Fair To Cloudy

Nopony could remember a time when it had rained so hard. Holed up in the barn, Applejack and her five closest friends did what they could, Twilight using her magic to bolster the door from the wind and rain while the others began sorting through the carts of apples they had been able to bring to shelter before the storm became too dangerous.

Applejack wore her most stoic expression, but Rarity had no difficulty seeing through it, and consoled her friend without words, stroking her mane with her front-right hoof.

"My harvest..." Applejack blinked away tears, trying to keep her composure.

"It'll be all right, Applejack." Rainbow Dash offered. "We'll make it work somehow."

"We'll have a bake sale!" Pinkie Pie said energetically. "We'll go all over Ponyville and take up a collection, and I'll ask Mr. & Mrs. Cake to contribute some sweets, and I can throw a party to save Sweet Apple Acres! You'll see!"

Twilight turned towards the group, satisfied that the door was sufficiently buttressed from the elements at the moment. "Applejack, aside from what we saved, how much did you and Big Mac already harvest."

"A little over half the farm." Applejack sighed, still unconvinced. "That's still a lot of spoiled apples, girls."

"I could...perhaps...ask some of the animals to see what can be saved." Fluttershy offered meekly, disliking the idea of volunteering others but unable to watch her close friend suffer.

In turn, each of Applejack's friends offered their support, banding together in a time of great need just as they had when Twilight had first come to Ponyville. As Twilight Sparkle watched her forlorn friend slowly begin to embrace their help, she listened to the pounding rain outside and oddly felt excited about her next letter to Princess Celestia.