Marco: Hahahah! Well well! How about this! (Marco can be seen sitting at the front desk overlooking what looks like a few sheets of paper. Must have been Job Petition papers.) After such a long time of working small odd jobs and basic monster hunts, we're finally given attention by Jyllan Sovereignty Society!

Gantz: (appears to be writing in his book, as he looks over the paper. He appeared to be multi-tasking really.) Hmmm, that's a pretty big surprise. I thought they only kept their attention on big-time clans like Clan Diatroma, Clan Gully or even Clan Centurio. Wonder why they'd contact us?

Lukino: (Grins.) Who caresss? Thisss could mean SssERIOUSss pay-dirt for usss.

Jarvis: Heheheheh SNORT! Paydirt! Now yer speakin' my language! (He looks along the paper.) So what's the job anyways?

Marco: Hmmm, something about some cat burgulars going around stealing stuff. No real pattern for the robberies it looks like... But it's difficult to say, there's not a lot of intel according to these reports.

Gantz: Well it's a start at least- (Notices the 4th wall.) Oh! Excuse me guys. (He walks away from the front desk and over to the poker table, leaving his clan mates confused.) Hey there guys, sorry about the delay. (Looks through the chapter.) Anyways, I have completed the next chapter ahead of time, and decided to send it in ahead of time. Good frame of thought on my part considering. (Casts a spell on the book.) Anyways, with that said, here you guys go, time for the next chapter! This one focuses on Marco, and another member of our clan. Hope you enjoy. (The book starts glowing.)

Marco: Hey Gantz! Come on, it'd be cool if we could get your oppinion on this too, ya know?

Gantz: Coming Marco! (With that said, he leaves the book on the table as he walks off. The book continues to glow brightly as the camera zooms in on it.)

Chapter 1.b

The Clan Clown

"Ku-po du-du-du kupo! Du-dududu dudu-dudu kupo!"

In the town of Camoa's Industrial district, Marco appeared to be having the time of his life, hanging up streamers, posting up posters, and generally doing what he could to make the town appear more colorful and festive. As he did, he was humming along with the music being played by nearby street performers, dancing from one post to the next. Needless to say, Marco was doing his job and enjoying every moment of it. People that passed by the moogle couldn't help but chuckle at the sight; why, a few of them even danced right along with him.

After all, like an old wiseman used to say; if you have fun doing your job, you'll never have to work a day in your life.

Many of the other decorators had adopted to Marco's infectious enthusiasm as they continued with their jobs, smiling and humming along. If a young moogle could do this in the hot summer heat, so could they. Such... Moogle-like manner was just contagious in that sense.

Streamers lined the magic powered torches that lined the streets by the time Marco had finished his part of the job. "Heheheh! That's some fine workin' kupo!" With that said, he proceeded to pull out a map of the city and shaded in one of the many streets with the kind of quill that magically provides ink when used (a handy tool Marco had to say) signifying that the area had been completed. There was several other streets shaded in along with it, showing him to be almost be halfway done. "Heh! At the rate I'm goin', I'll be done in no time flat kupo!"

He had a giddy little grin as he, along with his other workers moved onto the next block... "Huh?" However, Marco took notice of a bunch of people being on this street, many walking to whatever their intended destinations may be... A bunch more of them however appeared to be crowded around a certain stall near the middle of the block, on the left side of the street. "Huh... Wonder what's goin' on over there kupo?"

Marco briskly walked over, holding onto a couple of the decorations he was intending to put up as he did. The crowd seemed to be thinning out a bit as people left, a few of them carrying tickets of some kind. The closer he got, the moogle started hearing the voice of the person he assumed was running the stall. "That's right people! You heard me right kupo! Come one come all and purchase a ticket for a flight on me aircutter skiff, kupo!"

... Marco froze...

That... Voice..!

He quickly worked his way through the crowd upon hearing the voice. He just HAD to see who the voice belonged to for himself.

When at last he broke through the crowd, he found the stall in question, a modest thing made of a type of wood with a picture of an old aircutter airship, the kind of airships normally known for mid-air dogfights, painted on the front. That was when he saw the owner... "That's right kupo! This is my very last ticket for today, kupopo! After this I won't be offering anymore til tomorrow! So if you can't wait that long be sure to get it kupo!" People clambered around, but Marco still saw the person running the stall, holding the ticket up for everyone to see.

The owner was a moogle in her (Him being able to tell the moogle was a she thanks to her curled eyelashes, and pink pom-pom) early 20's with dark brown fur wearing Tinker aparrel complete with a pair of aeronautic goggles and an aerodynamic blue scarf. She was a rather cute little thing with an exotic accent that Marco recognized as Rozarrian. "Yes yes dearies! It is indeed a standard issue WRG Rozarrian Aircutter! It even comes complete with a Double M Throttle Mist Engine with Aerodynamic Class S rudders installed in the wings!" And her techno babble... Ah a genius and a beauty...

But of course, he expected no less from his old friend... Someone he had met at the 'Goug Academy of Technology'.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's the LAST ticket for today! Sold to the young gentleman with the blonde chestnut hair!" She handed the ticket to a young hume dressed in soldier uniform whom appeared to be accompanied by a young lady with pinkish hair. "But don't you worry your heads chicos and chicas! Tomorrow I'll have even more tickets to sell! For those of you that do have tickets kupo, you can meet me at the ole hangar just outside of town to cash in your tickets in 1 hour, kupo!" With that said, she waved everyone off. "As for the rest of you, see you all next time kupo-kupo!" A few people left in annoyance, while others left with tickets in hand. Regardless of which though, they left the stall owner to count her spoils. "Hehehehe! Another day another 3,000+ gil, kupo! Wonderful!"

Marco only stood where he was. He wanted to leave too but his body refused to let him move. It was like it was begging him to stay here... the moogle stall owner didn't seem to notice him...





"H-hello L-Lea..."

FINALLY taking notice of the person remaining, the moogle took her eyes off her money and looked to see who it was. For a moment, the female moogle, apparently named Lea, stared at him, not recognizing him... Before realization seemed to dawn on her and her eyes widened. "Holy... Bahamut!"

She jumped down from the stall table in true energetic fashion, rushed over to the young moogle and hugged him... Nearly glomping him actually... Nah, she glomped him Marco was so stiff and nervous he wasn't ready to get plowed over. "Dear SCIONS, this... This is so remarkable!" She got up, helping Marco up and proceeded to shake his hand with such enthusiasm that poor Marco nearly felt his arm getting yanked out of it's socket. "What are you doing here Marco dear? Kupokupokupo!"

Marco finally managed to seperate his hand from Lea's, taking a moment to regain his composure. "W-well kupo..." Marco was a blushing mess, sputtering and trying to find his answer. "I-I was h-here t-to take in this f-f-festival k-kupo..." He looked to Lea shyly. "Wh-what about you, k-kupo? What are you doing here miss Lea?"

"Just Lea is fine, compadre." She said with a wide smile. "I've been selling tickets to ride on me old ship kupo!" She giggled as she showed off her recently made monet. "And people have been paying through the nose to get on me skiff! Just check out my profit for today kupo! 3,500 gil!"

There was a light chuckle to respond to his friend's excitement before Marco said anything. "Yeah, that is indeed a lot of money Lea. I'm happy for you, kupo." Lea giggled at the compliment, seeming pleased with herself. "So... Uh..." Marco began, clearing his throat. "I suppose your a little too busy to join me for a cup of tea then... Eh, kupo?"

Lea's attention appeared to be caught on something beyond Marco. When he turned he found the town decorators busily working, hanging streamers around the avenue. Before he could say anything, he felt Lea take one of his hands...

The one he had FINALLY remembered was still holding the streamers. "It looks to me like 'YOU'RE a little too busy' yourself old friend." She said with a chortle.

A huge blush appeared on Marco's face, one noticeable just beyond his fur as he pulled his hand back... Dammit how could he forget the streamers? "OOP!" He chuckled bashfully, memories returning, "Uh... R-right. I forgot all about this kupo..." He took notice of the other decorators trying to catch his attention, as he regained his thoughts, causing him to chuckle in an embarassed fashion as he turned his attention back on Lea. "S-sorry kupo..."

He sighed, looking absolutely mortified as he took a step away from his old friend...

However, a hand found itself on his shoulder comfortingly. He looked back to Lea to find her standing there, flashing him an amused grin. Indeed it was her hand too. "I AM free after my appointments though." She winked playfully. "Say sometime around 8, kupo?"

... Marco's normally white furry face turned red once more when he heard that. "Is... Isn't that close to nightfall though, k-kupo?"

Lea giggled in response, "Oh come now, Marco dear. We're both mature grown-ups aren't we? I think we can have a late night kupo." Another move later and Lea had an arm wrapped around Marco grinning mischievously to him. "Heck, I think we're entitled to have us a little siesta, don't you think?"

Marco blushed a bit more at this contact as he thought about this. "Well... I... I guess so-"

"Good!" With that said, she kissed Marco on the chee-



Poor poor Marco froze up on the spot as Lea seperated from him and winked to her friend. "See you around, Marco! Kupo! And be sure to remember; 8 PM!"


With that said, Lea chuckled at the awkward response and quickly took her leave, leaving Marco to watch the departure, his gaze lovestruck and his right hand dazedly waving good-bye. A smile played on his face as he watched her go. Such an angel... He momentarily marveled at his previous conversation truthfully, very much surprised that he managed to last through it without so much as saying or doing something completely and utterly stupi-



His daze was snapped in that instant, and his eyes were wide in fear. "OH IFRIT-!"

The rest of the afternoon was spent putting up decorations and freaking about his soon to come date...

(The glow dies down revealing the Clan Highwind base, with no-one seeming to be around. What can be noticed is the book is gone as well, with no clues as to where it went.)

?: Oh hello there! (The camera turns to show that the person speaking is none other then Rosaline.) I apologize for no-one being here to greet you; you just missed Gantz and the others. They left for a mission a little while ago you see. (She chuckles nervously as she notices the book gone.) Looks like Gantz took the book with him too, so you might not be hearing from this thing until he gets back.

(She looks around a moment.)

Rosaline: Boy, this is awkward... Well... I guess all I can say is I hope you enjoyed the chapter. From what I saw, it wasn't one of Gantz's longest, but it wasn't that bad. So uh... Read and Review? (She clears her throat.) Um, excuse me, I have to go and attend to a few things around the base... Until next time.