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"Hurry up guys, or we will be late." Hermione yelled up the stairs at Harry's house in London. Yes, Harry had an own house. A gift from one of his masters. It wasn't big. A two story town house. A master bed room and two guest rooms on the second floor. Kitchen, living room and training room on the first. And of course bathrooms on both floors.

Today was a big day though. While Voldemort was back, people still celebrated things such as Weddings and birthdays. Today was the wedding of the prince and princess of the elven people. Harry and the others had been asked to be on guard duty since the royalty of all magical races would be there. Hermione had on a simple sea blue dress. It was strapless with a heart form on top. On the front it went to her knees while on the back it went down to the floor. Or would have if it hadn't been for her black high heels. Her hair was down and she had light make up on. Susan came down, her dress was the same as Hermione's but a beautiful green. Her hair was done in a french braid. The guys were next. They all had black tuxes on but the shirt was different. Harry's was light blue, Neville's was light green, Blaise light grey and Ron's was a light red. All repesenting the earthly elements in honor of the elven people.

They took a portkey into a deep forest. They were early and they saw the butterflies setting the final touches on the alter. It was beautiful. The flowers seemed to grow around it. The chairs were like the grew out of the earth with the grass and flowers. The walk up to the alter was filled with different flowers. The groom was already there and looked nervous in his sky blue clothes, showing that he was an air elf. Soon people started to arrive. Fleur was there with her grandmother repesentling the blessing of the Veela. Fleur had a elemerd green dress on in show of her blessing to this union. A pair of ice phoenixes flashed onto the back of the front seats. Kirara was there with her mate. They laid down in the front in the smaller forms. Two Drakens showed up soon after. This continued until all magical races was repesented. Even two dragons lay down at the far back. The head Unicorn would be preforming the blessing of this union. Soon birds started to sing and the bride walked in. She had a beautiful white dress that hugged her body. The dress was laced with green to show that she was a earth elf. She had her hair in curls with white flowers in them. She also had a Goblin made tiara.

As the cermoney finished they continued to a reseption part of the forest. (A beautifully decoraded clearing.) Music started and the first dance of the newly married couple started of the dancing. Suddenly Hermione walked up to the stage.

"This song is dedicated to Lancalot Saphire from your bride, Jewel." She started to sing 'Bubbly' by Colbie Caillat. Neville walked over to Harry.

"May I jave this dance?" Harry smiled and accepted the offered hand. The two of them danced along with the other couples. They got smiles from the newly weds.

"I'm expecting a invitation to the wedding guys." Harry smiled as Neville blushed.

"Of course my lady. Wouldn't have it any other way." They had gotten the blessing of the elven people. Something Harry was happy about as he always been close to nature and to know that it's people blessed his choice of mate made him just much more sure that Neville was the one for him.

A couple days later they were at Order HQ. For some stupid reason Minister Fudge refused to believe Harry aand the others about Voldemort and even threatend to fire and Aurors that talked about that day. So it was hushed up. Harry couldn't believe anyone was that stupid. Who would deny ten eye-witnesses telling you the exact same thing.

Anyway, at HQ they noticed that not much was done so they promised to make the students ready for war. It was time for the protectors to their duty to the students.

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