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A blond woman with blue eyes was walking around Diagon Ally with two one year olds. She was making her way to the bank, Gringotts. When she came there she walked over to the first open Goblin.

"Excuse me. My name is Petunia Dursley, I'm the Aunt of Harry James Potter and I wanted to know about his vault status in this bank." The Goblin looked at her in shock and then looked at the black haired baby in her arms.

"I need to check his and your blood to be sure you're who you say are." Petunia nodded and nicked her finger then did the same to Harry who got tears in his eyes but he didn't start to cry. Petunia frowned. Lily had said he had always been a quiet child but this was bordering on unnatural. The goblin nodded as he saw the results. "Mrs. Dursley, Griphook will take you to Mr. Potter's account manger." Petunia nodded and followed the new goblin to an office with the name 'Grimlock' on the door.

"Grimlock will answer any questions you might have." Petunia nodded and walked in.

After two hours of shocking news Petunia found out that Harry had an house in almost every country. She decided to go to the house in Paris, France. French was one of the many subjects she knew. But first she was going to Godric's Hollow to see if she could save any of the stuff. She walked up to the church in the small town. She saw a priest and walked over to him.

"Hello Father." He smiled at her.

"I have never seen you before. Did you just move in?" Petunia shook her head.

"No, I'm the sister to Lily Potter. She and her husband lived in number eight." The priest nodded sadly.

"They both will be missed. What can I do for you miss...?" Petunia smiled.

"Petunia Evans. I just wondered if you could take care of my nephew and son while I go and see if there is anything I can save from the house. It would be great if Harry could have anything to remember his parents by." The priest nodded.

"Of course. What are their names?" Petunia smiled again.

"Harry Potter and Dudley Evans." The priest frowned.

"I don't see a ring on your finger. Is Dudley born out of wedlock?" Petunia shook her head.

"No, I'm recently divorced. My ex-husband was more to the abusive side of the population." The priest gasped.

"I understand. You didn't want you son or nephew growing up with him." Petunia just nodded and left the to babies with the priest. When she got to the house she saw the remains of a once beautiful house. She sighed and walked into through the door. She looked around and saw that the stairs were still there and looked strong enough to support her. She walked upstairs and saw that half the walls were in pieces. She got tears in her eyes but continued to a room that she guest was the master bedroom. It was mostly in one piece but you could see that it wouldn't stay up for much longer. She looked through the stuff and found Lily's jewelry box. It was a little dirty but that was it. She found a photo album that said my first son. She opened it and saw a picture of Lily and Harry at the hospital. There were both muggle and wizard photos. She smiled sadly as she watched a photo of a laughing Lily as she watched James chase Harry on a toy broom. She closed it and took out another. There were a photo album of Lily's Hogwarts days and another of James Hogwarts days. She found a journal which said A Marauder's guide. She took it along with some other journals she found. She walked into the library and found that most books were still intact. She found a big box in the back of the room. She put the stuff in there and looked in wonder as they shrunk to fit it all in there. She walked into the remains of the nursery. She found the blanket a Lily had knitted for Harry while she was still pregnant along with an stuffed bear he got from the hospital. She was amazed by all the stuff that survived the aftermath of the attack. She found some toys too. Like the toy broom from the photo, a small gold ball with wings and some more stuffed animals(a wolf, a dog, a stag, a owl and a tiger). She found a book of child stories and two recordings beside it. She pressed play on the first and got tears in her eyes when she heard James voice reading the child stories. The other had Lily playing a guitar and singing softly. She went back to the master bedroom and found a guitar. Not just any guitar, the guitar their father had given her. It was black with and lily engraved into it. She took it before going back to the nursery to make sure she didn't miss anything. She found some clothes and some other stuff. She walked down to the kitchen where she found the remains of an half eaten dinner. They had been eating when that monster attacked. She found some beautiful China and some cook books. She found a watch on the ground by the door. When she looked at the back of it, it said. To my Prongs. The love of my life L.P. She put it into the jewelry box. She found some letter and books in the living room. But what shocked her was that she found an old child's toy. A toy that had been in her family for generations. It was a green and sliver rattle. How something so old could survive this she didn't know but she took it with her. She took a portrait of an old couple that had fallen to the floor but was perfectly fine. After she went through the house one last time she left. When she came to the church she gave an update Harry the stuffed wolf which made him smile.

"Moony." He said and hugged the wolf to his small chest.

-A week later. -

The small family of three had been living in France for five days now and Petunia along with some house-elves finally had the house cleaned up. Harry's room was next to Dudley's. She had put the things that survived in another room that Harry would sleep in when he got older but she played the recordings for him every night. For the night there were stories but for afternoon naps were songs. Harry would never forget the sound of his parents voices. Harry was still really quiet but he had started to talk a little bit more. Petunia taught them both english and french and like small children did they would switch between the languages. Right now though she sat in a café feeding Dudley, while Harry was quietly eating on his own.

"Qu'es-ce-qu'une belledame, comme vous, faite toute seule avec deux bébés?" She heard a male voice say. She turned to the man and had to say he was handsome. He was blond with the most beautiful sky blue eyes she ever seen.

"Eh bein, l'un est mon fils et l'autre est mon neveu et je pense que nous mangions notre déjeuner, monsieur." She answered. She watched as he sat down on the empty chair in between Harry and Dudley.

"Avez-vous besoin d'aide, madame? Nourrir deux bébés est difficile de faire vous-même." Petunia looked him over.

"Et pourquoi devrais-je vous faire confiance? Vous êtes un étranger." The man chuckled and said.

"J'ai une nièce de quatre ans que j'aime. Je ne ferai jamais mal à un enfant." Petunia watched him for a couple minutes before nodded and allowing him to help her. Harry was annoyed at first but soon let the man feed him. After a quite moment Petunia asked.

"Quel est votre nom?" The man looked at her and smiled.

"André Delacour, madame. Quelle est le vôtre?" She smiled at him.

"Petunia Evans." André looked at her in shock.

"Vous êtes une sorcière?"

"Non, mais ma soeur a été. Elle a été la première depuis longtemps." André nodded in understandment. He knew that some lines were made up by squibs only and once in a while one witch/wizard would pop up. They continued talking and Petunia found out about André's family and she felt herself falling for this handsome man. But after Vernon she didn't know if she could put herself out there again. She explained this to André when he asked her out on a date. He had understood and said that he would be just a friend until she was ready. He also didn't go all gushy when he found out who Harry was. He just said it was sad for one so young to loose his parents. By the time Harry was two he could read and write in both english and french. So could Dudley. André suggested that she would make Harry take the magical talent test. Which she did and was shocked when she found out that he was a full elemental (all four elements), a beast speaker, wandless and wordless, Mind arts and he had an photographic memory. André said it was better to start his training while he was still young so he would have control when he started school at eleven. They got help from an Mistress Lachance in Magical creatures and Ancient Runes. Harry seemed to love the training and while didn't to the practical he knew the theory. After a year of training Petunia found an Master in America who would gladly train Harry in Defenses Against the Dark Arts and History of Magic. André followed them so he could teach Harry what the world expected of him as the last Potter. He had also started to date Petunia. After a year of dating they got married. Harry and Dudley loved their new cousin, Fleur. Fleur loved the two boys just as much. When Harry wasn't learning he was playing with his cousins. (Or as often as he could with Fleur as she lived in another country.) This continued until Harry was ten and it was back to UK that mattered. After USA they went to south Korea for a year where Harry learned some control over his elemental abilities and healing. Then it was of to China where he learned Potions and Martial arts. Last was Japan where he learned Transfiguration and Charms. Again like in France it was theory and not practical for the most part. Harry learned to use his wandless and wordless abilities. So he was up to third year on Charms, Transfiguration and DADA. He had finished his Ancient Runes training since after leaving France he still continued learning. The same with Magical creatures and History of magic which was only theory. His healing was up to Fifth year level after helping his aunt when the twins were born. That's right his aunt and new uncle had twins. Little Lily Adrienne and Felix André. Anyway his potions were up to fourth year. Martial arts though he was really good at since he had trained in it everyday for a year. Zhu (master) Han Geng had given him an Katana, throwing stars and throwing knifes as a goodbye present along with and potion kit that had every ingredient in the world, even the hard stuff like basilisk venom, vampire venom and midnight bloom an flower that had the same ability as a bezoar but not it's limits. Plus a pair of dragon hide gloves. He got presents from his other teachers too. Form his Sensei (master) Shim Min Ra he got a healing kit. It was a kit every healer-to-be buys before they start their training. Though this one had more than the one in England since some of the potions were illegal. In it there were three of every healing potion, book about healing spells and a journal for patient information. From his Sensei (teacher) he got books on Transfiguration and Charms along with endless supply of green tea and ramen plus cooking books on Japanese food. Master Jared Booth got him books on defense, some knifes and battle robes made out of dragon skin. Maître Quitterie Lachance gave him books on rare magical creatures and Ancient Runes along with an neko kit as an familiar. Now though Harry was turning eleven and was going to Hogwarts.

A/N: Like I said hope you like and next chapter will be as soon as I finish it. It will be short versions of his first four years.

Qu'es-ce-qu'une belledame, comme vous, faite toute seule avec deux bébés? - What is beautiful lady, such as yourself, doing all alone with two babies?

Eh bein, l'un est mon fils et l'autre est mon neveu et je pense que nous mangions notre déjeuner, monsieur. - Well one is my son and the other is my nephew and I think we were eating our lunch, sir.

Avez-vous besoin d'aide, madame? Nourrir deux bébés est difficile de faire vous-même. - Do you need help, ma'am? Feeding two babies is hard to do on your own.

Et pourquoi devrais-je vous faire confiance? Vous êtes un étranger. - And why would I trust you? You're a stranger.

J'ai une nièce de quatre ans que j'aime. Je ne ferai jamais mal à un enfant. - I have a four year old niece who I love. I would never harm a child.

Quel est votre nom? - What's your name?

Quelle est le vôtre? - What's yours?

Vous êtes une sorcière? - You're a witch?

Non, mais ma soeur a été. Elle a été la première depuis longtemps. - No but my sister was. She was the first one in a while.