When I came to my body was completely healed, that wasn't good. The energy expended to completely heal me had made me Hungry.

We need to feed.

I stood up and went to brush dirt off of my shirt; I unconsciously noticed that I hadn't put one on since I cleaned Harry off.

We need sustenance. No, not until I knew Harry was Ok. Focus Thomas.

I made my way, through the front door keeping my gaze away from the front desk. Without my brother in tow I took the elevator. When the doors closed I saw my reflection. My skin looked flawless as always, dirty but flawless. My pants were stained with my blood, but due to its color it looked like I had spilled some fruit punch. My eyes though, my eyes…Yes we need to be fed, your energy is low…they were almost completely silver. The elevator slowed, and then stopped. The doors opened to reveal Murphy. Empty Night she looked delicious.

"Thomas! I thought you got thrown out the window, are you alright?"

"No Karrin, I'm not. And neither are you." I was fighting my best. But I had used too much of my power. I was starving and here was a tired, run-down, possibly injured doe, just waiting to be devoured. She realized what was happening a second before it did, but it was a second too late. My demon was on her. I felt her nipples harden against my bare skin. Pleasurable moans escaped her lips. My demon flitted through her as her heartbeats quickened. She wanted nothing more than to be treated like a woman, for someone tall, dark, and handsome to take her and treat her lady. But not me. She was resisting.

"Not again," she moaned. "I'm not having another damned succubus make me feel weak."

That's when she kneed me in the groin. My demon was having a rough time, two strong willed kines in one night. Oh and I wasn't having a very good night either, thrown out a window only to come back and be kneed in my happy place. The pain distracted my demon enough for Murphy to wriggle out from underneath me. As I lay curled in the fetal position she stood over me gun pointed at my head.

"You bastard," she snarled wiping her mouth. "You son-of-a-bitch!"

"Both accurate descriptions," I wheezed. She had kneed me pretty good. "Karrin I'm sorry."

"Save it Raith. Harry's going to be fine, Butters was taken." She took a steadying breath; I did the same, but for a much different reason. My demon was again regaining control.

"I'm going to leave now," I said. "I'll be back as soon…"

"Just go." She holstered her gun and headed back to my apartment.


I walked, mostly to clear my head, and mostly to... clear up other things. I managed to snag a jacket out of my car on the way, probably wouldn't be too inconspicuous if I was running around bare chested.

I couldn't believe I just attacked Murphy and she fought me off. My demon had been wrong, she must be 'in love' someone. The burning of my lips making itself known as the adrenaline wore off. Maybe it was Kincaid, maybe it was another man, or maybe... Harry would have a field day with this one.

Several blocks later, I was feeling mostly back to normal. I was pretty damn sure I wasn't going to attack Karrin anytime soon, and was ready to head back. Until I caught Butters' scent.

My phone was to my ear in seconds, speed dial calling up Karrin as I followed the scent. She answered on the third ring, obviously not wanting to hear from me, "What Raith?"

"I caught Butters' scent," I replied checking both ways before I crossed the street.

"Where?" Butters safety trumped the fact that I tried to kill her. Which was good, because I really didn't need her trying to shoot me if we had to fight. I gave her a rundown of the directions as I took them. Eventually ending up at an old warehouse.

I don't know what it is about warehouses, they seem to always be evil people's lairs. Maybe it's the fact that half of them are empty, or places smelling of fish are just so appealing to the demented, but that's where they almost always ended up.

"Meet you there in ten. Wait for me," Murphy said and hung up. I stood next to the door, checked my watch, and decided ten minutes was just way too long.

With a running start, I leapt onto the roof of the building. I landed lightly, creeping forward toward a large, open skylight. I could hear their voices even before I saw them.

"No, idiot, you said it wrong."

"I know what I'm doing. I made up the language."

"No, you stole it from Star Trek. It's Klingon."

"Yes, but the words I'm using are not real words in Klingon. I'm not that big of a geek."

"So says the guy who has read Harry Potter fifteen million times."

"That was you."

Butters was chained to a wall, watching the argument as if it were a tennis match. He looked relatively unscathed, save for the red bruise across his face. I tried to catch his attention, but too much movement could warn Heckle and Jekyll of my presence, so I gave up after a few tries.

"Really, who was quoting the damn book yesterday while we were getting the ingredients for this spell?"

"Saying 'bloody hell' is not quoting the book," the red head pouted.

"You are such a child," the girl snapped.

"Hey, guys," Butters managed to squeak out. "W…why am I here?"

"Shut up," they shouted simultaneously.

I wasn't good with spells and incantations like Harry, but when the girl moved I was able to see a table of supplies. By the looks of the stuff, they were doing a reincarnation spell. I didn't know who they were trying to bring back, but a part of me knew I had to stop them. While my demon kept up a constant stream of, kill the boy, take the girl.

"I mean, you didn't take me for the hell of it," Butters tried again.

"Will you shush," the girl threw his way. "I swear you are as bad as him." She jerked her thumb at her friend, he glared at her.

"As bad as me? As bad as me? You are the one who talks constantly about everything under the sun. If I have to hear you bitch, one last time, about how much you hate the world I may literally send you to purgatory."

"Try and I'll take you there with me."

They continued to bicker while they put their spell together. How they could do both was beyond me, after hearing Harry jabber on and on about how 'you have to concentrate to get a spell done' and 'distractions could result in a botched outcome', I was surprised they hadn't screwed up sooner.

I heard light footsteps from below, a whispered, "Thomas," soon followed. I crept back to the edge of the warehouse's roof, looking down at Murphy. I jumped down, landing quietly in front of her. She slapped me snapping, "Don't do that." She looked around, "Why were you up there?"

"Watching Community Theater," I cracked with a small grin. Murphy glared and my smile wilted. "Who's watching Harry," I asked changing the subject.

"Charity," Karrin replied. "Michael's out of town, Molly's watching the kids, and she agreed to sit with him."

"Ah, okay." I nodded, deciding not to mention the fact that Harry and Charity's relationship, though slightly better, had been strained. I'm sure Karrin knew that already. "So, Butters is inside, with the dynamic duo, and they are working some kind of spell."

"What kind of spell?" Murphy asked.

"I'm not exactly sure, it looks like a reincarnation or resurrection spell."

"You mean bringing things back from the dead?"

"Looks like."

"Jesus." Murphy breathed.

"I doubt that."

Murphy hadn't heard me or ignored the comment. "Why would they need Butters for some kind of resurrection spell?"

"I have no clue."

There was a startled yell from inside the building. Murphy nodded to me and started walking around the building, gun drawn. I took another running jump and landed on the roof again.

This time, when I peeked into the warehouse from the skylight, I noticed that Butters' mouth was duct taped shut. Heckle and Jekyll had ceased their bickering and were milling around their supply table, their backs to me. I risked some movement to try to get Butters' attention.

Luck was on my side, Butters looked up, and his eyes widened. He looked at the duo, shook his head and looked back at me. I gave him a confused look. He repeated the gesture.

"What are you trying to tell me," I said under my breath. I felt a presence behind me just as I felt something pointy touch between my shoulder blades.

"He's trying to say that those two aren't really there." It was the Jekyll, the red-headed, guy no doubt holding his knife at my back.

Crap, he was doing some sort of illusion again. A really good illusion. And Murphy was about to head straight into it. As I watched the fake Heckle and Jekyll I heard Murphy, "Hands where I can see 'em!"

Butters was going into an apoplexy trying to warn her of the danger, but to no avail.

"Turn around slowly." I watched as the illusions vanished. Murphy whirled around but it was too late. A jet of water blasted the gun from her hands. I heard her swear and dive behind some large wooden crates. I wanted to help her but the presence of cold steel on my neck prevented it.

"Come out and play, bitch," I heard the woman say. I still couldn't see her; she was out of my line of sight through the skylight. I did see Murphy pull her back-up revolver out of the holster at her ankle, unfortunately so did Jekyll.

"HARP! She's got another gun!"

Murphy glanced up at us. The move cost her a precious second. Another gush of water pushed the crates against her, pinning her against a wall.

"Now stay!" The woman said to Murphy. Her gun was lying just out of her reach.

"Okay Lee, bring the other prisoner down."

"You heard her." Lee pushed the knife against my neck again. I didn't move.

"Come on Twilight, move it."

I struck without any warning. My legs came around knocking him off balance. He swung his knife scoring a cut across my cheek before he fell. But fall he did, over me and down through the skylight. A strangled scream escaped his throat as he fell. I had to hand it to him though; he had quick reflexes. The knife came around and gouged a hold into the roof leaving him dangling from one arm while the rest of him swung in open space about thirty feet above the warehouse floor. I walked up to him and gave him the one-fingered salute and brought my foot down on his wrist, hard. He released his hold and fell. There was a sickening thud as he hit the ground.

"NO!" The brunette ran over to her fallen comrade and checked his pulse. I lightly jumped from the roof down into the room expertly bouncing off some rafters to slow my decent. God I loved being a vampire sometimes. Before I could reach her she dove for Murphy's fallen weapon and pointed it at me. It was clear she had never handled a gun before.

"Sweetheart, you're shaking so bad I don't think you could hit me unless I was two feet away." I said stopping a good twenty feet away.

She stared at me, then her fallen friend on the ground. Unbelievably it looked like he was still breathing. She glanced back at me then turned the gun on Murphy.

"She's about two feet away." Way to put your foot in your mouth Thomas.

"You let us leave here and no one has to die."

"I don't think we can let you do that. I mean you've…"

There was a loud bang, echoing metallically off the warehouse walls. Murphy swore and leaned over the crate she was trapped behind.

"You BITCH!" She said clutching her shoulder.

"Thank you. The next one goes through her head."

"Alright fine, take your friend and go."

"The ME comes too; we're not finished with him."

Butters was frantically trying to break his bonds, his muffled protests mingling with Murphy's grunts of pain.

"No way," I didn't come here to rescue Butters just to let him get taken away again.

"I don't think you're in a position to bargain." She pointed the gun at Murphy's head. Murph was breathing heavy her face was paling. Blood was pooling on the crate. Time was against me, again.

"Alright," I finally said. Both Butters and Murphy looked at me like I was crazy. But there was one thing I knew, and I hated the fact that I knew it. My little brother wouldn't be doing the sensible thing like recuperating. As soon as he was able to walk he'd be after these dirt bags. I just had to stall for a little time.

"Yeah you're right. Go ahead and take Butters, we'll let you leave. I mean I've got no real attachment to the guy anyway."

She stared at me in disbelief gun still trained on Murphy. "What?"

"I said go ahead and leave." I perched myself on an old tool bench, crossing my legs in the most feminine way possible.

"Don't you dare try that mind sex shit on me again!"

I held my hands up in concession. "Wasn't going to, just getting out of your way."

I could see she was having a conflict in her head. She knew I was up to something, she just couldn't figure out what. And she was trying to get an unwilling hostage and an unconscious body out of the warehouse while simultaneously keeping a gun pointed on me and Murphy. Things were definitely falling apart for her.

"This wasn't how it was supposed to happen." She said more to herself than anyone.

"Things rarely work how they're supposed to." I said conversationally. "So how was it supposed to?"

She glared at me, "Like I'm going to tell you." I just shrugged and leaned back a little. Murphy was still hunched over the crate; it didn't look like she was bleeding as much as I originally thought. The pool wasn't getting any bigger as she kept pressure on her wound. She even gave me a weak grin, or grimace, it was probably a scowl. Butters was still moving around trying to loosen his chains. Unfortunately chains don't loosen too much, being metal and all.

"If your stupid brother hadn't gotten involved none of this would've happened." She was kneeling next to Lee gun pointed at me now.

"Yeah, I got that effect on people." I knew it, reinforcements had arrived. I turned, Harry standing in the doorway wearing one of my shirts and his duster. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was trying very hard not to lean on the frame of the warehouse's door.

"Why won't you die?" the girl snarled scrambling to her feet.

"Because, it's Thursday. Everybody knows I don't usually take death seriously until the weekend," Harry cracked and I couldn't help rolling my eyes.


"Forzare," Harry said, taking the girl by surprise, sending her into a row of crates. She hit hard, the gun flying from her hand and clattering across the floor, just out of her reach. She pushed herself to her knees, sending a jet of water toward Harry. He shook his shield bracelet free and just barely deflected the girl's magic.

"Thomas, get Murph out of here," Harry yelled diving behind a crate as more water flew his way. I dodged a third jet of water, this one ripping a hole in the crate next to Harry's, and skidded to a halt next to Karrin.

"How ya doing?" I asked easily unpinning her from the wall.

"Don't worry about me. Go help Harry," she said slowly, trying to hide the weakness in her voice. I gave her an uncertain look, but she shoved me away. "Go."

I turned, noticing Harry barely avoid a blast of power. It blew past him, colliding with the open door and sending it through the wall. I spared the girl a single glance. She was using a lot of raw power, tiring. It was only a matter of time before she was just as powerless as her fallen friend.

I knew she knew the same thing; it was evident in her eyes. Of course, Harry wasn't fairing much better. Wizard or not, he was suffering from physical wounds. He wasn't going to be able to keep up the power slinging for long. He and the girl were in the same boat, and neither one wanted to be the captain when it sunk (yes, I made a Titanic reference, sue me).

The girl, more desperate than Harry, threw power into the air. I wasn't sure what she was doing, at first, but I caught on when I glanced up. I quickly redirected my gaze in time to see Harry go flying. The girl's eyes locked on Butters, her last ditch attempt to distract us, and I was running.

I threw myself in Butters' path, not missing the fear in his eyes, and took the blast of water to the side. I flew up, my head slamming into the rafters I had used to get into the building. I landed on the ground, hard, the breath knocked from my lungs.

My vision was a sea of gray; I could barely keep my eyes open. I was seconds away from blacking out, Butters once again at the girl's mercy, when I heard the bark of a pistol. Before I could fathom who had been shot, and by whom, I was already out…


I awoke with a start, some thirty seconds later, soaking wet. I slowly sat up, running a hand across the back of my newly healed head. I looked around, noticing Butters was gone. I scrambled up, for a second panicked that the girl had managed to get him and her friend out of there, ready to go and start a search. But froze when my eyes locked on the body.

She had been shot three times, each to the chest. She lay at her friend's feet, on her side, blood soaking her hoodie. I didn't hear a heartbeat, meaning Murphy (whom I could only guess did the shooting) shot to kill.

"Good, you're awake," a voice said behind me. I turned, spotting Butters standing a few feet from me. "We have to go. Harry said something about Wardens being on their way." Yep, time to go. They weren't exactly fond of my kind (nor did they know I was related to one of their 'employees').

"Where's Harry?" I asked scanning the warehouse for my brother.

"Outside, waiting for the Wardens. Murphy's waiting to drive us back to your apartment."

"So, Harry's going to face the Wardens alone, hurt?"

"He said he'd get a cab when they let him go." I didn't respond to Butters' comment, nor did I like it, but there was nothing I could do about it. So, I opted to just follow him out of the warehouse.

"Hey, did you find out why they wanted you?" I asked the moment we were outside. A shiver went up his spine, having nothing to do with the cold, and he said, "The girl, she said she wanted my body."

"Figures," I muttered. They probably needed a vessel for whoever's spirit they were summoning. Butters lucked out on that little adventure. Of course, it also bothered me. Why would they take weak, scared, powerless Butters. They had three other vessels (two who happened to be supernatural beings), to chose from. Hell, Murphy could kick a guy's ass with one fist tied behind her back. Why Butters? I guess it was one of those mysterious I wouldn't be able to solve.

"What does that mean?" Butter squeaked out but I didn't reply.

My brother was leaning against Murphy's car, arms crossed, waiting for us. Karrin sat behind the wheel, looking beyond pissed. I could tell she wanted to follow procedure, call this in, but Harry probably convinced (or begged) her to let him have this one. Besides, this was kinda a White Council thing; CPD would probably get in the way.

"Who shot…?" although I already knew, I had to make one-hundred percent sure.

"Murphy," Harry responded pushing away from the car. I could tell it was taking some effort for him to stay standing, but he was stubborn. Stubborn should be one of his middle names. "She managed to get to her gun, shot the girl before she could kill Butters."

I nodded, my eyes locked on Harry. I mulled over everything I wanted to say to him, mostly I just wanted to punch him for putting me through all this crap, and ended up saying, "Next time you get the sudden need to call for a ride at two-thirty in the morning, skip over my number…"

The End...


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