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He walked into the bullpen and sat at his desk. He still couldn't believe that Danny was gone. He grabbed a leave request form and filled it out. He was going to go to Danny's funeral. He had arrested his old boss and he did owe it to Danny to go to his funeral. He had tried to do right at the end. He put the form on Gibbs desk who was already sitting at his desk drinking his coffee and he signed off on the form.

The next day he got up and at his cereal and then went to take a shower and get dressed. He dressed in a dark suit and dark shoes. He grabbed his wallet and keys and locked the door. He made his way towards his car and drove out of the parking lot. He hadn't gone back to Baltimore until he had arrested his old boss.

Making his way towards the cemetery he could see people already parking and making their way towards the gravesite. He looked around as he got out and then he too made his way towards the gravesite. He smiled at the people that he knew, but they didn't smile back.

He stood there and watched as they lowered his partner into the ground. He was so mad at Danny when he found out what he did that he had left Baltimore PD and went to NCIS. He smiled at what he had said to Danny about being an NCIS Agent. That he would rather have the Plague than become an NCIS cop. He laughed to himself because that's what he had gotten before Kate had been killed. He remembered the Blue lights and Kate spending time with him. He also remembered Gibbs telling him that he wouldn't die and he had listened to him.

"I wish that we could have kept in touch, but I was so angry and betrayed and I couldn't look at you anymore. I'm sorry that it turned out like this. Goodbye Danny." He said and walked away to his car. He made his way towards his apartment. He changed his clothes and watched a movie. Finally he went out and brought beer and made his way towards Gibbs's house. He opened the door and smelled his favorite food Steak cowboy style. He set the beer on the table.

"My favorite."

"You okay?"

"I'm fine. I got to say Goodbye to him. When it happened I was so angry and betrayed that I couldn't look at him anymore and I sure couldn't work with him anymore. I wish it would have turned out differently and I would have kept in touch with him. It's funny. I remember telling Danny once when we were on that stakeout that I would rather have the plague than become a Navy cop and what do I become an NCIS Agent and I also got the plague."

They ate in silence and drank their beers. They watched TV for a minute and then Tony left.

"Thanks Gibbs for being there for me."

"My door is always open for you. You know that right?"

"I know." He smiled as he left and made his way towards his car and went back to his apartment.

The End