The day dawned bright and cold as Dean Winchester threw his duffel into the back of his beloved Impala. Only a short drive, then he'd be at college! He had finally managed to get out of his godforsaken hometown.

Yeah, he'd miss his genius younger brother Sam, who'd probably be joining him in a few months. He'd miss his parents even though he'd sooner die than admit it. Dean went back to his motel room and grabbed the last of his stuff, scanning the room for any last thing. Nothing caught his eye so he closed the door and turned in the key.

When he got to his car, he threw his stuff onto the passenger seat. As he stepped into the car, he slipped on his well-worn leather jacket and started his car. The Bon Jovi song, "Dead or Alive" came on as he pulled out of the parking lot. He sang,

I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse, I ride!

I'm wanted, dead or alive.

Wanted! Dead or alive.

Before long, he pulled into the huge lot at Nebraska State. It was time to get his schedule and room assignments. He was going to college to learn mechanics and had gotten all the mechanics classes he could want, but had been put in a guitar class. He guessed they wanted him to be "well rounded " whatever the fuck that meant.

His roommate was some guy named Castiel Novak and he had requested the bed closest to the window. Dean had no problem with that, as he liked being in the darker areas. When he got to the room, Castiel wasn't there so he jumped in the shower. Once he was done, he dressed in his favorite jeans and a black shirt.

The rest of his day was free, so he turned on the TV and managed to find some show that had hot, mostly nude chicks on it. They were pole dancing among other things. Just as it got to a really steamy part, the door opened.

In walked his new roommate. Hurriedly, Dean turned off the TV and covered his swollen lap with a pillow. Then he looked up at his roommate.