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The glass felt heavy against his palm—the beer bottle almost empty, it's contents sloshing around the bottom. The label was slightly peeling off the sides, strong fingers idly picking at the paper. The sound of the television rambled on endlessly, the viewer not really watching. The man was deep in thought, occasionally bringing the bottle back to his lips as his green eyes darted across the images flashing before him. The only movement was the repetitive rise and fall of the bottle. The man turned his head, eyes focusing on the door as a knock resounded through the living room. He continued to stare, his mind unfocused, hoping that the sound would disappear. The knock repeated before finally receding leaving the man alone with his drink. The figure stood, legs taking him towards the door. He opened it, eyes falling towards the mail littering his doormat. Dean Winchester scooped up the envelopes before closing the door, cool air working its way inside. Nothing important—just a few bills. A colourful yellow envelope hid itself at the bottom, Dean instantly recognizing Sam's handwriting. He tore through the paper, a bright card hosting a classical Hawaiian scene. Dean sat back down on the couch, scanning the latest in Sam and Gabriel's vacation to the Island. It seemed so mundane now, everything in their lives. Dean placed the card next to the lamp, setting it beside the five other cards. Six beach pictures gazed blankly back, the color seeming foreign. Dean abruptly snatched the newest card, eyelids feeling heavy. His footsteps led him through the white door and down the stairs towards the basement. He ran a hand across his jaw, the stubble thick and scratchy. Making his way to the figure on the bed, Dean placed the card near the table. The oldest Winchester touched the cool skin of his lover, looking into blank blue orbs. Dean reached for a cloth, wiping the pale skin. As if handling the most delicate object ever created, Dean slowly cleansed the skin around Castiel's neck, working his way across the silent man's torso. Dean took a shaking breath, closing his eyes and resting his forehead a top the muscular chest.

"Sam wrote again. They've been touring the various Islands—having a great time swimming among sharks, stuff like that." Dean abandoned the cloth, his hands running along Castiel's side, seeking comfort. "They sent me some seashells. What do you do with seashells? It would be nice to walk across the beach—I'll take you sometime, we can go and collect the pretty ones. I never knew there were so many different colours. Sam says the ocean is as blue and as clear as glass, rainbows everywhere. "

Dean creaked closer, the bed springs squeaking. He didn't know what to do anymore. He felt the walls that he had been trying so hard to keep together, finally start to crumble.

"I'll take you anywhere you want to go, Cas. We can go anywhere. I'll cook you pancakes—I've gotten quite good. We can travel, though no airplanes. I hate flying; something about having my feet off the ground. " Dean breathed in the scent of Castiel, heart clenching. " I got us a couple of bikes. We can go riding in the summer, take a road trip. I tried talking Sam into it once, but he said they were too dangerous. Trust Sam to take all the fun out of something."

Dean leaned back in his chair, pulling a thick gold chain over his head. He clasped it around Castiel slender neck, fingers twining themselves in the dark locks.

"This used to be my fathers," Dean smiled gently. " I'm not much of a jewelery type guy, but I thought this might suite you."

The gold shone like fire, contrasting against the alabaster neck of the man. Dean stood. He felt so helpless- the loneliness was tearing him apart inside, the grief pooling inside like acid. He was ready to give up. Dean closed his eyes, tears finally escaping from their prison. A screech shrieked through the room, the mattress skidding forwards on the solid floor. Dean's eyes flew open- heart stopping, breath freezing inside his lungs. Blue eyes pierced through Dean's soul as the Captain struggled to process the scene before him. Struggling to breathe, trembled a wide eyed Castiel, fists balled up in the white silk sheets.

"Cas?" Dean whispered.


What would you do to have one more chance? Would you be willing to give up something precious to you?

Castiel felt the soft voice washing over him—amused and remotely curious.

If it would allow me to be with Dean. Yes.

A pleasant laugh vibrated through the endless space.

I like you. You are truely unique. I will allow you be rejoined with Dean, but I must take something in return. Do not waste your second chance.

Castiel opened his mouth to speak when a searing pain ripped into his very essence. He was swallowed up into the whiteness leaving behind the fading rumble of laughter.


Dean rushed forwards, banging his knee painfully on the side of the bed. His mind was solely focused on the man reaching out, those long pale fingers curling around Dean's wrists. Dean pressed his forehead against his lovers- tears pouring from his cheeks, his hands running themselves along Castiel's jaw.

"Cas." Dean whispered the name over and over again, voice trembling. Castiel focused his eyes on Dean's face, fingers crushing the Winchesters wrist. Castiel felt joy spill over. He shook as Dean crushed him against his own body, as if to confirm reality. Castiel released his lover's wrists only to latch around Dean's neck dragging him closer. He wanted to taste Dean, to feel his warmth against him. Castiel open his lips to tell Dean, to pour out his desire; his love. His mouth moved, Dean's eyes brimming with tears.


Castiel tried again, mouth moving. Silence followed. Castiel once again repeated the words that he needed to tell Dean but no sound followed the man's desperate attempts.

"Oh, Cas-" Dean broke, cradling Castiel as if he were a new born child. Castiel closed his eyes, the tears mingling with the salt of Dean's kisses. They sat entangled together, each unwilling to let the other go.


Castiel stared at himself in the bathroom mirror. His hair had grown wild, curling down against the nape of his neck. His jaw was no longer covered with the thick stubble, his skin still pale and covered in thin white scars. His blue eyes burned as the turned to watch Dean walk up behind him. Castiel wrapped Dean's hands around his waist—the man's heat soothing him. Dean breathed in Castiel, his fingers lightly scratching at his lover's naked body. Castiel lifted his head to kiss the man he loved, his tongue exploring the inside; mapping every detail. Dean groaned, his body already weak with want. Castiel broke the kiss as Dean wrapped around his erection. Castiel grunted, lips parting open as his lover pressed up against him- his [Dean's] cock rubbing against the man's buttocks. Castiel's breath hitched in his throat as Dean slid a finger down the cleft of his cheeks; fingers spreading him, preparing him. The darker haired man bit his lip as Dean lined up, his member embedding itself deep within the fiery heat. Castiel watched through the mirror as the oldest Winchester pressed his body flush, eyes brimming with unspoken desire. Castiel smiled, lips trembling. Blue eyes locked with green as Dean began to slowly move, hand teasing his lovers head; precum already forming at the tip. Castiel gripped the sink for support. His eyes never left Dean's as they moved as one. Dean ran his free hand up Castiel side illiciting shivers of pleasure. They rode; hard and fast, gently and slowly. Dean hissed out his lovers name as he came, Castiel expressing his fulfillment with a low moan filled with bliss that escape from his half open mouth. Dean shook with the aftershocks, arms once again stationing themselves around Castiel's frame. Dean watched through heavy lidded eyes as Castiel lifted up a hand, trailing three words across the fogged mirror.

I love you.

Dean buried his face in the other man's shoulder and cried.


Dean ran a hand along the side of Castiel who was sleeping next to him in the bed. He studied the fair skin, the small blonde hairs covering his [Castiel's] arms. He smiled to himself placing a kiss to his lover's as he slid out of bed, feet crumpling over the various sheets of paper scattered around the carpet. A lone scrap still rested above the blankets, two words hastily scrawled in fine penmanship.

Forgive me.

Castiel had spend hours writing to Dean, explaining everything that had happened. Dean had stroked Castiel's hair as more tears were shed—Dean repeating that he loved Cas; he was never letting go . Dean glanced back at his sleeping angel, the ink decorating his entire back. There were deep scars where the massive wings had been; white thick jagged lines. Dean thought they were beautiful, enhancing the splendor that was Castiel. The Winchester slipped on a pair of fleece pants. He needed to make a call.


"Hey, Bobbie," Dean greeted running a hand nervously across his face. "How are things?"

"Dean! So you aren't dead! I've left half a dozen message each week wondering how the Hell you've been!"

"I know Bobby, I know," Dean paced around the living room. "I'm sorry. But I need to talk to you."

The silence on the other end signaled that Bobbie was listening; Dean's urgent tone catching him off guard. Dean took a deep breath hoping he was doing the right thing in telling Bobbie.

"Cas is alive."

As Dean clicked the phone shut after what seemed a life time, Castiel walked into the room clad only in a pair of red briefs. Dean walked over kissing Cas lightly across the mouth. The man looked quizzically up into the green eyes.

"I told Bobbie you were alive."

Castiel nodded, bending over to retrieve a pen and paper. Words quickly formed on the blank paper, Castiel holding it up for Dean to read.

"Everything is going to be alright." Dean swept his lover into an embrace. Castiel closed his eyes, arms sneaking around Dean's bare shoulders. Castiel kissed Dean's deltoid, his tongue tasting honey soap. Dean felt his breath hitch as Castiel ran his teeth lightly over his neck. Castiel began to explore his way down, fingers slipping inside the warm pants. Dean growled as Castiel skimmed over his growing sex, grinning seductively. The sun spilled into the living room—Castiel's eyes shone as he pushed Dean down on his back, elbows propped up on the large sofa. The dark haired man straddled Dean's hips, tugging down the gray pants. Dean shifted allowing the pants to pool at his ankles. Castiel rubbed Dean's cock, tongue licking suddenly dry lips.

"Argh," Dean managed as Castiel licked the head before engulfing his erection deep into his throat. As Castiel began to bob his head, tongue tracing along the swollen hot skin, Dean tried to calm the trusting of his hips. He cursed as Cas hollowed his cheeks, blue eyes brimming with mischief.

"Cas- argh," Dean gasped, fingers running through the dark hair. "I'm gunna cum if you- fuck!"

Dean spasmed as he shot cum down his lover's throat—Castiel lapping up every drop. Dean watched as if in a dream, as Castiel sucked his fingers; coating them with saliva. The ex assassin reached down between his legs and slipped in a finger. Dean watched transfixed as Castiel pumped against his own digits, small noises filling the room. Castiel inserted a second, arm struggling to continue its administration of self pleasure. His cock swung as he moved, giving his lover quite the show. Dean reached up, pressing his thumb across the meatus, index rubbing against the foreskin. Castiel moaned, eyelashes fluttering. He removed his fingers, taking hold of Dean's rock hard shaft and plunged. Dean shook as Castiel rocked. The ex assassin placed his hands a top Dean's chest, fingernails digging deep. The gold chain swung around Castiel's neck; the metal in rhythm with the moving bodies. Dean pushed up deep as he hit his lover's prostate the pleasure building until it was ready to explode. The leather couch squeaked as the two men indulged—their worries utterly forgotten. They made love until the sun set, taking turns pleasing the other. It was then when Dean took a ring—a single diamond encased in yellow gold—and placed it on his lover's finger; the promise of a lifetime. Castiel stared at Dean's hands, fingers entwined as they lay encased in the tangled sheets. This was a chance; a chance for a better future. Castiel pressed his lips to his lover's knuckles before closing his eyes; both hearts finally at peace.

~The End