A/N: Well, here's yet another one-shot. We all know Raditz tried to pick a fight with King Yemma when he got to Otherworld. But what happened in that rather short period of time? Please read and review. Flames will be cheerfully ignored. Tee-hee!

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King Yemma: "Hurry up, woman!"

Raditz: "No! No, take your time, I'm in NO hurry to go to where they might be sending me".

King Yemma: "You stay out of this!"

Me: "Anyway, before I was so rudely interuppted". (glares at King Yemma, who in turn glares back) "I don't own DBZ, or any of the characters. Akira Toriyama does".


"Due to the fact that you helped the tyrant Frieza destroy countless planets and annihilate millions of people, not to mention your treachery that resulted in the death of your own brother. You even attempted to kill your own nephew! Scum like you make me sick! You are hereby condemned to eternity in HFIL!" King Yemma bellowed. Raditz then began wreaking havoc. "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME, YOU LITTLE BLUE FREAKS!" the long-haired Saiyan roared, tossing several attendants around. King Yemma then turned to one of his other attendants nearby. "We've got a real stubborn one on our hands here, go get Goz and Mez!" "Yes, Sir", the attendant said as he walked away.

A few minutes later, Goz and Mez entered the check-in station. "Is there a problem, Boss?" Goz asked. "We've got a Saiyan who won't cooperate", King Yemma said. "We'll take care of it, Sir", Mez said. Goz nodded. "NO WAY AM I GOING DOWN THERE!" Raditz screeched as the two ogres grabbed his arms and held them behind his back. "I'LL FIGHT YOU BEFORE I GO DOWN THERE! YOU HEAR ME?" he shouted at King Yemma while sending Goz and Mez flying into two opposite directions. King Yemma sighed in frustration. "I guess if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself", he muttered, stepping out from behind his giant desk.


King Yemma's burly, outstretched hand connected with the left side of Raditz's head. "Okay, I'll shut up now", Raditz said, sinking to the ground. Goz and Mez staggered forward, both rubbing their heads. "Take him away!" King Yemma ordered. Goz and Mez nodded and proceeded to drag away a suddenly very cooperative Raditz.