Heyo! This is my first fanfiction on this site and of course it's an amuto one. :D I just wanted to let you guys know that in the beginning of the fanfiction it is TadAmu...unfortunately. But this prologue is of their childhood, when Amu and Utau are 6 and Ikuto is 8, almost 9 years old and when he realized he liked Amu for sure. It plays an important part in my story, sorry it's a short chappie by the way.

Ikuto: What...the fuck? -points to the Amuto pairing- Doesn't that mean he gets turned gay or...killed so he doesn't bother me and Amu?


Ikuto: Shut-up, Tada-gay!

Tadase: *SADFACE* Amuuuu Ikuto's being mean!

Amu: *Daydreaming about Ikuto and Tadase*

Ikuto and Tadase: O.O

Kress: MUAHAHAHAHA -insert manical laughter-

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"Amu-muu-Chaaaaan, hurry up!" Utau whined in an annoyingly high pitched voice as we ran through the grassy backyard leading to the pond behind their house. I stumbled attempting to keep up with Uta-Chan and Iku-Ku as I hurried behind them, wondering why we were even going to the pond anyway.

I huffed angrily as Iku-Ku abruptly stopped and i bumped into the back of him, falling right on my bum. "Oiiii Amu-muu, watch where your going..."He said angrily, rubbing his butt as if he were the one hurt. I stuck my tongue out at him while he was still turned around, but then he turned around to look at me. All i saw was midnight staring down at me intensely. I felt overwhelmed by his stare like always. 'Why does he always do that...?' I pondered to myself as I broke our staring match, inflating my cheeks in irritation as I turned my gaze to Uta-Chan. "Why are we even here anyway?Mommy and Daddy told me its not safe here cause theres snakes and stuff..."I complained, crossing my arms. I guess Iku-ku realized I was still on the ground so he offered his hand to me with a cat-like smile. I took it as he helped me up, muttering a soft thank you then dusted my knees and butt off. Uta-chan's violet eyes lit up in pure happiness as she began to explain, clasping both her hands together with a loud clap. "I was reading this book, Amu-Chan, and it said if you kiss a frog then the frog will turn into a handsome prince!" She then pointed to the pond. "That's where we find our frog!" My eyes widened and twinkled...it...it just sounded so cool! "OHMIGOSH! Does that really work?" I all but practically screamed as Uta-Chan nodded vigorously, her long blond pigtails bobbing right along with her head. Iku-Ku-Kun merely shrugged in indifference as he spoke. "i wouldn't know. I don't kiss frogs and I don't want a prince..." He scrunched his nose in distaste. "Oh Amu-Chan, I hope my prince looks Like Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon...Sooo dreamy..."Uta-Chan said as she sighed as if she were content. "He's not real, goober." Iku-ku said in response, a smirk on his lips. He then ran over to the pond and caught a frog, with ease, and walked back over to where we were standing. I squeaked and jumped behind Uta-Chan who was snickering at me."Amu, you have to kiss it to get your prince. Just close your eyes and pucker your lips, sheesh." She explained as she snatched the frog from Iku-ku and place it close to my face. I sighed softly, slowly closing my eyes and prayed about what I wanted my prince charming to look like.


Please be tall, taller than me, with dark hair and the bluest eyes that look like an endless sea...,handsome with a cute face, I want him to adore me and nobody else!To love me and only me always and never wanna be with nobody else. He has to love cats and kids...well I am a kid...but my little sister is a baby...ANYWAY off track here...and he has to be chivalrous like a prince..save me...from what I don't know but if I need saving he had better be there...'

I then puckered my lips, almost immediately I felt a soft and welcoming warmth fall upon my lips so gently that it was almost light as a feather , then the warmth got a bit firmer upon my lips. Suddenly I heard Uta-Chan burst into a fit of wild giggles. My eyes fluttered open immediately to see an endless sea of midnight, just like I had asked for, gazing into my own honey depths with such a longing it took my breath away. 'This has to be my Prince!'

I felt my cheeks begin to heat, meaning I was blushing. I felt like a fire engine I was so red. The midnight blue eyes pulled away from me to reveal none other than Ikuto. "IKUTO!" I hollered angrily as I pouted, smacking at him in frustration. I turned to look at Uta-Chan who, of course, was laughing herself into a tizzy on the ground, rolling about. He then grabbed my hands and held them firmly in place at my sides, a sly smile plastered on his lips. "Ne, Amu-chan?" He asked, one eye closed as he continued to smirk. "Why did you move the frog? I coulda had my prince now..." I whined as I jutted my bottom lip out in sadness as to show him I was actually upset, enhancing the effect of my pout. He let out a 'HAH' then proceeded to talk."I am your prince, Amu-mu-chan. I am your dark prince charming." He replied simply. He never was one to talk much. In all the 6 years I have known him he has always been rather quiet. His oceanic hues were examining my every reaction as my mouth dropped about 10 feet. Uta-Chan pushed my mouth closed with a soft laugh. "You'll catch flies like that, Amu-Chan." She joked as she smiled in an adorable manner. "B-B-But..."I stuttered, blushing profusely, noticing that Ikuto had not yet let my wrists go.

I looked up at Ikuto and noticed that he was slightly blushing, a soft and serene smile about his lips. He then gently let go of my wrists then met my gaze. "Amu-mu-Chan, you're my first kiss..."He mused softly as his feet suddenly were the most interesting thing in the world because he wouldn't look up from them as they were kicking at the grass. "Mine too..." I confessed so softly that I doubt it was even heard. "AWWWW. Amu and Ikuto Sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a rocking carriage!" Uta-chan sang teasingly as she danced around us. Iku-ku looked as if he was deep in thought but then it seemed like a light bulb went off in his head as he took a few steps back, rummaging in the grass for something. He then ran over to me, a giant smile on his face as he shoved something towards me. I averted my eyes toward the item and noticed it was my favorite flower, an Iris. My cheeks suddenly got rosy again as I gently took it from his hand."W-why did you give me this? A-And w-why you smiling like that?" I asked, flustered because his random gift and actions were strange to me. His smile then turned toothy and excited as his endless sapphire depths began to twinkle. "Amu! I'm gonna marry you one day! Then I will really be your Prince Charming and you will be my Princess." He exclaimed as he unexpectedly leaned over and pecked me on the cheek softly, his lips merely grazing my skin. He then took off running back towards the house without looking back. My cheeks felt like they were the sun, as if they were so red that they had to be blinding. "Ikuto..." I whispered softly, running my fingers across my cheek where he kissed me. Utau on the other hand, had her mouth gaping open in complete and utter surprise, her Amethyst hues fixed on the back door, to which Ikuto had just went in. Now was my turn to laugh. "Close your mouth Uta-Chan, you might catch flies." I joked as I smiled broadly.

And that was my first kiss...with my best friend Ikuto Tsukiyomi.