Endless Desire

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Chapter 1: Awakening

Fifteen month old Harry James Potter cried out as the strange man came closer to his crib. He watched the man with wide innocent eyes as the man raised the stick in his hand.

"Avada Kedavra"

Harry watched as a small green ball of light lit up at the tip of the wand. It was the prettiest thing he had even seen, the light would flicker in different shades, parts of it were a dark green while others were light green. Harry watched the light with wide eyes, one had extended towards it. He wanted the light, wanted it to be his and not the man's, wanted to touch it, hold it, keep it.

As if answering his call the light flew towards him and hit him in the forehead. Harry smiled as the light came to him, he reached out to hold it but was too slow and got hit in the head. His smile turned to a frown as the light bounced off his head and went back to the strange man, Harry opened his mouth wide and cried, he wanted the light, he wanted it to be his, he wanted it.

Harry's cries of anger turned into cries of pain as a scar marred his forehead and blood dripped down into his eyes. His cries fell silent as the scar flared with a green light and burned on his head.

Harry potter fell back, laying in his crib with a look of pain on his face.

A moment later Harry Potter was dead.


''Hello little guy'' the white silhouette cooed as it scooped up the small baby, is smiled widely at the child held in its hands.

Harry remained silent as he looked around the white void.

"You're not supposed to be here are you? No you're not, you have a grand destiny little one'' the silhouette cooed once more ignoring the grating sound from behind him.

Harry gurgled and cried out as a large gate appeared behind the man opened, he whimpered a a great big eye locked onto him and blinked.

The man continued to speak to the little baby he held ignoring what was happening behind him "But I can't just send you back for free can I? no I cant, that's against the rules." At this point the smile got wider, impossibly wider "So lets send you back with a little friend"

Harry screamed as a ball of red light flew from the gate and struck his scar, the scar glowed with a red light before fading back to normal. A small green, silver and black mist soared from the unconscious child's scar and into the gate, if one listened closely they would have heard a high pitched wail coming from the mist as the gate shut close.

"A piece of a soul for an incomplete soul, an equal exchange." the silhouette whispered holding the child out, his grin stayed wide as the boy's body flickered and faded away.

Back in the crib young Harry gasped as he returned to life, images and memories flashed across his mind before they were locked away and forgotten. He cried out once before falling unconscious once more. A minute later a tall, black haired man ran into the room and snatched the baby from the crib. He grimaced at the dead body of the child's mother before rushing from the burning house.

Neither he nor young Harry had noticed the burning red tattoo on the back of the child's left hand, a red six pointed star pulsed with power while the Ouroboros spun once around it. A moment later both glowed red before fading away.


Three year old Harry James Potter frowned as his cousin walked away. In the older boys hands was a small action figure that he had just gotten for his birthday.

Harry glared at his cousins retreating back. He wanted that toy, it looked so colorful, so fun. He wanted it, he needed to have it. Harry flinched as his scar flared with pain. Growling to himself he walked away scratching the itch on the back of his hand.

'It should be mine.'


Five year old Harry watched as his family devoured their large meals, he looked up from his small plate of salad and glared at his large oaf of a cousin. Why did Dudley get such a large meal, why couldn't he have it? He watched as his cousin cut up his meal and stuffed piece after piece in his mouth.

'Why can't I have it, I want it. It should be mine.' Harry thought furiously.

'Ah!' His hand flew to his fore head as his scar flared up once again. The itch on his left hand was rubbed away on his pants.


Seven year old Harry angrily stalked down the street, everywhere he looked there were kids with new clothes for the new semester. Why did he have to wear his cousins hand me downs? Why couldn't he have new things? Why did everyone else get new things and he got second rate junk?

Harry glared at his reflection in the store window, behind the glass was a brand new toy that had just come out. Of course his cousin would soon have it but Harry wanted it for himself, he wanted to hold it and make it his. Harry stared at the toy one hand out stretched as he thought about how much he wanted it.

His hand flew back from the mirror as he grabbed his scar in pain. Glaring at the kids inside the toy store he turned and headed home, ignoring the itch on the back of his hand.


Nine year old Harry sulked within the darkness of his cupboard. It just wasn't fair. Why did Dudley get so many toys for his birthday? Why did he get to go to the park while Harry stayed home in the dark? Why couldn't it be him?

Harry frowned as his thoughts turned to the newest remote controlled car Dudley had gotten for his birthday, it was one of 30 presents the larger boy had recieved today and it was the one Harry wanted most.

'Why can't I have a toy like that? I want that car. No, I want all the oafs presents. Why cant I have them?' he brooded

The pain in his scar and itch on his hand were both ignored. He had now gotten used to them after feeling it many times a day.

All he could think of was how much he wanted those toys.


"It's MY letter, MINE! Give it here!" Eleven year old Harry shouted. It was his letter, addressed to him. Why was Vernon refusing to hand it over? It didn't belong to them, it was his!

The large fist knocking him to the ground overrode the pain he felt from his scar and the itch on his hand. Harry glared furiously at his uncle as the man tore up the letter. HIS letter!


Harry grinned as the large man punished his cousin. Finally Dudley would pay for stealing what was his, finally the large oaf would suffer for taking his things. As Hagrid turned away, leaving Dudley with only a pigs tail, Harry frowned. He had expected the man to do more, after all he had magic so why didn't he punish Dudley more? Harry's eyes tore away from Hagrid's back and latched onto the umbrella in the man's hand.

'I want it, I can do magic with that, I can have everything I ever wanted if I can just take that umbrella.'

Harry was torn out of his thoughts as they stepped out into the rain, the umbrella he had been so focused on was lifter high above his head as Hagrid unfurled it to block the rain.

Rubbing his Scar with his itchy hand Harry entered the large boat and sailed off with Hagrid.


Harry's chuckle escalated into full blown laughter as he studied the massive piles of gold before him.

'Mine, its all mine! So much gold and it all belongs to me and only me.' His laughter rose in volume as it echoed through the vault.

"What a strange child." Griphook commented with wide eyes.

"Err..'es jus' 'appy ta see what 'is parents left 'im." Hagrid replied. The both watched as Harry rolled around in one of the smaller piles Laughing gleefully.

"A strange child indeed." Griphook repeated.


Harry grinned as he rummaged through his trunk. It may have cost him quite a bit of his own money to purchase everything but it was well worth it. After the goblin had informed him of a secondary family vault and even one from his godfather that he would receive after turning seventeen, Harry had been more than glad to spurge with his trust fund. He had spent hours running from store to store buying entire libraries, various random and expensive items as well as the best clothing he could afford.

Finally after the years of watching and wanting he had the opportunity to buy the things he had always wanted. It was finally time for others to look at him in jealousy, time for others to wish they were him or had what he had. Harry grinned widely as he opened another of the magically expanded compartments his trunk contained, he reached in and pulled out a small green book about memory charms.

'Finally I can have anything I want and with a little magic I wont even need to waste my own money.' He thought with a dark grin.

He neither noticed nor cared about the small tattoo that glowed red on the back of his hand before it disappeared.


"All your books you say?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow. The bushy haired girl nodded rapidly before she began speaking once more. Harry simply smiled and nodded along as the girl spoke. His new friend, Hermione Granger, seemed to quite a worthy investment. He had originally planned to be friends with the red haired boy that had shared his compartment but something about the boy had warned him off. It was either the secondhand clothes, pet, books or the look of greed and jealousy in the boy's eyes.

Either way the boy was not someone he wanted to be friends with, he reminded Harry too much of himself as a child. Hermione on the other hand was someone he needed to be friends with; she had something he didn't, knowledge. He could tell she was intelligent and trusting, if he played his cards right he would have someone to help him and teach him what he didn't understand.

'After all knowledge is power, and power is what I want.'

Ignoring the pain in his scar Harry continued to smile and nod while filing every word she said away for further reference at a later time.


'well well well, aren't you just full of surprises" The hat whispered in his ear "Never before have I met a Potter with such ambition and greed...oh yes I know where to put you...What?...Not Slytherin?...Why not, you would be great in Slytherin, you belong in Slytherin...Are you sure that's what you want?...very well better be..GRYFFINDOR!

Grinning widely Harry jumped off the stool and handed the hat over to McGonagall before making his way towards the lions table amidst a thunderous applause. He smiled as he took his seat next to his new friend. Slytherin may be better suited for him but he couldn't risk losing the fountain of knowledge that is Hermione Granger.


'Rare eh? I may not need it right now but this will be nice to add to my growing collection at Gringotts.' Harry thought as he studied the spheres in his hand.

Smirking to himself he slipped the Remembrall into his pocket as McGonagall asked for someone called Wood.

'As far as Neville and the rest know it broke against the wall.' Grinning he scratched at his hand before shaking the older boys.


'He may hate me but this is sure as hell going to be worth it.' Harry thought with a dark grin as he stirred his cauldron, 'After all who doesn't want to bottle fame, brew glory and stopper death.'

Ignoring the glare the potions master was sending him Harry happily flipped through his potions text with fervor.


''Wingardium Leviosa!'' Harry shouted bringing the club down on the troll's head. The large creature grunted once before it collapsed unconscious. Harry ignored this fact as he kept slamming the club on the creature over and over again with his face contorted in rage.

'Filthy creature, how dare it try to hurt my Hermione. She is MINE, no one touches her but me.' he raged raising the club once more. A flare of pain in his scar caused him to lose concentrations and instead of hitting the troll, the club missed and continued swinging towards him. His rage vanished as Harry squeezed his eyes shut and brought his hands up in defense. The large club picked up speed and slammed into him...

..only to shatter into a hundred little fragments of wood as it made contact with his skin. The nose of the club shattering caused him to open his eyes and stare in shock at the destroyed wood. It was at this time that Hermione, having been sent for help by him, ran into the room with a group of professors. Harry's shock at what had just happened and their shock as seeing the defeated troll caused them all to miss the small red glow coming from his left hand before it faded away.


'My fathers cloak? An invisibility cloak? Nice, according to the books these are extremely rare.' Harry though with a wide smile 'Best present ever.'

Still grinning he stuffed the cloak away into his trunk before any of the other boys had a chance to see it, after all it was his and if these fools saw it everyone in the tower would know about it and he would have to share. Ugh!

'Wonder what else I got, better be something good, a pity I don't have more.' he thought turning back to the small pile of presents, a felt a twinge of rage as he saw the bigger piles of presents the other boys had but the minuscule pain in his scar allowed him to tear his eyes away.

'I'll just buy more things next time I'm at the Alley.' He thought grudgingly as he picked up the book shaped present from Hermione.


'How? How do I get it? How do I get it all?' Harry thought angrily as he stared into the large mirror. He had found it in this deserted classroom and having seen the marvelous design and beauty of the object had decided to study it and see if he could somehow get it out of the castle and back to his vault. It was during his study that he had noticed something strange about the mirror.

Rather than showing his reflection the mirror showed a different image. His reflection was still there but rather than standing dumbly in a dark room, his reflection was sitting peacefully upon a large golden throne, surrounding him were numerous piles of gold, silver and jewels. Every few seconds His mirror image would smirk at him before it was fed a fruit from one of the numerous servants that surrounded him.

"Hello Harry." a voice said from behind him.

Against his will Harry tore his eyes away from the mirror and turned to his visitor. His eyes widened slightly as he spotted the intimidating figure of Albus Dumbledore.


'A Cerberus! I want it!' was the first thought that passed through Harry's mind as he laid eyes on 'Fluffy'. The large creature before him was powerful, majestic and best of all..Rare. And if something was rare then Harry Potter definitely wanted it. After all he had already tricked Hagrid out of a Dragon, (which was now being cared for by the goblins until he could relocate it to one of the many estates), how hard could it be to get the Cerberus from him as well?

"Hurry up Harry, we need to stop Snape" Hermione's shrill voice dragged his eyes away from the sleeping canine over to the trapdoor she was standing in front of.

Deciding to worry about his new pet later Harry walked over to her and followed her into the hole, after all a one of a kind stone that could grant him both immortality and immeasurable wealth was far more important at this moment. And if Snape actually was after it, well...no one would ever find the body.


"Give me the ssstone Potter." the ugly visage of Lord Voldemort said from the back of Quirrell's head.

Harry frowned as he thought over his options. He had expected to meet Snape here and had been caught off guard when he found not only Quirrell but the large mirror he had spent the last six months searching for. After speaking to the man for a few minutes Harry had been tied up by some ropes the professor had conjured and then after listening to Quirrell mutter to himself, Harry had jumped when a small hissing voice had spoken to Quirrell, after that He had been dragged in front of the mirror and asked to look within.

Like the last time he had seen him self, rich, powerful and famous sitting upon his throne with his servants around. Except this time his mirror self had picked up a small red stone from the pile of treasures and, smirking at him, slipped it into its robes. At that moment Harry had felt the stone appear in his pocket as well and after lying to Quirrell had been introduced to Lord Voldemort.

Deciding to take a risk Harry reached into his pocket and withdrew..a small black Galleon. Voldemort looked at the coin curiously but before he could say anything Harry raised his hand and flicked the coin at the mirror. The second the coin hit there was a flash of light before the mirror disappeared. Harry grinned in glee at the success of his plan, after seeing the mirror last Christmas he had researched the castle and its wards and had found a way to get the mirror out.

After several coded correspondences with his manager at Gringotts, Harry had commissioned a goblin made portkey. The goblin magic used to make the portkey would be able to slip through the human made wards at of the school and send the mirror directly to his private vault. It may have cost him quite a lot if gold, but with the stone that was now in his pocket he could easily get more.

Voldemort only gave him a curious look before smirking "Nice try Potter, I don't know what you did with the mirror but I know you already have the ssstone. Now hand it over, thisss iss your last warning."

Seeing as he had no choice in the matter, well not right now at least, Harry reached into his pocket and extracted the stone. Voldemort greedily stared at the stone waiting for him to hand it over while Harry tried to force himself to do so. Unfortunately the more he looked at the stone the more he wanted to keep it, no matter the cost. Staring at the stone greedily Harry closed his and around it and held it tightly, before either wizard could do or say anything the stone began to glow brightly.

"What are you doing Potter?" Voldemort hissed angrily. Harry ignored him though as his scar flared with immense pain, he grit his teeth as the scar on his forehead continued to throb, he cried out when the pain increased and it now felt like his head was being split open. He vaguely heard Voldemort's shouts and saw the man's mouth move but he couldn't make out any words, only the rage filled glared from the man before him.

As both wizards watched the glow from the stone intensified and even seemed to permeate through his hand...no wait that was the strange tattoo on the back of his hand...when had he gotten that? Harry thought dumbly as the glow rose to blinding levels causing them to shield their eyes. Harry screamed in torment as he felt intense pain in his hand, he felt a strange sensation like something was cutting through the skin and bones of his hand.

Opening his eyes slightly he squinted at his hand and gasped when he saw what was happening...the stone was sinking into his hand. Harry watched in shock as the stone sunk into his hand leaving only a red stained on his palm, he cried out in pain once more as the stain began to move. Slithering up his hand like small snakes, dozens of red veins moved up his arm, shoulder and neck. As the veins began to cross his face Harry snapped out of his shock and tried to claw at them, he screamed in pain and rage as his attempts to stop them only resulted in injuries on his face.

Voldemort watched in shock as the red veins traveled up his adversaries face towards the lightning shaped scar on the boys forehead. He winced as the boy continued to scream and shout in pain. What ever was happening to Harry Potter, it was extremely painful. When the veins finally reached the scar, the wound turned blood red as it absorbed all the red veins before it returned to normal, Voldemort took a step back as the boy's eyes rolled up and he collapsed.


In a white void a featureless figure grinned widely as if felt a sure of power. Familiar power.

"So it finally happened." he said to himself "Here's hoping you like my gift little Homunculus, god knows the world needs a little shaking up, a little chaos and disorder, a little..sin" He finished laughing maniacally


Harry groaned as his eyes flitted open, his hand immediately flew to his head as he gave a hiss of pain. Groggily he got to his feet groaning as this set off his head again. He heard a muffled voice shout something but was far too distracted by the images flying around inside his head. One by one at the speed of light centuries of memories passed through his head and one by one he absorbed them all.

Voldemort growled as the boy ignored him with a dazed look on his face, concentrating on his magic the dark lord asserted full dominance on his host and turned the body around to pint Quirrell's wand at the boy.

"This is your last chance potter, what did you just do to the stone!" Voldemort roared.

Again he was met by silence as the boy simply looked off into space. Growling once more he decided to end things, he could already feel the approach of Dumbledore and the boys friend. They would reach him in moments and Potter was too out of it to answer. Perhaps the stone was a fake, a trap set by Dumbledore to ensnare him and trap him in this body but it had captured Potter and trapped him in his mind. Yes, that made sense, he wouldn't put it past the old coot.

Smirking slightly Voldemort aimed the wand at the boys chest. "Well Potter, it would seem I'm actually doing you a favor by putting you out of your misery, never say Lord Voldemort wasn't merciful."

Smirking at the boys silence he called up Quirrell's magic.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Voldemort grinned as the killing cure soared across the distance and struck the boy in the chest, Harry was propelled backwards from the power put into the spell and landed meters away on his back. Voldemort grinned as the spell actually killed the boy instead of rebounding this time.

"Hahahahah..Finally after all these years revenge is mine, the prophecy had been broken, none can defeat Lord Voldemort!" he shouted in joy. Voldemort victory laugh was cut off though as a groan came from the body meters away from him. He watched with wide eyes as red lightning arced across the boys body before Harry potter sat up, blinked a few times and stood up. Dusting off his robes the boy locked eyes with him and smirked.

"Damn that hurt like a bitch." Harry grinned.

Voldemort snarled but was distracted as he felt Dumbledore approaching.

"I don't know how you survived once more Potter but we will meet again." He snarled before forcing his soul from Quirrell's body and fleeing the castle.


Back in the room Quirrell dropped to his knees as his master fled with almost all his magic. As he was he couldn't even defeat Potter yet alone Dumbledore. Seems it would be Azkaban for him now, unless he could play the unwilling victim.

"P-P-Potter H-he's g-g-gone, h-help m-m-m-me" Quirrell stuttered out in a defeated tone. He grew wary when the boy only smirked at him but his hope returned as Potter slowly stalked over to him smiling. From his position on the floor Quirrell held up a hand asking for help which Harry grasped.

"T-thank y-y-you M-M-Mr. P-P-Potter" He stuttered with a smile as the boy lifted him up a few inches. His smile turned into a grimace of pain as Harry tightly gripped his hand, he gasped when the bones broke with a loud crack. Quirrell's cry of pain was turned into a whimper as he gazed upon the dark grin on Harry's face.

"Fool." Harry smirked letting go of the mas hand, before it even hit the ground he lashed out with a powerful kick that sent Quirrell flying across the room and into the wall, he grinned in satisfaction as he heard several ribs break from the kick and wall.

Quirrell cried out coughing up blood, he whimpered as he sat up leaning against the eyes darted to his wand which was now under Harry's foot, even if he had it he didn't have enough magic for even a simple Lumos right now.

"What are you doing Potter, I cant fight back and I've surrendered." He gritted out in pain. Might as well give up the act if the boy could see through it.

"As if that matters to me human." The boy scoffed, his foot stomped down breaking Quirrell's wand and he grinned at the look on the mans face. "Harry Potter is gone, you could even say he's dead." the boy added.

Quirrell blinked for a moment, tearing his eye from the broken wand he was about to curse the boy but gulped when he looked into the 'Harrys' eyes. Minutes ago they had been filled with child like innocence and some slight greed. All in all something you would see in a normal eleven year old. But now, now all he saw was pure blood lust as the boy smirked at him.

Memories flashed back to his mind, the stone doing something to the boy. Harry Potter screaming in pain before falling unconscious for a few seconds. The killing curse striking the boy only to be brushed off a few moments later.

For the first time in a long while, Quirrell felt fear. All he could think about was escaping from this...this monster..all he needed to do was stall, Dumbledore would save him, yes that was it. As if he could read the man's mind Harry's smirk widened causing Quirrell to gulp once more. Quirrell shuddered and winced in pain from his broken ribs.

"W-what are y-you?" He stuttered out fearfully "W-who a-a-are y-you? W-what d-do y-you w-want f-from m-m-me?" he asked in fear, perhaps if he could make a deal with..whatever the hell the boy was, he could make it out of here.

Harry grinned and Quirrell flinched as he now noticed the boys jagged teeth, each tooth was filed to a razor sharp point, the teeth of a predator. In fact he was now noticing several other changes about the boy. Rather than its unruly nature and natural pitch black color, his hair was now a dark brown and was neatly combed back. His emerald green eyes were now a darker shade and the most obvious difference was the blood red tattoo on his left hand. His previously over-sized robes were now tighter on his body and through the burned up hole on his shirt created by the killing curse Quirrell could see a well toned body, something the eleven year old definitely did not have when he entered the room.

"I want money. I want fame, women, status, and power. I want everything this world's selling!" 'Harry' replied in a dark tone "My name is Greed and I want the world!'' he finished holding up his wand up.

Harry's muttered spell was drowned out by the mans fear filled screams.

"Pectus Lapis"

A bolt of pitch black light flew from his wand and struck the screaming wizard in the chest, Quirrell's face was trapped in a look of anguish as his body solidified and shrunk. In less than a moment the only thing left of the man was a pile of robes and a small, red, oval stone with a tortured face engraved into it. Harry calmly walked up to the set of purple robes on the ground and picked up the stone. He grinned as he could feel Quirrell's soul swirling inside the fake Philosophers stone, with a chuckle he slipped the stone into his mouth and swallowed it.

"Mmm..after all these centuries, these are still delicious.'' he muttered licking his lips.


Hermione sniffled as the reached the flame room, it had taken them a while because the Headmaster had insisted they wait for the rooms to reset before they solved the puzzles once more but thy were finally almost there. She only hoped Harry was okay, he was her only friend and she couldn't afford to lose him after only ten months together.

At first she had thought he would ditch her like all others when he found out how annoying she was, she had expected him to call her a know-it-all or something after their first conversation on the train, but it never happened. Harry had just sat there listening to her intently and adding his two cents when he could. Then after they had both been sorted into the same house she had found herself hanging out with him more and more, he would join her in the library and they would study together. While the other boys in the house were always asking him to come hang out or ditch the bookworm Granger he would just kindly turn them down and stay with her.

At first she had thought he would eventually get bored of it all but then she saw how he looked at everyone they met and at her. Every time they met someone new she would notice how Harry seemed to study them as if assessing their worth before he decided whether or not to show interest. Then there was how he looked at her, when they spoke or just hung out together he would watch her intently as if she were one of his dearest possessions, something he would never throw away and would protect with his own life.

At first this had upset her, after all who wanted to be regarded the same as one of the valuable items he found around the castle but then after he had saved her from the troll she had come to enjoy those intense possessive looks. She had already seen what he would do in order to protect her, fighting off a mountain troll so she could escape and then reducing it to mush for attacking her. It was after that that he had also become one of her dearest possessions, and now thanks to this old fool he was in danger and the were going too slow to see him.

After Dumbledore finally cast the flame-freezing spell on the two of them Hermione rushed ahead of the old man and threw the door open, her eyes flew around the chamber until they finally landed on the only living being in the room. Her breath caught in her throat as she noticed the familial robes laying beside Harry's feet as well as the new differences in her best friend.

Hermione was about to take a step back and say something to Dumbledore when she locked eyes with Harry. Her breath hitched once more as she saw the soft yet intense gaze he examined her with, even with the new changes this was still Harry, her Harry.

"Harry!" she shouted running across the room and hugging him tightly. Harry smiled down at her and softly patted her back as tears streamed down her face "I was so worried about you, I thought you were going to die." She sniffed.

Smiling softly Harry lifted her chin with his fingers and brushed her tears away. "Don't worry Hermione, it'll take more than this to get rid of me. I'll always be here for you and you'll always be mine." he whispered softly.

She blushed at the implications of his words and stared into his eyes searching for something.

"Yours?" She asked softly, a shudder ran through her from the possessive look in his eyes.

"Mine." Harry answered, she was caught unawares as he leaded in quickly and kissed her. Hermione simply stood shocked for a moment before she melted and kissed him back.


"Ahh young love, such a beautiful thing." Dumbledores voice resounded around the chamber, ruining the moment. The two pulled away and looked over at the old man, Hermione blushing scarlet while Harry scowled at him.

"Sorry for the interruption my boy, but can you tell me what happened here?" Dumbledore asked in his grandfatherly voice, he was taken back when Harry snarled at him and glared.

"Well old man, after the two of us defeated your impenetrable defenses easily, I sent Hermione back while I went ahead to confront Professor Quirrell. We talked for a bit before he tried to use me to get the stone from the mirror, after a while of nothing happening he grew angry and cast a powerful spell on it. I don't know what happened to the mirror but Quirrell got angry after it disappeared so I think he may have destroyed it and the stone accidentally." Harry explained in an even tone.

Dumbledore nodded and motioned for him to continue.

"While he was distracted by that I escaped the ropes over there,'' he pointed out the ropes Quirrell had tied him up with "And attacked him, I caught him by surprise and managed to injure him enough to make the duel even, at some point I disarmed him and broke his band but Quirrell pulled out a second one. I think the wand may have been damaged in out fight because when he cast a spell it backfired on him killing him and leaving only his robes behind." Harry finished pointing at the robes on the floor.

Dumbledore nodded to this while stoking his beard in though, he snapped out of it when the two teens passed him by and exited the room.

"Wait Harry, what happened to you, I notice a few changes in your physical appearance and was there anyone else with Quirrell?" the old man asked.

Harry simply looked over his shoulder at him "No, there was no one else with him." he replied.

Dumbledore frowned at this, what happened to Voldemort? He was sure Tom was possessing Quinirius. Dumbledores eyes narrowed in thought...No! could he have?...

"And your changes Harry?" he asked discreetly grabbing his wand. Had Tom moved on to the boy? Lily's defense was supposed to prevent that.

Harry simply shrugged and replied with "Puberty." causing Hermione to giggle while Dumbledores eyes narrowed dangerously.

"I must insist you tell me the truth Harry." he ordered standing up straight, all signs of the kind grandfather gone.

Harry simply scoffer and flipped him the bird "And I must insist you fuck off and mind you're own business." Harry replied. Hermione gaped before giggling once more. Dumbledore was so shocked he didn't even react when the two started walking away.

Frowning the old man drew his wand, he frowned when Harry stiffened slightly but continued walking. Waving his wand Dumbledore cast a quick diagnostic exorcism spell at the boys back. His frown deepened when the results came back.

'This makes no sense, he's still normal and not possessed. Perhaps Tom fled when Quinirius died, if so what happened to Harry?' Dumbledore pondered, he thought about it for a moment before shrugging 'Maybe it is puberty.' he conceded. Slipping a lemon drop into his mouth he followed the two teens back to the castle.

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