When Castiel woke up, the first thing he saw was stunningly vivid emerald eyes and a freckled nose. "D-Dean?"

Dean pulled back in surprise. "Cas! You're awake!" The most beautiful smile Cas had ever seen crossed the blonde's face. Could it really be because of him? Dean turn his head slightly and the light caught his face, showing the worn face and tired eyes. Was this because of him too?

"Y-yes…I am." Castiel stared at Dean intensely, imagining holding his hand and kissing him, being his boyfriend. He wondered if he could get that lucky. Dean wasn't gay, but would he give Cas a chance?

"Is that all you have to say? I missed you." Dean wrapped his arms around the other man in an awkward hug, but Castiel's heart warmed further as he returned it. "How you feeling?"

"Exhausted, but very happy to be awake." He smiled at the other as they broke the hug. "I missed you too."

Dean beamed before he unconsciously grabbed the other's hand. "Kate's here, walking around. Want me to call her?"

"Yes!" Cas smiled, butterflies in his stomach at the feel of his hand in Dean's. Surely it didn't mean anything?

Dean didn't let go as he called Kate. "Hey! He's awake!" He listened attentively for a while before he hung up. "She's on her way. Bringing us coffee and sandwiches."

"Good. I'm hungry." Cas smiled softly at the other man before he turned his head to see who had knocked on the door. It was Dr. Kaplan and immediately both younger men pulled back, letting go of each other's hands.

"Hello Mr. Novak, how are you feeling?" The doctor neared the bed, looking at Castiel attentively.

"Much better, just a bit tired. Can I go home today?" His blue eyes got huge and pleading.

Dr. Kaplan chuckled. "Yes, just need to go over a few things. Can you tell me what made you enter into the coma?"

Cas froze, darting a look at Dean who was watching him closely. "Uh…No? I don't know…" It was obvious that he was lying, but for fear of stressing him further and causing a relapse, the doctor didn't push it.

"Very well. Don't stress yourself too much, alright?" He rose.


With that, the doctor excused himself and left, presumably to care for another patient. Just as he crossed the door, Kate appeared with the food. "Cas!" Kate hustled in, handing the food to Dean as she pulled the smaller man into a hug, kissing his forehead maternally.

"Hello, Kate." He let out a grin that made Dean's breath catch. "I hear you brought offerings." He winked at Dean over Kate's shoulder and the blonde's heart rate sped up.

God! He's so beautiful and perfect! Please be mine, Cas.

"Yes, I did. To appease the beautiful man who just came back to us." She pulled back, smiling at them both.

A soft blush appeared on the beautiful man's cheeks as Kate handed them their sandwiches and passed out the coffee. "So, do you get to go home today?"

"Yes! Dr. Kaplan said I could."

They smiled and ate their sandwiches, enjoying each other's company as both Dean and Castiel's thoughts turned to each other. They took their time and when they had finished, Kate rose. "Sorry boys, I need to get back to the diner. Call me if you need anything." She smiled and kissed their foreheads before walking out.

"Bye Kate!" They chorused and laughed afterwards at their synchrony.

"Do you wanna go home? I've got something I need to tell you, but I don't want to do it here…" Dean seemed nervous, something that surprised the darker man. He didn't think that it would be about something bad though, Dean was nervous and excited.

"Y-yes…I have something I must tell you too. This is not the place for it." Dean was shocked and hopeful as he gazed into those eyes that just blew him away with their brilliance.

"I'll go sign us out." With a smile, Dean darted out of the room and came back a few minutes later, a nurse trailing behind.

She asked, "Can you walk? Or do you need a wheelchair?"

"I don't know…Dean, help me?" Castiel reached for his friend and Dean rushed to help him. When he was set on his feet, his legs buckled. "Wheelchair it is…" He didn't want to feel so helpless and was unhappy with the situation.

"Wait, I can carry him, if you're okay with that?" In the middle of the sentence, Dean turned to look at Cas.

"I'd prefer that." He smiled tentatively; fighting back the urge to blush at the way his body reacted to the idea of being held in Dean's arms.

"It's settled then. Do you need help dressing?" Dean blushed softly.

"Uh…Yeah…I do, but you don't have to." Castiel looked down, blushing. He just now realized he was in the weird hospital gown.

"Alright. Let me know if you need anything." The nurse smiled and spun around on her heel, rushing off and shutting the door.

"These look freshly washed, how nice." Dean grinned. Then he noticed the boxers. "Uh…Are you wearing anything under that? D-down low?"

Castiel blushed as he realized that he wasn't. "N-no…I'm not…"

"I-if you want, I could put them on you under the gown. You'll h-have to guide my hands so I don't accidentally touch anything…" Dean blushed and looked down.

Castiel was amazed at the beauty of the man's long eyelashes, feminine lips, emerald eyes and rosy cheeks. He nodded, his chest feeling tight. "T-that works."

Dean nodded and picked up the boxers, slipping them up until he got a hands length above the other man's knee. He moved his hands to the outermost part of the boxers. "G-guide me."

Castiel nodded and gently wrapped his hands around the blonde's and guided him farther up. When they got to his hips, Castiel pulled his hands away to lift his butt up so Dean could pull them up.

Dean did so, his fingertips accidentally brushing Castiel's ass. When Castiel tensed, Dean jerked back as if he'd been burned. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Are you going to be okay?" His whole body had jerked back so he was a few feet from the healing man, obviously afraid he'd upset him. He looked close to tears.

"Y-yeah. Just s-startled me there. I'm fine. Come back so we can finish dressing me and we can go home?" Castiel forced himself to relax, seeing how upset Dean was at his mistake. Dean really cared. He really did and it made Castiel want to cry amazed and tender tears.

"'Kay…" Dean moved closer again and grabbed the jeans, slipping Castiel's legs into them. He pulled them up to just above the knee. "Can you hold them? I'm going to pick you up, so you can pull them up yourself." At his roommate's nod and grip on his pants, Dean lifted him up under the arms and Castiel pulled his jeans up and quickly did them. When he was lowered back down, the dark-haired man immediately ripped off the gown, exposing a beautiful and nicely muscled chest that made Dean drool.

Dean handed him the shirt and Castiel slipped it on, reaching for his shoes. "I can just hold them right? Since I'm not walking?"

"Yeah, sure." The Winchester handed the shoes up and gently scooped his roommate up. "Let's get home." He made sure to keep his hands as far away from Castiel's ass as possible, one under his lower thighs and one supporting his lower back as he carried him out to the car.