"Magenta?" Seymour stepped into the backroom to see Magenta sitting in a chair, shaking wildly. "Magenta, what's wrong?"
Magenta looked up, hearing Seymour for the first time. "Uh, yeah….. Just didn't get a lot of sleep."

Seymour raised an eyebrow, but didn't bother. "Okay." He held out his hand and led her to the front of the store. Mushnik was already there. "So there's our little saleswoman."
"Sorry. Mr. Mushnik sir,"
Mushnik stood up. "Listen, - "
A slight cry hit Magenta's ears. She turned to see Analong across the street, talking to three cops.
"I better go see if she's alright."
"It's none of your business, why go?" Mushnik asked.

But Magenta didn't listen. As she walked out the door, the police drove away. Analong was sitting on the steps. "Are you okay?"
Analong didn't say anything.
"Please tell me."
"It's nothing." The thin woman squeaked. "It's really nothing." Her voice shook Magenta to the core.
"Ms. Analong? That isn't nothing. You can tell me." Magenta looked at the bruises on the girls legs.
"Orin's gone missing; they think its foul play. A gas mask, a bullet and shattered dental tools found all around."
Magenta raised an eyebrow. "Would it really be that bad? I mean wasn't he just some sadistic creep you worked for."
"No" Ms. Analong shook her head. "He was my fella, you see he was the only one I had got, and now he's gone."
"Can you tell me about the bruises"
Ms. Analong put her hands to her legs, embarrassed. "He beat me. I thought it was because he loved Me."
"and?" Magenta asked.
"I don't know, I'm feeling mixed emotions, I am terrified and heartbroken, and yet believing this is a miracle."
Magenta sighed, not sure what to say. She had to act like she had no idea what was going on, but inside her teeth were chattering, her bones shacking and her brain screaming at her.
"Ms. Analong, don't feel bad. The man didn't deserve someone nice like you. It's not so bad, your life would be better."
Ms. Analong wiped a tear off her cheek. "You think so? But the only reason I got the job was because of Orin, now I'll live like many of them."
Magenta looked around at all the homeless and all the people who spent their money on addictions.
"well, maybe Mr. Mushnik will give you a job."
Shaking her head, Ms. Analong sighs. "Ii don't think so, I don't have the best reputation." She paused. "Thanks to Orin."
Magenta grabbed the girls hand and led her to the shop, "I'm sure he would." They stepped in.
"Mr. Mushnik?"
Seymour and Mushnik walked in from the back.
"My friend, Ms. Analong needs a job."
Mr. Mushnik looked her up and down and sneered. "Why should I give a job to someone like her?' He raised an eyebrow.
"Please sir." Ms. Analong pleads. "I really need this job."
Seymour watched Mushnik shake his head. "Maybe it's a good idea." He said in a quiet voice. "I mean, with all the new business we could use an extra pair of hands."

Mushnik sighed. "Fine, but if anything goes wrong I'm firing all of you."
"It won't Mr. Mushnik." Said Seymour. "We promise."
Mr. Mushnik led Seymour out to the back room to continue their conversation.
"Stay here." Magenta told Ms. Analong. "I'll go get you the watering can; it's easy for your first job here."
She started to walk away.
Magenta stopped and turned to the woman in the short nurse uniform. "Yes?"
"Well, I was thinking now that we're friends you can call me by my first name."
Raising an eyebrow, Magenta asked. "And that would be?"
Ms. Analong bit her lip and pulled her fingers through her long red hair.
"Well?" Magenta asked, "What's your name."

Ms. Analong looked up from the floor and stared into Magenta's eyes.