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Chapter 16: 9 Months Later

"Robbins!" I hear Chief Webber call as I swiftly make my way around the hospital corner. I've been avoiding him ever since Karev told me he has been wandering the halls looking for me.

"Robbins, get back here!" he calls again, turning the corner.

"Oh, Chief," I say a little out of breath, "I didn't even know you were looking for me." I lie.

"Yeah, okay, cut the crap, Robbins," he says, his serious tone making me flinch internally. "Go home!"

"Wha—Why?" I ask semi-confused.

"Because I can't have you in the OR like this." he says, gesturing to my very pregnant belly.

"Chief, seriously, you can't send me home—I'm only 6 months pregnant, I still have a lot of time to work before my maternity leave. There has to be rule against this—I—" I spit back, annoyed.

"I knew you would say this," The Chief says, cutting me off, "So I paged Torres, she should be here any minute, maybe she can talk some sense into you." she Chief says, walking away from me.

Sighing to myself, I walk back over to the nurses station to finish signing off on a few charts. Hearing footsteps approaching me, I don't even bother to turn around. This person's hands immediately find my stomach and the only people I let do that are Xavier and Callie. It annoys me when random people come up and touch my stomach, I don't go around feeling on them, so why would I want them to do that to me?

Grabbing my hand, Callie silently and gently walks me into the nearest on-call room. I take a seat on the bed, and she pulls a chair in front of me so that she could sit down. She takes one of my hands in hers and I can feel her starring at me. I purposely avoid her gaze, and opt to play with her fingers instead.

"What's going on in there?" she says pointing to my head, "Why won't you take a little break?"

"Callie, I'm fine, really." I say, finally looking at her.

"I know you're fine, but you can't work anymore, babe. So why don't you just go home for the day?" Callie tells me, and I want to be mad, I do, I hate when people treat me like I'm immobile just because I'm pregnant. She's just so sweet about it, though, and it warms my heart. And she's right, too. I'm only 6 months pregnant, but my stomach is really big. Like freakishly large. The other day, someone told me that I 'looked about ready to pop.'

"But, I still have months to work, Callie. I can't leave now." I whine a little.

"I know you do. I have no idea what's going on in there," Callie laughs, her hands find my stomach, "But our baby seems to be huge at 6 months. I know it sucks, but how about this. How about you go downstairs and get Zay from daycare, you guys go home and have some Mommy and Zay time before Mark comes to get him, and when I get home in a bit, I'll make you and our baby lots and lots of food and we'll watch any crap you want on TV. How's that sound?" she finishes with a hopeful smile.

"Lots and lots of food?" I ask and she laughs and nods. "Well, since you put it like that…" I trail off, smiling.

"So you'll call it a day today? You can always come back tomorrow and chart or do consults, because I saw you today in the OR." she tells me, "And surgery seems to be out of the question.

I look down, blushing in embarrassment. I did a routine appendectomy today and I had to turn sideways in order to reach my patient. That's how big my stomach is, not to mention that I had to stop and use the bathroom three times.

"Ok. I guess you're right." I say, kissing Callie softly.

She stands, and helps me up, kissing me again.

"I'll walk you down, Mark is going to pick Zay up before I get home, so I want to see him before you guys go." She says, lacing our fingers together as we walk out of the room, and to the elevator.


"Can he hear me?" Xavier whispers to me, his ear to my stomach.

"Well, yeah," I tell him, moving his little hand so that he could feel the baby kick, "You just have to talk a little louder."

"Hi." he says, louder this time. He looks up at me as if to ask if that was alright, and I nod, letting him know that it was perfect.

"So, Xavier, what do you think? Is there a boy in Mommy's tummy, or a girl?" I ask him as he crawls up and plops down next to me, on Callie's side of the bed.

"Umm…a boy!" he says excitedly.

"Yeah? Your Mama wants it to be a boy too. You could have a little sister, you know?" I ask him, not wanting him to get his hopes up for a little brother. "You won't always like the same things, and sometimes, you won't want her around you, but you'll love her so much, and you'll have to protect her. Always protect the things you love." I tell him, tearing up a bit. Damn hormones.

"I know. Daddy told me that too." he says, and I grew curious.

"What did he tell you?" I asks.

"He said that I should always protect my little brother or sister and that we should always stick together no matter what people say about us." Xavier says.

"Well, Dad's right, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there." I tell him.

"Huh?" he asks and just as I'm about to tell him that it was just an old saying, he asks another question, "Mommy, will the baby look like me?" he asks, eyes fixed on my stomach again.

"Hmm, well, I don't know." I tell him honestly. "The baby could have blue eyes, like you and I, or, it could have brown eyes. Like Mama." I try to explain. "The baby's hair could be like you and Mama's hair…or it could be like mine." I say, tugging on one of my loose curls. I know the possible description of the baby that I gave didn't help, but I wasn't really sure myself. Callie really wanted a 'mini Arizona' so we used my eggs. Going through the possible sperm donors, the man we decided on has brown eyes and blonde hair. It could really go either way.

"Oh. I hope he's a boy." Xavier says. Putting his lips to my stomach again, he loudly says, "Hi… I want you to be a boy." looking up at me again, much like he did before, I just giggle and shrug a bit.

"We're going to find out next week, when Aunt Addie comes back." I tell him. "Are you excited?"

"Yes!" he says, adding something that resembled a fist pump.

Just then, someone knocks on the door.

"I'll get it!" Xavier says, jumping out of bed. You'd think he'd be more careful, but ever since he got his cast off, he's been all over the place.

"Ahh, no you won't," I call into the living room. "Wait until I get in there!" I finish. Getting off of my bed, the person knocks again. "Just a sec!" I call, making my way into the living room.

Opening the door, Mark is standing there.

"Umm, Hey?" he says hesitantly, taking note of the angry look I'm giving him.

"Seriously, Mark! Do you know how much energy it took to get out of the bed and come in here? You could have just came in!" I say, sitting on the couch.

"Whoa, Prego, check your phone." he says with a chuckle.

Picking up my phone that I left on the table I see that I have two unread messages. One from Callie telling me that her last surgery was postponed, and she'll be home soon. And the other was, indeed, from Mark:

"Hey, I'm on my way to come and pick up Zay. Do you want me to just let myself in?"

"Oh, my phone was in here." I tell him.

"I see that now," he says, picking up Xavier who just came trotting out of his room with his shoes on now.

"So, do you need anything before we go?" Mark asks me.

"Ahh, no. Callie should be here in a bit, thanks." I tell him.

"Alright," he says putting Zay back down, "Go tell your Mom bye, little guy."

Xavier comes over and gives me a sloppy peck on my cheek and tells me bye. He then puts his hands either side of my stomach and tells the baby bye, once again, looking up at me for approval.

"Yep." I tell him. "Ok, I love you, be good for your Dad, see you on Monday."

"Ok, I love you too, Mommy." he says as Mark lifts him.

"Ok, Arizona." Mark says, "Call if ya need anything."

"I will." I tell him as they leave.


"Yesterday, Xavier asked me if the baby was going to look like him." I tell Callie as we sit and look at dining room sets in a catalog.

"What'd you tell him." she asked, flipping through the pages.

"I told him that the baby might look a little like all three of us. He really wants it to be a boy." I tell her.

"Me too… Well, it'll be fine if we have a girl, too. I just want it to be healthy." she says flipping the page and then flipping back. "How about this one?" she says pointing to the picture of the fancy table with chairs. "It goes with all of the other stuff we bought."

"I don't know. I don't want a glass table." I tell her, thinking about all of the patients I get from falling and cutting themselves on glass. "Do you think we'll be moved in before them baby gets here?"

"Yeah, of course. Alex, Mark, Jackson, Cristina, Meredith, Owen and April all said they'd help us move in a few weeks. Everyone else might have to work." Callie tells me as she continues to flip through pages. We found a house that we fell in love with about two months ago and everything was finalized not too long ago. It's about a 6 minute drive from the hospital and it's big. Not too big, though. I like to call it perfect.

"That's great." I tell her.

"Hm. What about this one?" she shows me another picture in the catalog.

"NO, look at the corners on that table, Calliope!" I say, and it comes out a bit harsher than I intended.

"Whoa, jeez, Arizona. Okay. Let me look for a round table made out of sponge." she spits back, sarcastically.

"You can keep the sarcasm to yourself, Callie."

"Right, Arizona. Let's not argue, okay?" Callie tells me.

"I'm not arguing, I just think you could keep the sarcastic remarks to yourself!" I say.

"Okay, Arizona! No more sarcastic remarks. Calm down." Callie fires back.

"Don't tell me to calm down! Me wanting our kids to be safe is something that I'm allowed to be hype about, Callie! Seriously, that should be the first thing on your mind, keeping our kids safe!" I can feel my blood boiling now.

"Seriously, you're blowing this way out of proportion, Arizona. I'm not sure what's going on, and why you got so mad at me out of nowhere, but I'm gonna go before this turns into something we'll regret later." Callie calmly says, getting off of our bed.

"Bye!" I say as she leaves our bedroom.

Slinging the catalog off of the bed and onto the floor, I squeeze the bridge of my nose with my two fingers. I can hear the TV turn on in the living room now, Callie must be in there.

Leaning back on the headboard, I close my eyes, trying to figure out what the hell just happened, but before I know it, I'm drifting off to sleep.


Waking up, slumped over to the side, I sit up and wipe my eyes as all the memories of what transpired between Callie and myself came flooding back to me.

Standing up, I walk out into the living room only to find it empty.

"Callie?" I call out, not receiving and answer. Looking at the clock, I realized that I've been asleep for close to 3 hours.

Figuring that Callie got paged, I make my way to the kitchen to make myself and my very hungry baby something to eat.

Deciding on a whole bunch of fruit, I sit back on the couch and try to find a movie to watch until Callie gets back.

About an hour into the movie, I start to think. I felt really bad for the way I treated Callie earlier and, honestly, I'm not even sure why I acted that way. Deciding to call her and apologize, I go back into my room to get my cell phone. Reaching my dresser to retrieve my phone, I see Callie's pager and work ID.

'What the hell? If Callie isn't at work, then where the hell is she?' I think to myself.

A little worried now, I pick up my phone to call her, only to find that it's dead. Sitting it back on the dresser, I curse a few times under my breath, and when I realize that I left my charger in my cubby locker thing at work, those quiet curse words quickly turn into irritated yells.

Slipping on a pair of sweatpants and T-shirt, I go across the street to the hospital to get my charger. When I get there, I see a few of my friends, and ask them if they'd seen Callie, they all say no. Going into the Attending's Lounge, I get my charger and make my way through the hospital and back to my apartment. Realizing that I could have put my phone on the charger at the hospital and called Callie then, I mentally slap myself for leaving it on my dresser.

Rushing through my door, I'm stopped in my tracks when I see Callie sitting on the couch.

"Hey." Callie says to me.

"Where were you?" I whisper.

"I—the gun range. I didn't wake to wake you, but I left you messages." she tells me as I walk over towards the couch. I'm not really sure why we're talking so low, but it's working for me.

"My phone is dead, I left my charger at work" I tell her, holding it up to show her. "Calliope, I'm sorry form snapping earlier, I'm not sure what got into me."

She laughs a little, "I know what got into you. Our baby, and all those crazy hormones. I'm sorry, too, for walking away. I just needed to clear my head a little."

"I was worried about you."

"I know, I'm sorry about that too." she says standing up and moving behind me because that's the only way we can actually hug. "And it wasn't you, don't think that it was you. I've gotten use to those hormones, trust me."

"Then what was it?" I asks "'Cause you only go to the gun range when you're super pissed."

Callie sits on the couch and I sit on the other end as she pulls my fuzzy sock clad feet into her lap.

"My mom called today. She told me that Aria is pregnant."

"That's great, but you knew that already, right? Aria called and told you last week about how excited she was to give Zay a cousin and how the babies will be growing up together and stuff, right?… Right?" I say again when Callie doesn't answer me.

"Yeah, it's great, Aria's great—it's just, that my mom, she, uh—she calls and she's just like 'Calliope, did you hear about Aria?' and I'm like 'Yeah, she told me.' and then, she, uh, she says 'It's great, isn't it? So exciting, my first grandchild.'… she said that, Arizona." Callie says, and when she finally looks up at me, my heart breaks a little. Tears are brimming her eyes, dangerously close to falling.

"Callie, don't listen to her, okay? It doesn't matter what she thinks." I try to convince her, struggling to sit up. "Xavier is fine. He has his Abuelo, who spoils him way too much. He has his Tia Aria and Teo Chris and now he's gonna have a new baby cousin. Your mom doesn't show up in that equation, and our son is fine. He's okay, he's happy, he's healthy, he's fine. And this baby," I say, placing Callie's hand on my stomach, "This baby will be just fine, too. Okay?"

"I know, it just pisses me off a lot. I know she called just to tell me that, she never calls me." Callie tells me.

"I know. That's just the type of person she is, and I know it's hard, because that's your mother, but you can't let it bother you, sweetie."

"I know, and usually it doesn't bother me too much, but today, it just annoyed me."

"And it hurt you." I add.

"What? No it didn't hurt, it jus—"

"Oh, Callie, always the badass. I know you too well and I know that the way your mom treats you hurts. And I also know that you're too proud to let it show. Just know that it doesn't make you weak. Okay?"


"I love you, Xavier loves you and this little striker in here loves you too, okay?"

Callie nods, and a small smile plays across her lips, "Striker?" Callie asks, standing up.

"Yeah, babe, I swear we have a soccer player in here," I say as she helps me up and leads me to the bedroom. "She kicks so much, all over the place."

"You mean he." Callie says, matter-of-factly. She walks over to the dresser and starts looking through some papers.

"Nope, I meant she." I said through a yawn.

"Tired?" Callie asks, finally finding what she had been searching for.

"Yeah. And it's weird because I just woke up almost 2 hours ago."

"It's called being pregnant. Why don't you take a nap?" she says.

"I plan on it." I say getting into bed. "Where are you going?" I ask Callie as she's about to walk out of the room.

Holding up the papers she found, "I was going to finish filling these papers out for work."

"Oh. Okay." I tell her. I sleep so much better when she's in bed with me, but I can't ask her to stay in here. I mean, I can. I just don't want to ask her.

"I could do them in her if yo—"

"Yes." I say almost too quickly. Callie chuckles and walks over to the bed. "Scoot over, sleepyhead."

I do, and she climbs on the bed, kisses me softly, slips on those 'not so badass' glasses that I love so much, and begins to work.

I watch her for a little bit, in full contentment, before falling asleep.


Walking out of my office, I see Callie and Xavier walking towards me. Xavier is holding a cookie in the hand that isn't held protectively in Callie's.

"Nah-Uh" I began, holding my hand out for the cookie. "Give me the cookie."

Xavier looks at the cookie and then back up at me, and then back to the cookie, and then, finally, to Callie, "But, Mama said that I could have it!"

"What did your dad say?" I say reaching for the cookie.


"Xavier. Cookie. Now." I say, pulling out the mom voice, at this he hands me the cookie.

"Wait, why can't he have a the cookie?" Callie asks, genuinely curious.

"He lied." I tell her, leading them back to my office, "He didn't want to eat his peas. Mark said that he couldn't have any dessert until he ate them. Mark got up to put his own plate in the sink and when he came back the peas were gone. Mark asked if he had eaten them and Xavier told him that he did so Mark gave him dessert. Later, after Mark put Xavier to bed, he was cleaning up and found all of the peas in Xavier's sneakers. SO, he doesn't get any sweets for a few days." I say as we enter my office.

Callie looks down at Xavier who looks at the floor.

"What have we told you about lying, Xavier?" she asks.

"You said that I shouldn't ever lie. I'm sorry." he says.

"Don't let it happen again, do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mama." she says, taking a seat in the chair behind my desk.

"You have to admit, that was a little genius." Callie whispers so that our son wouldn't hear.

I chuckle, "So genius."

Pulling out the coloring book and crayons that I keep there for him, I moved some of the papers off of my desk and set him up to color.

Hearing a light tap on the door, I yell come in. Jackson enters.

"Hey, Dr. Robbins. Hey Zay." Jackson says. "Uhh, Dr. Torres, you said to meet you here because you had a special case for me."

"Right." Callie says walking over to me and grabbing my hand, "We have an appointment with Dr. Montgomery, and you, sir, get to watch our son. He doesn't get anything sweet, we'll be back soon." Call finishes, dragging me out of my office, ignoring Jackson's, grunts of frustration.


"Hey, guys" Addison says as she closes the door behind her.

"Hey, Addison, thanks for coming out." I say.

"Yeah, Addie, thanks." Callie says.

"You guys know that it's no problem. Besides, I have a super important case that I'm working on while I'm here. Okay," she says, "Let's see if you'll be giving me a niece or a nephew, shall we?"

Callie and I nod. "Okay, this is gonna be a bit cold, Arizona, you know the drill." Addison tells me, putting the cool gel on my growing stomach.

After a little bit, the sound of our baby's heartbeat fills the room. I can't help the smile that crosses my lips every time I hear that sound. Looking over at Callie, I see that she's smiling too. When I look back to Addison, she seems very focused on the monitor. After a few seconds, she gets this weird look on her face. I can't read it, though. It seems like a mixture of confusion, shock, and a bit of amusement.

"Well, um…Arizona, do—" Addie began but was cut off by her pager.

She looked down, and her eyes went wide. "911. No, No, No" she repeated under her breath, "Guys, I'm so sorry, this is a 911, on that patient I was talking about. Crap! I'll be right back!"

"Go." Both Callie and I say. We're both surgeons, we know how it is to get a page like that, and from the looks of it, this was very important.

"Did you see her face just now?" Callie asks me.

"Yeah, you noticed too, huh?"

"Yeah, I wonder what that meant."

"Nothing bad, I hope." I say.

"Trust me, if it was anything to worry about, Addison would have told us right away." Callie says, rubbing soothing circles on the top of my hand.

After waiting for around 5 minutes, we heard a soft tap on the door.

"Uh, come in." Callie called.

April walked in, "Dr. Torres, Dr. Robbins" she starts, "Dr. Montgomery had to perform an emergency surgery on one of her patience. She told me to assure both of you that everything is fine with your baby, and that she'll see you guys in a bit for your next appointment. She also told me to give you this." April says, handing Callie a piece of folded paper.

On the top of it, it said 'You guys are having…' with an arrow telling us to flip the folded paper up.

"Thanks, Dr. Kepner." I say as she leaves the room.

"Don't!" I yell as Callie goes to open the paper. "I'm not sure if I want to know yet."

"What does that have to do with me knowing?" Callie asks.

"Well…I don't know, can we just wait a little bit?" I ask.

"I guess so, yeah." Callie says, helping me up. "Let's go get Xavier before he drives Avery insane.


"Where are we going, Mommy" Xavier asks me, even though I'm not the one who's driving.

"You'll have to ask your Mama, Bud" I tell him.

"Where are we going, Mama?"

"We are going to the park." she tells him, stopping at a red light.

"But we passed the park already." Xavier says.

"Yeah, well we're going to a different park."

"Does this park have a jungle gym?" he asks, hopeful as if his life depended on the answer.

"Yep." Callie simply says.

"Awesome." Xavier says, and I can't help my smile. That's my boy.

Pulling up to the park that Callie and I used to go to, Callie parks.

"Don't get out, Arizona." She tells me as she gets out of the car and un-straps Zay from his seat. Walking around the car , she opens my door and helps me out.

"I could have gotten out on my own, Calliope." I tell her. Secretly, I thought it was sweet that she helped me out.

Walking over to a spot in the grass under a huge tree, Callie spreads out a blanket, that I didn't notice she had, in the shaded area, and she and I sit down.

"Can I go play over there?" Xavier asks, bouncing on his heals, pointing to the colorful jungle gym.

"Yeah, but be careful. No jumping off of money bars, okay"

"Okay." he says running over to the almost empty jungle gym.

The breeze is nice and relaxing. Callie is sitting in the grass leaning against the large tree, and I'm sitting in between her legs, leaning against her, her hand wrapped around me, resting on my stomach.

"I'm ready now." I tell her, and I know that she knows what I'm talking about.

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out the piece of paper. I sit up and turn to face her. When she opens the paper, her eyes go wide.

"Whoa." I hear Callie say and I instantly become worried.

"What, Callie?" I ask.

"Wow, this would explain the face Addie made, how the hell could she forget to tell us this?" She says, but she's whispering it to herself which is annoying me.

"Callie! What does it say?" I ask, louder this time.

"It—um," she starts, looking at me. "Wow," she begins, and then starts whispering to herself again, "this explains the stomach, too I guess."

"Calliope! What the hell? What does it say?" I say, turning to face her now.

"Well, I think that you should call your mom, and uh, thank her." she starts.

"What? What do you mean? Thank her for what?" I ask just as confused as I am annoyed.

"Well, we're gonna have another son, sweetie." she says, smiling ear to ear.

I can't help but smile too. I feel my eyes began to water, but I hold back my tears, I will not be a ball of pregnant mess today. Leaning over, I give Callie a kiss. "Really?" I ask and she nods, smile still in place. "Wow, another boy." I whisper to myself and then I remember something, "Wait, why do we have to thank my mom that we're having another boy?"

"Well 'cause I'm pretty sure she had something to do with our daughter." Callie says.

"Our daughter? What daughter? I thought you just said we were having a boy, I'm confus—NO!" I say more out of shock than objection as realization hits me like a ton of bricks. We were having twins.

"We're having twins?" I ask in a low whisper.

"Yeah, we're having twins." Callie says.

"You're kidding." I say, still a bit shocked.

She hands me the paper that Addison wrote for us, and sure enough it said

'a little boy…oh, and a little girl too. Yay for twins!'

"Wow." is all I can get out, "This is amazing." I finally manage. That explained so much. The huge stomach, all the weird kicking in different places. We were having twins. Another little boy and a little girl.

Looking at Callie, she was still grinning like an idiot. "Twins." she whispers. "This is awesome. I love you." she says kissing me.

"You just said awesome. I'm rubbing off on you." I say, turning back around in Callie's arms.

Putting the piece of paper into my pocket, I continue to watch Xavier play, while enjoying spending time with Callie.

After a few minutes of cozy silence, "I never played pretend." Callie says out of nowhere.


"I never played pretend, as a kid, with my sister and cousins, I never played pretend. It wasn't my thing. When it came to certain things, I was a bit of a realist. Before I joined the Peace Corps, I wanted to be, like, a glaciologist or something, so while all of my cousins were pretending to be princesses and dragons, I was secretly filling my bathtub with ice water." she finishes and I'm confused as to why she is telling me this. I mean, don't get me wrong, any story about my Calliope is something I want to hear, but this is just random.

"So, you didn't like to play pretend as a kid." I say.

"Nope. Not at all. But now…now, I wouldn't mind playing pretend." she says.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that, to some people, this" she says, gesturing between herself and I, "this is pretend. They can't see the love that we have for each other and our family is true, they think that it's fake. They think it's pretend." Callie says, and I turn around in her arms to look at her only to see that she's playing with the pendant on her necklace.

"What wrong, Callie? Where is all of this coming from?" I ask, concern apparent in my voice.

"Nothing, I'm fine." She tells me.

I want to push, because there is something that is making her nervous and I want to know what it is. I want to help, but I decide against it, and turn back around in her arms.

Feeling her shift a little behind me, I continue to listen as she continues to speak, bringing her hands back around me so that they're resting on my stomach.

"Like I was saying, I don't mind playing pretend. I'll play pretend everyday, of every month, of every single year of the rest of my life if that means I get to have you as my wife. So what if the people of Washington don't see it as real, because I know it'll be real to you and to me, and to the people that matter. To the people who don't see that it's real, I don't care. I'll play pretend in their eyes if that means you'll marry me, Arizona." Callie finishes, holding up one of the hands that was resting on my stomach, and it was then that I saw the ring.

I was at a lost for words. Did she just ask me to marry her?

Turning around to face her again, I had tears in my eyes and, this time, I didn't care who saw them. Calliope Torres just asked me to marry her. This was the love of my life, choosing forever with me and our family.

"Really?" I whisper, looking down at the trembling hand, holding that beautiful ring. "Seriously?"

"As a myocardial infarction." she say with a sheepish smile. Always one for a little surgeon humor. "No, but, seriously, there is nothing else I'd rather do with the rest of my life but to spend it with you and our kids. So, Arizona Robbins, will you make me the second happiest woman in the world and marry me?" she seriously asks.

"Yes! Yes, Calliope, I'll marry you!" I say, leaning forward to kiss her. Pulling back after a few seconds, I wonder, "Wait, who's the first happiest woman in the world?" I ask.

"Man," she starts, "When I ran this across your parents a few weeks ago, your mom was so excited. I thought she would actually have a myocardial infarction." she tells me as we laugh.

"Wait, she knew? She usually can't keep a secret and I talked to her a bunch of times." I say, more to myself.

"Yep, and she isn't the only one who knew." she tells me and at my confused look, she called Xavier over.

"Did you do it yet?" Xavier asked out of breath.

"You knew too, Bud?"

"Uh Huh, I helped Mama pick out the ring!" he proudly tells me.

"Oh, wow, and it's really pretty, too." I say, looking at my finger.

"So," Xavier says, "It is a boy or a girl?"

Callie and I exchange looks and we silently agree that I'd start.

"Well, you know how Grandma and your Great Aunt Beth look a lot alike?" I ask him.

"Yeah, that's cause they're twins." he tells me with his classic 'Duh' face.

"Well," Callie takes over, "You are going to have a little brother and a little sister. Your Mommy has twins growing in her belly."

Xavier seems to think hard about this for a few seconds and then he looks up at us, "Are they going to look the same?"

"Uhh, no. They might look alike a little bit, but, mostly, they'll look different." I answer.

Taking time to think about this answer, Xavier looks up at us again, "What are we going to call them?" he asks.

"Hmm," Callie says, "We don't know yet, but you can help us figure it out a little later."

Satisfied with this answer and the news about his new siblings, he asks if it's okay if he goes back to the jungle gym.

Watching him run back over, I settle back in between Callie's legs.

"We're getting married." I whisper.

"Yep, we are. I love you." She tells me, kissing my temple.

"I love you, too" I tell her, relaxing in her embrace.

When the fire is turned up, and it all boils down, when the smoke clears, and the dust settles, we're all just a bunch of broken things. Our edged are ridged and sharp, and when paired up with someone who doesn't fit, we'll know. It'll poke, it'll be uncomfortable, and it just won't feel right. But when you find that perfect match, that piece that fits perfectly into you, it'll all just be so clear. Forget glasses, I'm talking crazy obvious. Callie is my other half, my soul mate, that other broken thing that filled my nooks and crannies. We make each other complete. Being with her and our family makes me whole, and I've never been more sure that here is where I am supposed to be.

The End.

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