"God I feel like I need a shower now." Lindy complained as we walked into the house.

"We could go in the hot tub. That would warm us up again… " I suggested. I then remembered one key factor. The previous times that I used the hot tub, I was naked. "…no wait forget that I said that."

"I think that's a great idea." She said. "Why don't you wanna do it?"

"Because I don't have a swimsuit of any kind." I responded.

"That's no problem, I have an extra one." She said as she motioned for me to follow her to her room.

"Why did you bring a swimsuit?" I asked. "Why did you bring two?"

"My dad told me to pack everything and so I packed everything." She explicated as she began to dig through her drawer. "It should fit you because we seem to be the same size. Here you go."

She threw a bikini at me. She then started to pull her clothes off. This was definitely more than I bargained for.

"I'm gonna go change in the bathroom." I stuttered as I hastily made an exit. I could not deal with right now, I don't know if I could get undressed in front of Lindy.

Once I was in the bathroom, I looked over the bikini. I looked a lot like a bra and panties. I figured the first thing that I needed to do was take my clothes off, so I started with that. Then I pulled up the bottom and noticed that I needed to tie it near my hips. Thankfully, there was more fabric that some of the bikinis that Sloan had worn. I then looked over at the top. I started to put it on like I would a bra, wrapping the cups over my breasts. I then tied the straps to the best of my ability and it looked like it would stay on in the hot tub at least.

Once it was on, I grabbed a towel and walked back towards Lindy's room because I don't think she knew where the hot tub was. The way it turned out the bikini I was wearing was black and hers with white, which was not only ironic in and of itself but also considering that I had blonde hair and she had dark hair. Wait how did I get such a good grasp of what irony was?

"So I have no idea where this hot tub is." Lindy remarked. Yeah that was just what I predicted.

"So I have a question." I stated. "If you're pretty much dirt poor, why do you have swimsuits? Where do you swim?"

"That does seem to be a valid question." She stated. "The truth is I'm a lifeguard during the summer and I not only need to know how to swim but I also need a swimsuit for it. I think another good question would be, why do you have a hot tub if you don't have a swimsuit?

"Well my dad had it put in when I moved here." I responded with a blush. "I may have taken a bath in it once or twice."

"Okay..." She said with a slight pause. "So that explains that. Good thing that water is gone."

"Look I'm sorry I may have ruined the mood but should focus on a relaxing warm soak in the hot tub which may or may not involve either of us saying a word, we can just feel the warm water soaking into our powers making both of us feel like we never want to get out." I responded.

"Wow you really know how to sell it." Lindy remarked as we arrived in the spa. It sounded better to call it a spa then to call it a hot tub room. I opened the door and the two of us got inside the tub, submerging ourselves up to our necks.

"So were you at the Halloween dance at my school?" Lindy asked. "You were wearing a mask that only covered your eyes."

"Guess it wasn't much of a disguise." I joked as I laughed nervously. That was definitely not a very cool nervous laugh. "I really picked something at the last minute."

"So did you go there at some point?" She questioned

"Those dances are open to the public you know." I pointed out.

"True but how would you know about the infidelity and public display of affection that we watched if you didn't go there?" She countered.

"Well I did kind of go there. I just kept to myself." I fabricated. It was a huge lie but I needed to think of something on the spot. "Can we talk about something else?"

"Okay you and me make one pretty bad carpentry team." She stated which I couldn't help but smile at.

"Well maybe we would have been better and actually gotten something accomplished if we weren't throwing drinks at each other." I declared. "So do you think we should go back out there after we're done in here?"

"It's getting dark." Lindy commented. "And I don't really think swinging a hammer in the dark is a very good idea."

"Okay, then tomorrow we need to make sure that we get at least something done." I proposed "and no more throwing drinks at each other."

"That sounds like it could be a good idea." Lindy agreed. "So it looks like that whole not talking thing didn't happen."

"The talking definitely made it more interesting." I commented. "So do you like movies?"

I realized how dumb that sounded as she stared at me.

"I mean, do you want to watch a movie?" I corrected. That definitely sounded better.

"What movie were you thinking of?" She asked.

"Well I don't really any romantic comedies." I said. "Would you be interested in watching Transformers 2 by any chance?"

"Haven't seen but stuff blows up in it, right?" She replied with a smile and I nodded. "Sure I wouldn't mind seeing some stuff blow up. And by the way, I'm not very big on romantic comedies."

"Yeah but something tells me that we should put on dry clothes before we do that." I joked. I liked that I was able to joke around with her like this. Even though I didn't watch romantic comedies, I did know that this was how romance usually starts. I still had time to see where this thing with Lindy would go. I hoped that I could get her to love me and preferably in the amount of time that I had. Even though I wasn't sure if she would like me after I change back.

We both stepped out of the tub and grabbed our towels to dry off.

"So how about we meet in the living room and I'll get the movie ready after we finished getting dressed." I suggested.

"Sounds good." Lindy agreed. "Maybe we can even watch the movie in our pajamas."

"You do realize that it's like 5:30 at the latest, don't you?" I reminded her.

"Do you plan on going anywhere?" She asked to which I shook my head in response. "Then we can put them on. I didn't really get to have any pajamas parties when I was little."

"Okay I guess so." I agreed as I began to walk toward my room. I would have to pick a specific look for tonight. I might want to stay away from one of my nightgowns but I liked how they felt against my skin. In the end I was powerless to resist and ending up putting on a blue nightie. I walked out to the living room. I noticed Lindy was already out and I was quite surprised by what she was wearing. I almost could not believe that was what she slept in on a regular basis.

She was wearing a blue tank top and pink spandex shorts. She smiled at me and I smiled back at her.

"That's not exactly what I expected you be wearing." She commented.

"That's not what I expected either." I challenged. "Seems like you would get cold wearing that."

"Well yours doesn't exact cover much either." She pointed out before her stomach grumbled. " I guess I'm hungry. Maybe we should cook a pizza or something."

"I could have Zola cook something but that might take longer." I stated as my own stomach rumbled. "Yeah I say we go with pizza."

We put a pizza in the oven and put on the movie. It didn't take long for stuff to start blowing up. This movie had to have one of the lowest stuff blows up times of all movies. And said stuff blowing didn't seem as interesting as when I first saw it. Well at least Megan Fox was still hot. That was still unchanged even if she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag. And why the hell did her face have to land on some dude's crotch. That was just plain weird and would probably never happen in real life.

The pizza timer went off and we decided to pause the movie so we could eat. Honestly I was starting to get tired of it.

"So the movie doesn't seem as good as the first time I saw it." I remarked. "If you want to not see the rest, I would understand."

"I don't mind it that much." Lindy declared. "Sure it sucks but at least the acting is so bad that it's somewhat entertaining. I mean it's either this of we watch some of that drivel that people call primetime. I think I prefer this to that."

"Well I don't think all of it is drivel." I pointed out as I took a bite of my pizza.

"Let's finish the movie and then we can watch something if there's any interesting on." Lindy bargained.

"Okay I guess we can do that after we finish eating." I agreed.

We did just that. I sat close to Lindy on the couch. For some reason toward the end of the movie, I was leaning my head on her shoulder, probably not completely voluntarily. It was weird to be in this position because I never thought that I would be shorter than a girl but it felt so nice and comfortable. Not to mention, Lindy didn't seem to mind.

When the movie ended, I separated from the position that we were in, just in time to hear the door open and Zola and Will walk in.

"Did you two go somewhere?" I asked.

"We thought that we would give you kids some alone time." Will remarked. That blind guy could be so annoying some times. "So what did the two of you do while we were gone?"

"Where did you go?" I asked, ignoring the question that Will had asked.

"We just went out for something to eat." Zola responded before the two of them walked off in different directions.

"Are they dating?" Lindy asked.

"I don't know." I responded. That would definitely be something that I didn't expect. I quickly wanted to change the subject because the two of them seemed like such an odd pair. "So…why don't we see if we can find something interesting on TV?"

"I really wouldn't expect much." Lindy warned me with a smile on her face. The fact that we were friendly with each other at this stage was a good thing. "They don't make TV like they used to. It's not like you can see shows Veronica Mars or Drake and Josh anymore."

"Yeah and a lot of the shows are recycled too." I agreed. "I mean who really wants to watch Glee. It's basically High School Musical with some gay characters, even though High School Musical had gay characters but Disney wouldn't let them be gay."

"I don't think anyone is fooled there. Everyone knows that guy is gay." Lindy remarked. "Basically everything on television is formulaic right now. Comedies are about people with completely different personalities that are living under the roof and dramas are about people getting murdered or being saved by doctors that should probably be spending more time tending to their patients than having sex with each other."

"Did you own a TV?" I asked randomly.

"No and that's pretty much why." She answered which I couldn't help but giggle at. I didn't like giggling because it sounded girly but I couldn't help myself.

"So we should probably start earlier tomorrow so we can get more work done." I proposed as I took a moment to think of something. "How do you feel about possibly waking up at dawn?"

"That's basically what I did when I was going to school." Lindy quipped. I was unsure if she was serious or not. "Yeah sure let's do it."

So the next morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn, ready to do my work with Lindy.

So this story has returned. Lots of fluff here. The idea of Zola and Will possibly becoming a couple intrigues and I couldn't see any reason why they shouldn't. Of course there is no confirmation that they are at this point. I hope people are still around to review.