Notice: I am posting the beginnings of multiple stories, which I probably will not get to work on until school let's out in two weeks, but I figured I'd get a few out, and I'll probably focus on the one that gets the best reception first. (Each story is for a different fandom)

This is going to be a series of one-shots following Eleanor as she learns to live on the surface.

She sat with her feet dangling in the murky water. Tears streaming down her face. Her hair wet, and matted. Her father lay lifeless next to her. She was lost.

Emotionally, physically, and mentally lost. How was she going to get off this hunk of metal? Where was she going to go? What was she going to do?

Her mentally unstable mother was dead. She spent her whole life being used. Stuck in the city from hell, and now she was alone. Utterly alone. She contemplated killing herself

with the hypo attached to her wrist. No one was still alive to miss her. She was... without a purpose. What was there to lose? Nothing she thought, There was nothing to lose.

Her body fought her. It wouldn't let this young woman end her life. It knew there was more in the world above for her. Even if her mind didn't.

She spent hours staring blankly at the lighthouse. It's light spinning around and around taunting her. She sighed, Well I'll probably starve to death anyways.

She didn't recall falling asleep, but she'll never forget waking up. The unmistakable sounds of a boat motor startled her. She lept up from her resting place, and instinctively

waved both her arms in the air. At this point she didn't care who it was. She just wanted off this debris. The boat pulled up next to the floating platform.

A man stepped down to the edge of the boat, and reached out to help her up. She registered that this man must know of Rapture. Either that or he was hard to surprise.

For a couple reasons. He clearly noticed the big metal corpse next her, and didn't flee like a scared little kid. He also willingly offered her his hand, seeing that she was wearing a suit built

for fighting, and an unfriendly, foot long needle connected to her wrist. She quickly grasped his hand, and accepted his aid. He hadn't killed the engine so she had to shout to be heard.

"That's my father!" she yelled, and pointed. "Bring him too!" The man nodded. Her body went rigid the second her father's body rose into the air seemingly on it's own accord,

and floated onto the vessel. Plasmid! Her mind shouted, He doesn't look, or act like a typical splicer. She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't notice the boat pull away from

the wreckage. Well he can't be any worse than starving to death, she grimly assumed.

She made her way to the control room. She watched him calmly as he guided the vehicle. After a while he pulled a few levers, and pressed a button. Then he stood,

and motioned for her to follow him. She found herself on the deck where the roar of the motors wasn't as prominent. A cream colored table rested in the center of the deck.

Surrounded by four pinewood chairs. The man sat, and she got a good look at him. He was handsome for his age. He looked to be in his mid-thirty's.

His left hand was bent towards him, and shaking slightly. It must be his plasmid, Telekinesis, she figured. She also noted a tattoo of a chain that encircled his wrist.

He motioned for her to sit, but she wouldn't. "I'm not sitting until I get some answers, and do you ever speak, or do you prefer hand gestures?"

She asked, she didn't mean for it to be a serious question. "Hand gestures," He stated plainly. His voice, she thought, it's amazing like music.

Is it because his is the only voice I've heard that hasn't come from a psychotic person? She asked herself. "Ok, well I'm not good with motions your going to have to use your voice."

"Fine, my name's Jack." Jack, I've heard that name before. "Eleanor," she responded. "Well, Eleanor would you please sit? I feel like your going to attack me standing like that."

"I still might, but something tells me I wouldn't be too successful." "What makes you say that?" "You've been to Rapture that much is obvious, and not many make it topside.

In fact I didn't know anyone made it back to the surface." "You did." "I am a... special circumstance," Eleanor informed. "I'd like to hear your story." "and I yours," she answered.

"Good but first, would you kindly take that hypo off your wrist. It scares the shit out of me," he spoke in a friendly, and nice tone. "No. Not yet." she retorted.

"Good, that's the answer I was looking for." What does he mean by that. "What?" "It was a test. Don't ask just know you passed." "Ok, then..." She finally slouched down onto a chair.

"How did you learn of Rapture?" She questioned hesitantly. "Plane crashed out near that lighthouse eight years ago. I survived. Stumbled upon a bathysphere in the lighthouse.

Rode into hell. Simple as that." "Eight years ago...," She pondered, "Was Andrew Ryan still alive then?" "Yea, he was. I killed him." "You! I knew I'd heard your name before.

Jack Ryan, right!" She exclaimed. He chuckled, "Yep, that's me." She lifted her arm, and unlatched the ominous hypo. It fell to the floor with a hollow clinking sound.

Jack raised an eyebrow. "I couldn't kill you if I wanted to," She responded to his gesture. "Your more than likely right," he stated, "My resolve is a bit stronger than it was

when I was in Rapture." I wonder why, her mind wandered. "Really?" "Yea, I've got five teenage girls to watch over now." He has daughters! Jack answered her unspoken statement, "Little

sisters that I rescued from Rapture. I adopted them." She was beginning to feel good about not killing herself. He can help, teach me about the world above.

Emotions she hadn't dealt with to often as of late began to rise within her. Like excitement, and happiness. "Could you...," She choked up,

"Could you help me, you know teach me about the world above. I was born in Rapture I know little of a world of laws." He just stared through her, seeming to observe nothing.

Maybe I shouldn't of asked, she suddenly thought. "I didn't survive a trip through Rapture with my morality in check, just to throw it away now, your welcome to stay with us.

I'll teach you what I know about this world. I can probably get you a job fairly quickly. How old are you?" Relief flooded through her veins as if it were ADAM.

"Sixteen, and thank you." "It's my pleasure. You've never spliced up have you?" "No, but being a little sister I've dealt with ADAM."

"ADAM is one thing, but having to hide plasmids makes living up here very challenging," He chuckled grimly.