There were so many ways Henry could reflect on his life after Casey, and that was true even the day after he met her. The day after he met Casey he was shaking water out of his ears after her husband had accidentally knocked him into a swimming pool during a fit of rage. It was, without a doubt, a very tremendous first day back at work.

More significantly, however, the day after he'd met Casey he'd earned a friend he knew he would have to stand by with and comfort in the midst of her- regrettably- failing relationship. This was the first known way Henry reflected on life after Casey- in a way of friendship. For the record, Henry also couldn't deny that he liked to look back at his relationship with Casey as a "love at first sight" kind of thing. Cheesy? Sure. Truthful? We'll see.

The second way Henry could go back and look at things before Casey differently, was after she found out her husband wanted to get a divorce. Via text message. This was in fact a very significant moment in their relationship as, at the precise moment Casey received the text message, a very high Henry walked into the room. Casey herself had been drinking the host's booze all night, getting considerably drunk and not caring for a single minute, as she had known all along that her personal life was hanging by a thread. Henry's excuse was slightly similar- his personal life was the same as every other aspect of his life: only partially existent.

Regardless, mixing two relatively inebriated people together in the midst of turmoil spelled certain… consequences. And by consequences, well, let's just say they had both seen worse consequences.

Henry's life after hooking up with Casey was surprisingly great- at least for a time. His mundane, minimum wage job started to look better. He liked going to work for a failing catering company and being a lackluster bartender. He liked having to wear a "crisp" white shirt and pink bowtie.

At least, he told himself that.

In all actuality, it wasn't any of those things that made him smile every time he catered a party. It was Casey. And as sweet and romantic as that was, it was an inconvenient problem. This was supposed to lack feelings. This was supposed to be casual. And Henry wasn't upholding his end of the agreement. He loved her.

This was the third time things changed. This was the third time Henry had to rework his mind and start thinking about how different things were before he decided he'd fallen in love with Casey- and these weren't always pleasant thoughts. Things were far easier without love. There was no want, no need, no jealousy, and no ache.

Henry was a long time friend of "ache." After his first acting gig landed him a crappy role in a beer commercial, he was forever branded as, "That guy." Eight years and countless failed auditions later he had found his way back to catering for his old buddy. But even that ache had been stifled when he met Casey. And when he started to ache for Casey, in all fairness, he still liked it. He loved it and loved her and just the simple thought of waking up and seeing her. So even if he did ache, at least he had a drug to take for it. A drug that would meet his eyes from across the room and smile just because. And a drug that needed him every time she faced rejection just as much as he needed her- even if she wouldn't admit it. It was the kind of drug that had the smoothest skin and the softest eyes. And it was the kind of drug you don't realize you're addicted to until it's gone.

In all of one day, she was gone. And this was the fourth way Henry would look back at life after Casey- when he lost her.