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K' so I originally just wrote this on my own with my own characters and then I thought it would be cool with the Twilight characters.

In this universe there has been so many chemicals and experimenting messing with human DNA that babies now get born with white hair. So, as a way to distinguish hierarchy humans now use hair color. The children upon being born get their hair dyed based on their parents status. And here is the list in order of most powerful to least:

Brunette-Blond-Blue-Pink-Purple-Redhead- Orange-Green

Chapter 1: The Start

Rose's POV

I ran quickly away from there. I ran as fast as she could, but it wasn't very fast. My pregnant body was hindering my running. I looked back but all I could see were indiscernible shadows. I heard quick footsteps but couldn't see their maker. I started to run again.

I heard harsh voices behind me. "Catch the fucking blond bitch!" A chorus of dark laughter followed after that statement.

I stifled a scream. They had sounded too close for comfort. Unfortunately that shock had brought on a contraction. I doubled over and clutched my stomach. My babies were kicking up a storm inside of me. But I had to get away from here. They would get me I couldn't allow that. I had to think about my unborn children.

I ran as far as I could. But the voices, the awful, hateful voices kept following me. I eventually had to stop. The contractions were ripping at my stomach now and I could barely stand upright. My breathing was coming in painful pants and my knees had turned to butter.

I collapsed on the dirty ground. I couldn't help the look of disgust that crossed my features as I looked around. I was going to have my babies in the Orange Zone. I had hoped to never see this place in my lifetime but it appeared this area was more important to my life then I realised. I felt another contraction rip through me. I cried out in pain.

"I heard her over here! Hurry! Get the spoiled bitch!"

I clutched my swollen belly in terror. I can't let this happen. But I'm afraid I can't run any more. The men surround me, their evil faces twisted into cruel sneers.

"Well helo, helo, helo. The little ladies' tired. Shouldn't we help her out lads?" The leader and possibly the most ugly of the lot said.

They closed in on me. I screeched "No! Get away from me!" But effect of the unspoken threat was refuted when I groaned under a new contraction.

One of the other men said to the leader. "Maybe we should jus leave her here then. She won't make through the pregnancy on her own. Then it wasn't us now was it?"

The leader squatted down next to me and sneered "No, boss wanted her body. You knows, jus to be sure."

He reached out for me but I spat at him.

He looked at my spit in disgust. He reached out quick like the snake he was and slapped me across the face. I gasped at the treatment. I had never been slapped before. Not even by my parents. They had been strict but they had never slapped. They believed in making up for your mistakes not getting punished for them.

I spat at the man again and cursed viciously. He reached out to slap me again. I closed my eyes and waited for the blow but it never came.

I opened my eyes and saw a bloody stump where his hand had been. I was paralyzed as I watched a huge hole get blown in the man's head. He fell quickly and then the rest of his men joined him on the ground. It all seemed to go by in slow motion as if I were watching a movie action scene.

And then everything stood still.

All of the men were on the ground and bleeding from numerous holes in their heads. I gaped at the lifeless forms and then I looked around, trying to find the cause of this.

A black form stepped out of the shadows. I gasped as I saw the guns the figure held in his hands. I had never seen an old fashion combustion gun before. They had been replaced long ago for the plasma guns the police used now.

But then again I didn't tour the other zones so what might be common day for me might be completely different for another. Orange Zone, being so low on the social chain may not have the same things I do.

I stare at the guns with wide eyes. The figure moved towards me. I tried to push away from him but I was up against a wall. There was nowhere to go. I was terrified of what might happen to me. Sure the stranger had just saved my life but what he has planned for me might be much worse. The stranger knelt down next to me and removed his hood and I discovered something startling about him.

He was a She.

I had never met a woman who looked like her. And she appeared to be only a couple years younger than me. Everybody I knew seemed to be defined by their hairstyle. Some of my closest friends who I saw every day, I couldn't tell you a thing about what they looked like except for how they did their hair. But this woman… She defined her odd hair. In all my years on this planet I had never seen an individual with pure black hair. But she wore hers as naturally as I wore my blond.

Her skin was pale white and her eyes were big and brown and framed by large full eyelashes. Her face seemed almost too skinny to be pretty but she made it work.

She looked at me with concern. She asked quickly "Are you hurt?"

I shook my head slightly but the world started to sway. I began to feel a little dizzy.

She didn't look convinced though. She pointed out "You're bleeding."

I looked down and saw that she was in fact right. The whole bottom front of my dress was stained red. My eyes widened even more. I had a stunning moment of clarity. I gasped out "My babies!" I looked up at her desperately and grab onto her arm. "Please help me! I can't lose them!"

She looked at me with sad eyes and I felt my hopes plummeting. I felt tears gather at the corners of my eyes. My world was looking blacker and blacker at the moment. I started to hyperventilate. I begged weakly as I leaned back against the wall. "Please…Please… If nothing else… help my children... even if I don't…" I swallowed.

I saw tears at the corners of her eyes too. "Ah… yeah, I guess." She whispered roughly.

I needed her to get the children to my husband. I knew Emmett would be freaking out over this. It was going to break him if both our babies and I died. At least this was a better alternative. My eyes were starting to blur. I needed to tell her. "Get… them… to…my…" I started to take off my necklace that had my personal information encrypted on it with my address so she could find my husband.

But it seemed to make her more emotional. She put her hands over mine and said "No, I don't need anything for this."

I almost laughed if the situation wasn't so dire. I really needed to get out of my conceited bubble. She didn't get it. I tried to tell her "No… it's… for…"

My voice faltered. She sighed and took it from me. She slid it around her neck and said "Fine. Just don't complain about this next part."

"Wha…" I felt a ripping in my lower body. I screamed as loud as I could. My scream ricocheted off the walls around me. First one tear ripped through me and then another. Then I heard the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. My babies were crying for me. But I felt so weak that I couldn't do anything for them. The woman leaned over me and gathered my babies up in her arms. The rain was already washing away some of the blood and afterbirth.

Emmett and I had already gotten the results of my ultrasounds and found out that we were having fraternal twins. My little boy and little girl were going to grow up without me now though. If I could work up the effort I would have cried at the thought but I just couldn't. I was so tired.

The woman smiled down at me and my screaming babies. She pulled out a knife from her cloak. I felt a momentary flutter of fear in my heart but it was quickly extinguished when she simply used it to cut the umbilical cords.

My babies continued to cry but it was drowned out by the heavy rain on the ground. I longed so much to feed my babies at least once before I was taken from them but I knew it wasn't possible. I apparently wasn't allowed to have that mother's joy.

The woman looked down at the babies as she bit her lip. She seemed to be having an internal struggle with herself. She raised and lowered her eyebrows multiple times as well as opening her mouth again and closing it again. Finally after a couple moments she appeared to have come to a decision.

She shifted my babies and grasped my hand tightly as she looked into my eyes. She asked me. "You love these children right?" I nodded slightly but it causes the world to spin around me. Why did she ask such stupid questions? She solemnly spoke to me as if this were the most important thing she had ever said "We will meet again. When that happens I will have guaranteed your children's safety. I will not come back to you without them in perfect condition. Do you believe me?" I nod again. I knew she was deadly serious about this. In this moment I trusted her more with my children than any of the nurses I had interviewed for the privilege of looking after the most precious unborn people in my life.

She nods back at me and grabs a small packet from inside of her cloak. She unsnapped it with a flick of her thumb and popped whatever it was into her mouth. She chomped down on whatever it was and grinded it in her teeth.

She leaned over me and put her lips on mine. I choked as her hair fell around me.

This was definitely a day for firsts. My first time going into the Orange Zone, first time seeing a gun, my first babies. And now my first kiss with a woman. My only thought was that I know my husband would love to see this. When we had just started the carnal part of our relationship Emmett had been adamant that he wanted us to get into a threesome with another woman. After a lengthy discussion and a trip to the doctor's he never asked again.

I felt a small lump of what felt like paste enter my mouth. I swallowed it reflexively. It slid down my throat slowly. She pulled back and wiped a little of what was left off of her chin. She looked down at me and said "My name's Bella."

I whisper back to her as my vision goes black. "Rose."

She smiles through her tears and stands "Well Rose. I'll see you later."

Then she left with my baby boy and girl, disappearing into the shadows like she had never been.

I my eyes blur as my body starts to go cold. I can't believe I'm going to die in the Orange Zone. Nothing would ever have prepared me for this. The small hunt-like buildings surrounding me are the last thing I see and then my world goes completely and finally black…

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