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Arthur entered the hotel room, coming over to Alfred, who was listlessly fixing his bow that was already perfect, staring into the mirror, looking at the person in the reflection like they weren't there. Arthur laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Darling…every bird must fly the nest…" Arthur sat down on the bed next to Alfred, stroking his lover's hand, pulling it away from the bow tie and taking it into his own. Alfred simply looked down at their intertwined hands, a sad smile on his face. "She's already been away for long periods of time before…college, England…and she'll only be an hour away, in New York City…"

Alfred shook his head. "Arthur, it isn't just that, I'm losing my girl…my little Anna. The one who thought I was a super hero when she was eight, the little girl who would sing and dance for me, showing me her ice skating moves "off ice", making me daisy chains in the spring…" Alfred paused, then looked up at Arthur.

"Is that what you went through?"

"Well, yes, but with you…I was there with my little Alfred one day, and I come back the next to find you all grown up…You know, I would have loved to raise you as you did Anna, but I think that we might not have the same relationship we do today because of it…" Arthur kissed Alfred's lips once, smiling at his golden boy.

They sat there for a long time, Alfred with his head on Arthur's shoulder. They watched each other in the mirror, and Alfred saw Arthur smile down at him, before gently leaning Alfred back straight up.

"Enough dilly-dally. We need to get to the church. Don't you want to see Anna's dress?"


Alfred stared at his daughter in wonder, her dress a simple white strapless gown, her veil of curling flowers at the edges. Her dark hair twisted around in a twisted bun at the back of her head, another braid across the front. Her gray eyes shinning with unshed tears of joy, she was beautiful.

Alfred felt her arm accept his out stretched one, her lacey gloved hand gripping his forearm in nervousness. She heard the music start playing on the organ, Canon in D, she looked to her father once more.

"Dad, you aren't going to cry…"

"No. 'Course not. Heroes don't cry about stuff like this…"

She smiled at him, seeing his futile attempt to cover up the tear at the corner of his eye. "It's ok, dad. I love you."

"Love you too, my little lady."

The doors opened, and Anna and Alfred began the walk down the center row. Marco was at the alter, his eyes shinning with pride as his beautiful bride made her way down.

It was obvious which side had Marco's family, everyone with brown or black curly hair and the same nose…and on the other side of the aisle, France, Matthew, (and Russia, on his best behavior, Matthew had told him), Japan and a few women from England and Anna's college. Arthur stood in line with Marco, having been asked to be an usher.

Alfred, who'd managed to hold his tears to that point, now looked at Anna, who was doing the same. They stopped at the end of the aisle, and Alfred handed off his little girl, who wasn't so little anymore, to Marco, before going to stand in the front row.

The rest of the ceremony was quick and perfect, and then, after Marco and Anna had both said "I do", they shared the first kiss of the rest of their lives.


They sat on a picnic blanket in Alfred's backyard, hands interlocked, staring up into the sky, reminiscing about weddings as Anna's and Marco's came around the corner.

"That was a nice wedding…way calmer than ours was two years afterwards."

"Define what you mean by calm…"

"No naked Frenchme—"

"Don't remind me! We did invite the world to that one, so it was kind of our fault…" Arthur was cut off by a passionate kiss cutting him off.

He quickly responded, running his hands through Alfred's hair. As Alfred dominated the kiss, an idea came to Arthur's mind, and he pulled Nantucket, causing Alfred to moan into his mouth, and go limp against him…

The doorbell rang, and the both of them scrambled up, Alfred huffing, Arthur grinning, before running for the door.

Alfred recovered outside, and sat down in a wooden chair, resting his head back. It was a tug on his pant leg that brought him back to reality.

"Maria!" Alfred lifted the little girl with curly brown hair, spinning her around as she giggled.

"Grandpa Al!" Alfred hugged her close, looking into the girl's all too familiar gray eyes that still gave him a start whenever he looked into them, images of his little Anna running through his head. Arthur came out with Anna and Marco, his hand occupied with that of another little one.

"And is that Toby?" The quieter child ran into his leg, and Alfred reached down and scooped him up as well. "Well, I see I have my two favorite little ones right here!" He spun around the yard with them, airplane style, the three of them laughing and giggling. Arthur chatted with Anna and Marco, and when Alfred put both children down, Toby hugged his leg, then, ran straight for Arthur, who held his arms open for him. He was Arthur's little light, Maria his…

Alfred played with Maria, chasing her around, and looked up to see Anna and Marco coming over. That was right, this was their two weeks with the children…

Goodbyes were said, a tad teary on Anna's and the children's part, but after the couple drove away, Alfred and Arthur took the two children by the hands, and headed off for a walk.

"So, What we gonna do this time, Grandpa?" Alfred saw the look of horror at Maria's American speech and grammar, making Alfred smile.

"Well," Toby was holding both their hands, swinging them as he jauntily walked. "We're going to go see Uncle Mattie and Uncle Ivan…" There was a shout of glee from Maria.

"Then, my dears, it's off to England! You two have never experienced a country of such a culture, a history, of art and literature…. Of…!"

"Really bad cooking…" Alfred whispered loudly to Toby, getting a muffled laugh out of him. Alfred, though, would admit that he ate Arthur's food without complaint, even asked for it when Arthur was feeling down…

Arthur pouted at the comment, but smiled as Alfred pecked him on the lips.

"But I would have to say England is one of the most beautiful countries on the face of the Earth, that land I love so much, and hold so close to my heart…"

Arthur blushed, and the continued on, both so glad of the two little lives they had in their hands.

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