Someone requested post-Rebellion Madohomu. Rebellion spoilers ahead!

Being the Devil was hard work, Homura mused as she snapped her fingers. Applied see-through ceramic wrap materialized in the doorway just as she sensed Sayaka approaching the classroom.

Besides finding ways to bug Sayaka, it really was hard work. She didn't bother sleeping anymore. She had to constantly be alert in case Madoka got her memories back. And it was occurring more frequently too.

But that was okay, because at least Madoka got to be a normal girl again. Empty satisfaction sloshed through Homura's hollow chest at the sight of Madoka sitting at her desk and hastily trying to finish last night's reading. Homura greedily drank in the sight through perpetually exhausted eyes, soaking in what little happiness she could derive from her success in conserving the life Madoka herself had deemed "precious" to her.

Though the fact remained that Madoka was becoming more and more resistant of her magic. It galled Homura that she might be unhappy with the world Homura created specifically for her. It wouldn't do. Homura had to fix that if she didn't want this illusion to fall apart at the seams.

"What the- Gah! Why?!" Sayaka cried out as she walked straight into an invisible wall of ceramic wrap. Kyouko proceeded to bust a gut laughing. Homura ignored those going-ons and approached Madoka's desk. She had a master plan that would work for sure!

"Good morning, Madoka."

The pinkette looked up uneasily at the girl who greeted her, smiling politely. "Hello."

Homura attempted a smile. "I just wanted to ask," she began, her familiars gathering behind her and tittering in anticipation. "Are you sitting on a pile of sugar? Because you're very sweet. Your butt, I mean. Your butt is sweet. I like it. Sugary butts." Homura started sweating profusely, keeping her awkward smile up.

Madoka stared at her uncomprehendingly, blinking slowly. "Uhhhh..."

"I want your butt."

One of her tittering familiars threw a tomato at the back of Homura's head. It splattered on contact, Homura still smiling that empty smile of hers. After a second more of enduring Madoka's confused gaze she hurriedly clapped her hands twice together, reversing time.

That wasn't problematic for Homura to accomplish since she controlled this space. The classroom reverted back to how it was a minute ago, everyone's memories completely wiped of the trainwreck that was Homura's pick-up line.

Yes, Homura's plan was to hit on Madoka so that her self-esteem would go up.

It seemed solid enough in theory. The problem was Homura herself. She had no idea how pick-up lines worked.

"AAAH-OW!" Sayaka slipped and fell from a sudden case of 'a bunch of marbles appearing out of nowhere'. Kyouko proceeded to roll on the floor and laugh.

Homura approached Madoka again, putting on an air of breezy confidence.

"Hello, Madoka. Are you always this hot? Because you're giving me a sunburn." Homura ignored her familiars, which were just falling over from how lame she was.

"Actually, you're… extremely pale. You should probably try to get some sun?" Madoka suggested nervously. A tomato smacked against the side of Homura's face. A few silent awkward beats went by before she clapped her hands twice.

This time, she would get it right.

"What the heck?!" Sayaka screeched when a bucket of water fell on her head the second she walked into the classroom. Kyouko proceeded to die of laughter.

Homura approached Madoka's desk one more time, full of purpose. "Hello, Madoka. Did it hurt?"

Madoka blinked up at her in surprise. "Um, did what hurt?"

"When you fell from heaven." Homura said smoothly, unnerving smirk growing on her face. She had totally aced that one.

Madoka seemed to be looking through Homura now. "Actually… It did." Madoka whispered, eyes widening. "It hurt. A lot." Her hair suddenly grew as her eyes were shaded a majestic shade of gold. The classroom around Homura proceeded to turn into outer space.