I would like to apologize for my absence, I wont bore you with the details just trust me when I say it's been quite a ride. However I'm very happy to be back writing and giving this chapter which was sort of the initial spark that started the whole story. This chapter is for Luv4Uncas, I'm still writing and hopefully I'll be a little more frequent now that the storms passed, hope you like the new chapter!


Desperate Times

Chapter 5

Whitney woke up unable to move and unable to breath, her body hot and sticky against the course flesh of another. She tried to roll away from the unbearable heat at her back, peeling away sticky layers of blood and sweat that had formed between them over night, but a massive thick arm encircling her waist stopped her. Black claws lightly played over her hip where her tank top had rode up and she stared at the strangeness of what she was seeing. What was holding her, cuddling her, was not human.

Then lasts night's occurrence quickly replayed in her mind and the foggy confusion that had blanketed her senses in her first moments of awakening were gone. Now she had one goal in mind, to put some distance between her and the hypnotising alien. Her limbs felt like jel-lo, almost as though she had a five hour massage, as she tried to prop herself up on an elbow. She couldn't turn over to see if he was awake but judging from the smooth even rumbles that came from his chest she assumed he was still in wonderland. Grabbing two fistfuls of the bear rug she tried to pull herself away toward the couch, wiggling her hips trying to throw off his heavy limb.

There was a slight stirring behind her and she froze instantly waiting for him to settle again. He shifted slightly and snorted lightly then pulled her back flush against his chest. She could feel the sticky fluids squishing in-between their skin and the sharp sting of the medical staples pricking along her spine, but mostly she could feel the hard object pressing against her lower back. It would seem her new friend had a small problem, that was anything BUT small, now felt like she was lying with an eggplant and an alien.

Now she was in full blown panic mode, she didn't care if her struggling woke him up but she was not going to be seen as an option for relief when he woke up with his little predicament. Pulling with her arms and digging her toes in to push, she then thrashed her hips back and forth. This only seem to further his excitement and his other arm slipped underneath her struggling body and then he grabbed her hips in each massive hand, his clawed digits overlapping on her stomach, and pulled their hips flush.

She felt the soft yet hard skin of his erection slide against her back and her assailant grunted in pleasure with a hint of frustration, his hot breath cascading over her shoulders and neck forming small beads of condensation.

She wiped her arm around elbowing him in his bicep and kicked her legs out as his shins. She felt him curl around her, wrapping his mandibles into her hair pulling some of the strands out of her ponytail while jerking his hips up again. The air filled with a dense smell of meat and musk making it hard to breathe and her head spin. Saliva dripped onto her hair and ran across her scalp while the thick ridged length stroked up her back again. She yelped out in fear and grabbed fistfuls of the bear fur trying to pull away but only succeeded to pull it closer.

Her struggling only seem to excited him more and more, and he started to mumble in clicks and guttural words, squeezing her hips hard in his massive hands. She could feel his claws piercing into her belly and blood welled up around his fingers before dripping down onto the floor. She grabbed at both of his hands trying feebly to pull his claws out of her skin only to have him buck into her again rubbing his erection between their bodies slickening it with the blood and sweat that had begun to coagulate on her back.

She cried out again and tossed her head back in pain as the monsters claws dug deeper and the back of her head smacked into his caressing mandibles. He screeched in pain and it only encouraged her to do it again, pain lighting up at the back of her skull as it connected the side of his face.

He was stirring behind her, finally waking up, and he growled and hissed sounding confused. She clawed at his hands and screamed at him to let her go. Then she heard the start of the purring and he leaned down to press his forehead against her neck, fear was replaced by the instinct to fight and she tossed her head back with all her strength, arching her spine for more force, and struck him right where the green-stained bandage was wrapped around his forehead. The scream of pain deafened her, rattling her insides, and base instinct took over causing her to release the death grip on his rough hands to cover her ringing ears. She felt the claws slide deeper into her belly before they were harshly ripped out. Free of the monster's grip she rolled away until she hit the base of the couch and then leaped over the top of it, hitting the hard wood with a thud.

Nracha-dte was dreaming, he knew a dream from reality, but it was a good dream so he let himself go to its whim. It felt so real it was almost tangible, there was a female spread before him on a thick glossy fur and she was soft and smelt of the forest. He clicked to her softly asking for her permission to touch her sensuous body and she eagerly clicked back, arching into his touch. He reached out and smoothed his hands down both her sides, paying attention to her curves and scars, her skin felt like the softest of furs. She was bare except for a white loincloth covering her modesty.

She reached up and wrapped her velvet hands into his long tresses lighting his nerves on fire with desire which he vocalized in a series of clicks and musk. His thick musk quickly filled the dark room but her rich intoxicating forest smell clung to the inside of his mouth driving his desire to mate her. He gripped her sides and roughly pulled their hips flush to see his naked need rub against the white leather covering her sex, a visual he committed to memory. Only untouched females could wear white loincloths and it was a great honor to claim one for the first time.

He stretched over her, one hand hovering between her thighs the other reaching up and stroking over her soft cheek and then slipping into her silky brown mane of hair, all the while purring and trilling. He wanted to know her name and he whispered his question in her ear. She bucked her hips up against his hand lustfully and moaned a noise both soft and sweet coming from her plush parted lips. That wasn't an answer though.

Something about his dream was off he realized and he paused unsure of himself. He looked at the withering child-maker under him but the more he tried to see her features the harder it was to focus, almost like she was made of shadows.

"Nracha-dte, please", her voice sounded like that of a goddess as she whispered his name and his uncertainties were forgotten as quick as they had arose. He hooked his claws under the edge of the loincloth and began to slowly pull it up to claim her, digging his mandibles into the crook of her neck to taste her salty skin. Once she was bare her put each of his massive hands on her slim hips and lined up his girth to sheath himself inside her virgin sex. He clicked a warning into her neck reminding her to relax and then push forward slowly.

Instead of feeling the tight wetness he was expecting, his sensitive flesh slid across her soft belly and for a second he was very confused. He missed? How does one miss? Then he heard the light giggling of his partner so he turned his attention to her face. She was covering her mouth with one of her small delicate hands but seeing the mischievous glint in her eyes he could picture the devious smile behind it. Her teasing only egged him on and her gripped her hips with determination and thrusted into her. At the seemingly last second she jerked her hips upward and his length this time slid across her backside.

She didn't bother to hide the sinister grin this time and he growled in annoyance at her games now determined to wipe the smile of her face. Maybe he dug his claws in a little deep but it was the nature of Yautya to be violent during mating and quite honestly everything about this encounter was….. well unconventional. He wasn't even bleeding and that was basically a requirement in the first few seconds. She however didn't have the same requirements it seemed and she hissed at him baring her teeth in anger. Seconds later her fist met his mandibles, it stung like any pain he had experienced and like all pain it excited him, he felt himself get harder (if possible) and blindly bucked forward for any simulation. He dug his claws deeper into her yielding flesh searching for more of that delicious pain, her small noises of pain and his own as she landed several more blows to his face and body. She was struggling in his hands and he loved it, it felt so real; the warmth of her skin, the smell of her blood, the quick beat of her heart.

Then finally she landed a hit with some real bite to it and his eyes opened into the harsh mourning light coming from the windows of the cabin. For a few split seconds he was sure he was still dreaming as he tried to recognize the small being he had in his grasp but the smell of blood and his own mating musk was disorientating, demanding action from his primal instincts.

Then, as though the other had sensed that he was now awake, she began to yell at him in a clipped shrill voice and swung her head back to hit him again. He ducked away from the blow so it glance off his cheekbone and dug his claws farther into the soft meat of her belly trying to hold her still against his own bulk. She was still yelling and he focused on the sound of her hoarse noises trying to hear them over the noise of blood pounding in his ears.

"Stop! Let me go!" He knew the rough sound of the human language like it was his own, having grown accustom to it over the months, but it seemed out of place here. Wait, where was here?

The rush of information he had momentarily forgotten made him feel lightheaded accompanied with the disturbing notion of the undeniable stiffness between his legs and the human pressed painfully against it. Was he trying to rut the human in his sleep?

He needed to calm the crazy female down so he could think straight and focus because Paya herself knew he wasn't sexually attracted to this….thing. It was warm inside and it's hide was soft and it was the first time in months his dreams hadn't been nightmares, so what if he had gotten a little excited, that sort of thing just happened sometimes. Quickly he ducked his head forward he began to purr deep in his chest trying to press against her so she would fall sleep like it had worked the night before.

He had forgotten how strong even the weakest of beings attacks could be when driven by fear and never would he have guessed that the small struggling female could deliver such a powerful blow.

The shrieked he emitted when the back of her skull connected to the already damaged portion of his forehead sounded more like a wild beast dying then of a respectable blooded hunter. He could feel the brutal pulsating of the wound as fresh blood welled in the incisions and began to gush down his face and into his hands that he had gently cupped around the bandages. His ears were ringing and he could just make out a whine of pain coming from somewhere in the room, then he realized that piteous noise was coming from him. Disgusted he coughed and began gently wiping the blood away from his face, tasting the bitter flavor as it dripped in between his mandibles. One part of his tormented mind wanted revenge, to go grab a fistful of the little bitch's hair and wham her head against the wall until she knew his pain but there was the familiar nagging voice right behind the other saying "it was your own damn fault".

His vision burned a cherry red from the heat of the viscous fluid and he could barely make out the multi-colored shape of the human, who was aiming at him down the sights of the projectile weapon he had seen her use earlier. At the mercy of the hands of a human once again he could only assume the gods looked down to play with his life with a sick sadistic joy, leaving his life in the balance of whether or not a little unwilling pre-mating preamble was to be punishable by death in the context of another species, because if it were a Yautya female his corpse would have been cold already. She was looking at him with disgust, her teeth bared in challenge, and all he could do was look back. So much fighting and praying and running boiling down to this moment and he wondered if she would be the one to end it all, part of him wanted her to end his suffering but the other half couldn't believe it would end like this. As cruel as the gods may be they couldn't end his journey now, not when he was finally free from his prison and ready to gain back his honor. However one's own fate is unavoidable so he squared his shoulders, met her hostile eyes and sent a small prayer to Paya, as it was all he could do at this point.

Seconds felt like anguished hours in their small stand off and when she suddenly huffed a long sigh and exited the cabin his own gasp of relief came shortly after. He sagged on his knees feeling the unbearable chill of the outside ghost over his hide and began to pray, not the small little saying all warriors recited before their inevitable passing, but true long palms dedicating his body and being to the all-mother Paya and the death dealer Centanu. Prayers he had not recited so clearly and with so much passion since his rite of passing.

A great clarity calmed his mind and fast pounding heart and when he was finished as many as he could recall he slumped slightly letting his head roll to the side from its great weight. Gently using the pads of his fingers he swiped the blood from his eyes and inspected the still oozing wound, testing the raised edges and applying pressure in a sad attempt to stop the bleeding, hissing at the sharp stinging sensation. He was still surprised the little female had managed to hit him so hard, the blow had broken the partially healed incisions that formed the small square on his forehead and shifted the bone slightly, not enough that he was concerned but enough for him to feel the small pressure difference.

He was chilled he realized, the fire has sizzled down over the night to nothing but a small pile of smoldering ash and the room was dim, no harsh yellow light coming from the lights he was sure were on when he had laid them down for the night. Cocking his head he paused, straining to listen over his still throbbing brain, there was no muffled chugging of the powering unit in the human's storage shed. It has likely stopped sometime during the night and he would bet that he could find the female there tending to it.

How to approach her though? How does one go about saying "Hey I'm sorry I violated you while I slept but I have nowhere else to go, so can we just forget about it?" Smooth. Grunting as he pushed himself off the ground he collected his balance and his wits, preparing for his next move and much to his dissatisfaction the cold he had only recently escaped.