck, water dripping from its tips to his flesh and rolling in fat drops down his bottom, finally ending at the waistband of his skin tight jeans.

"Harry?" Draco asked timidly, snapping the man out of his reverie.


"Why aren't you kissing me?" Without responding, Harry leaned in and captured the blond's lip in his own, moaning as Draco met him with equal fervor. Harry pushed his luck by timidly pressing his tongue against Draco's soft tiers, and was pleasantly surprised when the blond granted him access. This date couldn't have possibly been better if he tried.

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