"Get out." Jace Wayland's face twisted into a shocked and hurt expression as he stumbled backwards from Clary's shove.

She was on an all-out tantrum, screaming her head off at her ex-boyfriend-of-three-minutes-and-counting, her red curls flinging every which way. "Clary – "

"Don't you Clary me!" She yelled, throwing her hands up in the air. Her green eyes blazed. "I'm not the one cheating! I hope you have fun – " she made a circle with one hand and pumped her middle finger furiously through it " – screwing your other girlfriends!"

"What other girlfriends?" Jace exclaimed, rolling his eyes.

"Think Mr. My-Brain-Lives-In-My-Pants! Hmm," Clary pretended to contemplate. "Maybe it was the slutty blonde who was snuggling with you yesterday."

Jace opened his mouth to retort, but found himself suddenly butt-slammed onto the pavement outside Luke's bookstore. A second later, the door slammed in his face. Damn, he thought, Clary was getting better with all her Shadowhunter training.

He got painfully to his feet, dusting his butt off. His ass hurt like hell; who knew those tiny arms could hold so much strength? A few passersby walking into the front of Luke's store, through another door, snickered, but immediately shut up as Jace glared daggers at them. Those bitches.

Clary could be so stupid sometimes. If she had just heard him out, she would have realized that he really had no clue what she was talking about. Since when had he cheated? But no, she just had to scream like a maniac, her stamping motions making her look like a chicken with its head cut off. He chuckled slightly, even though he should have been desolate at losing his girlfriend. He could earn her back. He knew he could. After all, was he not Jace Wayland, the hottest, coolest, cockiest guy in the whole world?

Smiling sinisterly, he swiftly concocted a devilish plan in his mind. He had a new goal to accomplish: Clary would be his again by the end of the day.

Back in her room, Clary Fray fumed at the picture on her phone. The school slut, Aline, had only sent it to her a few hours ago, along with a text that said smugly, Look who I saw yesterday.

As hard as she tried, Clary could not tear the image out of her mind. Aline hadn't sent a picture of a random person. No, she had sent a picture of Jace. In the picture, Jace was sitting down, with his back toward the camera, so she only saw his blond curls. That wasn't what had made her heart drop to her feet. On the other side of Jace, there was a ring of lighter, snow-blond hair. Long, and definitely feminine. Their faces were turned toward each other, very close together, and there was a hand of Jace's knee.

No doubt about it. Jace Wayland was cheating on her, Clary Fray.

Clary felt her fists clench as she paced around the room.

She thought of Jace's bewildered stare as she pushed his out the door, as if he hadn't had a single clue of what she had been shouting. If he could be that good of an actor, so could she. There wasn't anything he could do that she couldn't. She wasn't going to sit around moping all day, waiting for him.

Clary grabbed a pair of stilettoes and stormed out her door, bumping straight into Jace. Again.

Jace stared at the high heels in Clary's hand. They were killer, at least six inches tall and as skinny as a pencil. It didn't make him feel any better to see Clary gripping them like she wanted to drive the sharp tips through his skull.

Using the brilliant mind he possessed, Jace quickly deduced that she was heading to Isabelle's to prepare for a club, probably the Pandemonium Club. He smirked.

Folding his arms across his chest, Jace leaned on the door frame, blocking her exit route.

"Hey Clary," he said, as if he had just seen her for the first time that day.

"Go away Mr. I-need-to-have-sex-every-minute!"

Jace's golden eyebrows shot sky high. "You need to have sex every minute? God, Clary. If you had just said that earlier, I would have arrived with a whole box full of condoms. Problem is, I only have one at the moment." He held up a small rubber thing wrapped in pink.

Clary's face flushed beet-red. "No!"

"Dear God," Jace mused, smirking. "Are you that disappointed to find out that I only have one?"

"No! No! I don't want you to have sex with me!" Clary yelled, waving her hands in emphasis. "I meant that you need to have sex every minute!"

"Calm down, Ms. Stick-up-my-ass."

Clary kicked her foot out, but Jace skirted neatly to the side.

"Screw you, Jace Wayland!"

Jace threw his head back, laughing, as he walked out the door. "Sorry, baby. I just don't swing that way."

Outside, Jace toyed with the pink thing in his hand, and burst out into uncontrollable laughter. God, Clary was so gullible, he thought, still unable to erase the smile stretching across his face.

After all, what he had in his hand was only a stretchy pink water balloon.

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