Cinder's on a Jay's Feather

Chapter 3

A/N: sorry to keep you guys waiting. Softball season and writers block. will be writing more soon!

(Cinderhearts POV)

"Jayfeather please don't die on me."

Cinderheart dragged Jayfeather over the forest floor.

His wounds oozed blood. Jayfeather didn't make a sound as Cinderheart dragged him across the forest.

Cinderheart scented a Thunderclan patrol heading their way and stopped.

Brackenfur lead the way and stopped dead at the sight of Jayfeather.

Sorreltail and Thornclaw gasped in horror.

"What happened to him?" Brackenfur demanded.

"Uh…..He was attacked by a badger."

"Why were you out here with him?" Brackenfur stared suspiciously at her.

"I came out to help him find some Horsetail and Marigold." Cinderheart snapped.

Brackenfur narrowed his eyes but picked Jayfeather up by the scruff of his neck and started to carry him to camp.

Cinderheart followed as Brackenfur laid him in the Medicine cat den.

Leafpool followed and sat down by Jayfeather.

Leafpool dissapered inside the medicine cat stores and pulled out a swath of cobwebs and marigold.

Cinderheart took the Marigold and chewed it then spat the leaves onto his wounds, pressing the cobwebs on them to keep in the juices and blood.

Cinderheart lay her head down next to Jayfeather's and waited for him to wake up.

(Jayfeather's POV)

Jayfeather opened his eyes, his vision blurry. He ached all over. I knew Lionblaze was good fighter but I never knew he was that good!

Jayfeather's noise twitched and he purred as he smelled the familiar scent of his secret mate.

"You're alright!" She purred as she nuzzled him. Jayfeather got and padded to the stream in the back of the den.

"Where is Lionblaze?" Jayfeather rasped. Cinderheart shook her head.

"He went and gave Firestar a full status report on what happened at the Moonpool. Firestar is waiting to talk to you." Cinderheart's mew was full of fear and fear scent came off of her in waves.

"Your right Cinderheart I am." Cinderheart turned around. "Oh Firestar…."

Cinderheart padded from the den, leaving Jayfeather and Firestar alone.

"You are have broken the Medince cat code." His voice betrayed nothing but Jayfeather stood awaiting what was next.