Unexpected Embraces

A little ode to one of my favorite couples that will never exist.

Buffy/Harry Potter X-over. Enjoy! Let me know what you think :)

Falling through the veil had been an accident. He had his next move all planned out for vile cousin Bellatrix. It was more than a little off putting that he hadn't been able to use it, it had been a favorite hex of his in Hogwarts, he had tried out a milder version of it on Snivellus several times. His mother would love this, her disappointing Gryffindor offspring defeated by a sheet. Just by not looking where he was going. Directionless—as always.

Beyond the veil was boring. A gray inbetween. At least in Azkaban he had something to concentrate on—staying sane, staying alive and then getting out. This amorphous nothingness that was beyond the veil, he could feel himself slipping more and more with each passing moment. He had no idea how long he had been in this limbo, it seemed both a blink and an eternity.

At first he had hoped to see James and Lily, once he realized what had happened. Then he regretted leaving Harry behind. The boy had never had much good in his life, but he knew Harry still had his friends. Sirius was confident in that, if nothing else. The strength of friendship was the one lesson Sirius had learned easily—real friends were to be treasured above all else.

Time seemed very non-linear in the mist.

And then there she was.

Blonde, exhausted and tiny. She didn't speak to him at first. He could tell she was suspicious of him. And then, slowly she opened up. Not exactly to him though—at times he wasn't sure if she knew he was there. She just started speaking, of a sister, friends, enemies, enemies that became friends. Her's was a story that would rival Harry's. A destiny unwanted and more than anyone either of their age should have to bare.

He reached a hand across the grayness and in laying it on her shoulder everything came into sharp focus in the mist beyond the veil. Colors nearly blinded him, as did the light. He hadn't seen such a vision even in his time on the other side of the veil.

Green eyes turned towards his dark ones and he was over taken by her sadness, and yet her strength—her determination made him smile. And she saw who he was, the charming, roguish Sirius Black.

The heaven of completely understanding someone else was revealed to them. They spoke quietly of their lives before, they offered support and insightful opinions. Their worlds—while so far apart were so similar. Friends who meant well, friends who betrayed, unspeakable evils—things that went bump in the night.

They were holding each other tight, as they had formed the habit of doing when the first tugs were felt. She gasped and her scared eyes looked into his.

In seconds that seemed too short she was gone and he was back into the hazy vagueness of the mist beyond the veil.