Written for T.H.o.a.W.M's request for Sebastian x Undertaker x Ciel on BlackButler forums

"Did you know Earl that All Hallow's Eve was originally Samhain in Gaelic folklore? The Festival of the Dead the only time where the departed lambs come into the mortal world for some mischief. Not at all like the silly costumed balls and divining their true love. Though I wonder who gets the honor of being your true love hihihi..."

Ciel was blindfolded,gagged and furious. That damned butler was going to be punished dearly for this. How was he supposed to know that All Hallow's Eve was his favorite holiday? Being at Undertaker's shop to investigate the vandals of graves, he made a small comment on how All Hallow's Eve was something childish and trivial. Neither Undertaker and Sebastian were happy to hear it. Hopefully Sebastian's "prank" would be over soon.

No such luck, sounds of clothes being removed and he could feel his clothing being roughly pulled away from him. Gloved hands caressing his stomach and slowly moving lower. 'No, not this again! Someone please!'

"Bocchan, you must always learn your manners whenever there is an important holiday."

Suddenly a sharp pain erupted from his backside, he was being slowly stretched apart by something he couldn't identify. Then something hot and wet enveloped his member. Nothing ever felt so good, the pain and humiliation quickly forgotten as he wanted more it.

Sebastian looked at his master writhing in pleasure, the deal he made with Undertaker would ensure his cooperation for tonight. Tired of the foreplay, he decided to show his master just exactly who he is dealing with.

Ciel was too busy in his rapture to notice that the fingers pulled out of him. All of sudden something sharp nipped heard Undertaker's chuckle, 'Bastard!' Just as he was going to kick Undertaker, something blunt slammed into him hard. Screaming throughout the gag, he could feel himself being stretched apart and then being taken by Undertaker's mouth again.

Agony, pure agony. The sounds of flesh hitting flesh and the pleasurable pain was too much. Between enjoying Undertaker's mouth on him and Sebastian taking roughly from behind he came hard into Undertaker's mouth. Tired and drained, Ciel was not prepared for such activities. Slowly losing conscious, he faintly hears, "Trick or treat Bocchan" before he passes out.

"Wake up Bocchan."

Ciel found himself fully clothed and inside one of Undertaker's coffins. 'A dream?' he thought. Getting out of the coffin, he saw Sebastian holding a tray of ice cream.

"What happened?"

Sebastian smiled," You don't remember Bocchan? You fell asleep in Undertaker's coffin, my master is so much like a child. Undertaker has given us the information we needed for the vandals. He has generously let me use his kitchen to make a late night snack for you. Today's snack is vanilla ice cream."

Undertaker was too busy shaking with laughter on his desk to say anything.

Ciel nodded his head and ate the dessert. It was rich, strong, and creamy. It certainly was the best ice cream he ever ate. Though something was nagging him, why would Sebastian make something so simple?

"Sebastian, why ice cream?"

The butler smiled, "It was just something that Undertaker and I came up with."