Do Not Stop Cheering

Summary: "I don't usually drink," he told her while sipping a cup of hot chocolate. She just smiled at him. Spoilers to season one with different twists

Disclaimer: The Show Hellcats and its characters don't belong to me.

Chapter 1: Her curls and her voice

"I don't usually drink," he told her while sipping a cup of hot chocolate. She just smiled at him.

They had met a week earlier at a club and here they were now at a café.


One week ago…

Julian was finally divorced from Elisabeth. Even though he was a lawyer, he had to go through that long procedure as his ex-wife wanted the maximum.

He gave in a lot because of his daughter Niki. He did not want to see her torn between two parents fighting every day.

Elisabeth got the house, 50% of Julian's assets, a good pension and custody of Niki. Julian would have Niki every weekend.

At this point he couldn't fight any more. Elisabeth drained him from all the energy he had. She had started dating his boss and did not hide it from anyone. Julian had to leave the practice and then he filed the case for a divorce.


It was Thomas Allen, one of his best friends who suggested a night out at the club. Julian tried to refuse many times as he hated crowded places.

"Come on we must celebrate as you are officially divorce" he told Julian "free to seduce any woman you want without shame"

Julian rolled his eyes at his friend. Indeed he was not the seducing kind of guy unlike Thomas. Thomas at 40 was still single and enjoying life without any commitments.

Julian finally gave in and accepted to go check out this new club Violets.

No sooner they went inside the loud music and people startled Julian. Thomas saw a hot brunette and left his friend to start chatting to the girl.

Julian decided to settle by the bar and ordered a whisky. Half an hour passed and his friend wasn't back.

'Damm Thomas and his flirting' Julian thought to himself.

As he was sipping another glass of whisky, the music stopped and he noticed a blond girl getting on stage. He couldn't hear what she said due to the alcohol and to the loud music played earlier that made him deaf.

He was fascinated when the girl started to sing and couldn't take his eyes off her. She had a pretty face and her curls were mesmerizing. Her body was swaying as she sang.


An hour and many more whiskies later, the girl had finished her concert. She came and sat next to him as she had come to the bar to get a bottle of water.

When she noticed Julian looking at her, she smiled back at him.

Marti felt this instant attraction she hadn't felt for a man in a long time. He had this mature look she adored and eyes she could drowned into.

"Beautiful voice," he started.

"Thank you," Marti answered.

"Care for a drink?" Julian asked the girl.

"I don't drink", Marti refused politely.

"I don't usually drink," he told her but it was clear that the man had more than a glass.

Marti raised an eyebrow at this comment.

"What's the special occasion then," she inquired.

"I've just got my divorce," Julian replied unexpectedly.

He closed the gap between them and kissed Marti. She would have normally have pushed the guy as she hated the smell of alcohol but something was making her hold on to him.

Marti answered the kiss and she felt her cheeks redden as Julian deepened the kiss while his fingers were playing with her blond curls.


Back to present day…

Marti had just finished her Hellcat cheerleading practice and was rushing towards her law classroom. She couldn't be late on her first day so she had on time to change from her outfit.

Unfortunately the time ticked faster than usual and the girl barged into the classroom. Everyone stared at her. Her future classmates were amused to see a cheerleader in their class and were thinking that this girl had clearly mistaken her classroom.

The lecturer somehow seemed shocked at the intrusion.

"Miss Perkins I presume" Julian trying not to sound surprise at the newcomer.

Marti stood at the doorstep a little unsure before walking into the classroom and sitting right in front of him.

'This could only happen to me' she thought half anxious and half excited about the situation.

Julian proceeded on explaining the first year pre-law program and Marti was finding difficult to listen to him. Julian did not look at her once and she was glad when she heard the ring ending class.

She proceeded to get up quickly and hurried towards the door.

"Miss Perkins, one moment please," Julian stopped her.

Marti turned around and walked slowly towards Julian while the other students were leaving the room. Once they were alone, Julian took a moment to decide how to start this weird conversation.

"Hi," was all that could come out from him.

"Hi yourself" Marti responded.

The situation was unexpected and both were unprepared to meeting like this.

"Care for a coffee?" Julian asked the girl.

Marti nodded and they walked outside the university grounds.

They had met a week earlier at a club and here they were now at a café…


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