Disclaimer: Angel Beats and its characters are copyright of their respective owners. I do not claim to own anything here except the storyline and new characters I made up for it.

Overview: This story takes place right after the end of the 13th episode where Yuzuru supposedly sees Kanade on the street and tries to make contact with her. This story is my vision of what could happen immediately after that. Yuzuru x Kanade, may add other character pairings later. Constructive criticism much appreciated.

Chapter 1
Otonashi Yuzuru

I open my eyes to the bright rays of the morning sun shining through my bedroom window. As the light floods my senses, the last images from the dream I was having slowly slips away.

"Strange," I thought. "Such an unusual dream, but why does it feel so familiar to me?"

I dreamt that I had died, and I went to another school apparently in the afterlife where I met a group of student rebels whose goal was to fight against the will of God for giving them such unjust lives. Somehow I ended up joining their fight as well. It seems absurd, but why do I feel such an attachment to it? I feel like I know those rebels somehow.

But the thing bothering me the most is that girl. The one I met yesterday. I saw her while walking down the street, a small girl with a very petite build. She was wearing a white one piece dress and a light blue jacket, with a hat sitting on beautiful silver hair, leaning against a wall and looking at the ground. She carried a white handbag with pink designs and green straps. I couldn't see her face, but I remember her so vividly. As I walked by her, I was suddenly struck with a strange feeling that I knew her from somewhere. I turned back and chased after her as she walked away. Just as I reached out for her shoulder, I came to my senses and quickly withdrew my hand, walking back in the opposite direction. What was I doing? Why did I suddenly think that I knew her? It felt like my body had moved of its own accord, as if in a dream.

I didn't think much of the incident after that, and went through the rest of the day as normal. But now, this feeling of familiarity with the dream world and the student rebels, is almost identical to the feeling I had when I met the girl yesterday. And this time, that feeling isn't fading. I feel almost certain that I know them, both the rebels and the girl. Yet, why don't I remember any details? I feel like I'm missing something important.

"Argh, this isn't getting me anywhere! Anyway, I'd better get changed and head out to school."

Jumping out of bed, I go through my usual morning routine and put on my new high school uniform. Going downstairs, I grab a quick breakfast of bread and jam, pick up my bag, and head out the door.

"I'm leaving!"