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"27 year old male, motorcycle vs. car, he was on the motorcycle. Major crush injuries to the legs, pupils are blown, open head wound, non-responsive, major tachycardia, blood pressure is 150/90. We splinted the legs and hooked him up to an IV and had to intubate." The normally bubbly blonde spouted off to the doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

"Alright, I'll take it from here, thanks."

As soon as those words were spoken, the blonde stepped back from the gurney and let the doctors do their work. As she was about to walk away, she looked up to see who the doctor was and she was surprised to see a young, gorgeous woman taking over. Even with her game face on, she still looked absolutely stunning, like a goddess.

"Robbins, lets go. Robbins? Earth to Arizona!"

"What? Oh, sorry, Teddy. Yeah, lets go."

"I know it's fun to look at the pretty people, but we have a job to do. You can come stare at 'Miss Hot Young Doctor' later. And I'll come back with you, believe me."

"Oh really? Miss Teddy Altman, is going to come back and watch hot doctors with me?"

"I've got my eye on a surgeon here, I don't know his name, but he is gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful and I've heard people call him McSteamy, which he definitely is!"

"No, I'm not going to come back to watch her, because 1. That's extremely creepy and stalkerish and 2. There is no way that she is a lesbian, I didn't get that vibe from her."

"So? You didn't even have a conversation with her, how can you be so sure?"

Teddy watched as curiosity appeared on her partner's face, she knew that the blonde wouldn't give up on a hot girl that easily.

"So what was up with that hot blonde from earlier?"

"What are you talking about, Mark?"

"That paramedic from earlier this morning, she was totally checking you out."


"Yeah, Blondie totally wanted to get in your pants, or should I say scrubs?"

"Oh, please. I'm sure she didn't. I still don't even know who you are talking about."

"Oh, sure you don't. You took her patient, Callie. Please tell me that you saw how hot she was?" Mark stared at his best friend, waiting for a reply, when he noticed the glazed over look on her face.

"What? She was so hot, and you're telling me that you missed it? Have I taught you nothing?"

"You have taught me a lot, Mark. But do you want to know what Med School taught me? To pay attention to the patient, so that's what I was doing. Besides, if this paramedic is as hot as you say she is, then I'll look out for her next time."

"Oh, believe me, you'll notice her."

Almost a week went by until the two women had the same shift and with the look of it, they wouldn't be seeing each other.

It was an extremely hectic day so far and Teddy and Arizona had made several trips back and forth from Seattle Grace, but had yet to see the woman who Arizona desperately wanted to see.

On their last call of the day, they had a 15 year old girl with severe burns, suspected internal injuries and severe smoke inhalation. Arizona had been working on her for the 10 minutes that it had taken them to get to the hospital, and it wasn't looking very good.

As they unloaded the girl from the back of the ambulance, she started crashing and Arizona and Teddy had to start CPR on her in the Ambulance Bay. All of the doctors were seemingly busy with other emergencies, so Teddy, Arizona and a few nurses had to transfer the girl onto a hospital gurney. Since the E.R. was so busy, they had to stop and work on her in the hallway, a less than ideal situation.

"Somebody get me an intubation tray and get the crash cart over here now!" Arizona yelled as she and Teddy kept trying to stabilize the girl.

Teddy intubated her quickly and Arizona grabbed the paddles and got ready to use them. Just as Arizona charged the paddles, Callie entered the Emergency Room after finishing up with a previous patient. She stopped in her tracks and was completely taken with the blonde paramedic who was working really hard to save the teenager's life.

"Charge to 220. CLEAR!" Was what brought Callie back to the present and she immediately ran to help the beautiful blonde paramedic.

"What happened?" Callie immediately demanded as she took her stethoscope off of her neck and listened for a heartbeat, which she found. The teenager's pulse was extremely slow, but it was there.

As Arizona ran through the girl's information Callie did a quick exam, Arizona eventually looked up and realized that it was the gorgeous woman she had seen a few days ago, but she forced herself to be professional, for the girl's sake.

"Damn it, her blood pressure's bottoming out and she's already starting to bruise all over her abdomen, she's bleeding internally. Anne-Marie, call down and get me an O.R., STAT."

Wow, she even knows the nurse's names. She sounds super nice, unlike a lot of doctors. Arizona thought as Callie was talking.

"Alright, Blondie, you are coming with me. That okay with you?" She asked Teddy, Arizona's partner.

"Sure, not a problem, just return her in one piece please." Teddy joked and the brunette had to laugh at the seriousness in her voice, even though she knew Teddy was kidding.

"I plan on it, she'll be all yours in a few minutes." Callie added as she threw a wink in Teddy's direction and started pushing the gurney towards the elevator with Arizona's help.

As they loaded the patient into the elevator, she was stable for the moment, so Callie had a moment to relax before she went into surgery. That meant that she also had a few moments to enjoy being in the blonde's presence.

"Arizona. Robbins. I just realized that we've never met. I'm Arizona." The blonde started off with as she gazed into the brunette's chocolate brown eyes.

"Callie Torres, it's nice to meet you. Thanks for all of your help today, you've definitely made it a lot easier." She added with a big smile plastered on her face, causing Arizona to break into a huge dimpled smile. Callie thought that she was going to pass out at the sight of the blonde's gorgeous smile, but she managed to hold her own.

As they unloaded the girl, they handed the gurney over to a few nurses who rushed her in to prep her for emergency surgery.

Callie rushed over to the call phone to page a bunch of people that should be on the case.

"Page Bailey, Sloan, Hunt, and Little Grey to O.R. 3 please. 911." She told the nurse that picked up and then Callie turned around to walk into the scrub room and motioned for Arizona to follow her.

"Little Grey?"

"Yeah, it's a long story." Callie said as she started laughing, just thinking about how much Lexie hated being called 'Little Grey'.

"Well, I'd like to hear it sometime." Arizona said, shocking herself with the forwardness of their conversation, normally she was very quiet and reserved.

"Hmm, maybe." Callie said as she turned around and walked into the Operating Room.

"Maybe?" The blonde asked to the empty scrub room just as Callie turned around and winked at her through the glass of the O.R., causing Arizona to break out the dimples, yet again.

All of the sudden, four other doctors rushed into the scrub room and started scrubbing fast so they could get into the O.R. as soon as possible to help Callie and the teenage girl.

Arizona suddenly felt wildly out of place, so she removed herself from the room and sat down on the ground across from the scrub room. Since it was late at night and her shift was officially over, she decided to wait around for the lovely brunette.


Go ahead and take the rig home and clean her up, I'm staying here for a while.



Go Zona! Get some!

Yeah, you better do the same for me when I want to hook up with this McSteamy guy.

Have fun!


After Callie had been in surgery for about 3 hours, they finally finished working on the teenager. She was now spleen-less, but alive, so that was good enough for Callie, but all Callie could really think about was that gorgeous blonde from earlier.

Mark closed the girl up and continued to work on her burns, like he had been doing throughout the surgery, so Callie decided to stay with him while he finished.

"So I saw that blonde paramedic again today, I know what you are talking about now." Callie said shyly as Mark continued to clean the burns.

"Was I right?"

"Definitely. She is really hot, and she seemed really nice."

"Did you get her number?"

"Nope, she helped me save this girl and then I had to rush into surgery. But, you know what they say, if it's meant to be-"

"It'll happen." Mark finished for her.

"Exactly, so I hope I will be seeing her around the hospital soon."

Mark and Callie went into the scrub room to scrub out together and as Mark was drying his hands, he noticed that the paramedic was sitting across the hallway.

"Well it looks like you got your wish."

"What are you talking about, Mark?"

"Blondie. She's waiting for you. Go get her, Tiger." Mark said excitedly as he left the scrub room and went to check on some of his other patients.

"Arizona? Hey, what are you doing here still? It's late. Oh, wow, it's already midnight." Callie questioned as she looked at her phone that was in her pocket.

"Callie, hey. I just wanted to see if that girl was going to be okay and my shift was over, so I thought I'd stay and find out." She said, completely lying, but she didn't want Callie to know that she stayed because she wanted to see her again.

"She'll be alright, eventually. She had severe burns, but our Plastic Surgeon took care of that, and she doesn't have a spleen anymore. But, we stopped the internal bleeding, so she should be fine in a few weeks. It was really nice of you to stay and see if she was okay."

"Oh, I'm just doing my job." Arizona said as she brushed off the compliment.

"No, you're caring, and I think that's great."

Just as Arizona was about to ask Callie out for coffee or a drink, they were interrupted by something that came over the loudspeaker.

"Paging Dr. Calliope Torres to room 297, Code Blue. Dr. Calliope Torres to room 297, Code Blue."

Callie instantly looked down at her pager, which had died sometime during the surgery from all of the pages she had gotten earlier, apparently that killed the battery faster than normal.

After looking at her pager for a split second, she took off running to the stairs and up to room 297, which happened to be a 7 year old boy who she had on her table earlier that day in order to fix his shattered tibia.

Arizona was left in the middle of the hallway, looking at the entrance to the stairs where Callie had just disappeared.

"Calliope, huh? I like that." Arizona said quietly to herself as she turned around and walked down to the lobby to call a cab.

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