The Jaken Drabbles

Epilogue: Sesshomaru

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WARNING: Mild citrus content.


Nintojo (Staff of Two Heads)

Tou-chan (Daddy)

Chichi-ue (Father)

Okaa-chan (Mom)

Obaa-san (Grandmother)

Onii-san (Big brother)

Oji-san (Uncle)



It had been nearly a year since he last saw it, the Western Lands and all its splendid glory. The sheer beauty of the trees and blossoming flowers of his birthplace seemed to welcome him after such a long, gloomy winter at war. He had not anticipated to be gone for that expanse of time, but dire circumstances had needed his attention. The Rebel General had not told him he wished to attack the Southern Fortress, and the Inu No Taisho was forced to join in the battle to save what was left of his army. And then the blizzards had hit, simultaneously, and they went without food for more than a week.

After harshly scolding the Rebels for their foolishness, he decided it was time he returned to the West. His army was to be replenished, and if he was being perfectly honest with himself, he needed to rest, at least for awhile.

Lord Sesshomaru appeared as regal as ever, walking in the front of his large party of soldiers. They followed him at a respectful distance, admiring the long hair he had tied up, and the back of his new silver armor which, it was rumored, had been created by the same demon blacksmith that had forged his sword.

Just suddenly, he stopped walking, and the rest of the army immediately paused in his wake.

"Is there a disturbance, Milord?" asked one young inuyoukai, who grasped the hilt of his weapon to emphasize his readiness for action. A few of the other samurai copied him.

His lord honored him with a glance of acknowledgement and shook his head. As he did not show any outward signs of impending danger, they relaxed.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes, and listened:

"Nama no naka, mori no naka,
Kaze no naka, yume no naka,
Sesshomaru-sama doko ni iru.

Jaken-sama wo shita naete…"

"Men," he firmly addressed the crowd behind him. They snapped to attention, completely fixation on their general.

The hard amber swept over them briefly before he said: "Return to your families and heal yourselves. We will stay one month, but no longer." Then he dismissed them.

As they scatter in an assorted number of directions, he knew there could be only one thought on their minds at this moment, the same thought that had plagued his dreams with every night he laid himself to sleep alone.

The daiyoukai stalked among the shadows of the trees, keeping him well hidden from any watchful eyes. His footfalls were light, precise, and inaudible. Not even his breath could disturb this peaceful forest setting around him.

It was his nose that led the way. The predator demon smirked his pleasure at the knowledge that his intended prey knew nothing of his advances, and sat foolishly in the open of a grassy meadow, blissfully unaware. He could feel the more sinister part of him lick its chops hungrily. It had been far too long since he had last played this game.

At the end of the tree lines, Sesshomaru halted, studying the back of a lone figure, a woman. Basking in the warm sunshine, he saw she had taken off her outer kimono, leaving her slender arms bare to the shoulder. The long raven tresses of her hair had grown long, tumbling freely to the ground in any manner it pleased. As she continued to weave together the green stems of wildflowers, she sang:

"Watashi wa hitori de machimashou
Sesshomaru-sama omodori wo…"

And she sighed so sadly, too caught up in her own far off memories to realize the object of her thoughts was now kneeling behind her, holding the fine tips of her dark hair to his lips, watching with lidded amber eyes.

A moment passed like this, and Sesshomaru used it to marvel at how beautiful he thought Rin had become.

She did not notice him sidle closer still until his nose found the crook of her neck, the breastplate of his armor pressed into her back.

Rin yelped, "Ah, Sesshomaru!"

He chose not to answer her greeting, instead brushing his lips gently across the marks where he would sometimes bite her.

"I have missed you…" Rin cupped a striped cheek gently in one hand, urging him up so she may look at him and not just the top of his silvery head. There was love, and an obvious possessiveness burning brightly in his eyes. The same heart-melting half-smile Rin ingrained permanently within her memory was just as soft, only a faint shadow of the resounding joy he felt about being with her again.


Not now his eyes seemed to tell her, returning to her neck. Rin moaned, allowing herself to fall into his waiting arms. He growled at her submission.

The inuyoukai licked and nipped his mate's neck for awhile longer and then, placing one long finger beneath her chin, tilted Rin's head back so he could kiss her.

Such enthusiasm in this simple pressing of flesh shocked them both. What started as an innocent show of affection turned frantic, a ravenous need to release the pent up passion of a year's worth of love-making.

This kissing was not enough. Sesshomaru wanted to lose himself within her, feel the desire she had for him in the way her nails dug into the skin of his back, begging him to hold her tighter, sighing pleasure when he did…

The pups would be with their grandmother at the palace, only a short distance a way. News had yet to spread the lord had returned to the West, but if he showed himself to the locals all hopes of just one day alone with Rin would dissipate. Families must be informed their loved ones were dead; many will want updates on the progress with this war, and then the peasants never failed to show up on his doorstep with one complaint or another he must resolve.

Couldn't they understand? He would rather be here, loving his mate, or with his pups, who have endured the first seven years of their lives with a father that must come and go as the seasons change.

Rin reached up and pulled at the cord that held his hair back. She liked to see him as he used to be; rogue, breath-taking in his wild beauty…


The sun was just beginning to sink below the tree tops, the wind blew a small chill, but Rin was warm, lying with her body entangled with her Alpha's, dozing lightly on his bare chest. Sesshomaru's left hand slowly stroked her bottom while the other rested behind his head as a cushion on the hard ground. He purred his satisfaction.

Rin sighed, and he couldn't help but smirk at her exhaustion. She was so out of practice!

"Tell me, Sessho," she said, looking up, "Are you ever going to properly greet your lady?"

It was true; he had said not one word in the long hour they had made love in that meadow. His mouth had just been too busy doing other things…

The smirk became more pronounced. "Hello."

Rin blushed at how deep his voice was now, and that she was the reason behind it.

But there were more important things they must discuss, one topic in particular:

"How much longer?"

His face darkened. She asked this every time he came home. And so far, his answer had always been the same:

"I cannot say."

Gods, he hated how the hopes that shone through her eyes crumpled to ash, but the sadness was quickly replaced with frustration.

"You need to be with your children." Rin now carried a strong, commanding tone, very much like his own mother.

"I know," he said softly, "And you know I want to be here, Mate. But I cannot just abandon the Southern Rebels. I gave my word."

Rin knew he was right, but still didn't like it. "Sesshomaru, this has been going on for seven years. Please come home. The pups miss you. Tou-chan is all they talk about anymore. And then, I must sit and wait, praying to Kami you're still alive…"

Sesshomaru scoffed. "I am not so easily overcome. It offends me you even suggest such a ridiculous notion. Dying," he shook his head. "I will choose the day of my death, should the opportunity present itself, but it shall be by my own blade."

Rin pushed up from his chest, shivering slightly at the loss of warmth, and goosebumps rose all over her skin. She made a grab for her kimono.

The inuyoukai watched with a sour look. "Are you leaving?"

"Yes, and you're coming, too. Inukimi is probably wondering where I am and the last thing I want is the pups seeing us like…" She gestured at his naked body.

"This is a public meadow. If I gave a damn about who was watching us-"

"You naughty doggie," she scowled. "You have no decency whatsoever."

As if just to prove her point, he licked her right nipple and it peaked instantly beneath his tongue. "Hn… more…"

"More?" she squeaked, suddenly not so commanding as he continued to nuzzle her breast.

"I like making puppies."

"Right," Rin snorted sarcastically, "You just like seeing me naked."

Sesshomaru arched an eyebrow suggestively at that. "Hai. And pregnant. But preferably both at the same time."

Gods she'd missed him and his seductive voice.

"Five minutes, that's it."

He gave her an amused look, pinching her nipple between his fingers. "I only need two to make you come."


"Obaa-san!" said Hiroshi, "Okaa-chan is somewhere over here! I can smell her!"

Rin yelped and scrambled for her clothes. In her mad rush to dress, she saw that Sesshomaru was already fully clothed, rubbing a smear off the breastplate of his new armor. It was moments like this, as Rin tied her kimono closed, she wished she could match his speed.

"Okaa-chan! Okaa-chan!" Hiroshi called, and she could hear a rustling of trees and bushes.

A soft voice some distance away said, "I can smell our Chichi-ue."

"Me, too! Me, too!" a girl said excitedly, "Oh, move faster, Katsu! I want to see Tou-chan!"

"If you were not my sister, Hana," he replied quietly, "I would force you to walk yourself. The Heir to the Western Lands should not have to cart a hanyou around on his back like a common mule."

"Oh, come off it!" Hiroshi jumped to Hana's defense. "We know you love giving her rides."

"Ridiculous. I am merely doing as our Chichi-ue asked, so she does not have to feel inadequate. Not that it is any of my concern."

"You use big words, Onii-san," Hana said, "I don't understand you half the time."

"Yes, you do care," said Hiroshi, still trying to navigate in the bushes.

Inukimi appeared first between the partings of the trees, greeting Sesshomaru with a silent nod of her head. It did not show plainly on her face, but she was extremely pleased that her son had returned, unscathed. Her nose twitched, she scented the heavy arousal in the air around them. A hard look from Sesshomaru kept her from saying anything.

Finally all three pups stumbled into the meadow.


Sesshomaru immediately regretted putting his armor back on. The impact of the combined strength of his children together as they pounced on him was equivalent to that of being hit full force in the gut by a giant boulder. The wind was knocked out of him as he was thrown nosily onto his back.

Hiroshi pinned down his arms, Katsu had his legs, and Hana, sitting on his chest, leaned forward and gave him a big, sloppy lick on the nose.


Rin was laughing hysterically at the fact the strongest youkai in the world was capable of being subdued by his own children. And they weren't even at their fullest strength yet!"

Perhaps Sesshomaru would've been able to take on one of them, but together they were utterly impossible to control! Gods, he wondered how Rin did it.

"Surrender!" Hana yipped, and licked him again.

Sesshomaru growled, nipping at one of her dog ears playfully, "Never."

And a fierce wrestling match ensued, three against one. The demon lord enjoyed playing with his children; mostly because it taught them the fighting techniques he knew they would need when they grew older. In a few years time, he would teach them to duel with human weapons, particularly his sons, who would later be expecting their inheritance of a powerful sword; either Tenseiga or Bakusaiga.

But Hana, she would never learn to duel.

After Jaken had sacrificed himself for her, she had revived instantly. The relief the inuyoukai felt at the sound of her screams made him grin briefly before he realized what he had done. Rin had thrown herself on the floor and wept, reaching out to where the imp laid face down. If one did not know the tragedy of what had just occurred, perhaps it looked as if he'd merely been stepped on again.

Inukimi inspected the pup thoroughly, and much to her dismay, reported that one of Hana's legs was shorter than the other. She would never be able to rest her weight on it and walk properly. She would never be able to run with her brother, unless one of them would carry her. With it being widely known throughout Japan Hana had a great weakness, on top of that she was a hanyou, and in this world that was practically a death sentence.

Which raised the question of why. Inukimi had a theory: Sesshomaru, who was a thousand times stronger than his father had been when he conceived Inuyasha, had enough youki to overcome his mate's human aspects, and the results were full blooded children. Perhaps Hana had died in Rin's womb halfway through her demonic development from a hanyou to a youkai pup. Her brothers had successfully completed the transformation.

But it was already discovered, Hana's life was precious. Katsu was to become the High Alpha of the Western Lands; Hiroshi would be his Lord Beta, and Hana the Lady Princess, at least until she married. Sesshomaru did not like to think about that, he will rip out the throat of any idiot who dared ask him for her hand in matrimony. And he had already made it perfectly clear with Rin Hana was NOT allowed to be courted until she was at least 500 years old.

He wanted her to be a little girl forever.

She plucked a flower out the ground and stuck it in her father's hair. "You're so pretty, Tou-chan!"

Sesshomaru had managed to pin all three of them down using one arm, and his other hand lifted their chins, one by one, and sniffed their necks. They remained still under his inspection.

Only when he was satisfied did he finally say, "Have you been behaving for your Okaa and Obaa-san?"

They nodded in unison.

"Good," and he released them.

"Tou-chan!" Hiroshi said, grinning broadly. "I have received full marks in the Western History class! Myoga-sensei says I outperformed Katsu by a landslide!"

His brother glared at him viciously, "Who cares about what has happened in the past? I will be lord, my concern is the future."

Sesshomaru touched the crown of Katsu's silver head. "Do not despise your brother. He has a right to be proud. Yes, you will be Alpha, but learning about the past will guide you in your decisions for the better of our clan."

Katsu began to pout, but a firm look from his father told the pup not to try his patience. Rin came up behind Sesshomaru and kissed the back of his neck. "Inuyasha was here a couple days ago."

At the mention of their uncle's name, the pup's eyes lit up. "Oji-san! He showed us his Wind Scar! It was SO COOL!"

The inuyoukai sighed. "Inuyasha…"

"He has ears just like me!" said Hana.

Sesshomaru looked at them. They were still floppy, and soft with brown puppy fur. "No, yours are much prettier."

She beamed at him. "Oh! Tou-chan, I have something to show you!"

Rin giggled and released his neck as Sesshomaru sat upright. "What is it?"

"Wait right here!" she said, and then grabbed the staff she had been carrying. Yes, she possessed Jaken's Nintojo now. If no other member of the pack was there to protect her, she must have some weapon to defend herself. And it helped her to walk somewhat on her own. She carried it everywhere, but still preferred to ride on Katsu's back.

Sesshomaru almost smiled at the memory of when he had given her the staff.


"It once belonged to the demon that saved your life. He was very honorable, and I will let you have this if you can use it."

The inuhanyou nodded, but she seemed hesitant to take it from him.

"What's the matter?" he asked. "Don't you want it?"

Hana nodded again. "Yes, if it belonged to my savior, of course, but… oh Tou-chan, it just… so, SO UGLY!" She pointed at its heads. "I think it needs some flowers." And she gathered a whole bouquet and used them to decorate the staff. "There, NOW it is pretty!"

Sesshomaru had to hide behind Rin to conceal the fact he was about to bust a spleen from laughing so hard. Surely if Jaken knew what had become of his beloved Nintojo, he would be screaming bloody murder from within his grave.


The inuyoukai watched his daughter shuffle back toward the tree lines. Another giggle from Rin and even Inukimi had to stifle a laugh. The two other pups actually grinned at each other but said nothing.

What was so funny?

About five minutes later, Hana reappeared again, clasping something in her hands. This made it difficult for her to grip the staff, but she finally made it back to him.

She gave Sesshomaru a toothy smile, holding up her hands, and slowly parted them so his amber eyes could see what was inside.

It was a toad.

Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit. It stared at Sesshomaru.

"…" He didn't know what to say.

"Isn't he kawaii?" Hana prompted, pressing the toad to her cheek. "I named him Master Jaken, he's my new best friend! Say hi to Tou-chan, Master Jaken!"

Sesshomaru glared at Rin, who was having a field day with Inukimi laughing from behind Hana's back.

"… He's a very handsome toad."

Hana kissed it, and Sesshomaru had the uncontrollable urge to smack it away from her. Didn't she just LICK him with that same mouth? He mental cringed at the insanitary thought.

"Little One," he said, kneeling down to her level to take her face between his large hands. "Release Master Jaken back into the wild. Let's go home."


The End