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Chapter 7: Golden

James laid peacefully on my chest as I loosely wrapped my arms around him. He may have fallen asleep but I wasn't sure. I would still hear him periodically suck at the pacifier in his mouth but other than that he just held it. I was fighting not to follow him to unconsciousness as I didn't want to roll over in my sleep, which I had a tendency of doing.

Alice was swaying slightly around the house as she cleaned. Listening to the music playing in her own head as she couldn't listen to real music with the twins asleep. Victoria had already been put in her crib in the room Alice had outfitted beside her own. The baby monitor was strapped to her hip and would emit a small thump every time it hit against Alice's leg, but luckily no sound louder than that came from it. I would have put James in there too but I couldn't find the will to get up. I suppose I just needed a little down time where I could just lay back and think without any real distractions.

I stared aimlessly into the fireplace on the opposite side of the coffee table from me. Alice had lit the flames a while ago and I had been gazing at them ever since. I stroked James' small soft foot aimlessly, using it to try and focus my thinking on our joined futures. I puzzled over where we would go from here.

But as I contemplated our future, as always my thoughts turned to the past. My past to be more precise…

When I had been very young I had been happy. It was a time where nothing could hurt me and I knew no evil. It was a world of many colours and shapes but mostly love, there was an excess amount of love. But then it changed.

I was ripped from that place and put into a world of containment and structure. I was told little, but what I was told was that it had to do with my hair. I didn't learn until much later in my life that I was different. I had been born with my black-as-night hair, and the men in the facility where I was held were trying to figure out why. Why was I born with colour pigment in my hair where no other baby in one hundred and seventy three years had been born with it? They tried their hardest to figure it out. But all their findings turned out the same. Non-conclusive. But they did not stop. I cannot remember how many times I had begged Mom and Dad to stop letting them experiment on me. I was hurting and afraid but they continued on. My pleas were bouncing off the impenetrable walls of my room and back to me with little effect.

I couldn't blame Mom and Dad though. They had been good to me. They gave me food, comfort and a home. No matter how crummy that home was. I had been nine years old when Dad left one day and never came back. I had been devastated. One of the only two people in the world who didn't hurt me were gone, just like that. And I didn't even know why he left. There was no decline in our relationship, there was no big blow up. Just poof, and he was gone.

After that Mom started acting strange. Stuttering a lot and looking off into space when I would try to talk to her. And she would say the strangest things to me sometimes. I later realised that she may have been a little weak and taken to the bottle. I couldn't blame her, she and Dad had been in sync. They were like clockwork, if one moved, the other moved to react. They had finished each other's sentences.

A couple years after that Mom left me alone. It was the same with her. She simply didn't come back one day. I was given no explanation as to what happened to them. Where they were, what they were doing. They simply vanished from my life and left me to the scientists and doctors to do with as they pleased. Whenever I had asked the men and women at the facility though, they just looked at each other and laughed. It was like a joke that everyone knew but me. But it didn't last long.

When I was fifteen I was thrown into a new situation. I remember everything about that night, because it was the night that my life had actually began…

I was trying to find an empty space in my notebook to draw on but I wasn't having any luck. Every page had been filled to the edge and the front had back covers had doodles on them as well. The scientists refused to give her another one. Said "Why should we waste the paper on you?" I found that very humorous as they had file cabinets filled with paper about me. They could spend countless hours putting detailed analysis about me and my odd genetics to paper, but not one of them could give me that paper to draw on.

I looked over at the small bed that I had been sleeping in for years.

The covers were changed whenever the scientists remembered so I knew that I probably had to deal with them for a while longer. I scooted over to the bed and was just about to start drawing on the fabric when the ground moved. It ended quickly though. My eyes looked around wildly. I poked my head out of the door and looked up and down the hallway. There wasn't anything there. But then the ground shook again. She was slammed against the frame of the door. But it wasn't from the explosion, she had stupidly panicked and slammed herself into the frame. I could be really clumsy sometimes.

I slowly looked out the door again and saw smoke start to spew from one of the doors down the hallway. I wonder what that meant.

A loud siren started to go off. It wouldn't stop. I covered my ears. There were a lot of footsteps around my room. I heard people yelling over the siren. "Get the research!... It has to stay safe!... Get it out of here!"

I looked back into my room. I suppose I should get my stuff too. I didn't want to lose any of it.

I didn't have a bag though. And I didn't have any pockets in the short medical dress I was allowed to wear. I grabbed my notebook and my teddy bear and wrapped them in the blanket off my bed. Then I waited…

Waited for what, I didn't know. I hadn't been out of the facility in years. And I didn't know anything about the world outside these walls. I shook. I didn't know what to do. The fear of the unknown was crippling to me.

"Come on!"

A jolt went through me. I looked up and saw a man in a lab coat and hair the colour of a blue jay. He was holding out his hand to me. I stepped back involuntarily. I had never seen this scientist before but the coat alone made me a little skittish.

He sighed and looked back out into the hallway. Then he rushed towards me and grabbed my hand. I just managed to grab my sheets and then we were off running. I was lead down both familiar and unfamiliar hallways. I saw smoke coming from a lot of doors and I saw a glimpse of a fire before we quickly passed it. We finally slowed down when we got to a room I had never been allowed in before. The man swung the door open and pulled me inside with him. He started talking quickly. "Do you have everything?"

I was about to answer him when another male voice answered "No, I can't find the documents on how they acquired her. It's a key part of the evidence."

I looked over and saw Doctor C., I was never told his real name and he never offered it. He was one of the nicer doctors, who always asked how I was doing when he was doing my testing.

The man who had dragged me in here sighed angrily and went over to where Doctor C. was to help him look in the cabinets.

I pressed my makeshift bag to my chest. Fear was still running through me. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I didn't know what these men were going to do to me when they got what they wanted from here. I looked to my side. There, on the desk. It was a needle set. Opened as if someone was about to use it. The small bottle of tranquilizer was sitting beside it. I slunk over to the desk, while keeping an eye on the men looking through the files.

I quickly pulled out one of the needles and jabbed the sharp end through the cork cap of the tranquilizer. I pulled back the plunger on the needle and watched as the liquid filled the small cylinder. It wasn't a great weapon but it would do in a pinch. I hid the small weapon as to not alarm the men.

But now armed with a weapon, I felt a little bolder. "What's going on?" I asked them in a strong voice. Doctor C. looked over at me surprised.

He can over to me. He was holding a large folder of stuff pressed to his side. "We don't have time to explain, but I will… one day."

I was about to open my mouth again when the other man yelled "They are coming, can we please move!"

Doctor C. nodded back to him and they continued their search. The siren was still going off and I still heard people running by every now and again but no one came in here. Finally the blue haired man slammed the drawer that he had been looking through. "It's not here! They must have moved it, or the worse option, there never was one. Why would they keep a record of how they illegally acquired a child?"

Doctor C. slammed his drawer too. "Because this research is important. If her origins had anything to do with her condition they would want to keep a record of it to look into it if necessary."

The other man let out an angry breath. "Then they moved it, because it is not here! We've been looking through these things long enough. I say let's go and we cut our losses!"

Doctor C. ran his hand through his hair, thinking. Then he nodded and looked over to me. "Come on. We have to get you out of here."

He came over and grabbed my hand much the way the other man did. "Bella, we're taking you to a safe place. Far away from here."

My heart lifted in my chest along with fear. Would I really be safe? Before I could think more on it, Doctor C. pulled me along with them. I didn't register where we were going, I just kept my eyes on the back of Doctor C.'s lab coat. I didn't look up until I felt something on my face.

My eyes jolted up, but I quickly closed them when something hit my eye. When I felt something hitting my hand, but not hurting I peered through my fingers. The roof was grey. But not the grey I was used to. This grey was swirling and churning. I stared in amazement as the roof moved. Did I get hit with some of the tranquilizer before getting out of the facility? The roof sometimes moved like that when I was being put out. But I was being hit with what felt like needles. I looked down at my sheet-bag and saw that little water droplets were on it, reminding me of all the times I had cried into them over the years.

"Come on, we need to get to the car!" Doctor C. yelled at me.

I shook myself and followed him. I followed him and the blue haired man over to the strangest looking machine. I wasn't sure which to be more mystified over. The machine or the moving roof. My hair started to feel damp and I started to shiver as cold soaked through me. Doctor C. pushed me into the opening of the machine and I felt a brief moment of panic until he got into an opening like mine. The blue haired man got into another opening and fiddle with some dials. The machine roared to life and I felt another surge of panic. What was it doing? But the men didn't seem too panicked so I forced myself to settle down.

For a couple moments I was silent, but then my curiosity got the better of me. "Doctor C.?"

He looked back at me. And made a sound in the affirmative. I continued "What's happening to the roof? It's moving?" pointing to the outside of the machine.

For a moment he was silent. The other man looked over at him and they shared a look of sadness. Then he leaned back to me and said "That's the sky honey, that's not a roof. And it always does that. But on most days it's blue, not grey." He forced a small smile which was quickly replaced by a look of intense thought.

I sat back in the seat. The bag in my hands was a lifeline to everything I had ever known. A world that I later learned was very fake. I clutched it to me tighter.

Then suddenly the land was where the sky should be. I felt pain all over and the men were flailing around like rag dolls. There was only blur in front of my eyes and then it all stopped. I felt pain all over my body. I groaned and gasped. Something had gone really wrong. I looked around me to see where the men had gone. I saw the blue haired man first, his neck was bent at an odd angle and his eyes were glazed. I reached out a shaking hand to try and touch him but a crunch scared me into pulling my hand back.

I realised that a small metal device had fallen out of his pocket. I touched it with my fingertips. Then my shaking grip grew firmer and I grasped it.

Then I was being moved. I almost screamed at the pain. Nothing the doctors and scientists had done had felt like this. I looked up and saw that it was a bloody Doctor C. he looked as if he was in pain too but he was still able to move around. I wished I could be strong like him.

He hauled me up and pressed me against the side of the machine. He looked me in the eye and said "You have to get out of here. Run that way." He pointed out into the large brown and green things. "You'll find people not far from here, you have to…" He was cut off when I heard something whizz by my head.

He pushed me down and crouched with me. "Just go! Be safe okay?"

I nodded sluggishly still stiffly clutching my bag to my chest. Then he pushed me to the side and I started to run.

I heard some talking and a loud bang behind me but I didn't looked back…

"Where are you?" Alice questioned.

I gasped loudly and my body jerked violently. I looked down to see if I had woken James but he still snoozed on, oblivious to anything around him. I tucked my arms around him again and looked over to Alice. "Don't worry about it Alice. It was nothing."

She tilted her head and regarded me sadly. "Why won't you tell me about your past? I've seen you through enough of these episodes to tell that it wasn't good."

I shook my head and smiled sadly. "I wouldn't want to bother you with my boring story. It's really got nothing to it."

Alice puffed out a sigh. Then she said "Fine, I'm going to take James and put him to bed now."

I raised an eyebrow at her. "Why? He's been with me for this long."

She smiled like she had just won something. "You like him."

I rolled my eyes. "Nope, just take the damn kid."

She still smiled as she took him from me. I watched he sway over to the stairs to take the baby to bed. With the small sweaty weight taken from my chest I felt irregularly light. I rolled over onto my stomach and looked out the window. Rain splattered against the clear surface with a vigor. It was dark out but you could still hear the drops every time they hit the glass.

I knew what I wanted to do.

I got up off the couch and passed through our house until I got to our front door. I opened it and shut it behind me was a definitive click. I walked out into the rain in my small tank top and shorts and spread my arms. Tilting my head up into the sky and just let the coldness wash over me…

Alice looked out the window over the squabbling girl baby at the lone figure out in the yard. She sighed sadly and then got back to changing the diaper.

"You know your auntie Bella is a very unique person. She goes out in the worst storms and just stands there in the yard. I swear, she gets a nasty cold every time but she doesn't stop doing it. It's like she thinks she might not ever feel it again…."

And with that Alice is quiet, and little Victoria is quiet. The only sound heard is the splattering of the rain…

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