Chapter 33: A Drop in the Cauldron

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"What are Vampires coming to when one of the Regali caste is reduced to merchandise by his own kin?" gloomily thought Sasuke as he made his way to wherever his affluent, he hoped, customer awaited him.

"Must be some harlot from a wealthy family seeking my family's favor…and perhaps think she can sway me to make her my mate. Sometimes I envy that Haruno half breed for the freedom her lack of status confers her" thought Sasuke frowning at his last thought and immediately dismissing it for the story and ancestry of the Uchiha could be traced back to the very Lord Tepes and his cadre of wives.

Thinking of his fine lineage and peerless ancestry, Sasuke managed to draw a content smile on his face as he finally got around to an old looking tower in the middle of a forested patch. Looking at it, he knew it was a simple design with no real value as a bulwark against any attacker and was more in line with depictions of fairy tale books…which he hated with a passion.

Approaching the main gate he read on the wooden sign "Alchemy Club" along with the drawings of three other faces. One depicted an angry looking female with mismatched hair, a happy grinning face with jagged teeth and a boring looking one.

"Alchemy Club…I think mister Orochimaru was this club's coordinator back at the club selecting day" remembered Sasuke as he shrugged at the strange…creature's rather dubious invitation to his club.

He had almost accepted joining for Orochimaru promised him to be a leading figure but then again, his father's wisdom to never accept a deal that sounds too good to be true made him walk away enjoying the slight anger in Orochimaru's features confirming his good call.

Sasuke scanned the area around the tower looking for traps or any signs of foul play for he had grown wary after his shameful treatment at the hands of his male peers during the Sports Festival. If anyone should be treated in such a way, then that would have to be Naruto who had all those females at his reach.

Sasuke knew that eventually a right mate would surface and make any other woman around him pale in comparison with her radiance…then again Kin had given him her support at the Festival and her voice was that of rulers if his previous encounter with the girl was anything to go by.

"I guess she is a bit ahead of the others…" mused Sasuke as he finally got to the ancient wooden door of the tower and already cursing his brother for whatever was to happen rasped loudly on it hoping not having to wait for long.

"Is that the pizza delivery?!" yelled form the inside an obviously male voice that carried a lot of mischief in its tone.

"They no longer deliver anything to us…" replied another male voice with an absolute neutrality that betrayed no emotion.

"Oh right! You nearly ripped that guy's head when he almost ran over that mouse! Boy are you such a diva about those things!" laughed the other boy making Sasuke's eyebrow to twitch in annoyance.

"Please don't remind me of that…" asked the other now betraying a little contained anger in his voice.

"Are you two morons going to open the door or what?!" suddenly cried a female voice that bode ill with Sasuke in an instant.

"Oh yeah! Wonder who's the sucker?!" said the mischievous boy and finally did the door creaked open revealing a very annoyed Sasuke.

Greeting him was a white haired male with jagged teeth reminiscent of a shark's grin with purple eyes. He was dressed in a regular uniform except that his tie was crooked and the sleeves of his jacket rolled up.

"Woah! Who ordered the grumpy patrol?!" laughed the boy making Sasuke move incredibly fast to snatch him by the throat. There was so much a proud Vampire would take from a lesser being.

But as soon as his hand closed on the boy's throat it slipped right out of it leaving a wet sheen on his hand. Sasuke though didn't mind, guessing that this was probably a monster trait to deal with.

Sasuke stepped forward and this time instead of catching his prey he would simply strike it head on and given his prodigious speed and strength that would be no problem.

The white haired boy realized his inferior speed and flailing his arms barely managed to say "Wait dude!"

Sasuke grinned and delivered a powerful blow to the boy's sternum but instead of being emptied of air, he simply exploded in a large splash of water that drenched the Vampire from head to toes.

"What the?" wondered Sasuke as a large figure stepped behind him without being noticed and for a second he felt an unbelievable amount of anger directed at him.

The boy moved amazingly fast for his bulk making Sasuke blink surprised but being a Vampire he was superior in speed and very likely his match in strength. So he managed to dodge and turning to fight his new aggressor he was met with a face that even he could grow to be wary from.

The boy was a large one by anyone in their age range, with spiky orange hair and a squared face with clear brown eyes. He was dressed in uniform only that he wasn't wearing a tie or a jacket and the sleeves of his shirt were rolled revealing broad muscled arms.

He seemed not angry at all but was obviously in a fighting mood as a poorly made kick went for Sasuke's mid body.

Sasuke observed the leg and from the movement and speed of it he judged the boy to be highly muscular and quite strong so he dodged and realized the good call he made feeling the displaced air it left.

Sasuke though needed to bring him down quickly so tapping into his "nature" closed the distance with the large boy and delivered a powerful knock out uppercut to the boy's chin.

Sasuke stepped back and was confident that he managed to bring down the powerful boy, but to his surprise the boy simply lowered his face and this time it was contorted by an expectant grin and wild looking eyes.

"Yes! You have the stuff!" growled the boy and made a menacing step that made Sasuke grow his fangs and get ready.

"Enough you morons! We have enough trouble as it is for you two to prompt further punishment! This tower is the last place we are given to stay before we are disbanded by the principal!" yelled a female voice making the large boy stop in his tracks and after struggling return back to his senses and be once more a neutral looking person.

"Man! Do you really have to punch people that hard?!" demanded the other boy which Sasuke had "destroyed" molding back from the splashed water and back into a fully formed human.

In rivers and streams come and see one of nature's truest kids

But wary you must be for nature is cruel and its offspring is too

Dance and play with them but never forget the whims of an Elemental

"A Water Elemental?" wondered Sasuke aloud for such creatures were in even greater rarity than Vampires in the world. According to his mother this was due to them losing themselves to their own nature and long having forgotten their link to the thinking beings of the world.

"A poor example of one but yes. You have quite a keen eye…S-Sasuke?!" said the female going from proud and arrogant to nervous and fidgety. Sasuke was already wary of her…

"He attacked Suigetsu…" growled the large boy with barely contained rage.

"And do you really like him that much?" asked the girl stepping out to meet the boys and already back in confidence.

That seemed to calm down the boy who closing his eyes said "Not really"

"Hey!" said the now full Suigetsu making the girl chuckle at the jab.

"What do we do with this…guest?" asked the boy to the female in search of guidance on how to act.

"I-I asked him to come here so please leave him alone Jugo. Go play with your mocking birds or something" said the girl fully stepping into the light of the tower's vestibule.

Jugo stared at her for a moment and nodding disappeared through a side stairwell.

The girl finally stepped into the light where Sasuke observed her better for the first time.

The girl was a redhead with mismatched hair with one side straight and the other spiky. Her figure wasn't as developed as other girls around school but by her uniform tie color she was a second year.

She wore a set of thick rimmed red glasses that matched her equally pupil-less red eyes. Sasuke still in his slight transformation noticed that his smell was oddly familiar but he couldn't place his finger on why or what.

"What's the deal with the big guy?" asked Sasuke interested in someone with such a strange strength and behavior.

"That would be our resident Berserker!" chirped Suigetsu getting clingy on Sasuke who growled in annoyance.

"A Berserker? Aren't they extinct?" asked Sasuke remembering the legends of this very unusual monster species.

Friend of Foe, it matters not

For they bleed and wail alike

Endless fury for the peace of the grave and the Berserkers rest.

"This one is…unique in that it manages to calm down, though he has his moments" commented Suigetsu giving Sasuke a placating smile.

Sasuke ignored Suigetsu now at peace that no further violence would enact and instead focused his stare on the girl who he guessed won the auction for his services. He could only hope Itachi made a good money on selling his little brother to a girl spending her time in a ramshackle tower.

The girl blushed under his gaze but to her credit didn't step back as he said "I imagine you are the one who paid for me, so tell what you need me to do. And by the way I am Sasuke Uchiha"

Karin was about to speak when a blushing Suigetsu got to her face and said "Woah! You hired a gigolo?! How much?! I could have done it for half the money!"

That made Karin blush and snarling she placed a finger on his chest and said "Die!"

"I was jok…!" began to say Suigetsu as an electrical current made Suigetsu explode and splash on the walls and the floor.

Sasuke blinked and relaxed a bit when the many drops of water began to move to a central point indicating that the annoying elemental was well alive and likely regretting his outrageous suggestion. Nevertheless considering Itachi's behavior he probably wasn't off the mark by that much.

"M-My name is K-Karin Uzu! It is my honor to meet you and I imagine the same for y-you!" quickly said the girl making to fix the glasses on her face.

Sasuke sighed thinking her another fan girl with some tricks up her sleeve and deciding to be quick about it said "So I am here and my errand is to help you out with whatever troubles you. So spit it out and let's get to it"

Karin blushed harder and faking an insult said "Well, then come over please. My work is soon to be concluded and your help is required"

That picked Sasuke's interest and following Karin into the tower asked "So…you aren't in need of help with some personal issue?"

Karin snorted and said "Besides being stuck with those two in this club? No. I bid in that auction because I need, specifically, a Vampire for a project I have in the works"

"And what would that project be?" asked Sasuke slightly glad that there was something useful for him to actually do.

Karin smirked at being able to brag and went on "Well, here in the Alchemy Club we dabble in the elaboration of substances and the transmutation of the elements in search of unlocking nature's mysteries for our own advance"

"So basically chemistry and self-gain? Not that I don't agree…but what is a Vampire needed for here" asked Sasuke making Karin stop on her tracks and turn with a look of anger that quickly melted with one of embarrassment over looking at him.

"P-Please be so kind as to not compare Alchemy with Chemistry! Alchemy is about truly transforming the world and everything around. To create miracles closed in bottles and through the manipulation of nature's very essence! Chemistry on the other side is simply a bunch of nerdy kids playing to make water change color!" said Karin fixing her glasses over and over.

Sasuke made a placating gesture to keep the girl from getting on his face and thinking her quite touchy about the subject said "Fine, chemistry sucks. So what is a Vampire needed for in Alchemy?"

Karin smirked and giving Sasuke a look that probably was sultry but actually looked dirty said "Interested aren't you?"

Sasuke frowned but sighing wanting to be done indulged the girl "Slightly, but this better be worth it"

Karin blushed and smiling contently turned and further leading Sasuke said "Do you know that the object of alchemy is transformation?"

Sasuke frowned in annoyance and replied "Yes, you said so less than a minute ago"

Karin missed a step but recovering her composure continued seemingly undeterred "But do you know how that transformation is achieved?"

Sasuke frowned even more and said "Yes, by mixing the different elements of nature…are you going somewhere with the obvious?"

Karin faltered again making Sasuke growl but the girl continued "Then you must be familiar with the transformation of living beings, correct?"

That actually managed to pick at Sasuke's interest and the boy closed the distance making the girl make a not so veiled victory gesture.

"As you know, members of our occult society have an imperious need to conceal their natures by adopting a complete and fully convincing human appearance. Even those monsters closer to the human race like Vampires themselves" explained Karin leading Sasuke further into the tower.

Sasuke observed his surroundings and not seeing anything worth suspicion nodded at Karin who observed him from the corner of her eyes.

"Sadly though, some elements of our society are unable to sustain such form due to personality traits, physiological factors and psychological ones. Thus these elements are taken aside and banished to the shadow dimensions where suffering and death are almost assured" continued Karin making Sasuke remember the grim fate of some in this academy and throughout history.

Karin finally stopped before a large Black Iron door with several magical wards inscribed on it and turning while fixing her glasses said "But what if this could be helped in a definite matter?"

Sasuke was actually surprised by that statement and quirking a brow said "And you think this can be accomplished with a…potion?"

Karin frowned slightly at the simplicity of the Vampire but staring at his handsome features she forgave it and said "A concoction would be more accurate and it would help to procure the transformation trait or amplify it to our less fortunate brethren"

"How?" wondered Sasuke aloud already formulating a few theories of his own.

Opening the doors with a click from her fingers Karin grinned proudly and said "Come and see!"

The doors opened with a rusted creak that managed to hurt Sasuke's ears and allowed a green glow to illuminate the space just outside of it. Within Sasuke observed a room filled with all kinds of instruments used in modern day chemistry (He would keep silent about that) and others more concerning with the esoteric practices of the school's witches.

"Wonder if Naruto delves into any of this stuff?" wondered Sasuke as he observed several reptilian species conserved in jars arranged on the walls.

Sasuke had by now guessed that Karin was a witch but one so "unique" was sure to be among Naruto's many comments of his daily school life. Then again the blonde wasn't that bright and Karin must keep to herself most of the time.

Finally they reached a large black Cauldron placed at the middle of the room and standing over red glowing runes. The cauldron itself had several runes carved on it and they glowed in a faint green.

"Alchemy's goal is to use the prevalent properties of the elements it uses to either add them on new ones or help cancel the properties of others! Hence lead can be turned into gold if only on the surface!" said Karin telling that she had attempted to achieve one of Alchemy's ancient goals. Judging by the tower's state she failed and actually looked as if recently attacked.

"And me being here means that you wish to take on one of my properties?" asked Sasuke quick to make the math about being him the requested one for this experiment.

Karin hummed approvingly and said "Indeed, but worry not it won't hurt!"

"And what trait do you wish to extract from me? I may refuse still for this goes well beyond my…job description" said Sasuke unable to keep his interest as to which of all the traits available to a Vampire would a witch desire. Swimming wasn't certainly one of them though.

Karin smiled foxily and said "Your coolness of course"

"Coolness?" asked Sasuke somewhat irked by the answer.

"Yup. Let me explain. As you know, monsters have instincts and born behaviors that split them from your day to day human and thus they require to be able to control themselves to perfection. Given that many monsters boast human blood in their ancestry this make it easy that a significantly large number of them is capable of passing by as a human after a brief period of education in places like this" began to say Karin removing her jacket and loosening the tie around her neck.

Karin unbuttoned her shirt revealing her long slender neck drawing Sasuke's eyes to it for a moment as she untucked her shirt from her skirt's hem, admittedly making for a rather alluring picture that only got defused by the creepy scenario.

"Unfortunately, some monsters for reasons yet to fully discern; be it strong instincts, failed psychology, mental disorders or physical anomalies. Fail to pass by as a human and become potential threats to the revealing of our hidden society, thus with the possibility of bringing down the hammer of the heroes upon us" commented Karin making Sasuke irked at the mention of the heroes to whom no few Vampires had fallen in the past.

"And this coolness in Vampires could help?" asked Sasuke not really thinking that to be so simple.

"Not only help, but fix the entire issue for you see, Vampires are quite the extraordinary creatures" said Karin making Sasuke smirk approvingly.

"They possess many human traits themselves, have superb self-control except in very few well documented cases and under extreme circumstances. And that absolute balance is what I seek to extract for the betterment of all monster kind" said Karin fixing her glasses with a confident smile.

Sasuke considered her words and after thinking it through snorted and said "It would fail I am afraid"

Karin made a confused look and before she could ask, Sasuke answered "Vampire's ability to pass by as humans, much to your distaste, is entirely a mental fortitude issue. Not something you can extract in vials and cook in a pot"

Karin flushed with the dismissal of her path in witchcraft but keeping it together said "W-Well then you won't mind lending me some samples correct?"

Sasuke crossed his arms and looking deadly serious at Karin said "Actually, I would mind…"

"W-What?" asked an honestly confused Karin.

Sasuke sighed and said "As part of my brother's club I am forced to listen and when possible advice the lot of girls that come out complaining and whining about how hard it is to be in this school"

Sasuke clenched a fist and continued "And to be honest I hate it with a passion! Nevertheless on this one occasion I did managed to prove helpful to an individual that otherwise today would be mute and very likely too high a danger for humanity and our society"

"Sheer will is all most monsters here need to overcome what they are so they become who they really are. Masters of themselves and their fates. Just like a true Vampire!" said Sasuke with increasing conviction and pride.

"B-But you could give them a boost! Spare many from the fate in the Shadow Dimensions" countered Karin smitten by Sasuke's gallant speech.

"A fate they were all too aware and still failed. Nevertheless giving them a trick potion would actually backfire" replied Sasuke with an intense glare.

"H-How?" asked Karin still swooning.

"Imagine a true unredeemed predator among them? Invincible to all and still looking as harmless as your average human being. This school has its fair share of supremacists, psychos and freaks as it is. To give them a sheep's clothing would be folly" said Sasuke in a final tone.

"B-But!" began to say Karin with pleading eyes but upon seeing Sasuke's unmoving expression became silent and fixing her glasses grinned widely.

Sasuke felt the change in the place around him and uncrossing his arms knew to be wary. If Naruto's experiences with women were something to go by.

"Then again…I am your customer…and I did pay good money (Jugo and Suigetsu's…) to have this experiment become a success. You may be reluctant but progress demands sacrifice!" said Karin as she turned her bright glowing red eyes at Sasuke who knew witches could be tricky opponents.

"Come here!" cried Karin as she extended her arms and four light chains sprouted from behind her and made their way towards the noble Vampire who barely dodged them as he took to his monster shape.

One of the chains actually managed to graze Sasuke's skin and though he shouldn't have felt anything the pain that flared from it was stinging and almost made him stagger.

Carefully examining the energy from which the chains were made he guessed that by the glow they were of Holy Energy. A rare kind of energy for a witch at this academy…

"You can't force me to give you…samples of my body!" said Sasuke blushing a bit at what kind of thing he would have to surrender to the obviously deranged girl.

"Sure I can! I managed with Suigetsu and Jugo!" said Karin remembering when she cut off some of Jugo's hair while he slept and when she bottled part of Suigetsu when she randomly made him explode.

Growling as he dodged the whipping chains Sasuke decided that he couldn't avoid her indefinitely in this narrow space. So he went to the offense as the chain tips closed on him and closing the distance with Karin who smiled confidently.

Sasuke wondered about her confidence and right when he was about to land a palm strike on her belly the girl made a kissing gesture that threw the Vampire off guard and actually forced him to jump away slightly surprised.

"That was dirty!" thought Sasuke still startled over the rather creative "attack" from the witch.

Karin laughed as her chains whipped around and once more went on the hunt for Sasuke who thinking himself steeled tried again to close the distance but each time he did the red haired girl would make a flirting gesture that threw the boy off his game.

"Countless girls flirt with me yet this one manages to…unnerve me!" thought Sasuke starting to actually feel strained and considering a retreat.

"Come on now! I promise to give you ample credit for the potion when finished! And even share the profits if you are nice to me!" said Karin blushing with thoughts of what she would do with Sasuke if he consented, however unlikely that was.

"You want to make money?! So much for the altruism!" thought Sasuke now feeling quite angry that the essence of a royal Vampire would be used to aid lesser beings.

That slight moment of anger made Sasuke slip his attention and having missed the movements of the chains around him, one of them managed to coil itself around his left leg bringing him down to the ground where the other chains coiled around his other limbs.

Sasuke struggled but the energy of the chains was a bane for being like him and quickly drained him from his vitality and Karin took the chance to bring him close to her. By now she looked somewhat wild and quite excited with sweat running down her neck and into her shirt.

Karin grinned somewhat maliciously and confident that Sasuke wouldn't move away she calmly walked to a table with a large metal syringe and said "Don't worry, I promise to kiss your wound when I am done!"

Sasuke at this moment raged on against this but it was the memory of who put him in such a ridiculous and humiliating situation made him seethe with anger and considering he was subject to the madness of Naruto and his women along with having to cater to the school's every annoying whining girl was something no one like him ahd to endure.

At that well of fury Sasuke growled as his fangs grew well beyond the confines of his mouth and his intense black eyes became blood red with an eerie glow coming from them.

Sasuke felt his energy return faster to him than it took the chains to drain him and knowing he could break free, he roared as the chains shattered into nothing making Karing scream as if wounded.

But right before she could drop to the ground Sasuke was already there holding her by the neck with his unforgiving glare on the girl ho blushed at his sight despite how terrifying it was.

"You'll pay…" growled Sasuke as through his finger he could feel Karin's rushing blood in her neck.

He could also smell her scent ever so stronger than before and the traces of excitement coming from the girl.

In that moment Sasuke smirked feeling victorious about overcoming a difficult foe that managed to bind him if only temporary. This in turn made him feel vindicated as a Regali Vampire, a creature that stood atop others, a creature that made victory his right…

Sasuke now wanted compensation for his victory and though he scanned the place around he couldn't find a worthy trophy there.

Karin shifted in his grip and Sasuke felt the rushing blood ever more strongly and so without thinking it he drew her closer and opening his mouth widely he bit her neck forcefully making the girl cry out at first.

Hearing the girl cry though made Sasuke feel a bit aroused and biting harder he felt the blood splashing in his mouth and going down his throat.

He felt the hot blood coating his tongue and his throat as it went down and the more he drank the more he wanted and sucked even harder.

He felt his energies restore and even more than that invigorate him with strength he didn't knew a Vampire could possess.

Sasuke turned his still red glare on Karin and saw the girl blushing and softly moan in the pain he inflicted on her. For a moment he enjoyed that face of her but quickly realizing what he was doing he stopped and enjoying one last mouthful of blood detached his mouth from her neck leaving a soft trail of blood.

Sasuke wiped his mouth while he observed Karin's wound which closed quite fast and observing the prone girl he realized he had just done something not even Regali were allowed. To drink from an unwilling donor.

"Damn! Why did I do that?" wondered Sasuke as he helped the girl back and feared he had drank too much. But to his relief the girl's color returned quickly and she seemed to recover from the stupor she was while being a victim.

"I am sorry…guess I got too greedy" finally whispered the girl enjoying being held by the Vampire who wouldn't let go of her.

"I shouldn't have done that" said Sasuke in the closest to an apology he was willing to give.

Karin smiled at the troubled looking Vampire and said "I pushed you into it…"

"Still…" began to say Sasuke when Karin made to stand up.

"Don't worry, I won't tell on you" said Karin rubbing her neck making Sasuke look away else the temptation would be too much.

"Thanks…about your potion" began to say Sasuke as Karin raised a hand.

"I thought about your words and…guess I can see what you mean. Nevertheless there are monsters who are great people and because of decease they can't be in the human world. Guess I can focus on them" said Karin looking a bit embarrassed.

Sasuke thought the girl to be fickle but then again…

Sasuke nodded and making to leave turned back as Karin coughed.

"Still if you wish to come by…and hang out…or have a drink. I wouldn't mind that much…" said Karing lookin like an embarrassed girl in love.

Sasuke blushed at the offer and snorting stormed off leaving the girl in the trashed lab who after a moment of afterglow moved to the table and from there procured a swab.

Moving the swab around where Sasuke bit her on the neck she then placed it in a glass vial and smiled when a spell made the swab turn purple.

"Guess mister Orochimaru will be content…" said Karin not looking pleased.

At the Drama Club

"You are great Gaara!" cheered a girl from below a stage where Gaara was commanding his sand to shape up into different scenarios which he compacted to become solid like stone.

The girls from the Drama Club had pooled in money to have him use his skills to build different scenarios they intended for the coming Cultural Festival.

The girls cheered him every time one was done and Gaara blushed a bit every time enjoying the praise for skills that once served to kill…and torture Temari around.

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