Big Arl Is Ruining The Beach

The whole gang was gathered at Alerith's Beach Shacke when Shianni came staggering up. At first they all thought she had a few beers early, but when they saw her black eye, everyone gathered around. Kalli ran to get some ground meat from Alerith. Shianni sat on the bench and pressed the raw meat to her eye.

"What happened, Shianni?" Kalli asked. Shianni was her best friend and cousin. She may have liked beer a bit much, but she was fundamentally a good girl.

"It was Big Arl. I crossed over from the Alienage into the market and he and his goons popped me with their foot lines. I ducked as best I could, but Vaughan's line caught me in the eye. He's a nogoodnick!"

Kalli nodded sympatheically and hugged her friend. Vaughan may have been the best surfer on Denerim Beach, but he was a mean one. As Big Arl he had decreed that none of the elves could ever leave their stretch of the beach, "The Alienage". But he and his goons had the full run. It also meant that no elf could ever challenge him. With the Surf Off coming up, it looked like he was a shoo-in for Big Arl for another year.

Kalli said "We'd better get some lotion on you. If you aren't careful, you'll burn to a crisp. The other girls around agreed. Nola and Nessa helped rub Shianni down with SPF protection. Shianni went to lie down in the shade.

Kalli's other cousin Soris said "There's bound to be more trouble."

Valora, a girl who always seemed to be near Soris added "What can we do though? As long as Vaughan is Big Arl he makes the rules."

An older woman, Elva, yelled at the teens from the Shacke "Give up, get off the beach and grow up. Elves weren't meant to surf!"

Kalli said "Don't listen to her. We're good surfers. In fact, that gives me an idea. I'm going to challenge the BIg Arl in the Surf Off!"

Everyone looked at her. Flies buzzed in and out of their open mouths.

Finally Soris said, "You're crazy. Vaughan's goons will never let you near the competition. To enter you have to be at the far end of the beach from us, right there at the Dance Palace, right where Vaughan and his goons hang out and then surf all the way through Ostagar through the Ogre and then end at Lothering. No elf has ever surfed through the Ogre."

Kalli looked at him, gave them all a sly look and said "I have a plan..."

All of the teens huddled close.