Full Summary: Naruto is a regular fifteen year old student who just finished middle school and upon being rejected from every high school, his eccentric mother enrolled him into her old one. Naruto is about to discover many things about himself, the world and life in high school.

This is a Horror/Romantic story with the best humor I can come up as it is a training exercise for such genre. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1: Crescent Moon

I first thought that monsters were something parents invented to scare their children into complying with their wishes.

As I grew though, the subject interested me once again thanks to my eccentric mother and my father's role in the Shinto-Buddhist temple; so I turned to books and more serious sources than just bedtime stories.

Monsters were the embodiment of old fears, mostly related to the darkness that shrouds the night and the void we insist to fill with the worst of our souls.

Other sources say that monsters represented the worst of humanity; creatures devoid of "humanity" and doing to others whatever they pleased knowing that most people wouldn't fight back or cower in fear.

And for these old monsters we created paragons of virtue to which to fight against recreating once more the eternal struggle of good and evil, light and darkness, day and night.

But as I reached my own conclusions about them, my mother always managed to seed doubt in me by reminding me that legends and old stories have a touch of truth behind them and so I should be wary of closing my mind so quickly.

I am Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and right now I am dying as a creature of old drinks my blood.

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"Naruto, I need to speak with you" said Minato Namikaze, head priest of Konoha's Shinto-Buddhist temple and biological father of Naruto.

"Have you received any word from the high schools you applied for? It's been a month since you sent your applications right?" said Minato while taking a seat by the low table of the dining room.

Naruto scratched his head and clearly annoyed by his father's insistence on his educational career also took a seat.

"Yeah, they all thanked me for selecting them but at the moment they most give the available spaces to more prepared students. They want me to try again next year" replied Naruto while avoiding his father's stern gaze.

Sighing, Minato started "It's not that your grades are that bad Naruto but your compulsion to play pranks on everyone didn't help your reputation. And it seems that even those schools I wrote to recommend you also caught wind of your behavior"

Naruto just snorted and averted his eyes from his father.

Naruto and Minato have always had a difficult relationship given his father's strict ways and Naruto's mischievous behavior. Not to mention that he never liked the fact that he and his mother are not really married and still both of them lived at the temple.

"I think I may have to call my old friend in the school where I studied. You may not take a path of priesthood like me but at least you may be able to get into college" said Minato while drinking the tea he brought.

"Like hell I will attend that priest center! Why don't you just leave me alone! I am smart enough to land a job and learn stuff to get ahead in life" replied an angry Naruto.

"I have said plenty of times by now, but with no education you won't get a job better than at a gas station. Besides, no son of mine is going to be a useless bum" answered Minato.

"And what do you care? You didn't even married mom when you impregnated her! I have her name! That clearly shows how much you really care" said Naruto making Minato put his cup of tea on the table and stand.

Naruto mimicked him clearly ready to stand his ground on his usual confrontations with Minato but right before any of them could keep going, Naruto was pulled backwards and into the embrace of a red head woman who pulled him down to the ground having his head rest on her lap.

Minato just huffed and took back his place by the table.

"My beautiful, beautiful son" playfully said Kushina Uzumaki as she caressed Naruto's face and played with his hair.

"Mom! Not now" whined Naruto slowly giving in to his mom's affections.

"But you always liked when I did this, besides it makes me sad when you get angry. Good boys should always laugh and play" continued Kushina having Naruto completely under control.

"Now tell me, why were you two fighting now for? I think we agreed to don't fight here anymore" merrily said Kushina while sending a playful look to Minato.

"Naruto didn't get accepted to any of the high schools he applied for so I said I could get him into my old school. It would do him good to receive some discipline instead of you pampering" said Minato.

"I am fine on my own" said Naruto while pouting.

"But Naruto, a good education is important, not to mention that High School is where you fall in love and make some of the best friends in your life. A good high school life is important for any person" replied Kushina smiling lovingly to his adored child.

Naruto felt a bit sad knowing that he had disappointed his mother without intending it.

"It doesn't matter, I didn't make it to any school" whispered Naruto while burying his head deeper into his mother's lap.

"That's no problem! I already inscribed you into one!" happily said Kushina.

Both Naruto and Minato got to their feet in a flash and in unison screamed "WHAT?"

"You are father and son, no doubt about it!" said a laughing Kushina while the two blondes scuffed and turned serious again.

"I got you into my old school Naruto, a friend of mine made it to headmaster and so she has arranged for you to study there" finished saying Kushina.

Minato for some reason became somewhat concerned about where was the situation going.

"I hope you told them about Naruto's behavior, which could become an embarrassing issue if he is expelled later on" said Minato looking sternly at Kushina.

Dismissing such looks, Kushina replied "Oh, don't worry about that dear. My friend said that the school was perfect for people like Naruto. Besides, I was way worse than Naruto is; my baby here is a very good boy compared to how I used to be"

"And where is this school? I am pretty sure I applied to every school in Konoha" said Naruto breaking his parents' odd stand down.

"Those are actually the bad news Naruto; it's a boarding school quite some ways from here. But don't worry it is a really neat place with everything you may need and plenty of great kids to make friends with" happily replied Kushina forgetting Minato's strange bad mood.

"You mean I have to attend that place for three whole years?" said Naruto still having trouble to accept the fact that he would be away from his mother for such a long time.

Noticing Naruto's concern, Kushina hugged him again and sweetly continued "My sweet child, I know it's scary but you are growing up and eventually you will have to make your own path in this life. I wish I could, but I won't be able to be by your side forever, so be brave Naruto I promise that this new experience will change you forever"

Naruto rested his head on Kushina's shoulder and acknowledging the truth in his mother's words he mumbled "Fine, I'll go if that's what you think is best"

"I promise you won't regret it" replied Kushina while comforting the sad Naruto.

"And where exactly is this school located? If my son is attending to it, at least I should know where to go in case of emergency" said Minato still in that serious look he had since learning of Kushina's decision to send Naruto away.

Kushina letting go of Naruto addressed Minato with a serious look though still sounding playful and childish "Now now Minato, you just leave this in my hands. I promise to look after Naruto as any responsible parent would"

Minato for some reason stepped back but managed to reply "Still I need to know…"

Kushina took another step forward and once again asserted "I said don't worry Minato, Naruto will do great in this new school and you have plenty of work towards the services of the coming celebrations right?"

Naruto watched with amazement as his father was cornered and forced to accept Kushina's will; this itself was a rare sight given that his father is highly respected in the community and among other priests as a powerful exorcist (though Naruto never saw one)

But whenever an important decision regarding Naruto's upbringing came to be made, it was Kushina's will that always prevailed. Naruto always noticed that Minato even showed something akin to fear whenever his mother took a stand for him. Such moments in his life were when Kushina refused that Naruto be taught the ascetic arts of a priest, when Minato wanted Naruto be inscribed in an all boys school and even when Minato wanted Naruto to have his hair cut short.

This always came as a mystery to Naruto since Minato was a rather imposing man but Kushina at those moments seemed to take down his resolve.

Over the years Naruto always made questions to his mother from why he had a different name from his Father, and why did they still lived at the temple if they weren't a real family. But Kushina's answer was always the same, a barrage of tickles and a playful dismissal.

Naruto knew that his parents had feelings for each other but they were very private about them and only in very intimate moments did he catch signs of this. Still he didn't like the fact that when other priests came to the temple they always saw him and his mother like pests.

Minato finally excused himself and left the room to attend the daily duties of the temple leaving Kushina and Naruto alone.

"I promise that when I return, I will take you away from here" said Naruto to Kushina.

Kushina laughed a little "My sweet child, believe it or not my place is here. But you my child, you belong to someone else and you will take her far away to many wondrous places"

"But he doesn't care about us, he didn't even give me his family name and everyone around town considers us a shame to such a great man. They call you "his only fault" and that he had to take you in because of me!" said Naruto with passion.

Kushina again smiled "My dear Naruto, he took me because he loves me but he has a hard time expressing it and he does really care about you too. We didn't take his name because he had serious issues with the Priest Hierarchy about it so I allowed him to not give us his name"

Naruto didn't seem convinced by this so Kushina lifted his face to look at her "Don't fill your heart with anger for him. My sweet child MUST NEVER get angry, for anger brings regret and sadness. Leave your father to me and just busy yourself with your new school and your new friends"

Naruto wondered why his mother always told him to never be angry, as a matter of fact he didn't recall when was the last time he actually got really angry, annoyed of course but not really angry. His mother always had a soothing touch that managed to calm him almost instantly and that admittedly he enjoyed to the point of being spoiled.

Naruto breathed deeply and continued "Alright mom, I am not angry anymore but he should start treating you better"

"I'll make him treat me better, without you around he may stop worrying about you so much and treat me to some beach trip or something" said Kushina with a bright smile as she knelt by the table.

"Ok, so tell me mom how is this school of yours? Is it interesting?" asked Naruto resting his head on his mother's lap.

Kushina once more started pampering Naruto and smiling down to him answered "It is truly a unique place. It may look scary at first but I assure you will have a hell of a time there. The kids sent to that school are incredible and believe me when I tell you, they will just love you. They also enjoy things like your pranks and other fun activities"

Naruto relaxed greatly and smiled to his mom "It sounds almost too good"

"It is a great place Naruto, I learned a lot there and it did me a lot of good. Not to mention that it was during those years that I met your dad. It will be fate if you meet your future wife there" merrily said Kushina.

"Don't think so mom, most girls find me annoying and childish, they always blew me off or told me to get lost or grow up" answered Naruto a bit angry of always being picked around for his marvelous pranks.

"That's because they don't know you like I do and like every girl in your new school will. The Crescent Moon academy only accepts kids who go way beyond the skin you wear" replied Kushina with a small laugh.

"The skin I wear?" asked a confused Naruto.

"Don't mind me son, you will be fine. But just one word of advice though. Keep your mind and your soul open, Crescent Moon is a very special place that only gives you one chance and if you blow it, it will deny you a much beautiful world" finished saying Kushina earning a confused look from Naruto.

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A few days have passed and the coming of the new semester made every student who studied abroad to leave their homes so they could begin to getting accustomed to the schools that would be their homes for the next three years.

Naruto's uniform had arrived just the day before the departure though Naruto didn't recall any messenger leaving it at the front door, not to mention that it looked really high class. Naruto was now sporting a blood-red jacket with the emblem of the school sewn at the left shoulder.

The emblem was just like the school itself indicated, a crescent moon with several weird looking symbols surrounding it.

The uniform had black slacks, shoes and a red tie along with a white shirt. The curious thing was that the uniform fitted him perfectly and felt incredibly resistant.

The other curious thing about this day though was that he was told the bus was coming home to pick him up instead of going to a rendezvous point where other students may gather to leave.

Kushina was waiting by Naruto's side humming a weird tune Naruto never heard before and Minato stood dressed up in regular clothes instead of his traditional robes of the trade.

Naruto was wandering into the distance as it was really early and he just got up from bed, but as soon as he tried to yawn, the gate of a yellow mid-sized school bus opened right in front of him missing his face by an inch.

"W-w-what? Where it came from?" screamed Naruto as he fell back only to be stopped in mid fall by Minato.

"There's you bus son, good luck and take care" said Minato with not so much enthusiasm.

"You better take good care of mom or I will come back to kick your ass!" threatened Naruto.

Minato dismissed him and went inside the temple again making Naruto fume with anger but before he started screaming Kushina was already hugging him fiercely while crying like a little girl.

"Woah!, calm down mom! I am only going to school! I'll be back for winter holidays!" said Naruto while trying to comfort Kushina.

"I know! But it's the first time we will spend time away since you went to that camp trip in first grade! Wah!" screamed Kushina not wanting to let go of Naruto.

"But you were one of the accompanying parents and it was at the forest patch behind the temple! You actually brought me home to take a shower after I fell in the pond!" said Naruto thinking that the other students may be laughing their asses of before the show.

Controlling herself she let go of Naruto and kissing him on the corner of his lips bade him farewell at last.

Naruto sighed and boarded the school bus expecting a barrage of jokes and laughing but to his surprise the school bus was empty except for the neatly dressed driver who was patiently waiting for him to take a seat.

Naruto was getting a really bad feeling about the whole situation but dismissed it as just nerves over leaving home for the first time.

"Are you ready young man" said the driver in a deep guttural voice not fitting with his frame without looking back at Naruto.

"I guess" replied Naruto while taking a seat at the back of the bus.

The driver let out a strange quiet laugh and closed the door of the bus making a loud bang. The bus started moving surprisingly making little noise as it moved down the street getting into the highway out of the town.

Naruto felt his eyes heavy as he glanced back at Konoha one last time letting out a tear.

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Naruto had fallen asleep a long time ago and after hours of quiet driving he finally opened his eyes feeling strangely refreshed. The first thing he noticed was that the bus was still empty except for him and the driver, and as far as he could recollect the bus never stopped moving since leaving Konoha.

The other thing he noticed was the red glow entering the side windows of the bus making him wonder exactly how many hours they had been moving, for they departed Konoha early in the morning.

Naruto stretched a bit and before he stood up to go ask the driver the hour, he saw through the window that they were moving alongside a dangerously narrow cliff with no fence between the road and the incredibly long fall to the ocean.

"What the…" mumbled Naruto as he gazed into the full picture before him; the sun was still standing high on the sky but instead of casting a glorious golden light, it was just white and its light wasn't blinding at all. The ocean beneath was the same tone of red as the sky.

Falling back into his seat Naruto looked to the other side where and an endless ancient looking forest stretched as far as the eye could see. The forest seemed thick and impossible to traverse not to mention that more than once he could have sworn that shadowy things moved among the trees following the bus from a distance.

"Hey dude! Where are we?" asked Naruto growing more nervous by the second.

"We will be there shortly young man, please take your seat the last stretch of the road gets bumpy" responded the driver with a mocking tone.

Naruto just gulped and went back to his seat right next to one of the windows as they passed through a great old hanging bridge. The bridged cracked and squeaked as the bus made its way through it making Naruto incredibly nervous about his destination.

Finally the bus slowed down in front of a large dirt road that went up a hill "The school is behind that hill. In case you have second thoughts I depart at sunset" said the driver as he opened the bus's door.

Naruto replied "And why would I reconsider? This is my first day"

"No especial reason, but this place can be very scary" finally said the driver with that same mocking tone from before.

Naruto grabbed his bag and step down the bus to start walking in the hill's direction wondering in what part of the country was he, after all his clock indicated that it was only ten in the morning and the sky already looked like a red sunset.

Once he started climbing the hill, he turned back to see the landscape more clearly but to his surprise the bus had already disappeared without making a sound.

Naruto mumble a quiet "weird" and so he walked towards the buildings far in the distance making him feel like in one of those old horror movies.

As he walked and the buildings became clearer; Naruto noticed how unique this academy was for the buildings had a gothic style to themselves. From the faculty buildings to the dorms, everything was made of pale stonework with some huge gargoyles on every roof and even the sports track had its share of intimidating statues.

As he made his way to the school entrance gates he finally took wind of the other students who like himself were already dressed in the uniform. Many of the male students came in varying complexions and wildly different heights as some had the same size as a small child while having a very tough looking face.

On the other side Naruto was pleased to see that every female student was incredibly good looking; no fat girls, no dirty looking ones and curiously many of them with strange hair colors. Their uniforms consisted of similar blood red jackets, a checkered skirt of black and red that stood just above the knee, black socks and an elegant red bow tied to the neck of their white shirts.

"Mmm, maybe this won't be so bad. No one knows me here and every girl here is good looking! By statistics I should get a decent girlfriend by December" merrily thought Naruto as he sped up his way to the main building.

Naruto had failed to see that though the other students looked normal from afar, a closer inspection would have allowed him to notice some bestial features or other worldly traits on them.

As he made his merry way something small crashed at him from one side with incredible force and speed.

Naruto got thrown by the impact to one side forcing him to use his right hand to try and stop his fall, but this made him get a cut drawing blood.

"I am so sorry! I wasn't seeing since I thought I was running late for the first introductory class and this place is like a maze" Naruto heard a girlish voice speak while he was trying to refocus his senses; it's been sometime since a hit had that effect on him.

Finally recovering and managing to get from the ground Naruto saw what had crashed against him; a girl with shoulder length pink hair with beautiful jade green eyes and a somewhat big forehead.

The girl took a few steps back from Naruto waiting for him to reply something looking a bit remorseful.

Naruto on his side straitened his clothes while inspecting the girl more carefully; the girl was just a couple of inches shorter than him and had a slim build up with just a few slight curves that defined her gender. To Naruto this was the less impressive girl so far in campus as other were much more filled and feminine than this pink bullet.

Naruto just sighed and knowing that he was new to the school, decided to become acquaintances with this girl; so extending his injured hand he greeted the girl "Don't worry about it, it didn't hurt at all"

The girl let out her breath and reached for Naruto's hand while replying "Still, I am very sorry, this is my first day and I am already getting in trouble"

The girl shook Naruto's hand but went a bit pale when she saw the cut and the small trickle of blood coming from it.

"Oh no! I hurt you!" she then took a white handkerchief from her pocket and before she wrapped his hand in it, she licked the blood from her hand and then from Naruto's leaving the wound clean. After this the girl wrapped the hand with a tight knot.

Naruto on his side was beaming red and stuttering over the incredibly sexy/weird thing that just happened.

The girl seemed now very content and relishing for some reason holding her face with both hands casting a very satisfied smile.

Naruto was about to thank the weird girl and ask her name but the girl's following words freeze him on the spot as she uttered a "Delicious" with half opened eyes which triggered the alarms in Naruto's head.

Naruto uttered a quick "Thanks" and ran in the opposite direction leaving the girl behind trying to reach him but managing to lose her.

"Damn! The first person I meet here and it had to be the crazy one. Well I guess this day can't turn any worse already" thought Naruto while retrieving the paper with the number of the classroom he should be heading to.

"Class 1-H; Heh! Guess that is normal at least" said Naruto out loud while checking out the old style map of the campus.

Naruto made his way to the classroom noticing how unique this academy was for the wall were decorated with really old paintings of creepy looking guys and of fantastic creatures; Naruto thought that many of these paintings should belong to a museum, just what kind of academy did his mom attended?

The halls had a creepy resemblance to one of those horror stories that took place in ancient castles but the extinguishers and drinking fountains reminded him of the place he really was into.

Naruto finally reached the classroom that had the 1-H framed in gold with some of the symbols of the academy.

Naruto entered relieved to see a normal picture before him; the students were chatting among each other friendly letting laughs and quickly inspecting the new comer.

Naruto was relieved to see that no one paid him any mind and just carried on; usually people would laugh at the strange marks of his face.

He took seat at a chair far in the back noticing that many chairs around him haven't been occupied yet which meant that more students were yet to arrive.

His thoughts were interrupted when a petite woman in his late twenties entered the room and started writing down on the blackboard her name and position.

"Shizune Nekotan" read Naruto thinking that even the teacher was good looking with that classic teacher outfit of a high skirt with a side opening, white half unbuttoned blouse, glasses and black heels. The only thing missing was that her hair was short and so she couldn't lose it sexily like in the magazines he had to burn before coming here.

"Alright students, it seems we are a few people short but it's time to begin the introductory class of today for the newly arrived" merrily said the teacher while picking up her list.

Before she could start reading out the names the door was slammed open by a winded looking girl with pink hair.

"I am so sorry! I got lost while coming here" quickly apologized the girl bowing several times.

The teacher laughed nervously while the rest of the class snickered at her.

"Don't worry, you arrived just in time; please take a seat wherever you want" said Shizune.

Naruto tried to hide his face while looking outside the window into the weird red sky but he didn't notice that his hand was still wrapped in the girl's handkerchief.

The girl noticed and smiling broadly took a seat right behind Naruto and quickly whispered a "Hello again, my name is Sakura Haruno"

Naruto thought that it would be polite to reply and not wanting to make enemies so soon answered "Naruto Uzumaki"

The girl smiled even more and sat straight looking forward.

"At least she doesn't act strange all the time" thought Naruto while returning his gaze to the front where Shizune started passing list.

Being finished with the list Shizune addressed the now quiet students "Let me be the first to welcome you all to the Crescent Moon Academy, the place where we all learn how to interact with the world of humans. I hope that the next three years will be of great experiences and wonderful memories"

Naruto immediately reasserted his a whole attention at the teacher and tried to process the words she just said.

"Bah! Who wants to interact with them! They are puny, stupid and ignorant, we should take from them what we need and be done with them" said one of the students making the aura in the class room suddenly very dangerous for Naruto's instincts.

"Nah! The only thing a human is good for is food. You can grind them, pickle them or even broil them! Grandpa says they taste great with soy sauce!" said another further encouraging the raging atmosphere.

Naruto managed to avoid dropping his pencil for he was now paralyzed, both with the shock of listening to such craziness and the terror that was creeping its way through his spine.

"Now now students, even children like you know that humanity rule the world and that they outnumber us a hundred to one, not to mention that their weapons are quite effective against anything we have. This school's main mission is to prepare you all to learn how to subsist in their world and avoid detection among them, for secrecy is our only real chance of survival against a species that grew to despise us in days ancient" continued the teacher in all seriousness.

The students calmed down somewhat clearly humbled by remembering who hunted them down into hiding and away from lands they claimed as their own.

"But not everything is bad! This school has an extraordinary record for preparing monsters to fully integrate and mingle among humans. And our most successful students have managed to marry humans and make fully understanding families! Isn't that wonderful?" said an excited Shizune trying to cheer up the class, particularly the horror stricken blonde in the back.

"The only ones who want to get together with humans are the guys with tentacles!" said one of the girls earning laughter from everyone in the class but Naruto.

"Say teach, if you want us to mingle with humans; shouldn't we have human classmates?" said another in a dangerous tone.

At this the teacher got serious making everyone silent.

"While this school ultimate goal is to one day allow both societies merge into one and help tolerance reign supreme on the world. It is a fact that humanity as it is, would never accomplish that" said Shizune removing her glasses.

"If a human somehow ends up here among us by chance or bad luck; the school's rule is to kill it on the spot!" finished saying with slit yellowish eyes while her cat ears stood fully erect and her black tail swaged from one side to the other behind her making every student in the room turn significantly into their real monstrous shapes, full of teeth, claws and hideous stuff.

Naruto on his side was now having a panic attack; he was certain he was well awake as his arm constituted, as for his thoughts they were in the middle of turmoil as every story of monsters his mother told him came back rushing to him.

Naruto started to tremble and sweating as he tried his best to remain calm; so far no one had realized he was human, probably because of his marks on the face but soon another terrifying fact came back to his mind.

Right behind him another one of them was standing and what was worse, "she" had tasted his blood already and said it was delicious!

Risking getting caught Naruto turned slowly to look behind him, expecting to find a hideous monster baring its teeth along with everyone else in the room and perhaps already thinking the best way to eat him herself.

But to his surprise the girl looked just like before and was smiling happily at him, she even waved a small hello to him.

Naruto immediately turned around trying to figure out a way out of this nightmare "In case you have second thoughts I depart at sunset" Naruto remembered the bus driver say.

"Great! I just need to get out of here and make a dash for the bus. Then my mother will have a hell storm of questions to answer!" angrily thought Naruto trying to keep his own sanity.

As Naruto gathered his courage to endure the rest of the class, Shizune had already transformed back to her human appearance and urged everyone else to turn back in their own human shapes.

"Sorry about that people, guess even I get carried away too; I should also inform you that as a rule, the students of Crescent Moon Academy are strictly forbidden of turning into their real shapes except for life threatening emergencies. Everyone must remain with human appearance at all times for the academy wishes you to be able to stand among humans even at the most stressing times" continued Shizune while every student snickered at her a bit.

"Teach, your tail" mockingly said one of the students pointing at the swaging tail of the teacher who had forgotten to conceal it once more.

"Oh my!" said Shizune hiding it away quickly making everyone laugh in the room except for Naruto.

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The day took way longer than he had expected to end and the white ghostly sun was starting to set in the horizon. Naruto was already walking towards the spot where the bus driver said he would depart back to Konoha.

He tried to look as normal as anyone around but he was making himself stand out for how utterly nervous he looked and so his smell was actually drawing some attention to himself.

As Naruto discreetly made his way to the school gates a soft hand landed on his shoulder making him drop his bags to the ground. Naruto managed to drown the scream that so desperately needed to leave his body, and letting go of his breath he turned around carefully to see the smiling face of the Haruno "girl"

"Hey Naruto! You are going to move into the dorms?" said Sakura giving him a warm smile that almost got him to lower his defenses.

But remembering that this girl actually got a taste of him, Naruto once more tensed up and replied as best as he could.

"Y-Y-Yeah! I was heading there right now!" stuttered Naruto trying to keep making his way out of the school.

But Sakura's strong grip on his arm stopped him, making Naruto shiver with fear.

"You dummy the boys dorm is over there!" said Sakura pointing to the gothic style dorms at the exact opposite of his current destination.

"Really? Guess I wanted to take a look around campus as well" said Naruto feeling proud of being able to come up with good excuses at the direst of times.

"Oh! Good idea! Then let's go together, it's my first day as well and though I memorized the map already I am yet to see the actual grounds" said Sakura getting to Naruto's side compelling him to start moving.

Naruto gulped down a ton of saliva and nodding he followed Sakura who was already taking the lead.

As they moved out of the school grounds Naruto purposely edged himself as far from Sakura as he could but every time he tried that, Sakura just got back to his side. Naruto desperately wanted something to drag her away from him but she was firmly stuck to his side strolling like a happy girl.

If not for the day's events Naruto might have actually thought of Sakura as cute and definitely friend material, but knowing that she thought his blood to be "delicious" kept him on edge at all times.

The sun was quickly descending in the horizon and so, Naruto's last chance to escape was fading as well.

Knowing that he wouldn't survive even the night here, that bus was the only chance he had so gulping down by the hundred times that day he stopped walking and dropping his bags to the ground turned towards the hill where the Sun started to sink in the horizon.

Sakura noticed Naruto's sudden actions and turning around she observed him staring at the setting sun.

Before she could say anything Naruto suddenly dashed forward towards the hill where the bus driver has told her earlier he would depart back to her town.

Not knowing any better and wondering about his sudden actions she sprinted after Naruto with all her might.

Naruto had always prided himself of being fit without actually doing much of a workout; as a matter of fact he had a ripped well toned body which always made him one of the best athletes in his previous school but given his uncontrollable desire to play pranks on everyone, every sports club had banned him after falling victim to his favorite activity besides trying to peek on girls.

Though this time it seemed he was falling short for the girl had already caught up with him after having a wide advantage.

"Wait! What are you doing?" screamed Sakura trying to catch up with her first friendly acquaintance.

"Don't get near! I am leaving! Please just let me go!" screamed back Naruto letting out his obvious fear.

Sakura completely misunderstanding Naruto's reasons ran faster trying to get a hold of Naruto.

"Wait! I know it can be scary, but you don't have anything to be afraid of!" screamed Sakura trying to smile while doing so, so Naruto could calm down and stop.

"Yeah right! You saw those guys? I'll get ripped apart if I go back!" yelled back Naruto trying his hardest to increase his speed as they passed the hill and were now running down towards the awaiting bus.

Sakura decided that Naruto wasn't going to stop with words so she needed to slow him down a bit so they could talk this out, after all what kind of person doesn't help her classmate.

Sakura stepped up her speed and tried to reach Naruto's right arm. Naruto turned around to be surprised how close was the girl already and her hand was a moment from grabbing him.

Twisting in fear Naruto lost his balance and being unable to regain it fell quickly on his back hitting his head hard losing consciousness almost instantly.

Sakura managed to stop while she saw in horror how the blonde boy fell on his back hitting his head and the roll down the hill roughly. Sakura attempted to go after Naruto but when she saw Naruto's limp form and the small trail of blood left by his head, she felt herself go light and strange.

She dumbly walked to Naruto's stirring form as he was coming to his senses holding his head in pain.

Sakura reached the disoriented Naruto and softly knelt by her side holding his body gently against hers "Are you hurt Naruto?" said in a most soothing voice.

Naruto felt strangely safe as he leant on the small yet strong frame of Sakura, while still seeing small lights and not fully back to his senses "I was dreaming?" he asked in a weak voice.

Sakura trembled with excitement at the fragility Naruto was displaying and feeling more and more attracted to the drumming coming from his heart.

Unknowingly two thin but very sharp fangs sprouted from Sakura's mouth framing it as it slowly reached Naruto's neck in a most intimate way as from afar it could have been seen as two lovers celebrating the end of the day and the beginning of the night.

Naruto winced briefly as a sharp pain took him by the neck, but it ended soon enough as every other feeling dulled away; he managed to turn his eyes to the source of that bittersweet feeling to find the pink haired girl greedily biting his neck with half closed eyes which emitted a low green glow and casted a look of pure ecstasy.

He once more turned his eyes not exactly certain of what to make of the entire situation which seemed brought from his worst nightmare as the bus drove away and the loud laughter of the driver could be heard from afar.

The night quickly fell as Sakura still drank and Naruto starting to feel cold realized the life being stolen away from him in this manner.

Creature of the night, forever bound to beauty and sensuality.

Hunter of the precious life given in equal measure to us all.

Your black might descends uninvited at first but welcomed before the end.

A path to immortality a path to hell, your hunger is the judge to that.

A kiss of death your greatest gift.

"Vampire" whispered Naruto as he succumbed to the inevitable.

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