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Chapter 1 : Present Day

I walk back into the Attending's lounge to make myself a cup of well needed coffee after a stressful surgery. My back hurts, my eyelids are heavy and I just want to sleep. The fact that I have another surgery in 45 minutes almost makes me cringe. Walking over to my cubby, I reach for my wallet to get a stick of gum and I notice the picture.

It's of Callie and our son. They're sliding down a slide together at, what used to be, our favorite park. He's sitting in between Callie's legs and they are both laughing really hard. They were happy. We were happy. Oh, how things change in a matter of weeks.

Sticking the piece of gum in my mouth, I make my way to the nurses' station. Reaching to pick up some charts, I hear my pager go off. I look down and see that it's a 911 from the ER. Great.

I walk to the elevator and as I step on, I'm relieved that I am the only one on. I go to the back and, closing my eyes, lean against the wall. I feel the elevator stop and I hear someone get on. I contemplate whether or not to open my eyes and in the end, I do. When I do, I am greeted by a pool of brown starring at me.

"Hey" she speaks to me, awkwardly.

"Hi" I say back just a awkward.

We're forcing these exchange of words. We haven't had a real conversation in weeks. There is tension, she knows it, I know it. Hell, the whole hospital probably knows it.

"So, umm, how's ahh.. how's it going?"

'Is this the longest elevator ride or what?' I think to myself.

"Callio—," I stop myself, "Callie" Ding!

The elevator stops and we both get off and start toward the ER.

"You got paged to the ER too?" I ask, breaking the very uncomfortable silence.

"Yeah," she answers, "So…how's it going?"

'Does she not realize that I'm avoiding that question', I think to


"Hmm, how's it going? Well, I miss my bed, that's for sure" I say back, coldly.

"Look, I didn't tell you to leave, you made that decision on your own", she's getting angry.

Rounding the corner to the ER, I say, a little louder now, "Yeah, well you didn't seem to mind that mu—"

I was cut off by a familiar scream. I look at Callie and we came to a silent agreement to finish this little fight later.

"What the hell happened?" Callie yells to no one in particular. I make my way over to our son who is screaming on a gurney.

"Hey, bud. Mommy's here okay." I assure him. I take his 4 year-old body into my arms and he clings to my scrub shirt. He's scared and it breaks my heart into 7 million pieces.

"Ahh, we were, we were at the park and, and, I turned my back for 2 seconds and the next thing I know, Zay's on the ground screaming." says Darcy, my son's babysitter. She's nervous and I'd be the same way if I had Calliope Torres giving me the death stare right now too. "Dr. Torres, Dr. Robbins, I'm sorry. Please, I didn't mean for this to happen, I looked away for 2 seconds, I swear. I'm sorry." Darcy continues.

I give Callie a look that says You can be angry mom later, right now, our son needs you. She steps over to where I am and kneels down next to me, our son in my arms.

"Hey, little guy, it's Mama. Let me take a look at your foot, okay?" Callie says softly, "I won't hurt it, I promise."

One look at the tiny ankle and Callie rolls her eyes. "It's broken," she sounds annoyed, " and I'm almost sure that it's in more than one place." she continues. "Alright, let's get him up to x-ray an—" she's cut off. Miranda Bailey enters the space.

"What do you think you're doing, Dr. Torres?" Bailey asks in a stern voice. "You know the rules, you'll be here as that little boy's mother, not his doctor." she finishes.

"Okay, Xavier," Bailey says "we're going to take you up to get an x-ray, okay?" receiving a nod from the little boy, Bailey starts towards to elevator.

"I'm coming with him!" Callie states, more forceful than she needed to.

"Okay, fine" Bailey says back.

Callie takes our son out of my arms and starts to follow Bailey.

I start to follow them and then I remember something.

"Crap, I have a surgery in 15. I'll be back as soon as I can, okay" I say to Callie. She nods. I go in front of her to look at my son, he's calmed down a little.

"Mommy'll be back in a little bit, okay? You've got Mama here and Auntie Miranda's gonna take you to the cool x-ray machine that you always talk about. I'll be back in no time, okay?" I tell him, kissing his head.

He sniffs "okay." he whispers.

It kills me to leave him right now, but I know he's in good hands.

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