Cinders on a Jay's feather

A/N: Been reading about this and thought this would be a good idea to write, plus and I like the pairings'

Cinderheart lay in the nursery, curled in a ball. She was remembering how she broke the news to him.

"Well whose kits are they? Mine or Lionblaze's?"

"Yours! I have never mated with Lionblaze!" Cinderheart spat.

The sightless blue eyes relaxed and he purred. "I see."

Cinderheart licked Jayfeather's cheek.

(Jayfeather's POV)

Jayfeather sifted through his medicine cat stores and set aside some borage for Cinderheart.

"Low on Marigold." Jayfeather could feel Briarlight's heart pounding in her chest. Jayfeather could feel her eyes burning into his pelt.

Jayfeather paid her no mind and thoughts swirled in his mind. He remembered seeing Cinderheart in his dreams. He walked with her sometimes.

Cinderheart was so beautiful. Her sparkling blue eyes, and fluffy gray fur. Jayfeather purred and turned back to his stores.

Briarlight dragged herself around the den and started to sweep the floor with her paws. Briarlight brushed against Jayfeather, her heart pounding.

Jayfeather froze and turned his head toward Briarlight. Briarlight pressed her muzzle against Jayfeather's. Jayfeather stiffened as he heard a shocked gasp sound from the front of the den.

Cinderheart's scent wreathed around him and she let out a strangled wail and fled.

"Cinderheart!" Jayfeather called. "Whats wrong, Cinderheart?" Jayfeather froze as he heard Lionblaze's voice.