I lay face down in the sand next to the Oasis, and now I feel someone trying to put my hand in the warming water.

"KAAAAAAAAAAAAANE!" I screamed, letting him know I'm not really asleep. I can hear him run away and I think he just stole the rest of my beer... I hope there's some in this world.

I got up and leaned against Shadowhorn, stroking his snout-muzzlethingy. "Hey baby.." I cooed, and kissed his cheek. He's still a bit soft but that's okay because he's a strong silent type. And if he were a cat he would purr alot.

Zoey tangled her feet off of his back. "Hey, Thirteen." I patted her head. Why'd I call her that?

"Hey, Sugarlips." Alex strode up to me.

"Hey," I replied, pulling out my white hairties and combing my hair with my fingers. "Have any of Talbot's men seen Sabrina?" Aww sick, I'm getting some splitends. Those things are freaking nasty.

He shook is head.

I hope we find Sabrina soon, she's the only girlfriend I've ever had. .. Stop laughing.

Zoey leaped off of Shadowhorn, and stumbled a little when she did because the fall was too much for her.. But whatever. She hurried over to Alex and pulled on his pant leg, speaking mouse jibberish.

Alex looked down. "Huh..? What's wrong with her? She's freaking out."

"I don't know Alex... She has never, ever tried actually speaking before.."

Just then, Shadowhorn reared up on his hind legs and roared. He came back down and hobbled over to Zoey, crouching besides her and growling back, as if he understood her.

•°•Zoey's perspective•°•

Okay,so, I do have an idea where this Sabrina girl could be. If only the dodos could understand me.

•°•Jasmine's perspective•°•

Zoey finally gave it up, so Shadowhorn did too. Seriously, what was that?

I thought for a moment. "Hey, do you still have the gold you and Quinn robbed from the Fair Grounds?"I asked Alex.

He burst out laughing. "Greenstar.. Yes, but Quinn has most of it right now." He pointed to the minigame pyramid, where his best friend was fiddling threw it backpack.

I walked in his direction. "Hey, Quinn, I need some of the gold."

"Alright," He replied.

"Quinn you could be my brother." I said suddenly.

He stopped and looked and me. "..What?"

"I only say that because we both have purple hair."

"Oh." He continued to look for the coins. "It would be cool because neither of us have a brother or sister. Here you go."

He handed me a pouch. "Err, yeah. Well, thank you." I turned and walked away. I was going to go see if I could buy paper scrolls to make posters for Sabrina. It sure would be fun collecting them all once we find her..

Anyway I walked past.. Prospector Zeke and his wife to the library. Wait, I thought he was in Wizard City? Anyway, so, I went where I just said I did and went up the what's his name dude.

"Hey can I please buy some blank scrolls?" I asked nicely, not sure how to word it.

He nodded and turned around to get them.

Just then I noticed this super cool looking headress thingy. Kinda like what a Sphinx would wear?

"Wow how much is that?" I pointed.

"It is not for sale." He told me, giving me the scrolls.

I grumbled and gave him the gold leaving.

If you haven't guessed already, I changed into Lady Soulblood and stole it while he was on lunch break.

I changed back beefore I encountered my friends again, who were now all by the Oasis.

"Hey guys," I took my crown off and put the headress on. "How do I look?"

"Like the Queen of Krokotopia."

"Wait, who said that?" I asked, confused.

"I did." I looked down to see Zoey staring at me.


"What's wrong?" Alex asked.

"Here, put this on." I handed him the headress and put my crown back on. He looks sad now that his hat is gone.

Before he did, Kane leaped towards him and snatched the headress out of his hands, putting it on his head.

"Aww hell yeah."

Zoey crossed her arms and once again, all I heard from her was rat jibberish.

"I am not!" Kane roared at her. "I am not a doofus with a nice hat!"

Hunter pointed at his step brother and laughed. "You look like a jackass!"

I shot Hunter an angry look as I ripped the headress off of Kane and gave it to Alex. "Talk to her."

Alex nodded and put it on. He got down to Zoey's level.

"Um, hey..."

Zoey stared at him for a few moments, and then spoke jibberish. After that, she vanished. My pet magician rat literally disapeared and never came back.

"She said.. 'Marleybone'.."

"My rat just disapeared and thats all you can tell me?" I screamed, getting in Alex's face. Wow, I didn't mean to do that. But you would be pissed just the same if you were sledding and your sled disappeared the second you slid off that huge jump your friends built that you ice piss'd just looking at; so your body hits the road (snow-plowed) with a sickening thud and you lay there like your dead and your friends have no idea what just happened.

•°•Alex's Perspective•°•

So seriously, Jazz's rat-thing could talk ALL. ALONG. And she chooses NOW to say something about something that could have SOMETHING to do with Sabrina, and then she just disappears? That reminds me of the time when Quinn and I tried water boarding down the waterfall infront of the Nightside, but then the chunk of Bartleby bark (He confuses easily so I just kept talking until he was lost enough for me to steal it) I had been riding on disapeared right before I went off the edge, and I was STANDING UP so my feet kinda went in the hair and I landed on my kidney area in shallow water. Turns out a Life student that I mistook for Quinn in clothes too bright for his personality teleported it out from under me. Seriously, I was gonna make fun of him for that until I realized it wasn't Quinn at all. Now that I think about it, even if I did have my board it wouldn't have worked because there's a giant gaping hole that is a cave behind a water fall, so the same thing would have happened either way but with splinters.

•°•Quinn's Perspective•°•

Woah. This seriously reminds me of this time Alex and I tried to go water boarding in the commons. I didn't tell Alex that it wouldn't work because I wanted to see him get hurt, and if he would forget he's a Fire wizard. So he ripped a giant chunk of bark off Bartleby and I showed him where to go. But right when he went off the edge the board disappeared and he fell in and it was REALLY funny I tried not to die. He said a Life student stole the board but there's something else he isn't telling me.

•°•Hunter's Perspective•°•

Way to let Alex ruin something because Jasmine trusted him too much. Actually, Kane probably would have broken the hat thingy but whatever. This reminds me of a time when I paid a Life student to make sure Alex got hurt. He said he was planning to do it anyway but I doubt it, however the money disappeared really quick, and when I tried to take it back, too, because I didn't need to pay him. I wish I had it because then a rowdy group of kids beat me up for my lunch money which was gone, so I had to give them my dia- JOURNAL. But it was blank so it didn't even matter, the jour- DIARY with everything about Sabrina in it is hidden where I keep my gold... Oh, wait.

•°•Kane's Perspective•°•

Kane's train of thought. Hey thought sounds really awesome, doesn't it? Whatever, these people are beign total idiots because they did it AGAIN. You wanna know what's REALLY happening?

I climbed up a palm tree, which was beggining to sag from my totally rad weight.

"OBVIOUSLY we're supposed to go to Marleybone because that's what Zoey said unless she's ly-" I fell off of the tree and landed on Hunter's shoulders. Damn, I hope I caused him some serious bodily pain.

"Zoey would never lie!"Jasmine cried, defending her pet.

"I don't know, Jasmine.." Jasmine looked at Alex. "But it just doesn't make sense.."

She stared at him for a few awkward moments. Are those tears? Finally she turned around and ran into the ruins of the Sun Pyramid.

•°•Alex's Perspective•°•

Oh man, I didn't mean to upset her.

"You should trust Zoey," I looked at Shadowhorn. "She's about six years old and that's older than me. She knows what she's talking about and wouldn't lie or lead you to a dead end."

Yeah, because Shadowhorn knows everything and we can totally trust him.

"But where did she go?" I asked.

"Who knows. But you better make up with the Princess before you go."

"It seems like we just got here.." I whispered to myself.

I nodded anyway, and took the headress off while walking in the direction of the Sun Pyramid.

"You guys gather your crap up, I need to do something," I called out to Quinn, and the two morons sitting on eachothers' shoulders.

I walked in to the enterance, and found Jasmine sitting right next to be in the corner. She looked up at me, but didn't say anything.

"Jazz, I'm sorry. I know Zoey is important to you."

She looked away. "She was the only friend I had since Sabrina disapeared."

I can't believe what she just said! Aren't we her friends?

"What about us?" I sounded angry. "Aren't we your friends? Okay, maybe not Hunter or Kane, but what about Quinn? Is he your friend? Am I your friend?"

Okay, I forgot Shadowhorn but that doesn't really matter right now.

"Shadowhorn is my friend."

I am about ready to bang my head against the wall.

I turn around and walk towards the guys. "Forget it, we're going now."

"Wait," I barely turn so that I can see Jasmine standing in the enterance of the pyramid.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean what I said. Let me come with you."



"Oof!.." I tried NOT to collapse under Jasmine's weight as she jumped on my shoulders. She isn't very heavy... At all, but she seriously surprised me there.

"Do I really have to carry you?"I growled.

"Yesh.." Jasmine made a pouty face.

"Whatever, let's go,"

"Alex if you don't wanna carry me we can just ride on Shadowhorn." Jasmine said dryly.

Good call.

•°•Jasmine's Perspective•°•

So... Next thing I know, we're in that church thing in Marleybone.

"Where do you think Zoey wanted us to go?" Quinn asked.

"Obviously not anywhere in the town square, that would be so unlike her." I commented.

"Well, where do you think we should go?" Hunter asked.

I looked at Shadowhorn, who looked at me and made a bleating sound.

"Hyde Park." I replied.

So we went to Digmoore Station, and some how managed to cram all of us into the elevator.

"Hey I know how to make it more crowded," Kane whispered.

"Kane, No." Hunter told him.

Ignoring him, Kane opened up my backpack and threw all the tiny pets out, which grew to full size. All eight of them.

"Kane, you Cracklicker!" Alex cried, tried to shove my cyclops back into my backpack.

"Hey I wasn't the one that speed-adopted eight pets while we were going to Grizzleheim." Kane defended.

Hunter grabbed onto Kane's neck, choking him. "But you were the one that purposely tried to make that elevator more miserable!"


We all spilled out into the station. Hunter began banging his step-brother's head against the ground while I gathered up all my pets and held them over my pack, dropping them. They shrunk before they even fell in and I closed it.

"Do we really have to buy a five tickets?" Quinn asked.

"No, there's an easy way to get to Hyde Park for free." Alex told him, getting off Shadowhorn.

"And what would-" Quinn was cut off when Alex grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher, turned it on full blast, crammed it into one of the fruit carts.

"Kikku wa euda, Shadowhorn!" He pointed to the fruit cart.

Shadowhorn obeyed and bucked the cart, which flew down into the fountain, and began to fog up the room. Dog people screamed and ran around, confused.

"Let's go!" Alex began running in the direction of the platform, with all of us in tow. Alex jumped onto the aircraft, then Shadowhorn and I (It bounced a little), Quinn, and Hunter, who had dragged his brother by his shirt collar.

"The pilot's not here." Hunter said.

Kane jumped up. "I can drive it!" Making a beeline for the controls.

"Kane, NO!" Hunter reached for him.

But it was TOO LATE.

Kane and begun button smashing, in which case the... aircraft thingy began freaking out. It did that weird thing where a portal appears and the aircraft gets sucked into it, like in the movies.

The sky was dark purple now and there were ghostly moans, burning skulls, and shadows flying threw the air.

"I'm scared." I squeaked.

Kane turned to me. "Aww, is baby gonna piss her pants?"

"Stop!" I cried.

"Don't worry, their only gonna kidnap you and try to rape you." He said in a sweet tone.

"HOW DID YOU EVEN FIND OUT ABOUT THAT?" I screamed, tears streaming down my face.

"Kane!" Alex grabbed Kane by the collar of his shirt. "Knock it off!"

"It's not nice to make girls cry." Quinn said quietly.

"Well atleast I didn't let the only two girls in my life get kidnapped by freaks." Kane coughed.

"KAAAAAAAAAAANE!" Alex screamed at the top of his lungs, throwing Kane on the bottom of the aircraft and stomping one foot on his chest, crushing him, while holding a ball of fire to his neck.

I cried louder, while Quinn and Hunter tried to stop Alex from killing Kane. My forehead began to glow, and the aircraft picked up speed, zooming towards somekind of house, which reminded me of Oran's Death house, but bigger and different.. I stopped crying.

"What the hell is that..?" Hunter asked, ignoring the others.

Alex let go of Kane and looked, too.

"Get out of the way and let me park it," Kane shoved everyone out of the way, going back to the controls.

Alex turned to me. "Are you okay?"

I sniffed, nodding.


Kane engaged in parking the vehicle parallel next to a balcony. During which I shrunk Shadowhorn down and put him in my backpack, switching him out for my wand.

Kane jumped onto the balcony, following by Hunter. Quinn waited for the next firey skull to pass and then leaped over, followed by Alex, who helped me over.

"We gotta remember that it's parked over here." Alex said quietly."

Quinn carefully pushed on the balcony door, which creaked open. He walked in and looked around. "It seems pretty okay in here."

We began following him, until we heard someone muttering "Bastard" and we all darted to hide against the wall in the shadows. A ghost floated by, and Kane began making square shapes with his fingers.

"God, I always wanted to fuck around during a real lockdown." Kane whispered.

The ghost looked around, thinking he heard something.

"Shut up, Kane!" Hunter whispered.

"Shut up, Big Momma!" Alex whispered back.

When the ghost had passed, we got up and kept going.

"Do you hear Sabrina?" Hunter asked suddenly.

Alex nodded. "It sounds like.. She's singing?"