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Chapter 8: Love Hurts


"Where are your parents anyway, Utau?" I was shuffling through the fridge fishing out the party snacks that Utau had delegated that I place on the elongated sleek black modern style table in which all the food and drinks were to be held. She, on the other hand, was busying herself with the tidying up of the kitchen before the guests were to arrive. Not like I understood why she was doing that anyway, because this was a small get-together with beer, like anybody cared what her kitchen looked like. God forbid Utau ever heard me say something like that. I shuddered mentally at that thought.

She didn't even turn to look at me when I asked her a question, her only indication that she had acknowledged me was the fact that her long, now curled in an elegant wave, platinum blonde tresses bobbed around her as her slender shoulders gave an indifferent shrug. How could she not know where her parents went?

"You know, I really have no clue. Ask Ikuto because they told him instead of me because I was out with Kukai at the time that this so called "emergency" came up. That was the night that Ikuto got beat up…and 2 weeks later Mom and Dad are still gone." She replied, her feminine voice quirked with a hint of bewilderment.

I shrugged myself, taking an armful of food stuffs to the 'party table' as Utau so lovingly deemed it be named, meticulously placing the food in question in its designated place. Utau spoke again, her voice being overtaken by its usual bossy lilt that was so uniquely my best friend. "Are you excited?"

I let out a gentle sigh, realizing that I was not in the least bit excited, as a matter of fact; I was truly mortified at the thought of seeing Tadase and Saaya. Or rather Tadase with Saaya. With stunning clarity and a gut lurch I realized that this idea was great and everything when we formulated this plan with hopes of revenge, woman style, but with the adequate time to contemplate it….Paired with the fact that Tadase hadn't even bothered to speak to me but like three times despite him not wanting to end the relationship. Nor has the jerk even given me a chance to break –up with him…we are technically still dating. What's even more irritating is that he treats me like I'm a freaking nuisance! Saaya is the home wrecker here, not me! I was fuming in silence at this point, my hands clenched so tight that I could feel skin being broken by my perfectly manicured nails, which were a French manicure with a black tip instead of white.

It seems like Utau noticed my uncharacteristic silence, for she casually strolled the short distance to me, setting her delicate hand on my shoulder. This simple action caused me to jump in surprise, turning to face my angel faced best friend and her worrisome purple depths, concern etched into her pretty features. "What wrong, Amu?" She asked, sincere concern reflecting from her eyes. Letting an unsure smile curve my lips, I brushed off her worry for me. "Nothing, just kind of peeved that Tadase hasn't really bothered to talk to me. I'm his 'girlfriend' not Saaya." I raged, pink perfectly arched eyebrows furrowed together in apparent aggravation as my hands harshly balled into an even tighter fist then it had been previously at my sides.

My blonde BFF's majestic purple hues peered at me with curiosity before she decided to speak again, her nonchalance that seemed to be a family trait, returning full force. "Do you honestly want to know what I think, babe? Screw him, seriously but not literally. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing." She said with a dismissive wave of her hand. However, I don't get why she used that analogy for him. "Why do you say that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing?" I mused aloud, causing her to let out an exasperated sigh, like I was an idiot. "Amu, he seems very timid and kind, which he might be, but he obviously isn't too nice to not cheat on his girlfriend who he claimed that he loves. I get the feeling that he says that to everyone that is unfortunate enough to fall under his spell of a perfect façade." She explained slowly, her words carefully chosen to depict him as a villain. This picture popped into my head of Tadase twirling his villains mustache in a wolf get-up with me tied up and slung over one shoulder as he has this creeper grin on his face with drool dripping out of his mouth. That made me giggle a little inside. Okay, maybe a lot.

Noticing my silence once again she decided to tack on something else. "Besides, there are some guys that don't have some hidden façade, like Ikuto and Kukai. Speaking of, I'm pretty sure my brother has the hots for you. Big time." I found myself snickering at her silliness, her platinum blonde eyebrows waggling in a teasing manner like she was trying to insinuate that something secret was going on between my obnoxiously sexy best friend and I. Damn my fair peach skin! An exceptionally embarrassing rosy red hue traitorously stained my cheeks, ears and neck, successfully giving away any secret relationship that I might have been trying in vain to keep hidden. That didn't stop me from trying though!

"I-I have no earthly idea what you are even trying to insinuate. Ikuto is just my friend and that's…that's all! Y-you know I have been having a rough time going through this 'Tadase cheating' thing and your brother is being a real trooper and all but it stays at that, you know? Yea, I know you know what I mean." Oh. Sweet. Lord. I was babbling away like a damned brook, earning a melodic laugh from Utau at my epic failure of an attempt to hide my blossoming feelings and relationship with her tall, dark and incredibly handsome elder brother.

She clapped me on the shoulder lightly with another haughty laugh. "Mhm, Amu, you've definitely got some major crushing going on with my brother, huh? He told me that he really loves you…you should jump on that, babe." Utau's encouragement only furthered the furious blush about my cheeks. Oh, just great. Only furthering my embarrassment were Kukai and Ikuto casually strolling through the front door with the rest of the necessary groceries in tow, the two chattering and chuckling with looks of pure amusement on their faces.

Of course, Kukai was the first to notice Utau's chortling and my blatant embarrassment. Damn him. One woodsy brown brow quirked in silent inquisition of what was transpiring between me and Utau before they showed up, but with a teasing smirk from my absolutely gorgeous and alluring bestie tossed Kukai's way and indicating that he knew something was up, Kukai let it go. He was jovial and flirtatious, all but skipping to his girlfriend after depositing his share of the groceries on the large marble counter topped island in the center of the oversized kitchen. Well, vastly oversized compared to mommas kitchen.

Ikuto let out a scoff as he observed the two peck each other gently on the lips as a greeting. "Get a room, will you?" His velvety baritone never ceased to make me smile, sexy and fluid and seductive…wait what? Where the hell did those thought come from? Traitors! My evil inner devil then coerced my inner angel to the dark side by allowing my mind stray to the day 2 weeks ago when Ikuto and I…OH! BAD…TERRIBLE MIND! NO! GO AWAY SEXY IKUTO IMAGES! And take those sexy midnight blue feline oceanesque eyes with you! I was screeching in my own head at the moment, my honey sweet eyes squeezed tightly shut, my head shaking brazenly to remove those lewd thoughts, my bubblegum pink tresses whipping my face like it was windy or something inside. That was…until I heard Ikuto clear his throat. Loudly. Oh lord, dread suddenly pooled in my gut as my eyes slowly and deliberately opend, only to reveal my three friends staring at me like I was some kind of weirdo.

Ikuto's wonderful midnight blue depths twinkled and danced with amusement, his Zen like smile aimed right at me, and for whatever reason, I found myself unable to look away from him and his sudden intense gaze, his eyes full of yearning and lust. It freaked me out a little, honestly. Of course my cheeks heated up in that familiar blush that I truly began to detest more than anything else in the world. Well, almost everything. Saaya held a firm front as number one on my hate list and for more than one reason was she number one, mind you.

"Zoning out?" Kukai asked with that eyebrow still raised, quickly snickering at my behavior which was odd at best, lunatic at worst. "N-no…or…yes? I don't even know anymore." I said with exasperation, leaning onto the counter for strength to aid me in standing up. The coolness of the marble felt amazing on my freshly hot skin.

Of course I averted my eyes away from Ikuto's seductive ones as he regarded me with a piercing smirk as he in his normal gait, sauntered over to me, leaning on the marble topped counter next to me. His arm brushed against mine ever so slightly, of course, on purpose. But ask him and he would act all innocent.

"I bet Amu-Koi was thinking about something perverted and naughty." He teased in his silky smooth voice, his twilight blue depths peering over at me while they twinkled in delight at the blush that absolutely refused to go away today. Suddenly Utau, Kukai and Ikuto all busted into laughter in unison, seemingly at the fact that I was stunned to silence at just how accurate my cute bestie had been. Ugh, why me?

"N-No I was not! Shut-up you! You…you're the pervert! Jackass! Jerk! Hentai-Neko!" I smacked at him what felt like a million times as he continued to snicker, like I was weak or something. Abruptly he grasped both my wrists, halting any halfhearted attempts that I might have had to continue my feeble assault upon him. His unnerving and endless oceanic purplish blue hues were gazing down directly into my sweet honey depths, melting them into submission, and I swear, right then and there everything around us ceased to exist. It was only us. My issues with Tadase just evaporated into a cloud of fog as everything stood completely still in time and space. That was until Kukai sniggered, loudly and obnoxiously at that, proclaiming to Utau that it was us who needed a room.

His jesting voice paired with Utau's gentle voice was enough to snap me back into reality, quickly snatching my wrists from his steely grip harshly, his reluctance to release me as evident as the blue of the sky by his forlorn expression which was for only but a moment. He was now the perfect visage of nonchalance and aloofness. However, his damned touch was still ablaze on my flesh like a wild flame as I let a small smile tug on my lips, hastily retreating to the safety and reclusiveness of the patio. I secluded myself from everyone at that point, not daring a glance back towards them to see their expressions of bewilderment at my action. I just needed to get a quick and much needed breath of fresh air, away from the smoldering gaze of Ikuto that never failed to steal every breath in my body.

Our house party was absolutely lively and booming with activity, the party already underway. It wasn't a huge party by any means and that's just the way we want it. It would be far easier to destroy our target if he was caught and outed as the cheating asshole that he is in front of his closest friends and a few acquaintances, or so we felt. Utau's guest list was small. She didn't want to throw some get together and have people she didn't know stealing things from them and what-not so only people she deemed trust worthy, aside from Saaya and Tadase, were invited. Rima, Nagi, Yaya, Kairi, Tadase of course, and Saaya were the only ones invited, besides Me, Kukai, and Ikuto. But of course, we were the hosts as well, along with Utau. Oh, revenge would be so sweet today, I would get a cavity, and all I had to do was play my menial part…which was a hell of a lot harder than I was making it sound.

Let's face it, I hate to admit it, but I still have remnants of affections for Tadase. Those feelings were warring inside of my very heart with my swiftly blossoming love and fondness for my self proclaimed 'Dark Prince'. These emotions were thrashing inside my body like a tornado, doing a sort of tug of war on my heart, my mind and soul trying to break up the brawl of raw feelings and guilt and scarcely contained love before I self-destructed and had a mental break down. I felt as if I was somehow betraying Ikuto just by having lingering feelings for Tadase and on the opposite side of the coin, I felt that even though that jerk wad is cheating on me, that my…err…activities with Ikuto are just as underhanded and sneaky as what he's doing. I know it's not good to constantly think of these things but the thought wouldn't stop plaguing me all day and night for the last 2 weeks. Try as I might, nothing could quiet that nagging voice inside my head calling me a shameless whore, just like Saaya. Heh.

Utau was gathering us all about the large patio out back with the oversized Pool with a Jacuzzi off to the far right side and the huge back yard as we mingled separately amongst ourselves, Utau and Kukai choosing to socialize with Rima and Nagi while Yaya and Kairi, who used to claim he was in love me, were chatting with Tadase. My honey depths strayed back to my gorgeous female bestie, jealousy kind of biting me on the ass right then when I finally noticed that she had changed from the pajamas that she'd been wearing most of the day before the guests got here as to not get her party outfit dirtied while she cooked and cleaned. She boasted a stunning black laced and ruffled haltered corset top that gave her the perfect voluptuous figure, boosting her cleavage to a lovely and feminine look. Not too slutty and not overbearing either. The black denim skinny jeans worked perfectly with her corset top, accentuating her long legs and a cute pair of red pumps was the pop she needed for the outfit. With a light dusting of make-up and her impossibly long curled blond tresses paired with a black lacey choker…she looked fantastic…dreadfully gorgeous. I did wonder though, why their family in an entirety wore so much black. No, it's not just Ikuto and Utau; it's their parents as well.

I had just remembered that Utau had demanded me to get beers for everyone so there I was, scurrying into the kitchen to snag a few beers when my whore-dar starts beeping wildly, like I was taking a leisurely stroll down the sunset strip with tons of prostitutes surrounding me. I paused, peering from the large sliding glass door at everyone outside, searching for what was making painfully loud alarms ring in my head. Oh, what a surprise, my whore-dar was jutting an accusatory finger in Saaya's direction, who was pathetically throwing herself at Ikuto, who wore a look of obvious disgust, his sleek midnight brow raised as he quickly backed away from her. She was less than an inch away from his face as she spoke, attempting to whisper evil nothings into his ear, his face disgruntled and irked all at the same time.

At that moment, I saw RED. Peeved beyond belief at the fact that she'd already stolen Tadase from me, now she was out to sink her nasty little succubus claws into MY best friend! What a shameless…skank muffin! I abruptly busted through the sliding glass door which led me out to the patio from the kitchen, causing the attention of all the guests to rest on me as I slammed the door shut behind me. Eyebrows of every shade were raised in a questioning manner at me, however, much to my glee; Saaya did pry her gross hands off of Ikuto, who tossed a gracious and very thankful look towards me. His beauteous purplish eyes that were so dark that they were blue held a smile for me. Depositing the beer on the elongated table that was situated on the soft and lush grass of the yard, I smiled happily as everyone hurried around me to grab up their beer while Utau chose to speak as she popped the top off of her Bud Light.

"Is everybody having a good time?" Her feminine voice was the ideal hostesses voice, loud and demanding attention of others, yet gentle and lovely at the same time. "This is really fun, Tau-Tau-Chan!" Yaya exclaimed, her amber eyes sparkling in joy as her carroty red hair bobbed around her head in the lazy pigtails she donned as she danced lightly to the song that was blaring from the speakers. The song just happened to be 'Every You Every Me' by Placebo. She looked pretty adorable in her little outfit, a pair of dark wash denim short shorts with the flowered patterned pockets dangling just slightly below the hem of the shorts that were paired with a halter top that was splotched with a variety of different colors as if she hippie dyed it herself. Finishing with a pair of lavender ballet flats, she looked too cute.

Kairi was hot on her heels, literally right up on her, which she didn't mind as she swayed her little hips to the song. His piercing and intense blue eyes were gazing down at her lovingly, with a carefully contained affection. He donned simple light blue jeans with a white anime tee, the words scrolled across the front bore 'The Mightiest Disciple:Kenichi' with the main characters most likely printed on the back, with a forest green short sleeved over shirt and light blue jeans along with a pair of white and black sneakers completed his look.

As Utau chatted amongst our friends I took the chance to observe everyone, noticing that Kukai was now chatting with Tadase…who hadn't even so much as batted an eyelash in my direction. Kukai was decked out in khaki shorts, an emerald green soccer jersey about his back and pair of green converses on his feet. His normally sandy brown messy hair was covered by a volcom hat which was turned backwards, his pretty emerald hues vibrant and yet…so closed off, most likely to prevent Tadase from discovering that we were on to him, big time. Tadase…was as cute as ever. Damn. He donned an ocean blue short sleeved Abercrombie and Fitch tee with dark wash blue jean shorts and a pair of simple blue flip-flops. Damn him, his toes were even perfectly manicured! His red violet hues sparkled in unabashed joy and it seemed as if he was really having a good time, something that was eluding me at the moment.

Before I could sink even farther into the depression that sweeping me off my feet, I felt a gentle and dainty hand lay on my shoulder. I quickly turned to see the lovely sunflower hues of another one of my good friends, Rima, her eyes warm and friendly. Nagi, another good friend, was standing just behind her, his hand resting the small of her back. His lips held the same inviting smile as his girlfriend's held, yet, his golden eyes seemed to be swimming with worry. I wondered what was going on for him to have such a look in his normally playful eyes.

They both looked cute. Rima's beautiful blond hair was wavy today, the soft curls cascading down her petite back, a pink hydrangea in her hair. She wore an adorable pastel pink sundress, the top cinched just beneath her modest bust while the remainder of the dress flowed out around her lithe frame, ending just above her knees. A pair of rosy pink strappy wedges completed her breathtaking look. Nagi, ever the male fashionista, wore a white graphic tee with a stylish dark blue vest, his Ed Hardy belt buckle protruding from his dark blue skinny jeans, which were also Ed Hardy brand, along with his sneakers that had tattoo embroidery on it that matched his attire. His long and silky navy blue tresses were pulled into a ponytail, a look I'd never seen on him.

"Amu, what's wrong?" Came Rima's soft voice, her eyes rich with concern. If one more person regarded me with those piteous stares, I swear man. Even with that angered thought in my mind, I allowed them to lead me to a comfy chair beneath the gazebo. "Yea, you're not your normal outgoing and fun self." Nagi tacked on, a sleek dark blue brow raised in a silent inquiry. Heaving a sigh, I sank down into the cushy chair, my back slumped and my honey orbs downcast for a moment before glancing back up to meet both of their curious gaze.

"Nothing…"I lied, weakly at that, another soft sigh escaping my lips. That definitely set off an alarm in my two friends minds, I could just tell. "Amu? What the hell did Tadase do? "Rima asked, her soft and feminine voice tinted in subdued fury. Yea, Rima was one tough cookie, no matter how sweet she looked on the outside. I always hated how easily Rima could read my emotions. Just like Ikuto and Utau. "He didn't…"I started until Nagi held up his large hand firmly to silence me. "Don't lie to us, Amu-Chan! You know damn well that we know you better than that. Everyone has noticed that you and Tadase are spending less and less time together at school, hell, not even speaking is more like it." Nagi's voice was filled with irritation for some reason and I felt like I was getting scolded, like he had just caught my hand in the cookie jar or something. I think I knew why he was so irritated, though, and he must have guessed Tadase's infidelity somehow.

"Not because I haven't tried, trust me, but it's painfully obvious that he has negative interest in me." I lamely replied, feeling as if I had been doused in freezing cold water. Both of them gasped at my melancholy response. Looks were exchanged between the pair for a moment, as if they were having some kind of silent conversation as I wallowed in self-pity. I wish I could just sink into this chair until I disappear for how embarrassed I was. They tossed a few wary glances at Tadase before speaking to me.

"Amu…what's up with you and Ikuto?" Rima asked, a frown on her pink glossed lips. "He's my best friend. I thought this was common knowledge." Was all I said, not wanting to breach that topic with them, yet, I realize that it was curt but hell, my relationship with Ikuto was not on trial, Tadase was! "Well, He told us that Ikuto has come between the two of you is all." Rima replied gently as she placed her hand on my leg in a friendly gesture, indicating that she wasn't trying to pry into my business. Nagi, however, didn't seem to buy what Tadase said at all.

"He said that, but you're right, you've always had Ikuto as your friend as long as I can remember. Just recently though, he's been around Saaya and it bugs the crap out me. Nobody can stand her. Yaya even came up with this silly idea that he was seeing her on the side." Nagi said the last part with a wry laugh, as if he was attempting to some kind of response from me.

My face turned as white as a sheet; however, I attempted to hide my expression behind a weak laugh and a feeble smile. "Hehe…yea, totally crazy huh." I realized that I wasn't entirely convincing but hell, I didn't care one bit. "But, I've tried asking him why he hangs all over…I mean out with Saaya, but he scolded me for thinking badly of her."

Rima laughed melodically at my reply. "Everyone thinks badly of her! She's just gross." Rima said through her giggles, her nose wrinkling in disgust as her sun colored hues flickered to Saaya then back to me. "Yea, Kukai said that she tried to get him to cheat on Utau but Tadase refused to believe him. That's kind of shitty considering that he and Kukai have been friends for such a long time." Nagi said, a glare firmly set on Tadase. It was blatantly obvious that my friends were not as oblivious to my situation as I'd initially thought. Before I could get another word out of my mouth, I felt a warm and large hand on my right shoulder. A sly smirk slid across Nagi and Rima's lips in unison, and at that point, I knew who it was behind me already. Damn him.

"Amu, is everything alright?" Ikuto's silken voice washed over me like a bustling stream, turning my brain to jelly at just hearing it. I dared to slowly to tilt my head to the left to see his deep midnight hues peering down into my honey hues, melting them. Damnit, man, I shouldn't have done that. He appeared so incredibly sexy, his indigo tresses falling immaculately into place, framing his hauntingly beautiful face. He donned his usual black chocker, complete with the silver cross charm that dangled, not for a religious reason, merely because I think he liked the style aspect. He wore a form fitting D'espairs Ray band tee with black denim skinny jeans with fissures in the knee area. I swear, Ikuto wore those damn black chucks everyday…but still he looked absolutely delicious. I shook myself from the staring contest we seem to be having.

"Yea, why?" I managed a small reassuring smile, noticing from the corner of my eye at how ridged Kukai's posture had become, who was now being hounded by Saaya…with Tadase by her side. I just wanted to vomit. I felt incensed by this, but let it drop as soon as I felt it. Tadase and I were no more, regardless if he wouldn't let me end the relationship by avoiding me, he ruined it and there was no going back.

At my question, Ikuto smiled a lopsided grin, it being a bit flirty. "No reason, just making sure that you're having a good time. You look a little bummed out." He noted with a slight frown. A slow smile spread across my lips at not only Ikuto, but to Rima and Nagihiko who were smirking at me like they were aware of something that they shouldn't know. "Yes, I'm fine! I wish everybody would stop worrying about me like I'm a baby or something." I pouted and stuck my tongue out at all three, which caused us all to laugh in unison at my silliness. Interrupting our banter, we heard Utau calling us all over and I rose from the impossibly comfy chair, along with Rima and Nagi who rose from the yard bench and gathered near Utau with Ikuto close behind me. A little too close if you ask me…

"So tonight I wanna make a toast." She announced, her voice light and inviting, indicating that she definitely consumed more than her fair share of beer. Kukai stood at her side, his arm around her small waist possessively; a huge and goofy Kukai style grin was plastered on his face, also indicating that he had been knocking those beers down right next to his girlfriend. I wanted to face palm at the both of them. "What's the toast?" Tadase asked with a cute smile, his hands clasping his own Corona. Utau's smile grew like the Cheshire cat, thrusting her beer high in the air. "I say tonight…we drink to youth!" She exclaimed, loudly clinking her Bud Light with Kukai's Corona bottle, the two smiling in a tipsy manner as everyone else cheered also wildly clinking bottles. Yea…it was safe to say that almost every person here was either drunk or tipsy aside from me. Ikuto and I exchanged glances as we sighed heavily in unison. He then pulled me to the side for a moment, his dark eyes scanning the area to ensure that we weren't being heard.

"I'm going to track Tadase. You go chat with Yaya and Kairi who are near Tadase. He's attempting to sneak off with Saaya so keep your ears open." His terribly sexy baritone was a hushed whisper under the pulsing music and inane chatter of our friends. Seems he wasn't drunk or tipsy either. Good.

"Okay." Was all I could manage before he stalked back off towards the party, merging undetected. I took a brief moment to scan the crowd for Yaya and Kairi, who were…not close to Tadase at all. As a matter of fact, Ikuto was chatting with them, his dark brows pulled together in frustration, it seemed like, apparently because Tadase and Saaya were nowhere to be seen. He might have been trying to discern where they had run off to by talking to our two friends. I felt my stomach lurch at the realization that they probably hid themselves to do something gross…and inappropriate for some guy who still has a girlfriend. I frantically looked around for Kukai to see if maybe he was tailing them only to see him playing been pong with Utau, Rima, and Nagi. Shit! Everyone had gotten side tracked and let him slip away with that nasty slut! Shit! Shit! Shit!

Tonight we drink to youth

My legs promptly began moving on their own, away from our small little get together on the patio and onto the soft grass of the Tsykiyomi's large back yard. Softening my steps as to not be heard, I deliberately began to advance with a slow gait towards the hushed voices my ears picked up. My heart was beating wildly at this point, nearly bursting right through my chest and onto the grass. Without my permission, my feet reluctantly took step after step until they breached the wall of the house which turned onto the area of the yard that was secluded and shaded by trees. The two voices rose in octave as I grew nearer, but not by much. They were whispering on purpose so that nobody would catch onto their little disappearance. My ears strained to listen and success!

And holding fast to truth

"Are you sure nobody will notice that we're gone?" Came Tadase's soft monotone, sounding quite fearful of getting caught. Saaya's light giggle followed also with the faint rustling of grass indicating that some sort of movement was going on there. "Yes I'm sure! Everybody there was pretty drunk aside from that little bitch Amu and last I saw her, she was with Rima and Nagihiko." She assured him and I felt that I would vomit at the gross sounds of their lips meeting in a kiss. The sound was loud, wet and sloppy and I felt my stomach roiling at the realization that Kukai and Ikuto were absolutely right. Hell, that bastard didn't even stand up for me when she called me a bitch…just started kissing her like he hadn't seen her in years! UGH!

Don't wanna lose what I had as a boy

My feet planted themselves into the soft earth as it truly hit me. I knew in my heart that Ikuto and Kukai would never lie to me about something like this…something so serious but I always idolized Tadase, always liked him. Not only was he my first boyfriend, he was my first crush. I had been crushing on this...jackass since I was 7 years old! I thought his shit didn't stink and the terrible truth was that his shit stunk more than anyone elses. That he wasn't perfect. It dawned on me then with startling clarity that Tadase might have only dated me for my reputation and popularity at school, not because he liked me at all. Tears filled my eyes as I overheard disturbing noises getting increasingly more audible. They were moans. Holy shit, they were moans.

My heart still has a beat

My throat immediately got dry as bile rose from within me. The sultry giggling of Saaya could be heard while the nearly inaudible moans and mewls of Tadase were echoing behind closely. What's more horrifying is what sounds followed after.

But Love is now a feat

"A-Are you sure we should do this here? " Tadase asked her royal whoreyness, his timid voice drenched in nervousness and paranoia that somebody might catch them. Too bad someone already did. "Don't be a pussy, Tadase. Nobody knows we're here, there's time for a quick one." A quick one? What the hell does that even mean?

As common as a cold day in LA

The answer to my question would horrify me beyond words. I heard the sound of rustling again, much louder and urgent, then the soft sound of something unzipping. Wait, a zip? What the fuck? More rustling ensued, but this time it was of cloths. Soon after, I heard a soft gasp that sounded more like a moan. I knew then what they were doing and it sickened me to no end. Before I could even think to halt myself, my feet propelled me forward to the short distance into a sight that I won't ever be able to erase from my memory. Ever.

Sometimes when I'm alone I wonder

A blood curdling scream ripped from lips as bile rose even closer to the surface, at this point, I was nearly swallowing it. My pulse was beating so wildly that I could hear it in my head, in my ears. Footsteps sounded close behind me as I shook my head repeatedly. All 3 of us were in total shock, Tadase, Saaya and I. They were frozen in position as the footsteps approached us, then a collection of gasps were all I heard over the loud beating in my head.

Is there a spell that I am under?

Tadase stared with large doe red violet eyes at us, Saaya's deep green hues widened in terror and humiliation at being caught with Tadase's dick in her mouth. Not like this is the first time this is happened to her, I'm sure. His shorts were at his ankles while Saaya's gross breasts were exposed for all to see, her face planted in his crotch, her nasty mouth full of MY boyfriend's dick. Disgusted wasn't even close to how I felt.

Keeping me from seeing the real thing

It was eerily silent for a solid five minutes while everyone stood awkwardly in a frozen manner, until Yaya broke the uncomfortable silence. "I freaking knew it! You all said I was nutso but I knew he was messing around with her!" Came Yaya's adorable yet outraged voice, her amber hues burning with fury. "YAYA! Think of Amu before you yell such things!" Kairi scolded firmly, shooting a glare at his girlfriend who apparently had no filter, his blue eyes darkening. "Oops, I'm so sorry Amu-Chi." Yaya's apology fell on deaf ears. I couldn't move my lips, blink an eye or even will my body to move. All I could do was stare with my mouth agape as Tadase and Saaya hastily made themselves presentable. My eyes were full of tears that threatened to spill over. Hell, I could hardly even see with all these tears clouding my vision.

Love Hurts

"What the fuck man?" Came the booming and obviously angered voice of Kukai, who pushed past the crowd of only a few people to stand directly in front of the embarrassed pair, whose faces were as red as tomatoes. "K-Kukai…I-" Was all that Tadase could say before Kukai drunkenly threw a punch to his gut, causing Tadase to immediately double over in pain, his cry of anguish loud and…wimpy. Saaya rushed to aid him just as quick as Utau snatched Kukai back, along with Nagi and Kairi to help her in keeping him away from Tadase.

But sometimes it's a good hurt

"What the hell did you do that for, you damn idiot!" Saaya snarled, eyes blazing. "Don't you dare talk to him like that you nasty ass whore!" Utau fired back, her stance indignant as her majestic purple hues glared hatred beams from Hell at her. I felt Ikuto close behind me, his strong hand on my own, giving it a firm squeeze as I felt tears stream down my cheeks like a melancholy waterfall.

And it feels like I'm alive

It really was true then, Tadase is officially cheating on me and now the whole damn world knows it. This is what we planned after all. I should be elated. But I wasn't. I felt as if my world was crashing around me, wave after wave of painful anguish smashing into me until I was nearly crippled by it. Ikuto was urging me silently to confront Tadase but I would wait until he got chewed out some more by my friends. Real friends that I knew would have my back through Hell or high water.

Love Sings

"I'm no whore!" Saaya appeared just as indignant as Utau did, but she had nothing on Rima. At 5 foot nothing, she didn't look terribly frightening, but her bark and her bite was scary and vicious. "You sorry ass bitch! You knew that they were dating but you just couldn't help yourself. You've always been jealous of Amu and how pretty and popular she is and you just had to humiliate her. You're so nasty!" Rima barked in anger, Utau's verbal assault following close behind. "I cannot believe he chose you over Amu!" Nagi, Kiari and Kukai circled Tadase, who had finally risen to his feet with wobbly legs. "Why?" Was Kairi's only word, while Kukai regarded his former best friend with clear disdain.

When it transcends the bad things

Tadase's shy and timid temperament was overwhelming him it seemed and before I knew it, my legs had taken me right in front of him, my crowd of friends splitting to allow me access to my ex face to face. I knew that my golden depths were glazed over and watery with tears still steadily spilling over, glaring into Tadase's lovely pink eyes to perhaps get some kind of insight as to why he could have done such a heinous thing.

Have a heart and try me

"Amu…" His voice was soft and full of remorse and regret as his hands feebly fidgeted with the hem of his shirt, his eyes suddenly downcast. Without thinking, I raised a hand to wipe the tears that were blurring my vision…well…that what I intended to do but my hand had an agenda of its own. Instead, my right hand viciously slapped Tadase across his face, his cheek flaring red at the area that was hit. "Why, Tadase?" My voice cracked as the words were harshly spoken, my own voice sounding foreign to me. I knew at this moment that my heart would surely be broken, shattered like a mirror that's been harshly thrown to the hardwood floor. Our spectators were oddly silent, even Saaya's big mouth clamped shut.

Cause without love I won't survive

Tadase's mouth was agape as his right hand cradled his cheek that was assaulted, his eyes filling to the brim with unshed tears. "I…"He paused to sigh. "I…truly don't know. I don't know what came over me and you have to believe that I would never ever hurt you on purpose! Please forgive me, Amu-Chan!" His voice was pleading, begging me to pretend as if he'd never curb stomped my still beating heart into a blood stain on the pavement. He didn't handle with care.


I heard Ikuto advance a step towards us but Utau spoke something gently to him, causing him to cease his advancement. Tadase then, unexpectedly, clasped my hands in his, getting on his knees, his gloomy red violet hues holding within them all the regret and remorse for his actions. His desperation for my forgiveness. Too bad that wasn't going to happen, no matter how long or how much he begged. I heard a growl from Saaya at his desperate actions but other than that, silence.

I'm fettered and abused

"Don't know what came over you? You screwed somebody else when you're supposed to be with me! Don't give me that bullshit, Tadase!"I heard myself yell, snatching my hands from his in fury as I swiped the back of my other hand across my cheeks to rid myself of these traitorous tears. His face went red then, his mouth once again agape in stunned surprise.

I stand naked and accused

"We…we didn't…" He lamely tried, still on his knees trying to beg. "You did! Don't even sit here and try to lie and say that you didn't fuck her! I only want the truth, Tadase!"I cried, and before he could utter another false truth, I threw a hateful glare his way. "I'll never forgive you Tadase Hotori!" With that, I couldn't face the crowd of onlookers any longer. I whipped around and took off in a full sprint away from their piteous gazes and the spiteful glare of Saaya, the sorrowful eyes of Tadase. Ikuto's fingers gripped my wrist but before his hold could get firm, as I knew it would, I yanked it away, only barely catching the look of hurt etched on his beautiful face as I busted into the Tsukiyomi household that I know so well. I slammed the sliding glass door behind me as the tears flowed endlessly. I swear, I'll never recover from this.

Should I surface

Ikuto POV

I watched with wide eyes as Amu pushed through us, crystalline tears streaming down her porcelain cheeks. We all had wide eyes I think. The worst part, however, was when she ripped her wrist from me, practically denying the affection and care I was certain to have given her.


I ran a shaky hand through my mop of dark blue hair as I watched this soap opera unfurl before me. If I'd thought that my friends were pissed off before, all hell had broken loose now. Utau, Rima and Yaya were in the midst of a drunken brawl with Saaya, and all I saw was hair, fist and nails. Remind me to never, ever again allow Utau to throw a party that involved alcohol of any sort. I swear these chicks would get drunk off Arbor Mist. Shouts, insults and curse words galore. I have to give it to Utau; she could throw a mean left hook, even drunk. I snickered as Utau's left fist connected squarely in Saaya's skanky jaw, almost in slow motion which left her momentarily stunned while Yaya and Rima cheered Utau's attack. Loudly.

This one man submarine

Tadase, however, was in the process of being severely chewed out by Nagi, who had a stern look of disappointment on his face. His amber eyes were clouded in barely contained rage while Kukai shouted slurred threats of bodily harm to him, while he shirked away at their yelling. I slowly sauntered over, my eyes twitching in fury and my hands crushed into very tight fists, tense fists. They longed to strike but I'd only just recently recovered from my last fight and even though I'm sure not even if there was a cold day in Hell, Tadase would never beat me…it's good just to not open wounds. Upon getting a bit closer, I could, with disgust, see the sparkling tears that were sliding down Tadase's now red cheeks. Nagi was shaking his head is disapproval of whatever bullshit lie he'd been told.

I only want the truth

"Tadase." I growled, shoving him roughly then grabbing hold of the collar of his shirt, balling the material in my sweaty fists. To Hell with not kicking his ass. His face was full of obvious fear, yet he still held an air of indignance, like he had the right! That was the wrong move for him because it only pissed me off even more. Nagi stood silent to my left while Kukai shouted to my right "Yea! Fuck him up, Ikuto!" I tossed an aggravated glare to Kukai indicating that he shut his drunken hole before I shut it for him, which Nagi snickered to. Dully, I turned to focus on Tadase, my normally calm blue hues were nearly a deep ominous black with rage.

So tonight we'll drink to youth

"S-stop!" Tadase choked out, his hands frantically grasping and clawing skin off my fist. I clenched more firmly. "Why did you cheat on Amu?" I snarled between clenched teeth, my voice sounded gravely and not my own, but I couldn't fight being so overcome with fury. Tadase's red violet hues filled with terror as his eyes were filled with fresh, unshed tears. What a pussy. Nagi lay a calming but firm hand on my shoulder, indicating that I should let Tadase down. I knew that I should…but fuck man, I didn't want to. With reluctance, I slowly lowered him to the ground, letting my hands fall limp, dropping from his bunched shirt.

I'll never lose what I had as a boy

He gulped in large breaths of air to stabilize his breathing. "Now talk!" Kukai demanded, his dark green eyes shimmering with hurt, the hurt we all felt at Tadase's betrayal. He stood back up, dusting the grass and soil from his legs and shorts, his head downcast so he didn't have to meet our disappointed glares.

Sometimes when I'm alone I wonder

"I…I'd first like to apologize to all of you. Besides Ikuto." His voice was soft, trembling as tears fell down his cheeks. "I never meant to betray our friendships or hurt Amu."

Is there a spell that I am under

My teeth grinded in anger as he just so calmly apologized to everyone but me, like nobody would hear that. "Why no apology to me, asshole?" I asked, my voice drastically altering from angered, to almost humored. I was attempting to bait this asshat into acting a fool, and I was not disappointed. "Why are you making fun of me? I owe you no apology because it's your fault!" His voice raised a few octaves as he screamed at me, uncharacteristic anger spewing from him. I looked at him oddly, pondering why in the hell this was my fault. "My fault? Don't make me laugh. Did I put a gun to your head and force your scrawny dick in Saaya's whore mouth? No, I don't think that's how it happened." My voice was overflowing with amusement at this point, not false amusement just to piss him off, no; I was honestly humored at this point. Kukai laughed for a moment then sobered. "No…you didn't do that…but you put a wedge in between me and Amu. You were either always there or she was always talking about you and Utau! I knew. I knew that I didn't stand a chance with you around!" He yelled, his eyes revealing the pain he felt. A coy smirk slowly crossed my lips at his admission. Oh, my sweet Amu-Koishii. Gushing on and on about me to her boyfriend. She was in love with me and didn't even realize it. "Don't blame him or Utau. Those three have always been inseparable and you know it, so don't even stand here and say that shit and put the blame on somebody else." Kukai spat, his emerald orbs spitting flames at Tadase. Nagi nodded slowly. "Yes, if you felt this way, you should have told Amu and NOT cheated on her. The way you took action doesn't make any sense. You cheated because perhaps you told Amu you love her and she didn't return your sentiment." Nagi's voice was hard and to the point, and by the look of pure shock, Nagi had hit the nail right on the hammer.

Keeping me from seeing the real thing

"W-who told you that?" He demanded, his hands clasped close to his heart. "Rima." Was all he said and I could tell Tadase was boiling with anguish as his red violet eyes regarded me with something akin to an apology. How odd. "I…he is right. I am sorry, Ikuto. I figured that if she didn't love me then….it must be you that she loves." His voice was nearly inaudible with his apology but I just narrowed my eyes to slits at his apology. No way in Hell I would forgive him. But it did prove that Amu DOES love me.

Love Hurts

"BUT Tadase you did betray our trust! We were fucking best friends!" Kukai cried, taking a step forward, waving his arms in a furious motion. His voice was laced with heartache, Tadase winced but quickly regained his composure, just barely. "I have to agree with Kukai again, Tadase. You not only broke Amu's heart callously, you ruined you friendship with everyone here." Nagi's voice was the visage of tranquility, but his stormy golden eyes told the true story. "I've already said that I didn't do it intentionally, I promise. It just got out of hand way to fast." His words were stuttery and unfocused, sounding as if he were desperate to get us to understand. What I couldn't grasp was how he didn't think that his actions would hurt Amu. I face palmed, dragging my hand across my face with an exasperated sigh.

But sometimes it's a good hurt

"Just tell us how that skank got her filthy claws into you." I grumbled, glaring intensely at him. I wished he would cut the 'it wasn't my fault' shit and get to the point. After a loud sigh was heaved, Tadase started to speak with nervousness. "Well, Saaya was weeping in class one day and I felt just awful, so I consoled her. I took her to ice cream...well, I ended up chatting with her and discovering that she wasn't really the person that everyone painted her out to be, she's really intelligent and witty. We began to spend more time together and…I guess I kind of fell for her. I'm really sorry, I really am. I wanted to tell Amu but she seemed to be going through so much recently…" He finished lamely, noticing the looks of complete and utter disgust. "What?"

And it feels like I'm alive

"Tadase…Saaya was 'weeping' that day because she came on to me, attempting to get me to cheat on Utau and I turned her down. "Kukai deadpanned, his voice in awe of how trusting and naïve Tadase could seriously be. A blond brow rose. "Also, the day after that, Saaya had been giving Rima a hard time and spreading vicious and false rumors about her. She's not smart, nice or witty. What she really is is a malicious bully." Nagi added, letting out a sigh of distaste. "No…that can't be right. She said she was crying because Ikuto was picking on her and calling her whore." Tadase mused aloud for a moment. "Wow, tack on liar to the ever growing list of things that she is. That bitch was mad because I told her NICELY to leave me alone because she kept on coming on to me. I wouldn't waste my time harassing her. Not to mention how horrible she was to Amu. She spread cruel rumors about Amu, picked on her and Yaya for their cloths, put gum in her hair and tormented the two of them endlessly. Does that sound 'nice' to you?" I was through hearing his bullshit excuses and lies. He cheated on my girl and broke her heart. It's my job to console her, reassure her that not all guys are stupid jerks like him. I turned on my heel to walk off without another word, leaving Kukai and Nagi to interrogate him to their hearts content. In passing, I noticed the girls had halted their little brawl, but had Saaya sobbing with their glares focused on her, Nagi standing guard with the ladies to make sure that they were kept in line. I scoffed at the sight. Dumb whore, she probably had an orgasm seeing my Amu-Koi having some kind of mental break down in front of everyone.

Love sings

I followed the faint sound of sobbing and sniffling to lead me right to my shattered princess. Letting my hand gently rap on the door, a door that I was all too familiar with considering that it was mine. She said nothing in response to my soft knock, so I took matters into my own hands, gripping the knob and turning it to open, then stepping in to the surprising darkness. Flicking the light on, I quickly closed the door. Holy Hell, she really was a sad sight to behold, my lovely bubblegum goddess was sprawled out on my royal blue silk duvet, her face buried into my oversized fluffy pillow with the navy blue pillow case. I couldn't help but notice what she had been wearing all this time. She had on a long sleeved black and red V-neck tee with the universal peace symbol on the middle, the words in red saying 'Love and Peace'. The long and oversized pastel pink and grey half sleeved hooded open over shirt she had on was a style unique to Amu, but so adorable. Her black hot pants with little lacy white frills at the hem were also adorable but the thigh length black stockings and pastel pink ankle strap heels just did it for me…she was just simply freaking sexy. Her cotton candy tresses pulled into a messy ponytail at the top of her head, stray strands caressing her face and neck in various places.

When it transcends the bad things

I took a few steps towards her, unsure of what I really should say. Screw it; I decided to at least provide her with comfort, even if it is soundless. My feet threw me next to my bed, and I took it upon myself to gently take a seat next to her, placing a comforting hand on the small of her back. I heard her hushed gasp, but her cute face remained in the safety of my pillow.

Have a heart and try me

"Amu…" I breathed, my voice deep and husky yet kind. I was calling out to her so she was aware that it was me, hoping that that alone would provide her with some kind of consolation. "I-Ikuto? You didn't have to check on me…" Her sweet voice was muffled by my pillow but I can tell that she felt as if she was being a burden on me, which was the farthest thing from how I felt. I loathed seeing her in distress.

Cause without love I won't survive

"Shit, Amu, I did it because you're sad. It's not like you're being annoying so quit acting like you're being a burden. I did this of my own volition." I guess my response was a bit gruff but Hell, she knows how I am and knows how it irks me when she acts all martyred like this. "Thanks Ikuto…" She murmured into the cushy safety of my pillow once more as I allowed my fingers to absentmindedly stroke her lower back in little circles. We sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes until she was finally ready to sit up.

Without love I won't survive

She quickly swiped her hands roughly across her face in order to rid herself on any stray tears which lingered, her cheeks stained red and her eyes swollen and puffy. Her nose was a cute little shade of pink as she sniffled. I smiled warmly to her, lending her my strength and wordlessly indicating that I was here for her if she wanted to talk, which she finally did. Not before flailing herself into my arms unexpectedly, my eyes wide with surprise. Her arms wrapped around me tightly, although she wasn't crying any longer I could feel the sorrow radiating from her in waves. "Ne, Amu-koi?" Was all I could say with a twinge of amusement in my voice in hopes to lighten the mood. Her little head was buried in my chest, but she tilted her head up to let her endless sweet honey hues gaze into my own pair of piercing purplish blue back. Our eyes were locked in an embrace of its own, and I was unable to glance away, however, my eyes did drift to her plump shimmering lips.

Love hurts

"Ikuto…be honest with me…am I hideous?" Came her weak voice, sounding unlike anything that I have ever heard from her before, defeat. It infuriated me that some douchebag could kill her spirit so badly to the point that she lost her self-esteem and had even asked me such a stupid question. I'm pretty sure my face showed my outrage at her idiotic inquiry. "You're not serious." I said, my dark brow rose in disbelief. It was her turn to adopt a look a look of outrage. "Yes, I'm serious!" She exclaimed, her sunshiny orbs pleading me to answer her question. I scrunched my face up as I peered down at her, scrutinizing her, thinking she'd gone crazy. My arms tightened around her as I let my right hand snake up to her dainty chin, allowing my fingers to stroke her feminine jawline lovingly. "Christ no, you know that you're beautiful to me, Amu-Koishii. Saaya is the grotesquely hideous one. I've no idea why she was chosen over you." I replied with all honesty, my eyes hopefully portraying the love and adoration that I hold for this adorable little pixie before me. A genuine smile spread across my lips at just having her in my arms. She sighed a sad little sigh then, a quick flash of aggravation crossing her features. "Then how was she picked over me? Ugh, it's not that I even care about Tadase that much…it's just…I must've been lacking something." She whined, her voice feeble and cracking as if she was gonna cry again.

But sometimes it's a good hurt

I refrained from sharing the little tidbit of information that Tadase shared with us about how I supposedly was the cause of his cheating because I just didn't feel like dealing with that can of worms right now, Let her hear it from Nagi or Kukai. "Screw him, Amu! It's done and over with, so you can dwell on it and let it ruin you, or suck it up and move on." I knew I was being harsh but if I wasn't she would wallow in self-pity forever, blaming herself for that imbecile's mistake. She looked hurt for a moment but contemplative the next. "But…it hurts so bad…" Her voice was barely audible at this point, burying her face in my chest once again. I sighed, thinking on how much pain I've endured watching Amu love seemingly everyone but me.

And it feels like I'm alive

"Love hurts." I said simply, my left hand stroking her back. She blinked a few times, her face screwed up as she looked up at me again. "Love hurts? That's it?" She asked, her voice a little skeptic. I nodded. "Yep. I know firsthand that love not only hurts, it sucks. But sometimes, you know, it's kind of a good hurt. It's how you know you're alive. "I explained, giving her the best advice I could, cause if somebody knew how much being in love sucked, it was me. To my utter surprise and delight, a toothy smile spread across her gorgeous lips, her lovely golden orbs coming to life in her sudden glee and elation.

Love sings

"You're so good at making me feel better, Ikuto!" She beamed, her eyes twinkling in joy. Her smile was infectious, causing me to smile as well. She sat up in my lap straight, her ass square on my twitching crotch. Shit.

When it transcends the bad things

"Well, I do try you know." I flirted, closing an eye with a teasing smirk as both hands cupped her face, my thumb stroking her cheeks, my oceanic depths gazing down at her with love spilling from their surfaces. "You're right…I guess it's good that I didn't really love him…or I'd really be hurting." She mused, one manicured nail being nibbled in her mouth. A mouth that I desperately desired to claim. If she wasn't in love with him, then who the hell did she love? This was something that I intended to find out.

Have a heart and try me

"If it's not him you love, then who is it, pray tell?" My eyes narrowed on her in a coy manner, a devious yet flirty smirk on my lips as my lust filled depths pierced her, she quickly turned her head, moving it from my grasp, her cheeks once again tinted red. Blushing huh? I had to get to the bottom of this.

Cause without love I won't survive

"W-what? As if that's any of your business!" She exclaimed, her cheeks still flaring a lovely shade of red, her lips pursed in a pout, her arms crossed just under her bust. She looked even more delicious like this. With complete knowledge of my body's activity, I hastily took ahold of her arms, thrusting her back onto my plush bed, her honey eyes shocked that I caught her off guard. Not like that was hard. Just as fast, I was above her, gazing down at the woman who fills my dreams, my arms propping me up on either side of her.

Love Hurts

The look on my face had to be downright devious, but I knew it was also lust driven as well. She gasped beneath me, squirming under my heated stare but didn't complain, that pout returning at full force. I let my lips linger beside her ear, my voice adopting a sultry and velvety baritone. "Tell me who you love, Koi. I'm so….curious." Her golden orbs held a hint of fear, rejection and before I could even get a response, I was airborne, plummeting roughly on the ground. Amu was sitting primly on the edge of my bed as Utau and Kukai strolled in, weariness etched on their now sober face, not a clue of what I had hoped to be doing with Amu was evident.

Ooohhh…Love hurts

Damn them for their inevitably awful timing as usual! However…Amu looked to be grateful, much to my dismay.

"You okay, Amu?" Came Utau's uncharacteristically caring voice as she took a seat next to Amu, all the while I graciously took a seat in my computer chair, legs crossed sophisticatedly. Kukai lingered next to me, his forest green hues dull and exhausted. Hell, this had been a lot less rewarding and more trying then we had initially anticipated.

Without love I won't survive

"Yea, I am now. Ikuto helped me to realize that life is full of heartbreak…that I have to suck it up and move on. "Her voice was weak, but held a smile within. A small smile spread across Utau's lips as she pulled Amu into a friendly embrace, allowing Amu to weep silently on her bare shoulder. It was then that I turned my attention to Kukai, who was looking more and more strained by each passing second.

Love Hurts

"Yo, what's up, Kukai?" I asked my voice low as to not bother Utau and Amu. He let out a drained sigh, gently sitting on the edge of the bed that was not occupied. "It's just…I just don't know. "He seemed to be torn, indicating that I must have not only missed something crucial, but that I had been up here with Amu much longer than I had originally thought. "About?" My inquiry made him run his shaky hand through his sandy brown shaggy hair. The Hell is wrong with him?

Lada da dadeda da oohh

"Well, Tadase pretty much dropped Saaya like a bad habit which causes another fight to break out. He seemed remorseful but…still…he still fucked us over man."Kukai shook his head for a moment. "They all left a minute ago but that crazy bitch Saaya vowed to ruin us, dude. All of us. You, me, Amu, Utau, Yaya, Kairi, Nagi and Rima. Plus Tadase too. And you know how evil Saaya and her little cronies can be." My eyes narrowed in fury, for the first time in my life I seriously wanted to punch the shit out of a female.

Love hurts

Kukai gave me a pointed look that indicated that a similar thought had just ran through his head. I scoffed, waving my hand dismissively. My façade was a nonchalance that I wish I felt. "Let her try. You forget that Kairi's older sister is the dean of disciplinary at school, who just so happens to be dating our homeroom teacher. That should be able to help us in some way. Fuck man, that whore is troublesome." I deadpanned for a moment, noticing Kukai nod in agreement.

Without love I won't survive

"I dunno, man, I just felt like Tadase opened a can of worms that I don't feel like dealing with. You know what I'm saying; dude…ain't nothing worse than an angry chick." Kukai had me chuckling at this point, his forgetfulness of a common phrase causing my mood to lighten. "You mean, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn?" I corrected with a short laugh. He then joined in as we turned to notice Utau and Amu curled around each other lying on my bed, sound asleep. We shot each other an odd glance. "Hell man…" He sighed, scratching his head. "There's a guest bedroom that you can sleep in." I said as we both rose to our feet and quietly exited my room. I showed Kukai to the bedroom and left, retreating to crash on the living room leather sectional with the big plasma screen TV that was mounted to the wall. All the while I was contemplating what exactly could Saaya do to us? When should I ask Amu out? When the hell were my parents returning with Yoru and how should I deal with Saaya? Questions, Questions.