Do Not Stop Cheering

Summary: "I don't usually drink," he told her while sipping a cup of hot chocolate. She just smiled at him. Spoilers to season one with different twists

Disclaimer: The Show Hellcats and its characters don't belong to me.

Author's notes: Here's chappie 3… hope you guys will like it. Once again thank you to all of you who took the time to read, follow and review this story. I really appreciate. Cheers. Blue Dreamer ^_^


Previously on Hellcats: That is when Marti caught sight of her professor looking back at her with shock.

Chapter 03: Her lips cannot lie

Marti froze and was unable to do anything for a few seconds even though it felt an eternity. Alice, on the other hand, continued shouting at Marti until Lewis told her to shut up.

"How dare you ask me to shut up when blondie here is eying you" Alice snapped at her boyfriend.

Marti held back her tears as she saw Julian getting up to leave the place. As he opened the door, he turned towards Alice and Lewis fighting and then to Marti to give her a look of disapproval.

"Didn't you notice that Marti was in a reverie of her own and not looking at me?" Lewis explained to his girlfriend who then instantly calmed down.

"Oh ok" she answered and then proceeded to help with building the stage.

Lewis knew better than to sermon Alice. Alice never accepted failure not would she admit her mistakes. No one really understood why Lewis got attracted to Alice but they seemed a perfect match.

He also with time got to know of Alice's secrets especially with her dad who had many mistresses which explained her insecurity issues. When her mom passed away, Alice blamed it fully on her father who was too busy running around younger woman. Even now he would be hanging out every week with a new "chick".

Lewis turned his attention towards Marti who seemed blemish and asked her if she was ok. That was when Marti felt her legs back again and she stormed out of the bar leaving Lewis stunned.


Marti hadn't taken her jacket and felt the cold instantly as she came outside. She did not care and instead looked around and saw Julian far away heading towards the parking lot.

"Julian wait" Marti shouted as she ran towards him.

Julian had almost reached his car but stopped and turned around. His lips were sealed tight and waited for Marti to start.

"Why did you leave?" she asked carefully.

"Why did you not tell me you had someone in your life?" Julian retorted

Marti's eyes went wide before crossing her arms around her torso like to protect herself.

"If that's what you think of me then you should just leave" Marti said annoyed as she turned her head slightly not to face him directly.

She was hurt that Julian would think of her as a slutty woman sleeping with everyone.

When Julian saw the tears rolling down her face, he realized that he may have jumped to conclusions.

Julian was after his divorce, which left him bitter as his ex-wife had been sleeping around with his boss. He shook his head remembering that not all women were like Elizabeth.

"Why did that girl say those things to you then?" Julian asked his voiced softening.

"I was daydreaming and I did not even know that Lewis was in that direction" Marti blurted out between her sobs.

When Marti felt Julian's fingers cupping her face, she looked back at him. It was clear that she was hurt and now Julian felt miserable.

"I'm sorry" he told her and lifted her chin slightly.

"I am not that kind of woman Julian" Marti stated still upset.

"My ex-wife was Marti" Julian said and then explained briefly how his ex-wife slept with his ex-boss.

Marti's shocked eyes widened to his story. She understood why Julian left the Rat without asking for an explanation. She then leaned and was wrapped in Julian's embrace. They stayed like this until Marti's sobs stopped and she looked up to him.

She wanted to hug him longer or even kiss him but she knew it was not possible… not on campus grounds at least. Julian pulled out of it and with a half smiled, he reminded Marti of the Lancer code of conduct rules.

This got Marti nervous as she started fidgeting with strands of her hair while looking around to see if anyone caught them.

Fortunately enough no one was at the parking lot and Marti sighed in relief. She gathered back her courage and tried joking once again.

"So will I get extra credit and all" Marti asked her eyes glittering.

Julian was taken aback by the comment before realizing that Marti was joking. He decided to play along.

"Miss Perkins, unless you want to explain what happened last weekend, I don't see the need to" Julian grinned.

"How about I show you instead?" Marti said in a soft voice that Julian shivered.

He starred intensely at the woman in front of her and shook his head.

"Marti" Julian started "you are my student and as such we cannot get ourselves involved."

Marti recalled the night they spent and couldn't help blushing. Julian looked at her suspiciously as though guessing her toughs.

Marti simply nodded but took his hands in hers.

"You are not…" he tried

"… Listening?" she asked and he nodded.

"Jokes apart, I cannot mix my private and professional lives together." Julian insisted.

Julian's body was somehow betraying him as he started stroking his fingers inside her palm. What she did not see was Julian's arousal beneath the belt line.

Marti was about to answer when Julian went on. "I am not going to favor you because of what happened or what could happen."

"What could happen?" Marti repeated Julian's last words with a wide smile.

'Dammit I should have chosen my words better' Julian thought to himself.

Marti's fingers made their way up his arms until she circled his neck. Julian gulped as Marti's lips approached his dangerously.

When their lips were nearly touching, Marti then whispered. "How about we continue this conversation at your place?"

The distinctive sound of the car doors unlocking and Julian opening the door for her made it clear that his answer was yes. She settled inside as Julian got in from the other side.

He quickly glanced at Marti who smiled back at him. He started the engine and then it was a short ride to his place. He then opened his door and walked inside towards the living room without turning back.

Marti followed him inside and closed the door behind her. She looked around to see a spacious area which was both modern and practical. She liked the surroundings.

"I though you came here already?" Julian came closer to her with two glasses of wine and handed her one.

Marti blushed and took the glass offered.

"I never set foot in your living room" she started and got Julian confused.

Marti walked away from him and settled into his white sofa. She took a sip of the red wine and a deep breath before continuing.

"I could describe your room though if you want."