The Jaken Drabbles

Prologue: Move

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The daiyoukai fixed his amber gaze on the green imp, who steadily began to rise off of his knees to grin broadly up at him.

"Sesshomaru-sama," he repeated.

He liked that name, and how well it suited this gracious, yet otherworldly demon. It was beautiful, exotic, free-flowing and ever so elegant, like the fluttering, brushing wings of a butterfly on his lips. He had a flowing mane of long silver hair, flashing molten amber eyes of hard, calm composure. The icy chill of such a stoic demeanor sent tremors racing down his spine.

And his aura! He must be, he was incredibly powerful, and the energy surges that radiated off of this demon coated the imp in a thick layer of youki, binding, twisting him into a rigid, unyielding submission. He felt this need, this overcoming uncontrollable desire… to serve.

"Little Youkai," Sesshomaru said.

He speaks! How rich his voice rang out, deep and harmonic against the silent sheerness of a dark night that envelops them. The graceful stepping of one foot before his other, and the complete sureness, confidence that held his head high with the air and utter coolness of a monarch, was spell-binding.

"Little Youkai…"

"My name is Jaken," he whispered softly.

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow at that, tilting his head the slightest amount to one side. Jaken would've remarked how adorable this looked had he not been stunned into stillness by the intense gaze of his eyes. The daiyoukai continued to stare down the imp at his feet.

"…this Sesshomaru…" he began, completely ignoring the fact he had even been addressed. His words came slow, as if from a far off distance. The mokomoko at his shoulder fluttered in the breeze. Jaken had the sudden uncontrollable urge to cling to its white fluffiness.


"…will ask this once…"


"…that …"






Too late. The sharp, pinching pain of Sesshomaru's heavy black boots surged forth, though not particularly hard, effortlessly knocked him off to one side of the narrow dirt pathway of the forest.

He watched the daiyoukai walk away without sparing a backwards glance.

"WAIT!" he jumped up and chased after him, stumbling over the hem of his robes, "WAIT! I'LL COME WITH YOU!"

"Go away, Little Youkai," Sesshomaru snapped coldly.

"My name is Jaken," he replied with determination.

"Not that it makes much difference to me," was the reply.

The two demons disappeared into the partings of the trees.


Word Count: 408

A/N: This is just the prologue, Rin WILL be in the first chapter. I'm following the original Inuyasha plotline, so it'll start when she is a child, but will extend until she is an adult. I thought this was a cute little drabble, seeing as it isn't even a thousand words like all my other work. Please review if you'd like more!